Umesh Had Fun With Cousin Sister Sunita Didi

This is a real story of mine and its first time for me so forgive for any mistake.When i just got 18 i felt like i am free i can browse any porn site and have fun and no one can ask me. It is my sexual encounter with my maternal uncle’s daughter sunita didi my cousin my good she was damn sexy any male can faint by seeing her size 36 boobs and big round ass and such a good figure at 21 age.From childhood i used to play with her and shared my secrets but never had any bad thought about her.But when one of my college friend said me that he had sex with his cousin i started thinking horny things about her.

When sunita didi’s elder brother’s marriage came and all the house was full with guest and their was no time to rest.Sunita didi was busy too as her brother’s marriage was their.So my mom suggested that go with sunita didi and mami(sunita didi’s mother) for shopping and help them to lift the shopping bags.I was ok with that.We three went to nearest mall in my car.Sunit didi was in a black churid from which her cleavage was clearly visible.I drive the car whole way to mall with full attention on rear view mirror which showed sunita didi and her cleavage and i didnt thought that she was seeing me or mami is seeing me.

We then came back home.My elder brother had a son who was about a month old.Sunita didi was playing with him in her hand and i thought to take benefit of the condition so i went near sunita didi and started to take the child from her and while doing this i press my wrist on her boobs and she shouted on me”ouch are u mad cant u wait for a minute u fool”.Whatever she said was not effecting me and i ha d my enjoyment by pressing her boobs. The marriage ended and the house was going to be empty and my mama mami were going to sunita didi’s brother’s wife’s house for a week and sunita didi will be alone at her home.

My dad told mami not to worry as we will take care of didi as her paper’s were soon to come she cant be with them so they left their home next morning and i left my home at same time with my mom to suniuta didi’s home with my laptop and my mts dongle and some porn cd in my laptop bag.

At 3.30at noon my mom left as she had some work at home and told me not to leave sunita didi alone i just wanted that and i was happy with that.Didi was inside her room and i was living room i removed my laptop and insert porn cd and wore headphone to hear the sound and was enjoying it and the was a tent in my trouser and suddenly i heard a noise it was didi and i was shocked i some how hided my my tent and closed the videos and files of porns.

Didi said that she was bored in her room and studying for almost 4-5 hours.She asked me what i was doing and i said i was surfing net.Then her eyes went on the laptop bag and she opened that and asked me what does the cd contain i was shocked and i suddenly replied that those are movie cds.She asked me which movie i thought that if i will take some name of flop movies and she will left so i said chandni chowk to china and some English movies and the answer was like heart attack she wanted to see the movie .I was sweating and i removed the cd from laptop and inserted the cd she was having in her hand.I was just thinking that if didi will see these porns and if she tells my mother then what should i do.

The porn started the starting part was as usual story and my didi thought it was an English movie and she kept quite and after some time the scene started and i thought to say truth to didi but i didnt dared and i was late too the male pornstar pressed the boobs of the female porn star and after some time she started to give blowjob the room was silent and i saw toward didi and she was seeing my face .I said sorry and was going to close the video but didi stopped me.The moment was unexplainable.

Then i saw didi her hand was on her salwar and by seeing this i was become horny and my penis started to erect the feeling was uncontrollable put my hand from back an rested it on her shoulder and started to move my hand slowly toward’s her boobs and after few hard seconds i reached their and touched it.

It was damn hot feeling i then pressed it and she had no objection so i had my green signal and started to do it with my full power and teased her nipples too.After few minute of playing with her boobs i started to unbutton my pant to remove my tool and i remove it and when didi saw me she started to directly to blow me an dafter some time we were in 69 position it was full of pleasure and the after 20-25 minutes we stopped and didi pointed me towards bedroom and i followed her we both were nude.

She started to put her finger and i stopped her and started to put my tool in her vagina oh my god she started to moan aaah uui uiimaa dhire aaaah mar gai re .Then i started to fuck her and fucked her faster and faster she was crying and was shouting loudly “fuck me u mother fucker i want your cum aaaah chod faster faster more and more u are going to kill me.I want your cum please please”.

And after a long fucking session of 30 minutes i was going to cum i asked her where should i unload my cum in our language”where should rain in the house(vagina)or outside”.She answered “in the house”ans in few seconds i cummed she held me tightly.Then we got separate and then i realised watch i had done i fucked my cousin sister.Didi said she knew that i used to watched her assets and she knew that i used to watch porns and she too had this feeling.Then we had 2 more session and i called mom that dont worry i will be with didi and no need to come and she agreed.We both had sex whole night and that week was like sex day full of sex in every part of the house.

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