Unforgettable Bus 🚌 trip with Barkha aunty

Hello, ISS fans. I am Ronak from Ahmedabad, returning after quite a long gap. Those who read my series, ‘Massaging The Masseur Maid,’ would remember me.

“Don’t I deserve to be loved like the other women?” The words were filled with the deep agony of remaining lonely for most of her life. She raised her head from my shoulder and looked at me. Her eyes seemed to drag me into the unknown depths.

A pool of tears had already formed. Each drop started falling from both the corners of her eyes and stopped on her cheek.

“I can understand your plight, aunty,” I responded. I could feel my cock stirring inside my underwear and track pants. My gaze moved a little further down from her face. A deep valley had formed between her two mounds.

It was visible through the deep neckline of her white cotton kurta. It had 4 buttons at the front, two of which she had already kept open. It was too hot inside the sleeper bus that we were travelling in. It had been 3 hours since we boarded the bus.

Barkha aunty, a distant cousin of my father, was married to a businessman in Mumbai at 19. She has two children, a son and a daughter. She is at least 8 years older than me, i.e. in her late forties. But doesn’t look a year above 35. She separated from her husband after 15 years.

She settled in Ahmedabad with her kids. She struggled a lot to survive initially. Finally, she made a steady income from her diverse activities of embroidery work, dress designing, yoga training, etc. It was because of yoga practice she could maintain her body in shape and look younger than she is.

Look-wise, she is not very fair but has sharp features. She has a figure of 36-32-42, and nobody could ever miss her big ass. She normally wears skirt tops, dresses and a salwar kurta daily.

She wore a knee length yellow skirt and a white cotton top that day. One could easily see her black bra through the semi-transparent material of her kurta.

She visited us frequently as she lived just 300 meters from my residence. She would drop by to see my parents (her brother and sis-in-law) avoid loneliness after her kids left for their schools. Over time, a strong bond was built between her and me.

We acted more like cousins rather than aunty and nephew. I used to tease her, and she also teased me a lot. We would argue and fight with each other like cousins. Overall we shared a great camaraderie.

Maybe destiny had plans for us to take our friendly relationship to the next level. In May last year, we ended up together on a sleeper berth of a 2 x 1 sleeper non-AC bus for an overnight journey.

There was a wedding in a family of distant relatives. Coincidentally they happened to be common relatives of our family and Barkha aunty. To fulfil the obligation, I decided to go to represent our family. When it was decided, I got a text from Barkha aunty asking me who’ll attend the wedding from my family.

I replied to her that it would be me. The next minute my phone rang. It was Barkha aunty on the other side. She asked me if we could travel together as she was also going alone. Her kids didn’t want to travel for a wedding. They wanted to spend the holidays at nana ji’s place.

I agreed and started looking for train reservations first. But all the trains were full and had long waitlists. Finally, we decided to reach the boarding point at the exit of Ahmedabad city. All the buses stopped there to pick up passengers to fill unbooked seats. We reached there at 7 in the evening the next day.

After a long wait of 2 hours, we finally found a double berth on the upper deck of a non-AC sleeper bus. That’s how we ended up together for an overnight journey. The berth had sliding shutters towards the aisle resulting in complete privacy. We started talking about general things in the beginning.

As the bus left the city and entered the expressway, our talk got diverted to the difficulties a single mother faces. She shared how difficult it was for a single mother to survive. Everyone was lurking around like a hawk lurking around its prey.

She would face subtle hints of sexual favours from customers and vendors alike. Even neighbours would look at her suspiciously. She could sense sexual advances from visiting cousins also. This was the first time she shared this aspect of her life with me.

It gave me great pain just imagining her plight. Tears were flooding her eyes while sharing all this. She had taken the aisle side of the berth while I had taken the window side. We were sitting in a relaxed manner while resting our backs on the backrest.

Then she said how she admired me because I had been a gentleman. Though we used to tease each other, sometimes physically also, I never tried to take unfair advantage of the situation. She also expressed her admiration for me for taking care of my family. Also, the love and affection I had for my wife.

During this interaction, I wrapped my left hand around her to console her when she was on the verge of breaking down. Her face was buried in my chest. I could feel the wetness on my T-shirt due to the tears flowing from her eyes. I could feel the freshly waxed skin of her upper arm (her top was sleeveless).

I started caressing her upper arm. She pressed her body a little more on me. I could feel her right breast pressing on the left side of my chest. Her left hand moved and rested on my chest. Then she raised her head. I looked down and looked straight into the eyes, filled with tears.

Then she asked, “Don’t I deserve to be loved like the other women?”

“I can understand your plight, aunty,” I replied and continued. “No woman deserves that kind of treatment.” Then I continued to console her further, saying, “You are still young. I’m sure you will find someone not interested in your body but in you.”

She said, “I also thought so, but whenever I thought I had found someone, I always got disappointed. Now I’m afraid of even thinking about getting involved with someone.” We just sat quietly for the next 5 minutes. Her head was resting on my shoulder.

