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Hi all, I am back with another story with Uma aunty this story depicts her past so kindly the story read fully and she is narrating this story in her own words. Hi all this is Uma from Bangalore here I am writing this story to re-live my past and I want to share it with all of you. My sizes are 36-36-38 fair 5″7 tall fair with brown nipples and always shaven armpits and pussy. Now let us get back to the story.

This happened during my college days and my parents never said no to my dressing styles though we were a middle class family and my sizes were 32-28-34. In the first day of my college When I entered my college the usual ragging was happening and I was never bothered by anyone in the college the first day went smoothly and I returned home.

The second day when I entered the premises I heard some girl calling me oye oye I just turned around to see who was it there was a girl who pointed out to me and said come here I just obeyed her order and went near to her and asked what?? for which she gave a stare at me there were some boys also smoking along with her and asked my name for which I trembled a bit and told Uma in that one boy saw me trembling a bit and took advantage of it and told me do marchphast I did wat he told he told me ok… ok…… now that you are obeying our orders everyday you need to salute us and go I was happy at my heart that they are letting me go off and then I asked the girl her name to which she replied Padma and the boy voluntarily told John I just gave a smile and went away then the classes got over and I saw John while coming out of the class as if he is waiting for someone actually John looks around 5’11 inches fair a little loss of hair on his head and a bit on the heavier side but a handsome guy. Immediately when John saw me he gave me a smile and started walking towards me I got a bit scared thinking that wat he may tell me to do now looking at me sweat in fear he came near to me and told……

J: hey uma are you still scared of me ??

U: yeah a little

J: oh oh come on you need not just I wanted to pull your leg thats it and don worry about me

U: ok

J: shall we talk sitting in the ground for a while ??

U : I was like I need to go home

J: come on just for sometime

U : ok but not long

John was ok and he took me to the ground and while on the way to the ground he was like brushing his hands against mine and smiling looking at me then when we reached our college ground it was deserted a bit then he was asking me about my school life and where do I come from etc……. etc…… and I also was replying to him properly now and getting comfortable with John now and we felt happy knowing about each other now and getting comfortable with each other and I looked at my watch and told to John that I need to be leaving and John to told it’s been two long hours since we were here you are a good time pass and pinched my cheeks and patted my at my back and we left .

Then John was getting more inclined towards me day by day so as I and in the mean time I came to that he was from a rich class and we started bunking classes once in a while and go for movies with john weekly once and sit at the parks playing with each other weekly once one fine day he was like Uma I need to talk to you, I was surprised and asked him wat ?? for which he replied I Love You he’s a straight forward person and I also liked his straight forwardness and told I require sometime and started to enquire about him to others and wat I came to about him was that he’s a nice guy with a sweetheart and the entire college is scared on him and he has got good contacts and he has good helping nature and the day arrived finally where I had to give my answer to him for his Love proposal

I just called him to the same playground where he took me first and after a long long discussion I finally agreed to him telling that I Love You too John and started to leave the place for which he held my hand at once and told me I just don want word of mouth for which I was shocked and asked then how do I prove my Love to you for which he replied kiss me I was shocked and declined his acknowledgment but my heart was telling come on go ahead and kiss him he just saw me in my eyes and told is it ?? I could’nt do anything and I had to give in as it is my first love and first kiss and I’ve to save my relationship somehow and gave my face and lips forward to him and gave me the first and most exciting moment of my love by kissing me on my lips by opening my lips by his lips we continuously we smooched for about 5 mins where heart was touching heaven and we broke the kiss and left the place.

Then from next day onwards he used to ask me to bunk more and more classes and I also learnt smoking along with him and as I was the class topper no one cared about me he used to take out spend on me like hell and hold my hands and shoulders on public places and one day he took me to a movie where the hall was empty and I saw some couples making out in the hall he had also booked two corner tickets and rushed me in I was wearing a skirt and sleeveless top that day as soon as the movie started his eyes were stuck on me and I leaned on his shoulder and he was moving his hands all over me now he then told me kiss me know pls…… pls……

I told ok and smocched him now and his hands entered my thighs and I was getting aroused now and he saw this and removed my skirt in one go I was surprised y his move and asked wat is he doing ?? for which he replied telling that baby I wanna see you fully today for which I told in darkness you can’t see me baby his eyes lit up by my bold answer and started licking my thighs and I was oozing out now because this was my first time and the movie got over and we had plenty of time and he took me to his house and no one was there in his house and he locked up all the doors and windows .

Now he removed his shirt and he had a lot off chest hair and hugged me tightly and smooched me started to smooch me madly soon his saliva was dripping on my face and my pussy was oozing my Love juices and he took out my skirt and my sleeveless tops in one go and saw me laughlingly and I was shy at his look and hugged him tightly now he became nude in front me and he made me also nude and we started licking each other and he asked me for a blowjob by keeping his dick near my mouth I was like surprised looking at his dick and asked him the size and he told 8 inch now suck me come on and made me open my mouth by holding my hair and I took it in and it was choking me initially and he made me take the entire length in my mouth and came in my mouth and me drink it.

Now he went down to my pussy which was super duper wet by now and started to lick me and I came within no time now he told me to close my and bite my teeth for which I obeyed to his orders and now I felt he lifting me and placing a pillow under my ass and he was spreading my leg I was giving in for everything watever he was doing now to me and I felt something entering my body now and it was unbearable for me and I opened my eyes and saw wat was happening to me without any mercy he was ramming his dick in my pussy and I was bleeding now profusely as I was a virgin and he looked at me told me baby no pain no gain for pleasure kindly bear for sometime come on now hug me tightly and chant my name I did this also for him and and in sometime

I started to enjoy this and left my grip over him and he started licking my armpits and I was moaning like aahhhh oohhhhh aaaahhhhh oooohhhh uumm uuuum yyaaaa yaaa ssss sssss on top of my voice now I was shouting and he was ramming me mercilessly and came inside my pussy I don know how many times I came in the gap he was biting pressing pinching licking my boobs and fell on top of me licking all my sweat from my body and making me lick all his sweat from his body. I slept like that only in his arms don know when he woke up and I felt something sticky in my asshole and when I turned he was licking my asshole and I gave him another blowjob and was ready at it again like a rock hard and turned me around and told this’ll pain a lot and told me to hold for just a minute and enjoy.

I did this also just because of him and the Love and did wat ever he said and he entered me like a Lion and I shouted again on top of my voice and told him to slow down but my request fell on deaf ears and he kept ramming my small little asshole mercilessly and I too gave in and started enjoying anal sex along with him and moaning like aahhhh uuu yyaaa aaaahuu yaaaaa yess yesss harderrr harderr and in the meanwhile he was abusing me like bitch prostitute roadside bitch roadside prostitute and he was mauling my bare boobs from the front and kept on increasing his pace and he turned me around and came inside my mouth and made me drink his cum and we both got ready and cleaned oursleves and left home.

From that day onwards he never let me wear my inners inside college and when i enter college I’ll go to the toilet and remove my inners and give to him or keep it in my bag and have quick sessions in our college.

So friends this is my past story kindly give your feedbacks on my newly found love’s i’d more to come based on the responses [email protected]. So friends how did you like her story kindly give feedback on my i’d any girl aunties widows divorcees who want to have sex/sex chat can contact full secrecy and satisfaction guaranteed.

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