Turn of Events With Ex Minal Part – 3

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I was now on an island wandering along the shore, alone. Lost. How did I end up here, I wondered. Then suddenly fire alarm broke my chain of thoughts. It was loud sound for a fire alarm, coming from my right directly into my right ear. I sensed some danger in the Island, it shuddered me. All of a sudden I was shaking vigorously. “Turn off that fucking alarm”, ordered a voice on my left.

Ohh, it was my regular Sunday 10 am alarm on my phone ringing beside me, I turned it off. Then noticed it was Pandya who woke me up, both were still in the same bed fully naked and exhausted from our last night fucks. I quickly got up, dressed up, slowly opened the bedroom door and sneaked into the hall to see what Seema and Ritesh were doing. To my luck, they were still sleeping thanks to the neat and heavy alcohol that they consumed last night. Firstly I went to the bathroom and took a shower as my vagina was sticky due to the semen it had to taste the whole night.

Then everyone woke up, freshened up and had breakfast. I just wasn’t able to have any eye contact with Pandya after what had happened last night, but he didn’t seem affected, he was pretty cool about things, in fact in a better mood. He came to me and said “Don’t go with them, I’ll drop you home on my bike as we have to buy i-pill on the way”. I couldn’t say much, “Okay”. We prepared to leave, Ritesh and Seema went by train. As soon as they left before starting his bike, Pandya said “I forgot my wallet upstairs, you coming?”. I followed him to his flat, we went in. He grabbed his wallet and came near the door where I was standing still scattered in thoughts from last night. He came closer and closed the door. Then he pressed me on the close door, his lips came closer to mine and gently brushed against mine. I wasn’t able to gather my thoughts, we were smooching. His hand went towards my jeans button, he unhooked and unzipped my jeans in a flash.

Then slid his hand inside my new panty and started rubbing my clitoris. I must admit once anyone reaches a girl’s clit, it’s hard for her to control, at least it is the case with me. After some hot smooching he held my hand and dragged me to his bedroom. Removed my T-shirt and made me sit on his bed. He then pulled off my unzipped jeans. Now I was just in zebra padded bra and black thong panty. Next, he pulled down my thong too, exposing my already wet pussy at his disposal. He then signaled me to get down from the bed. Now he fully undressed and got laid on the bed. He then asked me to come and sit on his face. I didn’t like the idea at first but by looking at his stern face, I reluctantly followed his request, more of an order. Just in bra, I went on top of his face and placed my pussy near his face. He immediately grabbed my ass with both his hands and pulled my pussy to his drooling mouth. He stretched his tongue out and started sweeping my pussy bottom to top (which he called ‘The French Sweep’) which can make any girl go bonkers. I was ready to give anything for his masterly French sweep.

After sucking and licking my clit and pussy lips he asked me to turn around in 69 position. I turned 180°, he was still licking me pussy, this time from behind and I got the access to his small but thick penis. Initially I was giving him some intense handjob by rubbing my palm on back side of his penis and occasionally playing with his balls, he was going crazy. He then pulled over his face from my pussy and spanked me saying, “suck that penis, you slut”. I felt very uncomfortable with the word ‘slut’ but I must admit it turned me on and now I was starting to feel one. My ex Andy never abused me during our oral sessions, this was new to me and I liked it. I obliged to him. Held the tip of his penis and started sucking it like an ice cream with all of his pre-cum. Then imagining it as a frosti I glided my lips on his penis going deep till the edge. Then again came up sucking towards his tip without parting my lips from his penis skin making ‘paaat’ sound. Then again went down sucking and pulled up sucking. He was going mad. I drooled some saliva while sucking his thick brown crispy dick.

After few minutes of pleasuring each other with all the licks and sucks we got untangled. I sat up on bed with my back against the wall behind the bed. He went towards the cupboard and brought the used lubricant tube and sat in front of me. Sensing his intension I spreaded my legs. He was surprised but in a happy way. He “That’s like my slut”. I was turned on, said “Fuck your slut hard”. He replied “of course I will, but I’m wondering why Andy hasn’t fucked the shit of a sexy slut like you all these years? kitna bada chutiya hai”.

