Unexpected Sex With A Married Lady Suman

Hi there, I am back with another escapade of mine. Well, this particular incident was completely unprecedented and it unfolded in a very different fashion. For those reading my story for the first time, I am Amit from Mumbai, 39, well built, pretty good looking, adventurous and fun-loving. Always available on [email protected]

This incident happened a couple of months back, while I was returning from Delhi after a meeting and had an evening flight, which got delayed. I whiled away my time in the lounge and then proceeded to board the flight at 8.30 pm.

On the way, I picked up a bottle of Bacardi from the liquor store and got onto the aircraft. I got busy settling into my seat, which was on the aisle and was placing my luggage in the compartment above. I saw the middle seat empty and wondered about what kind of co-passenger I will get. Just then I heard a silky voice,”Excuse me”.

I turned and there was a tall good looking female smiling and waiting for me to allow her to pass to the middle seat. My heart skipped a beat and I moved away. After placing my stuff, I also settled into my seat and buckled up.

I was relaxing after a hectic day when suddenly the woman beside me asked me about the liquor bottle I was carrying (she had noticed it when I was stowing it up). I told her it was allowed as there was a store at the airport.

Then we discussed the price etc of liquor and the difference between the price in Mumbai and Delhi etc. She seems to have a good knowledge of alcoholic drinks. I introduced myself and she reverted by revealing her name, which was Suman. She was 36 years old, married and working. She was from Mumbai itself and was also traveling on work.

It didn’t take us time to get comfortable with each other. I guess she liked the way I spoke and we started talking on various topics. Also realized that being from similar professions, we knew some people in common.

Suman was fair, beautiful, with medium length black hair. She would be around 5’6″ in height and was medium built with good assets. While talking, my usual humor was a part and she giggled and laughed periodically, whenever I cracked a joke or said something funny.

Suman was usually an airsick person and she started getting a headache. I offered her a chocolate from my dinner plate and also told her to breathe deep. She said that my talks were keeping her headache away and she was enjoying that. We discussed various topics and gelled well. After we landed, we exchanged phone numbers and bid goodbye, promising to stay in touch.

Once back home, I totally forgot about Suman and got busy with my work the following day. A couple of days went by and one day, I received a message on WhatsApp from Suman

Suman: Hi, didn’t know that you were forgetful as well.Me: Hey, how nice that you messaged. How are you?S: I am fine, but I was expecting your message.

M: Sorry, but I got kind of got caught up with work.S: No problem, hence I messaged to check.M: That’s sweet of you. What are you doing this evening?S: Nothing much.

M: Game for a coffee?S: Suits me. Where?M: BKC?S: Done. 6.30 pm

Wow, that was fast! I never expected her to get this candid. I was excited to catch up with her but never had anything else in mind. So, I reached BKC, which was not far from my office but I got there a little late. It was 7.30 by the time I reached. I saw Suman standing across the road and parked my car to reach across. We greeted each other with a light hug when Suman said:

S: You are late!!M: Yeah, got stuck in traffic.S: No time for coffee now.

I felt a bit dejected and was about to say sorry, just then she said

S: I think it’s an appropriate time for beer, don’t you think?M: (surprised) Oh, why not. Beer is anytime welcome. Let’s hit it.

We went to Social and started having our beers one after the other. We talked a lot about ourselves, family, her hubby etc. I got to know that he was at a high post in a finance company and traveled a lot. She showed me some pics on her phone. Her hubby was plump and bald. He looked at least 15 years older than her.

Slowly, the beer started getting the better of us. Suman was quite high and she started flirting as well. She opened up like never before and we were touching each other often while conversing. The music was loud so she had to come close to my ear to talk. This made her boob press against my arm a couple of times and that aroused me. The beer was playing its part too.

Soon we decided to dance when some good music came up and both, in a beer kick, started dancing. We were very close to each other and then I held her by the waist and brought her closer. She just smiled and put her arms around me. This a was a bright green signal for things to follow.

We danced subtly in that position and she remarked that she liked my perfume. It gave me more confidence and I held her close. In a moment, she hugged me and kept her head on my shoulder.

Now there was no looking back. I was excited and my tool had grown rock hard. I guess she felt that too. We went back to our table and ordered dinner.

S: I am feeling so good after a long time. Don’t want this moment to end.M: It is the same with me. Been long since I felt this way.S: (raising an eyebrow) Which way, hmm?M: The effect of being this close to a woman.

