Trip To Pataya By Mrinalini Singh

Dear readers!

I hope you are all fine. I am too busy these days to write. Somehow I got time to write this stuff for you after too many mails. Your responses are great but most of you are interested in friendship, sex chat or hangout blah blah. I am not interested in any of that, believe me, even I am not responding to such mails. These type of mails made me down and sometimes I felt not to write more. But some of them are really appreciable and encourage me to write down more.

Time was running too fast after that dramatic patch-up with family. Everything was going fine and I found new love. But my destiny is something else. My stepmom was too good for me after that and taking too much care for me. She insisted my father for my marriage, and I can’t say no to my father. He is a heart patient and even I didn’t got courage to tell him about my love. I again sacrificed for him but my mind and soul was still there. I said yes to my father and asked him whomever you choose I will marry. Even I didn’t saw my fiancee before my marriage. There was no engagement part due to my father’s illness and he want it to be quick.

On the marriage day, my all emotions broked up, my fiancee was not much good looking and he had some fat too. He was even not attracting. Before my marriage I hardly talked to my fiancee and so after marriage. I only responded for daily activities. Even I didn’t allow him to touch me for at least a year. I was at my in-laws home and he left for his job after a month. During that month we spend time but that is not good too. He is a very good gentleman but at that point of time I didn’t understand due to less conversation. I still regret that thing. Whatever that was, I leave it behind.

He was at his job and far away from his native. He came after 7 months and all I was alone with my in-laws but that was good for me. Because I got time to talk to my ex-lover some time. But he knew that I broke his heart and he too stopped responding me. I was on a boat in the middle of the ocean and don’t know what to do, I was on fire internally and do not know how to stop that..

After few more months spending alone, one day my husband called me, that too was a shock for me because he rarely calls. I responded him in a gentle way and too my surprise he asked me to get ready the next day. We are going for a tour to bangkok. I was not good to go out due to loneliness I faced during that year and I changed from a fun loving girl to a boring women. Who lost interests in everything. My marriage was a agreement and I was not happy with that but whom to tell.

So I decided to call back to my husband and say no to him. But before that I again receive his call and my tongue was frozen. He seems too happy and was saying, finally I got some time to spend with you. I only said hmmm during that call. The day he came to his native and we left for bangkok that night. He tried everything to made me feel relax and happy but I was something else.

We checked in a hotel and took some rest, after that went for outing. After two days in bangkok, I was started enjoying, even with his company. I found that he is a funny guy and fun loving too. But that was not enough. We came back to hotel room took our dinner and he said take some rest, we will leave for pattaya beach tomorrow morning.

That was a awesome beach, I found. He started enjoying there but I was sitting lonely in beach cafe. I was looking at him and he was continuously asking me to come. Every time I resisted, getting bored. He too came back and sat next to me and had his beer. I asked why you came and he said, I have no mood left to enjoy, want to sit with you here. My innocence woke up on him and I insisted him to go back and I too went with him to enjoy only for his happiness.

I was too tired there due to those sea rides and all stuff. When coming back I was hit by a bike and fall on the street. There were no major injuries but that hurts. My husband took me to the hospital and doctor said everything is fine but she needs at least a day of bed rest. Next day, I was in my bed and my husband too was in hotel room. I asked why didn’t he went to beach today. He said he wants to be with me. I said no, it’s not an issue. You may go and enjoy, I will take care for myself.

After too many attempts he finally left for the beach. It was sharp 10:30 in morning that time and I again went to my bed. My back was aching and I was unable to take sleep. I ordered some breakfast over hotel phone. After half an hour, one of the hotel boy came with breakfast. I took it and went for bath. I came with my two piece only as there is no one in the room. I was lying on the bed with that two piece only and watching tv.

I ordered lunch and some wine and thought that wine took the pain away. But that pain becomes unbearable for me. I don’t know what to do. I again called to the reception and ask for some medicine. I don’t know what happened to the hotel staff and the same man came over and over again to serve me. He was slightly blackish in color but looking handsome in that black and white uniform. I took my satin robe and tied its lace and opened the door. The same man was there with a smiling face and was saying “mam, here is your medicine and pain remover lotion.” I asked to put it inside. I came in my room and asked him whether he is ok to put the lotion on my back, as it is not possible for me to put it myself and my husband will come in night. F

Irst he resisted and said it against hotel policy and it will cost him his job. But I called the reception and asked them to connect me to hotel manager. I told hotel manager about the situation and he understands. The man seems relaxed after that. I lay down on the bed with my back facing him. He took some lotion and started massaging it on my legs. It was giving me pleasure from pain.

