Un-Forgetable Sexperience With Black Cat

Hi all,

I am raj from bengaluru,im self empolyed and im a normal looking guy who dress decently in mid forty and naughty 😉 .Though I am bit reserved from childhood as I grew up I developed good rapo with girl/women I met in my life.To be frank I am lucky as far as romancing is concerned coz I happened to have fun with pretty few nos of partners from past 25 years.I love ,like and respect women that is y I am blessed with a beautiful wife and 2 lovely daughters .


Well coming to this sexperience which I had eight years before .I was driving back to home from my office around 8 pm and I was supposed to buy some liquor to have it at home usually I take at home weekly once r twice and that too small quantity to have mild kick .


As I was about to reach the wine store I slowed down my car to stop.. Suddenly from nowhere this lady came running to cross the street in front of my car and I happened to suddenly stop the car and to which she was frightened and stood suddenly.She then smilingly crossed the street then I had stopped the car.


I was stunned seeing her huge assets like her big boobs and her huge and round ass and she had a very good height.Saw her for some time and I locked my car and went to get my drinks .After getting my drinks I had to take some condiments which was adjacent store for side snacks for my intake and house aswell .As I was buying some stuffs I saw this black cat also buying some biscuits.


I was watching her and and thought why not try to introduce and I always had in my my mind that I shoul d one day enjoy a foreigner in my lifetime. Havng that in my mind and after getting all my stuff I started to move out faster becaause she had already was about to cross the street.


I almost ran and tried to reach her,and she was about to cross and I introduced myself and she never hesitated and reciprocated well and I gave my full introduction and she was happy that she got 1 friend as she came to bengaluru with her relative for treatment purpose in apollo hospital on bannerghatta road a week before and she is going to be here for another 10 days, we exchanged numbers and I asked her where she is staying now to which she said a hotel which was close by in jp nagar ,


As I was going towards her hotel I offered her lift and she gladly accepted and she came in my car and within 5minutes I reached her place. Before she got down we spoke for few more minutes in that time I scanned all her assets and was already tempted. Her name is sharone 28yrs aged ,then she got down. I kissed her hand to which she blushed and felt happy and wished me good night.I told I might text you later to which she gladly said ok.


So after reaching home I refreshed started taking my drinks and throughout she in my mind and her dick raising assets.After taking few sips maybe an hour later I texted her,


She replied without any delay.We texted for some time knowing more abt eacth other and we liked our way of meeting and all and we planned to meet next day eveng,accordingly we met next day and went to a restaurent on sarjapur road agara.We ordered few drinks and dinner I was nothing compared to her in taking drinks she ordered multiple rounds and dishes.


After that we started discussions on our culture and theirs to which she said in their country sex is free compared to here in india.We left that place and she was bit tipsy and she wanted to have pan bef going home and I got her maghai pan and she loved it.As we sat in the car and started she started to come closer to me then I kissed her on her cheeks and she was overwhelmed and was surprised and at the same time very happy.


Later on while I was driving I held her and was kissing her hand often and driving and was squeezing her hand,she was looking at me with her big lovely eyes and blushing. Then same thing continued till 30 mins and as I reached close to her hotel she asked me to stop for a while.I agreed and stopped in 1 corner where less people moved around and now she was blushing I pulled her closer an gave her a small peck.She was co operating without any problem so I continued to other cheek,this continued to smooch.


Smooching turned bit intense her boob sizes were huge you have to believe it was 40plus and our tongue started rolling in each other mouths,and she tasted well as it was car I was not comfortable inside though I had put ac on it was heated coz of ur steaming smooches and both were high in temptation I was totally hard and my dick was eagar to pop out but controlled and our hugs and smooches continued for a while until she got a call from her relative.She was not in a mood to go and she like my way of romantically kissing with gentle handling.


She had to leave after sometime though she did not wish and she gave me a deep kiss and also allover my face and asked me to text after reaching home,after 30 mins I texted her saying that I had a wonderful time to which she said she enjoyed more and she had expected more from my side.I came to know later that she was ready for the fuck but I dint want to do it in my car .I like to enjoy in a good environment relaxed and not in conjusted place which was not comfortable.


