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Hi friends i am going to share a beautiful and interesting story of my aunt, coming to the story she is a Doctor she is pretty beautiful at the age of 38 looks like 25 or 26 she has mind blowing figure of 36-32-30 the most attractive part is her 36B and smiling face, the incident happened in the last month it is a brief story let me make it short and sweet.

In the month of July i got a call from my home saying that one of my cousin has admitted in the hospital with high fever and they requested me to take care as their was no one to take care as they came from village for education i enquired the details and came to know the hospital name and other details, all the story begins here i went to the hospital in Ecil area in Hyderabad and meet my cousin and her friend and enquired the sutiation came to know that they are waiting for the doctor to check her

So i went to the counter and enquired about the doctor they said she is on the way so i tough of going out for refreshment at that moment at the entrance i saw a sexy lady with modern style of sari tied reveling her beauty i just stopped and glanced her beauty in the side view her 36B are like milky mountains and i started observing her she went in to a room i went near my cousin to check about the doctor while entering the room i gave a dash to the lady and she slipped and fell on me i was surprised her soft body was pressing against me in the mean time the hospital staff came and lifted her and scolded me what is the hurry coming to fast.

I was still in that situation and thinking who she is by the time my cousin said she is the doctor and suggested her to get admitted in the hospital for two day i was overjoyed thinking i can she her beauty and enjoy for the coming 2 days, frankly i never thought i will get a chance to fuck her because she is a doctor and beautiful queen, i left the hospital saying my cousin i will come in the evening while passing the doctors chamber i was peeping in through the hole but i was caught by her and left silently ,

I came back in the evening and meet my cousin and checked abt her status and one of the nurse informed some one should stay along with the patient in the night i was thinking to request her friend but came to know that night in charge doctor is my beautiful aunt i prepared to stay in the hospital that night i was trying to talk to her and trying to get close to her so i was sitting in the waiting hall which is near to the doctors chamber watching Tv after waiting for some time she came out straight away she saw me while passing i followed her what a walking style i went near her and greeted her and said sorry for the morning incident

She said ok and enquired what is the problem so i was checking about my cousin and how soon she can recover and when can we take home and i started questioning her as to make her talk, guy’s and girls really she is a hot woman her eyes are really like inviting and her body is like a honey ball just want to taste it and i was going along with her as it is night the hospital staff was very less and patients was limited so i was trying to talk to her while walking i was observing her structer and all you know that woman has eyes all over the body they can know what was happing around them and it went on till we reach the patients.

Then i was waiting for her thinking how to get close to her and thinking even to have physical touch of her at that time i heard she is saying to the nurse she is going to home for dinner and will come back in 1 hour so please take care of the things and bla bla i tough of following her to her house so even i can know her house she was going to her house she got in to her car and trying to start it their was some problem with battery i belive as it is rainy season, she is unable to start the car and called her assistance for help as i have some knowledge of mechanism as my brother is mechanic i went their and watching what is happing one guy is trying some thing it didnt worked then i asked her can i help she asked do you mechanism i said i have knowledge as my brother is mechanic i went in to the car trying to start at that time she said their is some loss connection with her car remote

I under stood as it is rainy season their was some rust formed on the battery so i opened the Banat of the car and cleaned the rust and checked all the wires and connected a wire this is the wire which led to a relationship with doctor aunty, i asked her to try starting the car she get in to the car and tried starting it but it didn’t responded i went near the door she was sitting in the driving seat i said i have to check the fuse box of the car and i didn’t gave her a chance to get down of the car i bent down and started searching for the box in the process i touched her legs and pretended doing some thing and started rubbing my hand to her legs and some time to her tighs it is a great feeling i continued doing this for 10 mins she under stood and said thanks for this leave it

I said lets try once and while i was moving from the door to Banat i wontedly brushed my hand to her boobs it was aswome she stared at me seriously and i cleared the rust with water and asked her to try starting the car she said no need i said plz try once my efforts supported me car started she said ohh so you know some thing by this time the car remote alarm sound started king king king continues it is the alarm when some try to open our car it is contiusoly giving the alarm sound , she requested me to do some thing i said i will try and started searcing the fuse box this time i propose fully rubbing my back saying two things should be done at a time like connecting and starting the vehicle so she should seat at the driver seat by this time she understood i started moving my elbow towards her boobs and started brushing and giving some pleasure at first sse directly said what is this i said sorry and ur beautiful even let me touch you she was surprised and said what by the time

I planted a kiss on her belly bending down she has no word and said will the repair get completed or not i said it will saying this i brushed my hand to her booboos she got hot said first complete this repair later we will talk then i went to banet and removed the connoted wire which i connected at first i said i will check the car and asked her to seat in the beside seat she sat i drove the car to the empty place and i said aunty you ar e beauty full and sexy so i was unable to control she slapped me and said she is a mother if 15 yr old kid how can i do such thing i got tempted hearing her words being a mother of 15yrs boy she looks hot and young straight away

I placed my hand on boobs and started feeling them and pressed it she resisted and tried getting down from the car but i requested her i want her only orally for romance please cooperate requested her of 30 mins in the mean time i was rubbing her belly and made her hot she said only for once that to with the cloths then i overjoyed and kissed her and holed her boobs and pressed over her blouse and played with them, she said she should go to home to meet her husband and her child and will come back as she is the night in charge doctor to the hospital so i said i will be waiting for her and squeed her boobs they are really hard tempted me.

after 1 hour around 11;30 she came to the hospital totally differently she is in black sari with matching blouse her boobs are pointing out from it she is really hot in the sari, she went to rounds for 30 mins and went to her cabin i went in to the cabin she was smiling in the full light i was seeing her beauty very clearly her boobs are inviting they are pointing i went and kept my mouth on her boobs over the sari and started sucking she said hey common but i was in no mood hugged her tightly kissed her her blouse back was very wide open i tasted her opened back with my toung while pressing her boobs she started talking to me said she missed all this pleasure since last five years i was leasing and busy with my work

I came to her belly button and kissed it she said enjoy her only orally as you wish but not nude ly then i asked why she said do any thing expect fucking her and said no more questions on this and then she removed her pall and showed her boob shape and asked me how are they really they are mind blowing i jumped on to them and holded them in my hands pressed and enjoyed she was really enjoying my company she rested her back on the patient check up bed and said enjoy her body i went near her hugged her and inserted my figure in to her boob valley and tasted the milky valley really it gave 1000wats power i pressed hard her boobs and asked they are tight and in good shape how she is maintaining she said daily she do some exercise and uses some breast creams to maintained her physic i asked her can i suck her breat he smiled and said expect fucking you can do any thing,

Slowly i started removing her blouse hooks one by one her milky white skin is shining opened her blouse and kissed over the bra she was wearing a netted bra her nipples are visible i started sucking them for almost 30 mins in the mean time my hands reached her placed and rubbers her ovary over her inner ware she said hey what ru doing i said even let me do finger fuck and suck your pussy with that she got excited and removed her sari complete and standing only in the bra and panties her belly button was sexy i inserted my toung and tasted it and i thought of sucking her over the panty and started doing she said suck her directly and removed the panty man really what a neat heaven it is seeing the wonder hole i started kissing and sucking her ovary sucked her long time then she came down and taken my hero out it was 6″ with out waiting she sucked for 15 mins and said she needs this oral pleasure forever and she took all her cloths off and laid on the chair and i enjoyed her honey body as I can i sucked it kissed it licked it i cant explain we did many thing untill 3:00am she took promise from me for keeping it private even today every week i enjoy her boby, I am trying to fuck her let me try sucking her boobs really trills me very much every time.

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