Travel Experience With A Young Stranger Girl In Bus

Hello guys…

This is chocolate… Im from Tamilnadu. Im 24, dark, normal body. Now I’m going to share a experience I had recently. It’s really true experience. Story about a bus travel with a stranger girl.

That day I wanted to travel from Coimbatore to Nagercoil. And I already booked a seat on a Non Ac seater. But as that season was semester ending for college I couldn’t get seat on front or middle. While booking a seat I just found that there’re some free window seat on middle side of the bus. And also, a free seat on last row right side window seat. And the bus booking site shows that the front seat of the last seat was booked by 2 ladies.

So I booked the last seat. I have tried like this many times but most of the time I got disappointment as some old ladies sitting there. So this time also I didn’t mind much. I was little bit late so I got many calls from that bus operator. And when I get into the bus its started to move. While I’m moving to my seat I saw the front seat which was occupied by 2 beautiful young college girls. I was very happy. I just started to listen songs from my headphones. The Tv on the bus they started a tamil comedy movie.

I was not interested on that movie so I continued with my headphones. The girl on the front seat is playing a game with her phone. She was really beautiful. But the girls not spoke to each other. So I guessed that they’re not friends.

After 2 hrs the bus has stopped for rest rooms and coffee. So she got down for rest rooms so I followed her. She went for rest room. I was having a tea. After a while she came back from rest room and I saw her clearly. She was damn beautiful. She wore a spectacle. And her assets may be 34 30 34. I badly wanted to talk her. But she directly went into the bus.

After the movie has over the main lights got off. Some led color lights only giving some lights. I still remained silent.

After a while I found that everyone in the bus fell into sleep including the boy who was sitting next to me in the left side. I have a habit of sleeping on the seater bus by keeping my 2 hands by folding on the front seat and keep the head on my hands. As she was sleeping on the push back seat I could see her cleavage clearly. Wow what a color. The bulge below her neck was awesome and it made me tempt. After sometimes I put down my hand on her head and started to give little massage by my fingers but I was acted as sleeping. I didn’t felt and reaction from her. So I continues my action and she woke up and looked at me as I was in sleep she I dint care much.

And for 15 min I didn’t do anything again I continue to give massage. And I know that she was not sleeping. She enjoyed my touch. So I got some courage to do further and I slightly started to smooth touch to her ear side. Really she is sooo soft. I don’t want to take back my hand from her. Her ear and chin was feeling so soft. I continued my act for some time and she acted as sleeping. And I confirmed that no one can see our act. So I wanted to do further.

I took my right hand from the top of her seat. And hold the front seat through the gap between the seat and the window(right side wall of the bus). And I could see some moments from her so remained calm for some time. And slightly looked her seat she was sleeping as placed her left shoulder on the push back seat and kept her legs folded as ‘S’ type. And my right hand could easily touch her back through the gap as I said earlier. I started to touch her back.

She was wearing chudidhar (kurti) her back was low cut so I could easily touch her bare back side. She is totally soft. Seriously I never touch softer than her. Even softer than my ex’s boobs. I was simply touching her back and I moved my hand little low and touched her hip above the dress.

My cock was fully wet and too strong to fuck her. And I was ready to touch her boobs. but my bad luck they turn on the main light. I took my hand and pretended as sleeping. Some other people started to wake up cause of light. And again they parked the bus in dhabha for tea and rest rooms. Some guys went out but I didn’t. I acted as in deep sleep. And now acted as sleeping by laying on my push back seat. And I feel like “Siva poojaila Karadi Puguntha Maathiri”. Tevi***** Pasangala (bast**) when ll u turn off the light? (mind voice). My inner mind says that never get this opportunity again. So don’t sleep and do everything.

Bus started again and everyone started to sleep. As I was in last row. This row was occupied by 5 people including me. And other 4 person were form same family or they know each other. They’re speaking with each other. I got very angry. Feeling like crying “ dei thoongi tholainga da pundaingala” (plz sleep da dump cunts). And the girl now woke up and doing something on her phone.

Again I try to sleep as I first did on the front seat. And she was playing on her smart phone some snake game. I felt disappointment. And started to sleep. After some time I woke up. And look around. All were sleeping including my row people. The girl was sleeping by keeping her hand above her head.

So her hand is near to my hand. So I was happy and try to touch her hand. It was amazing I held her hand very roughly and by my right hand I hold her hip through the seat gap. By left hand I was touching her hand and fingers. And simply took her hand little up and plant a kiss on her head. My right hand was busy to trying to touch her assets.

As that gap was small I couldn’t put my hand fully. Little hard to touch if moved against my hand. But she didn’t move. Her right hand was on her head so I could touch her right hand arm pit above the dress. And I tried to put my fingers inside her right hand sleeve to touch her arm pit. But she took her hand below and started to act as sleeping. And she turned as placing her right shoulder on her pushback seat.

So I could easily touch her boobs through the gap. I was very happy. My god damn sexy, big, smooth and softy boobs was near to hand. I felt like hunted a crore treasure. But the bloody tube light spoiled again. This was the very first time I feel comfort with LED light than tube lights.

The last row people were buzzing. I acted like woke up from sleep and look outside to find out the place. It was Thirunelveli. I have an hour to reach Nagercoil. “Hurry sir hurry” driver shouted. And the people was sitting on the last row were get down from the bus. So I don’t have any disturbance any. I could do anything without fear. I was waiting for the light to be turn off. They did. Without pause I put my hand through the gap. After little struggle I successes to touch her. I touch her neck first.

I gave a massage on her neck. Then I moved my hand little bit below. As she was wearing low cut dress. I could easily touch her bulge area. I rubbed there. My hand was randomly rubbing her neck, hand, above the chest and I felt the goosebumps on her hand.

So I was happy and moved my hand little below and finally I touch her boobs. Wow man these many times I mentioned as soft soft soft but this was the place softest in her body. I never ever touched any softest thing like this. My mouth was oozing to taste her boobie.

But my mouth is not lucky as my right hand. I don’t know to how to explain my pleasure. But I simply rubbing and folding her boobs. And I screwed her nipple for some time. I felt some reaction from her but still she was in acting as sleeping. And I enjoyed her act and her boobs. Her nipple is like erected as 1 cm length.

This is the first time touching a lengthy erected nipples. My ex got a nipple not more than 5mm. I was enjoying her boobs foe one hour. And I was trying to touch her pussy. But she kept that little bit away from my hand and I couldn’t put my hand further as that gap was very small.So I hour folding her boobs. And try to touch her ass. And I gave a massage to her ass.

But she didn’t cooperated as boobs. Nagercoil came and all the sights turn on. And everyone was busy with their luggage and I didn’t wait for anything just got down from the bus. And waiting for her. She came and she didn’t look at me. She acted as stranger. And I followed her. And some uncle was waiting for her and she went with him. I masturbated 4 times on that day thinking of her.

I know this is wrong, I should give respect to girls. But what to do? Evil inside me killed the angel inside me. Feeling sorry if she didn’t like my act or if she was really sleeping.

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With love,…Chocolate…

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