Trapped My Cousin By Her Strange Behavior

Hi all, this is faran from coimbatore ,tamilnadu and I’m here to entertain and make you all horny with my experience with my cousin.Without further delay let’s indulge into the story of lust love and romance hold on your breath the story is quite long but you will enjoy because it is a real exp.

Me and my cousin are well known from the childhood .My mom use to take me to my uncles place in my summer holidays as my grandma was along with them.We used to stay there for whole 2 months of my vacation.Me and my cousin named janu used to play all sort of game including mother and father game (commonly played among children using some vessels)in the childhood along with other cousins as my mom have totally 4 brothers n 2 sisters.

One day while playing I acted as father and my cousin janu played as mother for all other cousins.In one of the scene I told all others who acted as children to sleep as it is too late .Me and janu was in one corner lying close to each other suddenly I kissed her on lips.I dono how in that age I got an intension to kiss a girl we were in 1st or 2 nd standard at that time.I lip lock her for few seconds by chewing her juicy lip suddenly one of my cousin looked at us by getting up I told him to sleep as I ‘m the father and all should obey me then again I lip locked her she dint told anything or restrict me she too thought it was part of the game meanwhile my mom’s sister came into the room and told us to have dinner and the day ended like that .

Then after that vacation I dint visit uncles place as we shifted to some other locality even though I had chance to go there for some functions I refused to go as I thought it was childish to go to family functions but I used to visit my mom’s sis house as I have many friends there . I was 18 now and my mom’s sis have 2 daughters they are like my sisters from childhood.It was my 1st semester summer vacation I came after playing cricket and seated on chair asked my sister to bring some water as I was very tired . A hand appeared in front of my face with water I picked and had it with full thirst and said “Thanks” in reply I got a sweet “My pleasure” it was not my sisters voice I looked above in surprise there I saw my beautiful angel it was janu who came to see my sisters .

She got the bottle and went by turning .My god how gorgeous she is.Curly hair round face whitish in color perfect lips and structure is like a sculpture’s work . I thought myself that you are lucky as you had kissed a girl like her at least once in your life.Then I went inside the kitchen to see here but I felt shy as my two sisters and moms sis also there so I stepped backwards.I took lots of chance to see her but failed in all attempt and went to balcony .”Hi” the word reached my ears I turned immediately to my surprise it was janu I took quick glance at her wow want a women I felt like hug and kiss her then I realise I ‘m not in my childhood and I controlled myself.

Casual talk went between us as she was in her 12th std so she got some tips for her board exam .My shyness all flew away she had mobile in her hand I got it and checked some stuffs like gallery games and musics we exchanged our numbers meanwhile.Then my sisters and some small kids came and asked us to join for some games .Janu immediately saw me I gave a slight smile I understood that she remember what I did to her in childhood .

Then I asked children’s shall we play mother father game ? Janu in return said “Hide n seek” with a naughty smile . One of my sister became the person to find others ,me janu and others ran to hide.Janu dint got any nice place to hide she was wandering here and there suddenly I pulled here and made here to hide along with me. It was very small place like small den only one person can accommodate in that but we both adjusted and hide there we were standing by facing each other as like we slept when we played mom dad game in childhood but she resist me by keeping both her hands in middle near her boobs our body dint touched each other .

It was damn cool climate and wind started blowing heavily as like in movies rain started pouring my sister shouted by saying “The game was over I ‘m going back home” and all children’s ran away janu too made a step to go out but I pulled her by saying it was raining she obeyed and stood in the same position she looked into my eyes I breathed heavily by seeing my heavy breath she told “Faran we are not kids” to that I told “Yes we are not kids,we are adults we should do it”By saying that I placed by lips on her and smooched evilly it was my 1st kiss after that childhood game.

She didnt showe interest she tired to pull me for two times but failed then she surrender herself by not giving any movement.Her hands were down I took both her hands and made to wrap around me I too hugged her by holding her hip with one hand and ass with another.I started to squeeze her ass slowing which increased her mood now she started to take my lips into her mouth.She bite it and gave some marks in my lips.The kiss longed for 15 mins till the rain stopped then my moms sis called my name suddenly janu came to her sense and pushed me and ran away.I was totally confused whether she liked the kiss or dint or she did without her sense.

