Unexpected Sex With My Girl On A Rainy Day

Hello guys, myself Fox (name changed) 19 years old cute handsome guy with dimples and athletic body and still a virgin but an expert in Oral sex.

Any gals or aunties in and around bellary can mail me to that given email address to have some fun

Provided that secrecy is maintained

Now I’m gonna tell you guys about the story of my first sexperience!!!

Please send me feedback to [email protected]

This story is all about my girlfriend named Radha ( name changed for security purpose) she’s 18yrs of age her measurements goes like 34 28 36 very beautiful and any guy wouldn’t miss a chance with her!!

Most importantly her boobs she’s got perfect boobs with fat at right places

Now let’s come to the story

One fine day we decided to meet at a cafe at bellary one of the well known place in Karnataka

As we both met and were speaking we it started raining outside and guys imagine yourself with a gal in rain who wouldn’t get turned on

As she was sitting close to me just kissed me very quick on lips and I was like shock passed through my body and my bro started to salute for her beauty and boobs

Now I wasn’t able to control and I just paid the bill and took her to a hotel and we checked in a room and bang within no time we were alone in a private place!!! As soon as we entered the room she locked the door and pushed me against the wall and started to kiss me hard on my lips !!! Omg!! It was amazing!!! I was catching her waist and pressing and moving my hands on her back and ass and she was tightly holding my face and kissing all over my face!

Then I lift her in my hands and went inside bedroom and put her on bed and started to kiss from her foot then her knees and then her thighs then her crotch area it was leaking already I could sense and then I kissed her stomach boobs and came to her face and smooched her and we were like hungry animals starving from sex since ages and she gave me a love bite on my neck and me too gave her

Then she started to undress me and me too undressed her and then we were naked soon and we started smooching again and were tasting saliva of each other and was busy exploring her parts mainly her boobs

Den after 20 mins of kissing we broke the kiss and we were breathing heavily. then I started pressing her boobs aaaaaww man that is the softest thing which I have ever touched and her nipples were erect and hard enough poking toward the roof. I started pressing with one hand and sucking the other boobs that was the best feeling and she was like aaaaaah c’mon baby suck harder harderrr aaaaa mmm m all yours suck em harder baby mmmaaa

Then I switch the boobs and started to suck other and then she reminded of chocolate syrup (we had brought Hershey’s chocolate syrup on our way to hotel) then I took it poured the syrup on her boobs and started sucking and I was on cloud nine

I was feeling as if I was drinking chocolate from her boobs and she was very much turned in that she was scratching my hand and was also pressing my face towards her boobs so hard

Then as I finished sucking her boobs then get came on me and poured the syrup on my chest nipples and all over and started sucking my body aaahahh it was awesome feeling when she sucked my nipples I was like so turned on that I wasn’t horny soo much in my life and my dick was totally hard and erect

Then after sucking my chest she caught hold of my dick and straight away she swallowed it in her mouth and it was the first time she did this to me and I was surprised and believe me guys it was an awesome feeling in this whole universe

She licked my dick and also was sucking the tip of my dick I was pressing her boobs it was bit sticky due to syrup

Now she poured the syrup on my dick and I got up and sat at the corner and she was sitting down on her knees and then she again gulped my dick in her mouth and she was taking it almost inside and she was moaning mmaaa nmm as I was thrusting my dick till her throat

And she was choking due to my thrust and she was enjoying and she kept on sucking till I cum and she swallowed my cum and cleaned my dick and sucked till my last drop

Now it was my turn and I started to put my hand to her pussy and she’s not ready to lose her virginity and hence she didn’t allow me to fuck that’s the reason I’m still virgin.

Now I started rubbing her vertical lips and the juices we leaking heavily and she must have squirted once o twice within this and he’s juices were flowing. Now I started rubbing and she started to moan a bit mmm yyeeaa aaahhh Hhhh hhbm ssss

Now I started to put one finger inside her love hole and it was very tight as she was virgin and she was shouting due to pain and was pleading to remove but I didn’t give up and was pushing my finger inside her pussy and finally it was in and my baby was all sweating due to pain and also due to the rain outside and heat released by us.

Then I stopped for a moment till her pain reduce and after three or four mins I again started to move the finger and she was like paining a lot and then I told her not to worry and started fingering her and she was crying due to pain and after few mins she started to moan and got to know that she want in pain anymore and started to finger faster and she was like hhhmm mmm nnmm myyaaaa ffasaster baby faster yyaahah and then I could feel her pussy walls were getting tight enough and I did still sat and at last she cummed on my hand

Then I will let you know what happened after that in my next story after your feedback

So pls suggest me as it is my first story and pls do ignore if any mistakes are committed

Once again mail me for [email protected] to have moment of your life for only girls and aunties in and around bellary

Waiting for feedbacks.

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