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Now coming back to story, it happened 2-3 months back. The heroine of the story is neha bhabhi (36d-28-36)perfect piece-my neighborhood sexy bhabhi. She was just married around 6 months back they shifted here from delhi because of her husband’s transfer, they live alone here and their family lives in delhi. I just came out from the lift heading towards our flat with earphones in my ears. Then I saw mesmerizing women with black sareee with backless blouse deep cut 36-28-36was busy in talking with my mom. I stood there and was scanning her from top to bottom she noticed me giving a smile. Then my mom introduced me to her, then I came to know that they are just married and are new to this city and mom asked me to help her. I was thinking of her to fuck as soon as possible.

It was vacation time I was standing down at our building when I saw sexy neha in top and jeans. She gave me a smile and said good morning, I was busy in watching her boobs she noticed that and said u boys of this generation and then I said sorry to her and asked where is she going. She said that she is gojng to market to buy some household materials. Then I said her day I am free I can cum wit u she replied no prblm. Then I started my activa and she sat behind me, her boobs were crushing my back and she smiled looking at me, as I was driving it was very large traffic as mumbai has this daily, I applied break many times taking full advantage of traffic I was enjoying this moment, we reached there in 30 min and collected all the things and came back home quickly.

Next day, I was at my home wer neha bhabhi came and asked me about my mom, I was alone at that time, she said she was feeling bored so came to spend time with my mom. I insisted to spend tim with me on which she agreed, we kept talking here and there and then my phone rang and it was my gf’s call I excused myself and went away little bit to talk to her. She understood day and said me to go and gave a naughty smile.

While coming I asked her for a coffee she said she will take it, I went to kitchen, she was wearing a sky blue saree with deep cut showing her ampfull of cleavage, I kept my hand on my tool and started to jerk slowly by taking her name. I didn’t know wen she came back and called my name amay. I said ssorry to her for that and came to the hall with cup of coffees . She was watching me in a naughty way I understood that she is also hungry for sex,then my mom interrupted both of us then she got busy with my mom but she was watching tent in my pant.

Next day my family went to karnatak to attend a wedding and mom told neha bhabhi to take care of me and also by luck neha’s husband also gone on a tour for 2 weeks. We were alone for a 2 weeks at home. She came in afternoon in yellow colored saree with deep-cut black blouse showing her navel. I got aroused and quickly gone towards her and kissed her lips passionately she also responded very well and she whispered in my ears saying we have lot of time to play with be gentle.

After that we smooched for about 15 min then I slid her pallu down and kissed her neck and pressed her against the wall and started to lick her 36d boobs over her blouse she kept on moaning hmm aahhh yesss…..

Then I removed her total saree, now she was is in only blouse and lehenga, then we moved to bedroom then I switched on d ac again we lip locked each other she removed my t shirt and put her right on my toll shaking it over my pant. I unhooked her bloused and bra and was squeezing her big rounded boobs and kept sucking her right nipple she had closed her eyes and was moaning, then I shifted to her left nipple and then went down to her navel and kept licking it.

Then I untied her lehenga and also removed her wet panty. Then she pushed me on bed and unbuttoned my pant ant took my 7 inch tool and kept stroking slowly and got down and put her hot lips on my tool and started to and fro movement I was enjoying every moment of her. I said her  I am gonna cum she kept on sucking I am cummed in her mouth she drank all my cum then she came up and lip locked again she was stroking my half erected tool and I was busy in fingering her pussy.

In 2min my cock was erect again then I asked her to go in doggy style I entered her from behind in first shot my cock dont go in she was very tight and she was moaning loudly I pushed her head down and held her waist tight and gave a powerful shot. It went cracking her pussy lips she shouted very loudly I stood for few min keeping my big cock in her pussy and kept pressing her boobs and then I saw blood cumming from her pussy.

Then I started slowly she also kept on moaning yes yess like that only . She also responded very well.Then we changed our position to machinery pose I started banging her again we fucked for about 25min, then I cummed in her pussy she was very happy and satisfied.

Later she told me that his husband has never fucked since their marriage and her husband’s cock never get erect thats why she was still virgin, I was very happy to fuck a married virgin neha. In next part how I fucked her anal and gave neha a nice sex massage therapy. Women around mumbai can mail me at [email protected]

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