So while texting we planned to go out of town in some resort and accordingly the day after we left to mysore and on the way we had this smooching and rubbing and mischievious things were high as she was wearing mini skirt I used to tikkle inside it while on the drive .We reached mysore around 2pm.The journey was not felt tiring or boring has enjoyed and had lots o fun throughout the drive.We checked in one resort on hunsur road outskirts of mysore it was new that time and was neat and good one.


She said she needs bath as she was wet and went to bath in the mean time I ordered lunch by that time it was 3.30 we were hungry we had lunch after I refreshed.I wanted to go slow and enjoy till full extent so I dint take any initiative in the noon .After lunch I told we will go to brindavan gardens which is very popular musical fountain because I want her to remember this trip in her lifetime mixture of both sight seeing and love making in her life.


So we left resort around 4.30 pm I took her to the famous gardens and all people used to look her coz she was dressed in such a sexy manner with her huge boobs and big round ass but she was enjoying the place and the environment we finished all the visits and headed back to resort on the way back I bought few snacks and liquor and reached resort by 800pm .We refreshed and started taking drinks I was taking slowly as usual but she used to take bottom sips gulp it at once,she in no time took more than 2 qtrs that is half bottle rum where as I had not completed my second drink before that we had ordered food but was yet to come.


She was wearing her night pants and a casual night shirt type which was bit long but she was not wearing her bra which was clearly visible which was hanging with heavy sizes,,I was starting to get mild already and bit tempted seeing her sexy assets she was staring at me and smiling sexily with her big eyes and big lips as well she came closer to me and sat next to me as she was tipsy and leaned on me moving her lips closer to mine and slowwwwwwlyyyyy started to smooochhh gentlyyyyy at the beginning lip to lip just kissingggggg rubbinggggg slowwwwwlyyyyyy and bringing out our tongues slowlyyyy then ummshhhsssss aaaa kissing both were getting heated I started moving my hands around her and kept my right hand on her left boob…Uffffffffffff it was sooooooooo hugeeee I could not cup it with my one palm .


This thing continued for a while I started creasing her nipple lining above her dress on and instantly her nipple it erected hard and was pretty big nipple she was smooching me like anything and as there was nothing else in life we were lost in this romantic session so much that we had forgot to lock our room door,then she dropped her dress one by one and made me take out mine I was naked on top with only my inner wear and she was nude with huge assets and very dark .I was on sofa she came on me and sat on my lap giving me her boobs to my mouth.


I was sucking her boobs she was moaning likee yeahhhhh babyyyy come on ..Yeahhhh yeahhhh yessss suck it suck itttt…As I was sucking she was grinding her pussy on my dick

I was like my head was buried between her football like sizes of ball..This was continuing and she was high and grinding and moaning like shh ahhhhhhh yeahhhhh come on babyyyy yeahhhhh as we hd not locked our room ,the food we ordered was brought by one boy as it was open he entered as it was not closed fully…He was dumbstuck seeing the scene the black cat naked rubbing her pussy and grinding on me..N my face buried in her huge boobs,,he was like opened his jaw speechless and stunned with this scene for sometime.I saw him and like he kept everything on the nearest table I released myself from her.


I got freed and tried to call him but he was no way near I called him going out dont wry come here but no way he was seeing me back and ran off and never came back.Haa haa ahhh he might have not seen and will never happen to see this type of amazing scene in his life time.After that she was still steamy and was very eager and was no way disturbed but was only interrupted thats it.We continued but this time locking the door ;;;;;;;;p.


She never let me do anything she was doing it me everything,,,she made me pull down my inners it was bit down as I was inturrupted for some time..But within no time it was back ready for its action mine is normal sized dick with 6 inches and dont want to boast like I have 7/8 inches which is not true in indian dicks.And I usually be cleanly shaved or trimmed,here I had shaved and she loved it,


She came down kneeling and took my cock in mouth and started licking and her hands moving around my balls,I was holding her head and just slowly moving my hips with gentle in and out jerks to her mouth.As this motion was on I was watching form top and was seeing this amazing scene ,her hefty boobs jigling and her hefty thighs which was smooth shiny and dark and really it was an awesome view,she kept sucking ,,,woowwwwwwww itwas reallyyyy amazinggg effect on me,,the way she used to suck,hmmmmm it was like I was feeling the whole semen from my balls might zip out to her mouth.