She dint saw my face at evening and also during dinner.She dint talked to anyone she was very upset and it was clearly shown in her face but I was in cloud nine.Even after having dinner the taste of her lip balm present on my lips but I want to know the reason for her strange mood.In night we slept in different room I text her asking why she was upset? In reply she told her love story that she is in love with a boy in here locality and they were in serious relationship now she kissed me and broke her bf trust.I told I don’t know that she was in a relationship and if I had knew it before I wouldn’t have behaved like that and I told sorry and ended the conversation.I felt very bad for my behaviour whole night and didnt get proper sleep suddenly at 3 o clock I woke and thought if she have bf why she gave that passionate kiss instead of that she could have pulled me and said that right .This logic keeps on going in my mind and at last to know the reason I called her, immediately she picked up the call

Janu:are you mad why the hell you called now if anyone woke means do know wat will happen

Me:just tell me why you dint told about you love when I start kissing you?

Janu: I pushed you

Me:you could have pushed and said me

Janu: I can’t explain all those

Me:you have to becoz the incident is pinching me like a thorn in my heart I feel disgust about myself

Janu:come to terrace

I went to terrace and she came in her shorts and tight t-shirt but no wrong thoughts gone on my mind.She came and asked me what you want now?I asked everything which I wanna ask she kept silent for sometime and told “Look faran you are the 1st person to kiss me and I can’t forget till the end then year passed we didnt meet each other or contacted and I fell I love with a person and it is going good but when I see you after long time only the past came to my mind and when I looked into your eyes I forgot everything which happened in my life even love .Your my first crush how can I restrict you from kissing me I thought you have all the rights that’s it .Now tell what you want more than this”.

I was just flying after hearing these words from my janu.She said bye and turn to walk I hold her hand she told to leave but I dint .She angryly turn and shouted to leave but I pulled her I hugged her she cried in my shoulder and asked “What shall I do in this situation ”

I just lifted her and told ” I love you” she told no I love someother .I asked so you are gonna restrict my kiss now and planted a kiss on her lips while kissing I wrapped her both legs around my hip we kissed for 5 mins licking upper and lower lips alternatively by each other she didnt opened her eyes I gave her my tongue she just swallowed it inside her mouth .My tongue was completely inside her mouth she pulled like anything with both her lips I was literally coughing she asked me whether I was ok I told her “You are mine” she told ” I ‘m always yours when I ‘m with you have me from head to toe “.

It was 3:30 am and everyone was in deep sleep I made her lay on the terrace and pounce upon her.She asked me let’s finish the mother father game now without any disturbance and she giggled.I stretched her both hands and hold it and started kissing her neck she just moving her head left and right in pleasure .

I licked her ears like a dog she just aroused for that and asked me to leave her hands but I strongly hold it dint gave room for her to get rid of my hands.After licking both her ears I agained moved to neck part and gave her some love bites and soft kisses in her shoulder she gave some sexy sound like “Aaaah slowly faran I can’t control this pleasure” I told her ” I dint start yet my honey” and lifted her tees from hip and licked her navel it was hot as hell. Perfect shape with big curve and whitish like milk.I kiss in her navel slowing and inserted my tongue in her navel button she felt extreme pleasure which I could see in her expression she was biting her own lip like a pornstar.I just turned on heavily by that and started kissing wildly and gave a bite in her curve.

Slowly I removed her shorts and kissed her vegina upon her panty she was oozing like a river her whole panty was drenched in organism.She pleaded me by saying “Enough of teasing me fuck my pussy you idiot”.I just made her hands free and got up I walked away by saying good night .She was shell shocked and I gave a naughty smile she pulled my hand and removed her panty it was cleanly shaved pussy she made my head to drenched into her pussy by locking with both her legs around my shoulder I had no space for breathing she told “Die by licking by pussy”.I licked it,her pussy was filled with my saliva and her organism.I inserted my tongue between her pussy lips and touched her inner wall.You won’t beleive it was smooth and silky like a sponge can’t explain how my tongue felt.

