Unforgettable Night With Palu On Campsite!

Hi guys, the story goes around me and my hot 22 yr old friend, who can impress anyone in the world with her blissful light brown nipples. Well let me tell you about myself first, I am a 25 yr old guy with fair complexion, chubby looks and an ultra-satisfying 5″ dick.

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Hi, this is Abhimanyu (25), adventure lover & businessman from pune, I am writing this story as a memory of that golden night I enjoyed with one of my friend on my campsite 100 km away from pune in Oct 2013.

Please ignore the language errors & enjoy the story.

Queen of this story is palu (22) name is been changed to maintain secrecy. We are quite good friends. I saw first time with one of my friend. And her round firm boobs fascinated me a lot. Big boobs are my weak point. But at that time I never imagined that one day she will share a night with me.

I have my campsite near to pune, one day we decided to go for a visit. We started our journey by evening and after 4 hrs. Of drive we reached campsite as we had our dinner on the way. We decided to sleep as I was tired of driving.As it was a heavy winter, there was a hut & a tent inside.. We took blankets n tried to sleep..

After some casual talks, she complained about heavy back ache, so I offered back massage to here, earlier she refused, but after insisting a lot she agreed, as was it was aching due to long drive.I started massaging above her t shirt. I started feeling horny by warmth of her body ,my tool started getting blood into it , n later on I put my hand inside her t shirt. & reached till her white push up bra strap…

While talking to her I touched her left round n soft boob.. She removed my hand & told me to stop whatever you are doing. But she was feeling good hence I put my hand again, she closed her eyes n started enjoying. I touched her rock-hard nipples.It was dark with small areolas. Oh my god ….She was also feeling horny..& that’s the result she had hard nipples .My tool was also grown to its full size now. I pushed her bra up and started kneading them softly.. She started kissing me, firstly on my chick, then on lips and later shifted to neck, I too responded her with putting my tongue inside her. We started smooching…Almost for 10 min.

My hand now reached down ,she was wearing elastic trek pants , I loosened the knot of her pant ,but she removed my hand and said ,no ….Not there …… I was little disappointed but I put my hand again ,n this time she didn’t opposed me , I lifted the elastic of her pant ,and felt soft material of her panty …. And what a surprise it was fully drenched ….

I whispered in her ear ‘ you are fully wet down there’ but she was not in her sense to listen anything ,she was enjoying my touch ,by closing her eyes & shaking whole body , I lifted her panty & touched her dripping sweet little cunt ,her lovely pussy,it was drenched in her own love juice. She was moaning heavily. I removed her pant & sky blue panties in one go and told her to feel seventh heaven now & I went down for tongue tornado. She was moaning heavily. She pushed me deep on her pussy and moaned loudly ,she pulled me up & regretted for not possible to give me blowjob as she don’t like it….I was fine with it finally she asked me to fill her now.

I put my hard penis in her soft pink pussy waiting for getting fucked by me . I started small strokes in missionary position she told me this is one of her favorite position she was not virgin she had sex with her ex-boyfriend earlier but her pussy was so tight as it was giving me heavenly pleasure.Thaap thaap thaap ….. The clapping sound was making us more hot & horny. After 20 min I felt like I am going to blast & I immediately removed my tool & cummed heavily on her stomach…

We dressed and slept by hugging each other. After sometime she got up for peeing…We both went outside tent …We both started peeing. She was peeing bit away from me but I was able to hear the sound, I on my torch n focused on her, she got embarrassed n told me to switch off , and then came back to tents. The cold weather outside made both of us so horny, we slept hugging tightly.

By early morning my prick charged again and started pressing her boobs again ,she waken up by my action , I again inserted my hand in her panty and started finger fucking her pussy , I was trying to get on top of her ,but she told me that cowgirl is her favorite position so she went on top of me and started humping …. Ohhhhh what a feel …… Pchhh pchhh pchhh ..And again after 15 min of fucking her hard, I tried to control but I cummed in her.

After getting up in the morning, I felt regretted for whatever happened that night, but she agreed and said it’s ok ….It may happen, I dropped her home back ,on the way we purchased I -pill to avoid pregnancy . I was in contact with her ,few days after this incidence, but later she started ignoring me and finally we stopped contacting each other , I miss her super tight cunt & rosy pussy lips.

We haven’t met after that, but I am sure, wherever she is, must be missing me & that night

I am very accommodative and can maintain the relationship to your standards. I don’t believe much in serious relations, but I like being in long term relations. Though I am ok with one night stands. I personally feel that you can enjoy the sex when you know each other better, I have upgraded my massage skills now ,can give good oil massage to boobs & ass …

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