My left hand caressed her left shoulder, and her left hand rested on my chest. After five minutes, she again looked up. This time her face looked different. It looked as if she had arrived at some decision.

She said, “Ronak, I have always liked you. Not just as my nephew or friend, but as a man.” I was startled to hear this. She raised herself a little more. While pressing her body further on me, she said, “Why don’t you show me how a woman should be loved?”

Her eyes were half-closed, her lips inches away from mine. I could feel her hot breath on my throat, and my cock had grown to its full length. I could see the wetness on her lips. Her mouth was half open in anticipation of my advance. Her hand on my chest moved upwards slowly and stopped just under my ear.

She gently pulled me towards her. I was a bit hesitant. Stuck in the Shakespearean dilemma of ‘to do or not to do.’ The thought of cheating on my loving wife died as quickly as it had emerged. My lips were already touching hers.

I thought there was no harm in fulfilling this lonely woman’s desire. It was just a matter of one night (the assumption was so misplaced, I realized later on). I found it equivalent to offering water to a thirsty person. The thought lightened my conscience, and I let myself go with the flow.

My hand, which was on her shoulder till then, moved up and started caressing the back of her head. The aroma created from the combined effect of the fragrance of her shampoo, her deo and her body odour intoxicated me. Our lips were touching each other lightly.

I could feel the softness of her lips. I pulled back a little. She looked deep into my eyes. Her eyes were pleading, and I obliged. I leaned over her. At the same time, I pushed her a little towards me with my left hand, and our lips met again. Her hand moved upwards and started caressing my hair.

This time it lasted for a few seconds. We parted for a few seconds. We both adjusted our positions sideways and were facing each other. She waited in anticipation, and I could not disappoint her. I held her face in with both hands and kissed her forehead. Then her eyes one after the other.

Then I moved my lips to her left cheek, nose, and right cheek without separating from her skin. Then down to her chin in that order. Then slowly, I moved upwards, took her lower lip between my lips and started sucking it gently. She tasted lovely. She was enjoying the attention her lips were getting from me.

I could feel the heat building up inside both our bodies. Her left hand again took its place behind the back of my head. She pulled me a little more toward her. In no time, my gentle sucking converted into a full mouth-to-mouth kiss. First, the lips were pressed against each other for a while, and saliva was exchanged.

It was followed by my tongue entering her mouth. Exploring all the corners before resting over her tongue and licking. We both were breathing heavily and gasping for air. But neither of us was willing to let go of that powerful kiss. I don’t remember how long it lasted. 10 minutes maybe 15.

We parted very reluctantly, just for a few seconds. We looked into each other’s eyes. I could see the burning desire in her eyes. They were pleading with me to continue what had been started. Her face was glowing because of increased blood circulation due to the kiss. No words were spoken. None needed.

This time she advanced her mouth towards me and started the next kiss. She was holding my face in her hands. I embraced her, wrapping my right hand around her waist and moving on her back. My left hand was busy caressing the hair at the back of her head.

This time she entered her tongue into my mouth and started exploring it. At the same time, she pressed her body more into me. Her full breasts were crushed over my chest. She raised her left leg bent from the knee and kept on my right thigh so that her knee rested pretty close to my crotch.

Because of that movement, her skirt was raised higher. Her toned thighs came into my view. The skin of her legs and thighs was shining as she had got herself waxed on the same day. I rested my right hand further south on her extra large ass. Though so big, it was spongy but still quite tight.

She moaned a little, but it felt more than heard as we explored each other’s mouths. My cock had become as hard as an iron rod. It was desperate to come out of the confinements. But I was in no hurry. I wanted to give her exactly what she wanted. I wanted to show her how a woman is supposed to be loved.

After feeling her ass for a while, I lowered my right hand and felt her left thigh. The velvety smooth feeling was quite amazing. I explored her thigh with my hand. Her kiss became more aggressive. She vigorously wrestled her tongue with mine, and a lot of salivae was exchanged between us.

I moved my hand inside her skirt and put it between her thighs. She moved her left knee a little up to give me access. I started exploring one of the most sensitive areas of the female anatomy: the upper thighs just below the Delta of Venus.

A loud moan was about to escape from her mouth as my fingers did magic between her thighs. But I suppressed it by sealing her mouth with mine. She realized that we were among the people. Though most of the co-passengers were sleeping, we had to be careful not to raise any suspicions.

We parted again after another 20 minutes, only to hug each other tightly. Not even air could pass between us. Then I made her lie down completely and looked at her briefly. She looked like a bitch in supreme heat. She lay there with her left leg raised.

Her skirt was raised to her thighs but still not revealing her panty line. Her white top revealed ample cleavage from the open neckline as all four buttons were undone. It was raised a little higher to reveal the bare skin of her waist and stomach.

“I want to ge fucked” was written all over her face. No normal man could resist this sinful temptation, and nor could I.

I must stop here, guys, as it’s getting too long. I will post the next part containing the story of the remaining journey. Do write back to me. My email id is [email protected].

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