Then she came upon and undressed me and kissed all over my body I just closed my eyes and enjoyed each and every kiss I felt the pressure of her lips in my body parts .Slow and steadily gave each and every kiss then she licked my cheeks till then I dono that it will give pleasure like tat I told her to stop as it is arousing me like hell but she dint considered my words she started licking furiously and told “It was my turn babe to tease you”

Meanwhile she stopped I came to know about it after few seconds as I closed my eyes while opening the eyes I saw her mouth wide open near my dick .She just want me to see how she is gonna give me blowjob of my life.I told “Don’t do that as it will give extreme pleasure and I can’t make my mouth shut from shouting”She dint considered anything and swallow my dick in her mouth and she gave me a awesome blowjob and inserted her fingers into my mouth so that sound won’t be produced from me I chewed her fingers like a baby to control myself.She licked my balls and gave nice massage then she removed her fingers from my mouth and asked me “How is your janu’s performance ” I told “The game gonna reach the climax” and took my penis to insert in her pussy.

It took some time as it was very tight and it was our first attempt in sex.Even she does not had sex with her bf so we tired so many times but we failed in each attempt at last she told ” I will guide your penis to my pussy as I know where to insert it”.She took my penis placed it in her entrance and told to herself “Concentrate janu concentrate ” due to cold breeze I felt goosebumps I made a small movement by shaking my body at that time she also placed it in correct position and to my movement my penis cracked her wall she left a small sound “Aaaahh”As she was aware that we were in terrace tears falling from her eyes .I asked her what happen she just winked her eyes and placed her hands in my hips and made to do a movement,through that I understood that it was in.

I smiled at her and started my movement slowly inch by inch my dick was entering her pussy she can’t bear the pain and hurt me with her nail all over my body.I was in missionary position and increased my speed she was like ” faran it was hurting me plz do it slowing I can’t bear the pain aaaaah aaahh please I ‘m gonna die” but I dint considered her words as I know it will pain later it will give pleasure, to and fro motion gone for 10 mins her pain turned into pleasure she was enjoying each and every shot which I made to her pussy.

We lip locked so that it will increase our mood we reached our best speed “Pat pat pat pat pat” is the only sound heard in that silent night .She told me “Your are showing me heaven faran ahhh ahhh aaahh aaahhh emmm emm faster faster faster tear it babe tear it you mother fucker

“In pleasure,these words made me arouse again and I increased my movement by slapping her ass she told it was hurting but I dint hear.

Our two bodies are tightly touching like no air can pass between us it was a treat to watch her body parts going up and down.We reached our extreme speed our both body filled with sweat in that cold night as the result of our hard work I reach my organism and told her I ‘m gonna cum she told “Cum inside babe I wanna feel that too cum in”But I ‘m not ready for it as it may leads to some prob so waited and thought of taking it out .

By my action she understood that I ‘m gonna take it out but she was in no mood to take it she hold my ass with both her hands and did not allow me to do it then she said ” I know what your trying to do faran but I wanna tell you it won’t lead to any prob some more process has to be done for pregnancy you idiot cum in or else I won’t leave”Then I decided to cum in gave my last two best shot to release my organism into her she closed her eyes and felt the flow of the sperm.

We were in full satisfaction that showed in both of our eyes we laughed at each other and she told that we were not kids and also not virgin now.I told her that I was very tired she was like “So” I told I want milk and directed my finger to her boobs .She laughed and said ” do you beleive that milk will come now ” I asked “Why not” then she explained me only after giving birth milk will segregate in boobs .

Till that time I thought milk will come after maturity of a girl.Then she showed her boobs and asked me to chew like baby I too did it and we slept there till 4 45 then we dressed ourself and went down.She stayed for one week that whole one week she was mine .She dint thought ab her bf we kissed,hugged,foreplayed whenever we had chance and bathed together in room with attached bathroom by locking the door that thing stand tall of all.Now I ‘m 23 working in a mnc in chennai.

Hope you all liked my experience with my cousin.Do share your valuable feedbacks to [email protected] so that it helps me in writing my next experience with my office colleague in chennai.Im offering stress buster program through sex so girls and women what you are waiting for inbox me immediately..Let’s share photos and thoughts.

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