Once he was done with legs, I asked him to put some on my back too and I opened my robe. I was in my bra and panty only. He started massaging my back and I was getting some strange feeling due to that. I opened my bra hook and make him feel to apply it properly. Vibes started in my body due to his rough hands and rough massage. Feelings were started to grown up. I don’t know what came over me I turned around hold her tie and pull him towards me and started lip locking him. He was shocked and afraid too.

He resisted and push himself back and said no its not right, and it leads to lose him his job. But I didn’t listen to him and again pull him over me. My bra was removed as it was open. His chest was touching my boobs and I put my legs all over his waist. He soon started responding me and kissing me passionately.

I removed his tie while playing with his lips. I opened his shirt buttons and my red nails was moving on his chest. His black chest is clean shaven and was shinning. I loved such kind of view.

I moved and round over him and started licking his chest wildly. I forgot my pain that time and I don’t know what came over me again. May be my bad side came over me or may be some devil came in me. But I was rough on his chest while licking it and playing with his nipples. I unhooked his pants and removed it and hold his hard dick from his undies. He was saying, mam you are going too rough. I put my one finger on his lip and made him shut. I said I am not mam, call me mri. And press his dick.

I removed his undies and quickly took it in my mouth and started sucking it. I was sucking it wildly like I haven’t seen a cock in years. His foreskin is already at its peak and his black monster was shining like a pearl in clean water due to my saliva. My tongue is wrapped on his cocks top. I am continuously releasing saliva while sucking it hard and making noises that time made both of us too horny. I was taking it deep in my mouth and he was moaning in pleasure aawwhh yesss babee yooou are a sucking bitch mri.

I bet you sucked many cocks and he started pulling my hairs. I stopped for a while and looked at him. He said what are you, I can see a wild and devil bitch in your eyes. His words making me crazy and again hold his cock in my mouth while my fingers was playing with his balls. His precum was growing and so was my wilderness.

I started licking his balls and within some minutes he was near his orgasm, he said babe leave it I am cumming but I didn’t stop. And he came with a huge load on the bed sheet. He felt too relaxed. He said now what I already cummed and I replied that was the plan, next time you will take time to cum again.

I came over him and give him a glass of wine. He drank that and started kissing me on my lips. He was kissing me passionately this time. He make me lay down on the bed and started licking my belly and made me crazy. His thumb is playing with my clitorias and his tongue is moving all over in my belly. Umhhhh babyy you are good licker tooo.. Ummhh suckk that fuckking cunnttt.

He came between my legs and started opening my pussy walls with his fingers and his thumb was moving over my g spot. He was doing it too slowly and that was teasing me. Moans started coming out of my mouth. Ummm mmmm ummmm ahh.

He put his tongue on it and started lciking it like a dog is licking his master’s legs very slowly. His tongue was doing an amazing job and I was coming near my peak point. I hold his hairs tight and push him inside. His speed was increased and he realize that I am near to cum and stopped.

He sat down between my legs his cock seems too hard again. And he was trying to put it in my lovehole.

I stopped him and sat next to him hold his dick and again started sucking him. I made it all wet again with my saliva and then asked him to go in one go. He did the same and my breathe was stuck for a second. And moan came out of my mouth aaaahhhh.

He stopped for a while, bend over me and hold my neck with his hands and started moving his waist in motion. The feeling was too great to express. I was on the seventh cloud at that time. The feel of fuck by another man made me more horny than ever. I was enjoying the moment at that time and forgot everything.

I was getting satisfied after an year almost, what else I need. The bastard was fucking me hard, he was started pinching my nipples badly and hard, I was in pain but by getting touched by another man made me to enjoy all of it.

He hold my neck with both hands and pull me little up while fucking my hungry pussy. I was on bed only with my buts and my rest of the body is like in air. That was a great move and I never expected such move from him, he was shy at first but later all of the shyness went away with every second. Now he seems more horny. His dick was going in and out in pussy and while our tongues were exploring each others. Our saliva was exchanged and that moment was too romantic.

We continued kissing while his waist was moving in its own way. He suddenly lay down on the bed and now I was on top of him, all I feel that time was riding his cock. That monster penetrating my pussy deeply. We lost our senses in that play.

I was moving my butts all over his cock and moaning like a pro ummhh yeaaah babbyy. You like my pussy haaan, fucccck kk itt. He was also moaning in same way. You like my cock madamm hunnn take ittt moveeee yourrr buttt fasterrrr and he slapped my asss. Aaauccchh that was amazing babe. I continued moving my hipsss they became redish in color.