I zoned out for few seconds figuring the answer to his question.“Because he was too gentle and nice, never forced me”. He “If he’d forced, you would have had sex with him?”. “May be, as I’ve submitted myself to your forceful sexual desires or may be I always had a slut inside me that just needed some triggering”. He “Obviously there is a slut in you, if I were Andy I’d fucked you day in day out like a slut”. This filthy language of his always makes me wet. He inserted his dick deep inside me and got hold of my neck and starting fucking me hard like a bitch. The fucking was so forceful that my boobs were jumping up and down. He was drilling me, to and fro, fucking the shit out of me.

After that day, we fucked twice. After my office hours, we met and then went to his guest house and had hardcore sex. Now I was comfortable having sex and was enjoying it at fullest. At night he would send dirty messages and we shared nudes. One night Pandya called, I went to my balcony to talk to him freely.He: Hey! What’s up?Me: Nothing, about to go to bed.He: So missing my dick?Me: Badly.He: Wanna suck it?

Me: sounds temptingHe: How about you get to suck two at the same time?Me: What are you talking?He: I have a friend who is interested in having a threesome with you. He will even pay.

Me: What? *I shuddered, felt something weird hearing the word ‘pay’*

He: Someday you wanted to try threesome right!? so why not now? plus you’ll get paid and he’s good friend of mine, will keep secrecy.*Again I shuddered. I was all wet down there*Me: Okay… how much?

He: You say what’s your rate?*By now I realized my panty was dipping*Me: I don’t know you say the amount according to you, I am ready for it.

He: Okay. But first, he wants to see your photograph. Send me your full body nude picture standing in front of the mirror.The feeling that someone is ready to pay for my body made me feel excited by now and I knew that there is a slut inside me and now I want to explore it. I went to my bedroom, got undressed, took my full body picture in front of the mirror and sent it to Pandya. He showed it to that guy (my client now). He seemed pretty impressed, so the deal was finalized.

The day came. I went to Pandya’s house a bit early of the decided time so that I can dress up and get ready. Pandya had listed me things as well as makeup that I should wear, so I carried all the listed things with me. I was inside his bedroom, was getting ready. I heard door the bell ring. His friend came and Pandya made him sit in the living room. By then I was done with my makeup and stuff. I went and stood in front of the mirror to have a final scrutiny of my look as instructed by Pandya. I was wearing just a lingerie, a push-up bra whose cups were red but wings and straps were black in color. At the bottom, I was wearing triangular G-string whose triangular part was red and the string was black matching my bra. Thick silver waist chain was wrapped around my waist. Having red color choker necklace of tiny pearls and a golden pendant lying between my collar bones tight around my neck and a pair of long hanging earrings almost touching my shoulders. Light makeup with thick and dark eyeliner along with dark red sexy lipstick and open hair.

Also I was wearing a black thigh length stockings with black high heels. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I was looking like a hooker and was feeling very sexy about it from within. I called Pandya. He came to fetch me to the hall from his bedroom. As I entered the hall saw a middle aged guy must be around late 20s lounging comfortably on the sofa. He was tall and well built with above average looks having spike hair. He was wearing narrow bottom denim jeans and a tight full sleeve t-shirt. His name was Babli. He got up as soon as he saw me. His jaw dropped, eyes wide open. He was looking excited to fuck me. He exclaimed “Kya mast Randi mangaya hai yaar tu toh Pandya. Maine itni prostitutes ko choda but itni sexy kabhi nahi mili.” I looked at Pandya. He looked down, was embarrassed too. Babli came near me. Scanned me from every angle and went behind me. Grabbed my ass and said “Kya gand hai yar iski. Mast raapchik maal hai yeh”. As I was wearing G-string so there was just a string passing through my anus region exposing my both ass cheeks as it is.

He then spanked me hard on my right ass cheek and said “Muje iss Randi ki khali gand maarni hai”. He then immediately removed a two thousand rupees note and handed over to me as my price for selling my ass to him. To be frank I was little embarrassed by his language and at the same time was turned on by it as well as by the fact I got money to sell my body to this illiterate sex hungry man. “Babli…Yaar.. ye prostitute… Nahi hai. Ye meri friend hai. 1st time kisi anjaan ke sath sex karegi”, finally Pandya broke his silence.Babli looked at my face, was red with embarrassment, “sorry, mujhe laga Pandya ne har bar ke tarah prostitute mangaya hai. Aur hum log prostitutes se aise hi baat karte hai, unko chalta hai”, he apologized.