S: Hmmm. I know how you feel. I have sensed it (smiling sheepishly).M: You have highly receptive sensors, it seems.S: I am very receptive and conductive!M: Really? Show me how.

S: This is not the place or time.M: Then?S: How about dessert at my place?M: Are you sure? But what about folks at your place?S: Nobody’s there, hubby is abroad. I have the home to myself.

Suman was high by this time and was giving a lot of naughty looks. We wound up and I called a cab as I didn’t wanna drive drunk.

We reached Suman’s apartment, which was a premium one and her house was well done up. I relaxed on the sofa and she went in. In a while, she returned and I got stunned on seeing her. She was dressed in a mini nightdress with her legs showing fully and there was a deep cut that revealed her cleavage. My jaw dropped and I was staring at her.

S: The desert is there (pointing at the table and winking).M: Err.. I.. Yess.. let me wash up and come.

In the bathroom, when I went to pee, I realized I was very hard and that I had oozed quite a bit too, in excitement. I washed up and came out. She sat beside me on the couch and offered me some ice cream, from her bowl. She fed me with her spoon. I just looked at her, we both gazed into the eyes and there was silence. The sexual tension was now at its peak.

I held Suman’s hand and suddenly, she kissed on my cheek. Now there was no stopping. I spit the ice cream in my mouth, grabbed her and my lips on hers. She opened her lips and I slid the Ice cream into her mouth from mine.

S: Ohhh Amit! You are soooo romantic! Where were you all these years?M: Just around, waiting for this moment

Suman hugged me tightly and we kissed madly. I kissed her ears, neck, and shoulders. She was fully aroused. She got up, pulled me and led me to the bedroom. We fell on the bed and started to explore each other.

I removed her top to reveal a pair of soft big boobs, maybe of 34C. They were fair with light brown nipples. I held them and Suman let out a hiss and moaned. I got wild and placed my mouth there. Then I licked, sucked and tugged both of them turn by turn, while also kneading with my palms. Suma went ecstatic and we both were nude in no time.

Suman held my cock and gasped, “It’s big!”. She fondled it for a while and then took it in her mouth. She turned out to be quite an expert in giving me a BJ. I loved it and was playing with her hair. She licked my balls and also remarked that she loved the way I was smooth there.

Before I could cum, I moved away and spread her legs. There was her pink pussy glaring at me, which I couldn’t resist devouring. As I flicked my tongue on her clit, she screamed and held my head. I licked fully and started eating her in gay abandon.

I don’t remember how long I went on. She was in complete ecstasy and was moaning loud, calling my name. Suddenly, she tightened her grip around my head and exploded, crying out loudly. She had cum like never before. Her entire body shuddered and she fell back in a semi-unconscious state. Suman lay that way for a while, then recovered. She kissed me and said,

S: Are you real? This is the best thing happened to me!M: I couldn’t resist you, Suman. You are delicious!S: Amit.. Fuck me.. Take me tonight the way you want to.

She held my cock and played with it. I got hard again, got her on her fours and entered from behind. Ohh, what a tight hole she had. I went all in and started pumping slowly. Gradually, I increased the speed and inserted deep in. Suman started to grind and went crazy.

“Amit, fuck me hard baby, go deeper, tear it please.. Aahhhh baby.. You’re so harrrrd! Just loving it!” I kept fucking her and squeezed her boob with one hand. She arched her back and started fucking me back. She was so wild and I was enjoying that.

After fucking that way for a while, I pushed her down and fucked her with an increased pace in a speed bump position. Suman was screaming loud and that was arousing me more and more. I was also spanking her ass.

Then I turned her around and fucked her in missionary. She spread out her long legs to allow me more access. I thrust in hard and my crotch was hitting hers.

I pulled her up and took her boob in my mouth. Now I was fucking her hard while sucking her nipples. Suman screamed once again and felt on the verge of cumming. This time I also did not hold back. I pumped her several times and then came on her belly and boobs. She loved it! We hugged and lay down in each other’s arms

S: Amit.. You are the best. I have never enjoyed this way.M: Me too. You were right about being conductive. You are amazing.S: I hope this is just the beginning.M: You bet. Lots more to come.

I took her leave and left. Looking forward to another tete-a-tete soon. Hope you liked it. Will await your feedback on [email protected]. Ciao!

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