We were in our full pace of love making. I hadn’t had such feeling in last 1 and half year. But suddenly my room phone was ringing, I somehow picked the phone, receptionist said, it was from my husband, I shocked what to say, feared for a while but that man asked to reply it anyhow. I replied.

He was asking how am I feeling now and blah blah questions, while I was answering that bastard started pinching my nipples and moving his dick in and out and I somehow controlled my moans.

He said, if you feel ok I will be late as there is some party on the beach. I said ok and drop the call. I looked angrily to my love boy he was all smiling and said, doesn’t it amaze you. While talking to your husband someone is fucking you and I laid on him and started kissing and biting his lips.

He then sat on the bed and I was on his lap. His hands was holding my ass and he was making them up and down. He was holding his cum more than I thought. My bums were moving up and down self then. My hands were rounded on his neck and I tighten the grip as his dick is penetrating me deeper.

This was going more arousing towards my thought and the hunger of love is not reducing. He continued with the same pace he started loving me. His hard dick is hitting me deeper and deeper with every stroke.

Sooner I came to my peak point and so was he. He hold my hairs tight and pumping me fast and I too co-operated with him by moving my ass faster. We both moaning loudly ohh ah aha ah ah ah ohhh yessss babbyy cummm inside meee yesss umhhh and he unloaded in me with huge load.

We both feel relaxed after a horny session. We were stuck in the same position for some time. Holding each other in arms. I laid down on the bed with his cock inside me and he was on my top, I was moving my hands in his hair and he was laid on my chest for some time.

After half an hour of rest. I went to restroom, it was already 5:30 in evening. I cleaned myself up. And came out of restroom wearing my white satin robe.. He was standing in front of bed and was wearing his shirt. I sit on my bed near him. His dick was semi hard then, evil feelings was growing in me again. I asked him about his personal life. He was married that time. And his words arouse me again. My hands auto went on his dick and I started rubbing it. My other hand is on his balls.

I laid on the bed with my chest touching the bed and started licking his dick again, I sucked it all and made it wet. He hold my hands and made me stood in front of him and started kissing my lips. His hands was moving on my boobs and on my ass.

He hold my one leg and put it on his waist and his one hand was holding my chicks while kissing and sucking my lips. My pain was went away, and didn’t feel a single inch of pain in my body.

He continued kissing my lips and squeezing my nipples. He then came behind me and put my one leg on the bed while holding my breasts with his one hand. His lips was moving their way on my shoulders and neck.

He suddenly put his cock in my pussy in the same way and it felt so good to describe. He cups my boobs with his both hands and squeezing them. His was moving his dick slowly in my pussy while playing with my nipples, he was teasing me again and again at his very best. I was in his total control and he was moving my body under his control.

He then bend me slightly while moving his hands on my beck and his one hand was holding my right leg, that was on bed.

He continued to generate some pace while doing such. I didn’t expect such a great love after a year and even I was not tired yet. His hands now caught my shoulder and pulling me back while his lower body is pushing me, such a great love making scene was that. His cock hold every inch of my pussy.

He started pushing it really hard and banging my pussy from behind really hard. I was moaning badly umhhh ah ah ohhhh ah yesss mm ah ohhh babeee yesss thatss the pointtt uffff yesss fucckk me moree. Unloadd your cummm in me. Aaaaahhh ah aha ah ah.

He was too aroused, I started feeling the tiredness in my legs. He put my legs on the floor and bent me slightly, his one hand is holding my neck and other hand hold my one hand at its elbow. He was giving every inch of his cock to me. And I was enjoying it. The feeling of a cock that I forgot, he gave back every memory of that. He was moving in a greater pace and I can feel his every inch of dick inside me.

He continued fucking me like this and cum again inside me. He both were look more than satisfied. It was already more than 6:30. I asked her to leave as quickly as possible as my husband will come at any time. He gave me his contact number and asked me to call him next time I come.

I cleaned myself again and set everything before my husband came and went for sleep.

He came at about 9:00 and asked me to take food and medicine. I said I already took medicine and now feeling too sleepy. He didn’t disturb me then. I went in deep sleep and woke up next day at about 9:00. I was feeling relaxed after a long time and my face was glow up. My husband looks happy due to my smiley face after a long time.

I hope you all enjoy reading the story. Send your feedback at [email protected]. Again for those who wants my nude pics and sex from me, for those who think I am a slut, I have only one word for them, go to hell.

Thanks,Mrinalini aka avantika.

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