I looked at 2000 note in my hand and then looked into his eyes, “It’s ok, tum muje prostitute ki tarah treat kar sakte ho. Tumne paise diye hai toh me agle ek ghante ke liye me tumhara prostitute hun”. Pandya looked at me in astonishment. I was feeling very sexy and slutty myself. My panty was already wet. Next he started pressing my ass then took me near sofa and made me to bend on it so that he can look at my ass nicely. He shifted the string of my panty passing over my asshole on my left ass check. Then he ran his finger through my pussy. I shuddered and shivered by his touch. My pussy was already wet so he took his wet finger and tried to insert it in my asshole. But it didn’t went in as my asshole my very tight and I felt the pain so shouted “aahh”. He asked if I’m virgin. I said I’m not virgin by vagina but have virgin anus. He “Wow. You can auction your ass virginity. There are rich people who loves ass-fucking and they bid for virgins.”

I was in shock to hear that. He continued “I know a brothel where auctions takes place. You have to give 20% of your bidding money to the brothel owner. If you want I can take you there and it’s very safe as all rich and hefty people visit there “. It sounded exciting to me, I would love to auction my ass’s virginity. I asked “But you wanted to fuck my ass, what about that?”. He replied “It’s ok, I’ll fuck your pussy now, you just give me 5% from your auction money”. I made the deal there.

He then made me sit on his lap while he was sitting on sofa. He pressed both my boobs over my padded pushup bra. At the same time kissing and sucking my throat. He slid his right hand inside my panty and pressing my left boob with his left hand. I turned my head on right towards his, our lips touched. We are smooching like mad couple while Pandya was watching the show. He inserted his middle finger in my pussy and started fingering slowly while smooching and pressing my single boob with the other hand. Pandya came down near our legs and pulled my panty so that Babli can finger me properly. He then came up and sat on our left, removed the my left black bra strap down my shoulder, my left cup came loose. He then lowered my left cup to my belly exposing my left boob for his access.

He then brought his head near it and starting sucking my nipple. I was fingered and smooched by Babli and nipple sucked by Pandya. It was so sexy. Babli then increased his fingering speed from slow to medium to fast. It was so fast that it started making ‘paat-paat’ noise and I couldn’t keep on smooching him as I was moaning heavily. Babli had just gone crazy. He was fingering me at an ultrasonic speed. Meanwhile Pandya lowered my other cup and sucking/pressing both the boobs. Babli’s fingering by now was so fast that I cummed and squirted all over the floor in large quantity. Both of them looked at me astonishingly. He now stopped fingering. Pandya removed my bra and he brought that lubricant tube. Both of them got undressed. I was sitting on sofa, Babli took both my legs and inserted his big brown penis in my pussy and started fucking me.

Pandya was standing beside me, he placed his penis on my lips. I took it and started giving him blowjob while I was getting fucked by Babli.

Babli was thrusting very fast and hard, my boobs were bouncing up and down. I had to place my hands on both my boobs to keep them stationary while Pandya’s penis inside my mouth and Babli’s inside my pussy. We then changed position. Now Babli sat on sofa with his erect penis upward. Pandya lubricated my pussy and their penis. I went and sat on Babli’s erect penis, it went deep inside my pussy and I leaned on him hugging him. Pandya came on my behind and placed his penis on my pussy too and gave a wild push. I was unaware. I shouted in agony “Ohh.. my god… Ahhhhh. Please no double penetrating” I begged Pandya. But he was in no mood to listen. He gave another wild push and this time his too went in. Now my pussy was handling two penis together. We all three got in a rhythm then even I started enjoying it. They fucked me to the core and then cummed on my face together. I cleaned their penis with my tongue and drank some of their cums and spitted some.

“So Andy……. this is my story after we brokeup” Minal concluded after telling her story of losing virginity to her best friend and then how she had threesome for money. We both were still lying naked on the bed in her bedroom (in the 1st part where Andy and Minal had sex for the 1st time).

“Wow. You became a slut and now planning to auction your ass virginity. Irony is that you broke up with me because you didn’t wanted to have sex before marriage” I said. I was enraged with her but I also had a chance to fuck her only because of her adventure. So it was a mix feeling.

“Andy, I enjoy being a slut and selling myself for money I’m planning to make a career of it” she expressed. “Are you serious, Minal? What you will tell your parents?”. “I don’t know but that’s what I want and not feels wrong to me”.

Will Minal be able to become a hooker and fulfill her wish? Will she be able to convince her parents or even tell them? Keep following the series to know.

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