Trust and Betrayal Part – 2

Hello readers,This is the 2nd part of the story on trust and betrayal..The story begins. Please read the first part to refresh your memories.

We both knew I had messed up.

Ria stood still holding the door frame as if she was about to collapse. I opened my mouth to defend myself but no words came out. Then she slowly collected her senses and asked if it was her panty. I nodded a yes still frozen and sweating in shame. My one hand covering my erect penis and the other holding her panty. She composed herself and asked me how long was this going on? I retorted for the first time breaking the silence that ever since I saw her I was infatuated by her. She ran off into the bathroom with tears rolling down her eyes.

I knew that the damage was done. Now things would be blown out of proportion and the fact that I had screwed up badly. If aryan came to know of this he would make sure I was mortally destroyed. A miasma of thoughts ran across my mind. Should I apologize? Should I call my parents or just leave the flat and go to a friends place till things cool off. I was confused and felt blank. I could still hear the sobbing coming out of the bathroom. I gathered myself and wrapped a towel around my waist and knocked on the bathroom door- profusely apologizing. I said I was really sorry and disgusted with my actions and was willing to face the consequences of it. Still in her sobbing voice she asked me to come in.

I saw her there with her face in her hands tears all around sitting on the toilet seat. Me still with just a towel wrapped around. I cleared my voice and again apologized. I placed my hand on her shoulder and said it was a mistake and I shall never repeat it. She looked at me and said “Why are all men such dogs?” . I had no answer to it.” aryan always still thinks he loves natasha and you? I thought you were a good friend with whom I could share stuff”. I asked her if she knew aryan was cheating on her with natasha. To which she replied she had strong suspicions and had read a couple of messages exchanged.Now in an attempt to deflect the blame of myself I told her that aryan was still seeing natasha and he had confided to me that natasha was his first choice always. This was all a lie but I needed her to calm her anger towards me. I then began to make up stories of how the two used to sex chat and hook up regularly and aryan was visiting delhi more often than the company wanted him too. She looked like a lost puppy at me and asked me what was she supposed to do?

I replied with a sudden enthusiasm- pay that bastard in the same coin. If he cheats on you then you too cheat on him. I knew I had pushed this all too far. I went on a rant that he would always have his way and women here are thought to be submissive to men but men are given a free hook by our society. 80% of what I was saying was far from truth but still needed to cover my skin. It was too much for either of us to take and she held my hand and looked up with moist eyes and said will you help me out. I said- I am always there for you and you name it and I shall do my best. She asked me that once I gave my word I cannot go back on it and I nodded my agreement. She then said in a hardened voice- I want to cheat on that bastard.

Suddenly without any intimation she pulled down my towel and I stood there completely naked in front of her trying to cover my cock. She looked at me questioningly if that was what I wanted with her then why was I covering my cock? She then stood up and removed my hand away from my cock and held it in her soft tender hands. If only words could describe my feelings. I could feel a rush of blood to my penis and my cock grow in her hand as she began slowly stroking it. Was I dreaming or was this for real. I tugged on her white shirt indicating that it needed to come off and she duly obliged asking me to pull off her shirt while she still stroked my cock. I wasted no time in pulling off her shirt as well as her shorts. I knew she was wearing no bra as her nipples were visible earlier in the evening but what took me by surprise was that she was not wearing any panty too. I stood stunned at the sight of this gorgeous girl standing naked in front of me. She wasn’t clean shaved and that added more to her appeal. Short tufts of hair covered her pussy as I ran my palm over her clit I could feel it was warm and moist almost inviting a hard cock inside her.

I had masturbated a million times before but this felt different, wonderful. A chill ran down my spine never had I felt time move slower. I guess it is anticipation of what is about to happen rather than the actual event itself that drives one crazy. It was for the first time that we locked lips together. Her soft lips against mine with her already erect nipples brushing against my chest. As I began rubbing her clit with more rigour she bit her lips in ecstasy and tightened her grip on my penis. We began kissing at a frantic pace our tongues occasionally touching and her stroking became faster and faster. I knew I could not keep up and would climax soon so I pushed her away.

She asked me to sit on the toilet seat as she came and sat on me. She rose a little to adjust her position so that she could push her pussy on my cock. The feeling of my cock entering her pussy was of delirium. Her pussy was warm and tight and as I pushed my cock deeper inside the more tight it got. I enjoyed the way her tight pussy began gripping my cock as she pounded on me. I began squeezing her breasts and she held my head and began biting my ears and neck . She began playing with my hair and moaning loud enough. There was a lot of passion when I was making love to her. Then suddenly I could feel the tip of my cock in her pussy become wet. She had climaxed and cum on my cock. We both knew that we were not finished.

She got up from my cock and pulled me by my hand towards the shower. She smiled and said that it was always her fantasy to have sex in the shower. All my blood was in my penis so I nodded my agreement and followed her into the shower. She ran warm water and stood hugging me while the water drenched us. Words can do no justice for my feelings. Then she took the bathing solution and began lathering my cock. I returned her the favour by rubbing the soapy lather all over her breasts and her pussy. She made sure to stroke my cock and squeeze my balls. I winced a little in pain. I made sure to rub enough lather on her clit and she pushed me against the wall as she spread her legs and brought her pussy close to me.She looked like a sex goddess who had set foot on earth.My cock was deep in her pussy and she was grinding it as hard as possible. She was now breathing frantically and so was I.

I was sucking her nipples and squeezing her breasts with my hands while she was pushing her cunt against my cock. The soapy lather made the grinding smooth and irresistible. Hers was a tight pussy every stroke was harder than the previous one. There was intense passion and a lot of moaning. Then all of a sudden there was a surge in my penis and I knew I had climaxed and in one stroke I came inside her pussy and she too came almost immediately. We both smiled at each other as if we had accomplished something great. She hugged me and whispered a soft thank you in my ears.It was already 3 am by now and we were both tired. We got out of the shower and hugged each other before we headed to our respective rooms to get dried and clothed. It was a long night for the both of us. Aryan returned home about 5 in the morning clueless to what had happened the previous night.

There was some commotion coming from the kitchen the next morning around 9 as I woke up to make myself some breakfast. There I found aryan on his knees with a ring in his hand and all I heard was ria scream “ yes baby yes I will marry you”. As she hugged him I smirked thinking that this was not the last time I get to sniff her panties.

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