Uma Aunty’s College Days Fun

Hi all, I am back once again with other encounter of my most lovable wife/aunty Uma now the story will be narrated by her now she’s going to take over and tell the story which happened during her college days to her. Hi all this Uma here from bangalore my sizes are 36-30-30 this is one of my incidents which happened during my college days my unforgettable days of my life.

During this incident my sizes were 32-30-34. Now coming back to the story. Usually John my boyfriend never allowed me to put on any kind of inners during college hours and I also was getting accustomed to it and was enjoying my freedom in college by now everyone in the college came to know my relationship with John and as he had earned a good respect in my college the same respect was given to me.

Now in one such occasion when we were having our weekly sex I was giving a blowjob to John and he was closing his eyes and enjoying it and sipping on his drink and came inside my mouth and was forcing me to drink this is how I learnt drinking till then I only used to smoke along with him I also got excited about drinking and readily agreed to it and started sipping it and was getting high because of smoking and drinking together, I was in such a level that I didn’t know wat was happening to me and who was touching me I just felt a female hand on me and I didn’t even bother to see respond or see who it was, I was pulled from the front and was kissed for a long time and my boobs were pinched licked pressed bitten by that female and my pussy was also licked thoroughly and I came in that lady’s mouth and she drank all of it happily as i drank John’s cum happily.

Dont know when I slept and when I woke up I got the shock of my life it was Padma who was ling down next to me nude and john was lying next to me nude having his hands across me on Padma’s boobs now I woke up john and asked him wat was happening here to which he replied in a cool way telling that even she got drunk and wanted to experience lesbian enjoy with her also I was confused really as in to wat to do now.

By the time she also woke up and told a Hi and told return back my favor now I asked wat favor did she do to me for which she told come down and lick my pussy by saying so she pulled me down by my Hair and made me lick her pussy and she came in my mouth and made me drink all of her cum.

Now my boyfriend was ready with his dick and straight away he shoved his dick into my asshole and padma sat near my head and shoved her 34 sized boobs in my mouth and she pulled her dupatta and tied my hands around my back and started to slap me mercilessly and I was turning read now by their slappings and started to enjoy the sex now by now she was smooching him and she changed her position by placing her pussy on my face and suddenly a liquid was passing through my throat now and I realized it was her piss she told if i don’t take it in and drink her piss she’ll slap me more in that fear I drank it all now I could sense John’s speed was increasing and he will cum now john pulled out of my asshole and came in padma’s mouth and after taking it in she came and directly kissed me in my mouth this was my first lesbian experience and I started to enjoy this.

After a while she came and started to kiss me on my lips and I was responding to her by opening my lips and in the meantime he came and pissed on top my head for which she was licking that also and kissing me back with his piss this dirty sex was my first time.

Now john was again ready and he pulled her by his side and kissed her for a while and placed his dick on her pussy and rammed her pussy while she was licking my pussy and I was moaning like aaah aaaahh uumm uuuum yyaaaa yyaaaaa come oonn comeeee oooonn her moanings were suppressed because of my pussy on top of her mouth.

I was now getting turned on more and more and started to lick her armpits while he was licking my armpits and he turned her and started to ram her asshole while kissing me now padma was sucking on my boobs and moaning aaahhh yeessss aaaaah yeeess harrddderrr now he pulled out of her asshole and came in my mouth and made me kiss her lips along with his cum in my mouth. We three now fell on each other exhausted and slept for a while. Now we got for lunch and had our lunch and I lit my ciggarette now john was telling us to play with each other for which he readily agreed.

Now we both slowly started to kiss each others lips and played with each others boobs and started to lick each others armpits and I slowly went down to her pussy and started licking her she was shouting on top her voice like uuuffff aaaahh and to spice up more and I turned and started to lick her asshole while fingering her pussy which was already wet now I pulled her by her hair and made her lick my pussy and asshole and pissed in her mouth she didn’t expect this move from me and drank it all happily and I was slapping her continuously and turning her red. Now john Was getting ready to fuck me now.

He came directly and inserted his dick in my pussy and started ramming me mercilessly. His speed was increasing everytime and I came and he also came inside me and fell on me.

Now she was seeing all this and she went and gave him another blowjob and made him erect and sat made him fuck her and was shouting on top of her voice like aaaahh aaaahh yeeesss and he came inside her pussy and we all three of us fell on each other exhausted.

Friends kindly give me feedbacks on my newly found love’s i’d [email protected]. Friends this is her story and kindly give feedbacks on the above mentioned i’d. Any girl aunty divorcee widow want to have sex/ sex chat in and around Bangalore full secrecy satisfaction guaranteed can contact me.

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