Unforgettable Sex Experience With Unknown Aunty In Hyderabad

Hi Guys, Rakesh Here back to share other sexy incident with you all. Please excuse me if there are any mistakes in this. Thanks everyone for your positive responses to my stories. I hope the readers love this story too. Short description about me who doesnt know: Myself Rakesh, 28 from Hyderabad with well maintained body as i hit gym regularly. i have experience in satisfying many unsatisfied auntys before. They are very much satisfied after having sex with me. Any unsatisfied auntys/girls from hyderabad who would like to have awesome experience can contact me at [email protected] You will get 200% satisfied for sure.

Coming to the story, after busy week in office i thought of relaxing weekend by spending time in Central Mall by looking at beautiful auntys and girls. i was roaming here and there in Central mall to see if i can get any good looking aunty to try my luck. I saw beautiful aunty in ladies dress section with awesome boobs(36) and sexy ass. I was damn struck with her beauty. I followed her for sometime and figured out that she was alone.

I took some courage and went near her and spoke with her saying, “Excuse me. I would to say something to you. You are very beautiful”. (Guys, you need to have more guts to say that directly to an unknown women). She was surprised and asked what?? I replied again saying “You are very beautiful”. She said “Thanks. But who are you?”. i said “myself Rakesh, after seeing you thought of complementing your beauty as beauty is admired”. She said thanks again and introduced herself to me. She is Sunitha, 30 Housewife. As i know that she is alone, i asked her if i can accompany her for shopping? She readily agreed. I was very happy by hearing that.

She bought 4 tops and finished her shopping. Then we went to KFC to eat some burgers and chat with each other. She is very friendly and became close very soon. Slowly she started sharing her personal things as well saying her husband is business man, always behind money and never cares about her. He just gives money to her and then thinks about business. They doesnt have kids even after 3 years of marriage. Then i understood the situation very well as she is starving for sex and good company. I convinced her and asked her if i can be your friend? She said sure, and we become good friends very soon.

Then after having good chat we decided to go for movie as she is bored to go home. We got hindi movie tickets and started to watch the movie. We got very close by then. WHile watching movie slowly i placed my hand on her hands to see what she says. She didnt respond at all.

Then i proceeded further and kept my hands on her thighs. She felt shy and bend her head with shy. I got green signal to proceed. Then slowly i moved my hand near her pussy and started to rub her pussy from her jeans pant. Then i kept my hands on her boobs and started pressing them slowly. She gave slight moan and came near me. I started pressing her boobs very hard and kissed her lips. We forgot that we were in theatre, I gave her deep french kiss. She responded very well.

While kissing she placed her hands on my erected cock and started to play with it from my jeans pant. She removed my zip and took my 7” erected cock out. She started to play with it and suddenly she bent and started to give blowjob. She was sucking my cock like a lollipop. I was in heaven by her awesome blowjob. I placed my hands on her T-shirt and squeezed her boobs hardly. We continued this till interval. Then we departed each other and adjusted our dress properly. We were not in mood to watch movie. She said lets go out of the movie.

We went out of the movie. Then she said if you are free, can you come with me to my home. I was really happy on what is happening. Who says NO when a beautiful aunty calls to her home. I readily agreed and went with her.

We went in her AUDI car to her home. She stays in luxorious VILLA in FILM NAGAR. I was surprised to see her luxorious villa. She is Very Rich lady. No one was there in her home. She said only her husband and she stays in that villa. Maids comes early morning finishes their work and go. She excused me to go in to change her dress. She went and came out in 10mins with Sleeveless Red sexy Nighty. I was surprised to her in that dress.

Then i went near her and hugged her very tight. Then started to kiss her forehead and then slowly kissed her cheeks and then came near her lips. I kissed her very passionately. She was kissing me like there is no tomorrow. We exchanged our salivas completly and enjoying each other. Then i kissed her ears and then her Neck. She was in heaven because of this. Guys, believe me ladies likes them to kiss on their neck. They will get seduced very soon if we kiss their neck.

Then i came down and started pressing her boobs very hard. She didnt wear any bra inside. Her Nipples came out because of this. I started kissing her nipples from top of her nighty and kissed it. Then i lifted her and took her to bedroom and throwed her onto bed. I removed my dress and then jumped on her.

I lifted her nighty till her pussy and see that she didnt wear panty as well. Then i took my fingers and kept my middle finger on her pussy slowly. SHe was enjoying. Then i kept 3 fingers at a time. SHe was shouting slowly. I inserted them very much and started playing with her pussy. While doing this i was kissing her continously. I could see the difference in her breath.

Then i removed her nighy completly and kissed her big and awesome boobs, kissed her nipples and kept her boobs in my mouth and started sucking it very well.

I took her nipples and licked with my tongue. She was enjoying like anything. Her hands were on my head moving them with pleasure. I sucked her nipples completly. Then took my 7” thick and hard cock out of underwear. She was shocked to see the thickness and size of my cock. She said her husband’s cock is very small and very thin. It doesnt satisfy her at all.

Then i placed my cock near her pussy lips and started playing with her lips without keeping inside her pussy. She was requesting like please FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME HARD. Then I inserted my cock in her pussy slowly first and then increased my pace.

I started fucking her hard and with very quick pace. She was shouting very loud with the pleasure. Her moanings made me even more crazier and fucked her even fast. I fucked her in that position continously for 30mins without any break. Then removed my cock and went near her boobs and sucked them. She was lying beside with full tiredness. Then i took my cock near her mouth and asked her to suck. She started giving amazing blowjob again. She is very good sucker.

Then after sometime i turned her and started fucking her in her ass hole. She said she likes to get fucked in ass-hole but her husband doesnt do that. Then i went near her and fucked her very hard by bending her and my hands were playing with her boobs. She started shouting as AWWW FFUUCKK HHAARRD BBAABYY. I fucked her very hard and left her after 30mins. She was amazed by my stamina to fuck continously for this much time.

After giving her rest for 10mins then we came in 69 position and started sucking her pussy. She again started sucking my cock like lollpop. I fucked her continously for 5 hours non-stop without any break. She said, “You are amazing baby. You have very good stamina to fuck any lady very hard and satisfy them completly. Thank you very much for fucking me and showing me real heaven in sex. Please be in touch with me, we can have fun daily”. I said sure and then I took her phone number and left her place.

From that day, we are having sex everyday after her husband goes to office, she calls me to her home. We will have very good fucking sessions for 4-5 hours and then i leave her place. She is very much satisfied with me. She is carrying my son now. Any unsatisfied married auntys/girls from hyderabad who would like to have awesome sex experience can contact me at [email protected]. Your privacy will be maintained. You will get 200% satisfied for sure. You will never forgot me after having sex with me.

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