Two Virgins Enjoyed On School Trip

Hello everyone. It’s my first story on this site. I am Pankaj aged 21 years from Bhopal. Tall and well build and my tool size is 7″. Lets get to the story. This is the real incident which happened to me when I was in 12th standard.

It was the time of November just after the diwali. As I was the student of kendriya vidyalaya, so in our school that was the time for social science exhibition to be held.

At cluster level because of my good performance I was selected to represent my cluster at regional level to be held at Gwalior and I was conferred with the power to choose on more student along with me to accompany me and on the performance basis I chose my friend named Ashutosh. And I don’t know what happened next just before two days we were supposed to leave for Gwalior. He withdrew his name and suggested his friend’s name. Vandana she was for whom he sacrificed this opportunity. Vandana was of around my height that is 6 feet and her stats were 32 28 34. I liked her ass a lot.

So me and vandana along with 50 other students who were participating in dance and other cultural programs left for Gwalior in a sleeper bus. As we were provided the upper berth. And because we were of opposite gender. The incharge asked her if she is not comfortable then she could shift to another berth but she refused. And then we decided to sleep in the manner as not facing each other’s face and slept like my face was at the feet of hers and vice Versa. After I guess 30 minutes she woke up and came and slept facing me.

On this I asked what happened to which she replied that she is not feeling sleepy and we bagan to chat about blah blah stuff. After 15-20 minutes of chit chat she hugged me and said that she likes me and I am a nice guy and very good friend and other blah blah things and I didn’t respond to anything as I was confused with all this that what the hell was happening. And she started to kiss me on my cheeks, forehead, neck and all over my face. To which I asked her that what she is upto and she said that she likes me.

As I was very introvert kind of person at that time I ignored that and told her that I’m sleepy so lets sleep. And after hearing that all of a sudden she gave a small peck on my lips. I told her not to do this and to which she showered the number of small pecks on my lips rapidly.

After couple of minutes I warned her not to wake the animal inside me. But she was reluctant to listen and continuously was kidding all over my face. After couple of minutes I hold her head with my hands and smooched her for 10 minutes.

At that time she was giving no response because she was totally dumb stuck with my sudden reaction. After I left her lips after 10 minutes she came near to me and told me that she likes me very much and proposed me and then kissed me and we smooched for another 20 minutes and both of us were exploring reach other’s body and crushing each other with complete force. After that long smooch we parted.

After breathing in some air I pulled her towards me because it was my first time I was getting intimating with someone. I pulled her and put my hand under her t-shirt and started rubbing her back and was smooching her.

After few minutes I tried to open her bra buckles to which she hold my hand and said please not to do all this. We should not cross lines. As I was also inexperienced I also let her go and we slept cuddling each other as curtains were closed. Then in morning we reached Gwalior.

It was the third night there that I was unable to sleep recalling everything happened in bus and I called her and asked her to come downstairs to meet me at 2 am. As both boys and girls were admitted same hostels. The boys were provided the ground floor and girls were provided the second floor.

At sharp 2 am she came as I was waiting for her and I hugged her very tightly and took her to the washroom. And I locked the washroom.

To which she was constantly asking and I didn’t respond to any of her questions and smooched her and she was responding as well. And I put my hand under her top and started pressing her boobs over the bra. To which she was holding my hand and was stopping me but I wasn’t in the mood to listen to her and after 15 minutes she surrendered.

Then I removed her top and bra as well she was very shy and faced the wall. I kissed her neck and back to which she was moaning very slowly. After all this my love to her I turned her face towards me and kisses her juicy lips and was pressing her boobs. Can’t tell you guys her breasts were so tender and soft. I was in cloud nine at that time.

Then I sucked her breasts passionately like the small child drinking milk from them. After half an hour of boobs sucking I started lowering her pajama to which she hold my hand very strongly and said that till now it was okay but not to go beyond this. I then emotionally blackmailed her that if she loves me that she will not stop me.

I manipulated her that in love everything is right. And started to kiss her and my left hand was pressing her left boob and with spare right hand I started to lower her pajama. Now she was in her panty only. I also removed my t-shirt and lower. I inserted my right hand in her panty and started to rub her virgin pussy. To which she was very much aroused and was moaning with ecstasy. I removed hey panty as well and was fingering her and with other hand was pressing her boob and was smooching her.

After all this foreplay of 20 minutes she came her first orgasm (she told me this matter) of her life. As with my fingering her pussy became a bit loose and wet and was well lubricated. I made her sit on the western commode and raised her legs and started to rub my penis on her virgin pussy and she was begging me not to do this as it will hurt a lot to which I convinced her that I’ll be gentle and she agreed. I tried to insert but it slipped as it was first time for both of us.

Then she hold my dick and guided it to her hole and it went inside only a little bit. I applied some force after which it went 1/4 in and too which she was crying a lot and begging to stop but I was in no mood and kissed her and stopped for few minutes.

When she calmed down and I was smooching her without any prior notice I gave one final jerk and my dick was completely inside her tearing her hymen and the blood was flowing and to this she dig her nails on my back and wanted to scream but couldn’t as I was already shutting her mouth with mine. I paused for some time and was waiting here pain to subsidize and after that I started the to and fro motion and after some time of pain she was also enjoying and was responding well.

We fucked for 40 minutes during which she was moaning very much and came thrice. She was biting my lips during our fuck session. We were in heaven at that time. I was thrusting her very hard and she was responding very well by moving her bottom to make me insert in her more. We fucked in standing position, sitting position in which she was on top of me.

At last after 40 minutes of intense and passionate love making I was about to cum and I came inside her and she also came at the same time. After washing each other we put on our clothes and left to our rooms. Next morning I saw that she was having some difficulty in walking to which I asked her to take rest and got some contraceptive pills for her as last night I came inside her and didn’t wanted any complications.

After this incident we had sex couple of times at her home when her parents left to attend the marriage of their relative out of town and left her with her old grandmother. and unfortunately after 12th she left the town. And I still miss her and her sexy body and love making with her.

I hope that you will like this real incident of mine. I am Pankaj and lives in Bhopal. Any girl or milf wants to satisfy herself feel free to contact me my email id is

[email protected]. Girls and ladies I’m waiting for your requests to date you and to satisfy you.

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