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Hi to all! Thank you for the overwhelming response from readers for my earlier experiences shared with you. All my stories are my experiences and despite my age of 54 my flavour for sex remains. This is my latest experience which I had with an ex colleague of mine recently.

It was a surprise for me, but it was a good one. Well, she is 45 but has good assets a a very inviting look. She has never told me about this intention in her when we were in Mumbai 10 years ago and I told her that had she informed me while in Mumbai.

We could have had made many encounters. Nevertheless, we have made it twice in a month after we decided to we met in a marriage in Trichy and she informed me that she was now posted to a village nearby as a manager. After exchanging pleasantries, we were discussing about our families.

She told me that she is staying in a women’s hostel nearby but since I had booked a room in a good hotel, we decided to go to my room. We finished our lunch in the wedding venue and reached the hotel room by afternoon.

I had booked an A/c room and it had a larger bed, though it was a single occupancy. We were meeting each other after some years and though age had caught up, we could feel the sexual urge in us. We had never been together like this and so to control things.

I started to talk about her family and children and time passed by. I excused myself and changed to my lungi but I did not remove my shirt, since I was wearing nothing beneath. I could not control my eyes on her chest region and I was enjoying her tits inside the flimsy saree and blouse.

She suddenly switched over to personal relations and I told her that I still have a healthy sex life. She told me that her husband is not interested in her, since he concentrates on his business tours. Her approaches in bed room, she said did not give any results.

I said that I felt sorry for her. She smiled at me and said if you want, you can satisfy me now. I was surprised by her statement. I told her that I never had an idea about it. Well, she said, even I did not have that idea but now into the room and being alone, has made me put this forward to you.

Her name is Lalitha and so I now addressed her by name. Well Lalitha”, I said I would not say no to this”. Good she said, I am happy that you accepted my offer. We stood up and I went to her. I pulled her to me and kissed her lips.

I could feel that urge in her and she was breathing hot. Enjoy me Raasa, she said. I started to chew her lips and she readily gave everything. We slowly undressed as we continued to kiss.

We were nude soon and now I was massaging her body as we were kissing and she was pressing me with her hands. She had tits which were like big mangoes (38) and the nipples were brown and big.

She had shaved clean and my hand instantly slipped into her thighs and started to feel her wet cunt aahh she left a moan as my hand started to rub her clit. I started to move down now and she eased herself to allow my lips to come down to her tits.

I started to chew her right nipple while my hand was massaging her left. My right hand was fiddling her clit mmaa and she moaned as I was feasting on her gorgeous tits. I licked her boobs all around and bit them so that she gets more pleasure.

I could feel her pussy starting to become more wet and I slowly inserted my index finger inside and started to move it up and down as I continued to munch and chew her tits. Oh God! She moaned and went down on the bed. I climbed on her and continued to enjoy her tits.

I was rubbing my body on her and we were creating a friction through our moves. The sexual heat was rising in us. I moved down further and started to bite her hip folds being a matured woman, she had fleshy hips and I took her folds in my mouth and bit them.

Raasa she moaned, I have never had sex like this before. I was a fool not to have opened up when we in Mumbai. Forget it Lalitha, I said, let us have it from now. I made her moan and enjoy my lip massage on her fleshy body. I moved down now and slowly kissed the top of her cunt.

What are you going to do? She asked me. I did not answer but slowly pressed her tightly closed legs and let my tongue on her clit. I have never had this and she said and slowly opened up for me. I dug further into her cunt folds and she now spread her legs wide.

I started to let my tongue roll over her cunt folds and she was already excited. I could feel her juices and it tasted salt and sweet uumm. I said let me feast today. I opened her clit now and let my tongue in. Aiyoh! She let a moan.

I knew that she was enjoying it. I extended my hands and started to massage her tits as I was licking and chewing her pussy. She was gyrating her body and pressing her cunt on my mouth now. Don’t stop she moaned and pressed my head on her cunt.

I took the clue and chewed her clit as she moaned and wriggled. She came, with a thud, her juices flowing on my face. I raised myself and went on her and kissed her. I inserted my dick into her in the missionary position and it slid inside with ease.

Put your legs around me and hold me tight I said and she obeyed. I started to fuck her and I slowly increased the speed. I bent down on her as we were fucking and lifted her arms above. I licked her arm pits and chewed her taut tits as I rode into her. We ended up in a sweet climax and I released myself and rolled over and pulled her on me.

How was it? I asked. She kissed me hungrily and said “Fuck me all day and night” I will leave only tomorrow morning. I pulled her on me and we held each other tightly. We kissed passionately and took rest for some time.

We got up and washed ourselves and I took her on me in 69 position. She enjoyed my dick in her mouth and we both cum in each other’s mouth. She toyed with my swollen dick and brought it to erection again. I made her kneel down and fucked her in doggy style.

We extended our sex play all night and with relaxed gaps in between, we had sex 5 times. We took a shower together in the morning and she left. I came back to Chennai. We again met in a function in Chennai after 10 days.

I took her home and we made love, since my family had gone to Madurai for a wedding. It was an excellent session and we did all we wanted, remaining nude throughout. I would like to have women who have an interest in me and you can kindly let me have your views to [email protected]

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