Then she changed her position like she made me lay on bed me facing top then she came on me in 69 position she started to rub her pussy on my mouth and same time she again took my cock in her mouth and started sucking…Now I started licking and suking her clit. Iwas licking vertically and horizotally and also circling my mouth…To this action she got really crazyyyyy and started to shouttt heyyyyyy lovelyyyyyyy ssss haaaaahhhhhhhaa yeahhhhhhhyesssss yesss yessss ohhhh babyyyyyyy come onnnn yeahhhhhhhshe was shouting and then sucking mine deeplyyyyyy this continued for some timeee and finalyyyyy she started to let her juices out……And she saysss sss ahhhhhhhh yeahhh yeahhhh…Hmmmmmm she turned and smooched me all overrrr… But mine was still steady and hard and not yet to come……


Now she saw it and she came over me now and put her pussy and started rubbing it on my cock and she put her boobs on my face and started rubbing it horizontally…..She did boobs fr some time and then her pussy rubbing fr some time this continued for some time and I took her boobs in my mouth and sucking one by one in the mean time she adjusted her pussy and made my cock slide in.Ssssssss aaaahhhhh what a feeling it was went in smoothly as it was lubricated well she also started to moan now ohhhhhh yaaaaa babyyyyyyy hmmm yeahhhhh lovely felling…I told her I have condoms to which she said no..I dont like condom.


Then she started to jerk….Woowww what a sight and yes lovly and amazing feeling..Really a treat to watch and have fun…She jerking and jumping up and down with those huge melons ju…Ssssssss ahhhping up and down sssss ahhhhhhhh yeahhhhh yeahhhhhh in between she used to grind clock and anti clock wise grinding jumping and pumping…N me clutching her balls and rythmatically supporting her pumps this went and for 2-3mins .N now she wanted me to fuck her in doggy style so she stood on her fours…I followed as per her wish,,,


She was surprised that I was still hard from the start and yet to pour out even though she had sucked licked jerked jumped and grilled,,,,now I rammed her in doggy for few strokes and my balls started build up so I made her sleep and I came on her in missionary position

Though I was on top I was pumping but she was moving her hips more in rythm to my strokes and moaning heavily ahd saying yeahhhh babyyy yeahhhhh yeahhhhh yessssss…


She was now again about to get her 2nd orgasm and mine to started getting heated more feeling it on my tip ramming more deep and she moaning and finally I started to pour out…


We were both exhausted and and we lay side by side cuddling and kissing each other for some time and we got up it was 11pm we had food and talking the lighter moment when that guy came and and laughing thinking about his mental condition we relaxed for some time and both went to take shower there again we started our romancing I could not resist seeing her sexy figure,,,ohh ya forgot to tell .She was 28 years old then with 40plus size boobs 30 and 36 ass which was very sexy to see and make any man instant hard on

We had lovely moment there under shower


By 12 we went to sleep as both were highly active and exhausted .At around 5 am mayb I felt wet on my cock and later opened my eyes to she licking my cock and making wet and getting its hardness and by this action my bro had no other option and had to get hard and she never let me back to sleep she licked and sucked each and every part of my body and same way I did not disappoint her and I also equally licked sucked her totally and made her moan shout and finally made her cum including me.


We both enjoyed once more later and we checked out by 12 noon,finally we enjoyed and this moment cannot be forgotten in our life time.We reached bengalure by evening ,we did have more fun.In my friend’s car with my friend which ill explain based on the feed back.By this my this dream of having fun with foreigner is also fulfilled,really I need to thank god for this and frankly I have quite few friends who does only chatting and not met ofcourse on all topics in fb and few who have met and enjoyed my way of love making..They come back or meet me when we are free and comfortable time to both of us as my partners like to spend time with me and also I have a good and safe place which is a plus point.


Once I had 3some along with my close friend with one lecturer whom I met through fb.I will post that sexperience some time later based on your feed back .


Friends feel free to respond but kindly don’t ask for any contact numbers of any of my partners who get along with due trust and love which I cannot share with anyone and appreciate your feedback on [email protected]

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