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Hello, everyone…. How are you all???I know it’s been a long since I had written my last sex story…. But I promise the wait is worth it 🙂

Thank you guys for living my stories and making them present in HOT category…..

For those who don’t know me… This is Tarun Goyal from New Delhi… I m 22 years old M 5’8 tall with an average body of fair color… Complimented by an adorable face cut(others say so)… M not a professional writer but I just pen down my true incidents with all the emotions that I could express…. So your feedbacks are always welcome on [email protected]

Also, any lady, girl, couple near Delhi NCR deprived of fun can approach me for a fun loving and best ever session (Ur privacy is my priority always)

Not boring you all much let’s jump to the sex story now. This one is going to be a bit long sex story so please bear with me or leave it here itself… It’s totally your call.

So it all started a few months back… I had recently changed my flat….. I shifted in a new one…. And I went down for giving rent to the landlord….. The landlord was not at home and there she was…. The queen of the story… Poonam(Name changed for obvious reasons) in black netted saree… Deep cut blouse exploring a bit of cleavage of her 36d boobs(Which I came to know after having our session) and sleek arms and as she took the money I was just staring at her cleavage… I think she just came from some function…. She told me to go to my flat…. I came back to my senses and as she turned…. Her back just made me out of senses once again…..

I went to my room and masturbated twice that night…. From that day onwards I decided that I will nail her in her bedroom soon…. Next morning onwards I got busy in my daily schedule of workout office and studies….. And one day my maid came out of the kitchen and said that the cylinder is out of LPG…. I was tensed and was thinking what to do….

I went down…. Rang the bell and again to my luck Poonam opened the door…. She was in a yellow churidar and was looking killer…. I explained her the scenario and asked whether she had a spare cylinder… She moved her head in affirmative and said to follow her…. I followed her and she stopped… Pointing towards the cylinder I said ok and as she turned her breasts bumped into my chest and face dug somewhere near my neck and shoulder….. My one hand automatically went on her lower back and other in her hand and I was staring in her eyes…. For a moment we both were staring into each other’s eyes and then she parted….. I took the cylinder and went back…..

After a day or two, I came from office and was moving towards my room… Poonam waved and called me in… She apologized for that incident… I comforted her and said that it’s alright these types of accidents happen usually…. Then we exchanged our numbers and I went inside my room….. At night I got a text on WhatsApp by Poonam and we started chatting…. Soon within a few days we became good friends and started becoming close…..And there it was… D-Day…… The day I waited for a month…. I was in office and I got a ping from Poonam….. Come home sooner today…. You are invited to a dinner party at my flat…. Don’t worry your landlord and kids are out of the city and will be coming after weekend…..

I was happy…. I took off from office…. Went to blackberry’s outlet…. Bought the best fitted and looking formal shirt and pants… Changed there…. Hurriedly went to medical store and bought condoms (as I knew what was going to happen)Then bought a quarter of green apple vodka (I don’t want to fuck her while she was high I wanted her to enjoy me fully)And there I rang the bell at sharp 6 pm….. She opened the gate and as she opened I was awestruck….. She was in a red transparent saree with a black low cut sleeveless backless blouse complimenting with matching jewelry…. She was looking just way too beyond gorgeous….. She waved her hand and asked me to come in….

I came to my senses went in the flat…. Sat on the sofa and gave her the bouquet I bought for her along with vodka…. She accepted it and sat on opposite couch… We were having casual talks and I felt a bit thirsty (as I was nervous too) she went to the kitchen to bring water for me and her ass was swinging from left to right in an attractive movement….. My heart was racing…. I drank water and she sat beside me on my couch…. We were talking…. And suddenly our eyes met in the most romantic way…. We were just staring into each other’s eyes…. Expecting from another person to take the first move.

I broke the ice and leaned forward and gave a peck on her forehead…. She smiled at the gesture and just hugged me tight in return…. I don’t know from where I got the courage…. I held her face in my palm and started sucking her lips all of a sudden…. She was a damn good kisser…. She responded so well…. Soon our tongues rolled inside and started exploring each other….. And we smooched for almost 15-20 minutes….. she went to the kitchen for bringing glasses with vodka and snacks…. I went behind her…. Hugged her firm behind and started kissing her neck and earlobes…. My hands started exploring her boobs and I said that she’s beautiful…… She turned her neck to give me more access to her bare neck to which I gave a small bite…. And she moaned aah.

Then we had our vodka and I leaned her against the wall and started smooching her again… I kept my hand in her ass and started squeezing it and another hand behind her head and we were kissing as if there was no tomorrow…. I removed her saree and picked her in my arms and threw her on the bed….. Came over her and we started smooching again…. I went down kissing her cheeks neck cleavage…. I then kissed her breasts while pressing the other one over her blouse….. While kissing I undid her petticoat…. Kissed her navel which was very sensitive… She trembled and left out a few soft moans…. I kissed her love hole over her black netted panties… It was wet…. And her juices were overflowing…. I turned her back…. Kissed her neck and then her back…. I undid her blouse and her bra while kissing and then she turned over a bit wild… She was only in her panties and I was with my clothes still on.

She came over me in a dominating way…. Undid my shirt pant vest and underwear in one go and then I asked her to give me a blowjob to which she refused. I too didn’t force her much, in fact, came over her and started squeezing and kissing her beautiful pink nipples melons…. She closed her eyes and dug my face more towards her and moaned out load… Aaahhhhh…… She was begging me to fuck her…. Ohh Tarun fucks me plz…. I can’t take it anymore just fuck me.

I was in a mood to tease her…. I went down and started licking her pussy….. She was in heaven… She closed her eyes and buried my face inside her love hole…. Hmmmmmm Aaah oh ahh, Tarun fuck me, baby… Just drill my whole…. I found her G-Spot and hit on it…. She came inside my mouth… I spat it all came over her…. And we smooched again…. Then I spread her legs and entered my entire length at once…. She left out a loud moan…. Aaaahhhhhhh mar gyi….. Inna mota kaise h tumhara baby…… Dard ho ra h nikalo isko jaldi…..

I kept my tool inside her and started kissing her….. And then I slowly took out my tool and started riding her slowly and then increased the speed…. Her cries turned into pleasure and she was like…. Hmmm Aaah…. Mazaaa aagya baby. It’s the best session of my life…. I love u meri jaan…. Muuuuuuaaaaaahhhhh ooh ahh ah haa…. And then we both reached our climax at the same time….. Then we hugged each other she came over me and we rested and slept….. We had 3 more sessions that night….

Hope u guys loved this sex story too…See ya all soon.. Lot’s of love….

Will be waiting for feedbacks to decide whether to write sex story further or stop…. Any lady/woman/ girl/couple near Delhi’s NCR wanting to get satisfied can mail me at [email protected]….. Your privacy and satisfaction both are guaranteed…

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