Unforgettable Trip To Hills – Indian Sex Stories

Hi all, I am Kavita (name changed) living in Chandigarh the city beautiful I am unmarried and 29 years old, a little about me….. I am 5′ 4″ in height and wheatish in colour, I wear a 34 B bra and have firm boobs with dark brown small nipples, I have been in a relation but still a virgin till the day of the story. I work at a private office as branch coordinator, I have had lots oral with my boss(Vikas 45) but never let him cross the line. Friends its my first here and a true one so I hope you all will like it….

So coming back to the story…..

It was the month of December 2013 and we had a long off in our office so our boss told us that he will take every member for a company holiday to Shimla, we all were very happy about it as we had been to office trips but never a night stay one. We all packed our bags and reached office on Friday evening (after office) to leave for our hoilday, We were total of 12 people (5 Girls and 7 boys and Boss), we had booked two Inovva Cars, we were getting in the cars all boys boarded one and the girls the other, but one boy (Rahul 22) and the boss were still to board so we called them in our Car as there was no space in the one with girls and also I wanted to have my boss with me and not with other girls as I knew that on girl (Meenu 26) was trying full line on the boss. As the girls sat in the front seats me, Rahul and my boss went to the last seat of the Inovva making us sit very close to each other making our body sticking to each other but it was very cozy as it was very cold.

After an hours drive we reached the foot hills of Himachal Pardesh and it started getting more cold, I was wearing a sari and had taken a shawal over it. It was getting dark suddenly I realized that something is touching my belly under my shawal I saw towards Vikas and he smiled so I knew it was him, slowly his hand started moving up and folding my tits under the shawal, I was loving it but also showing my eyes to Vikas as I did not want Rahul to know what we were doing… he was pressing my boobs harder making it very difficult to control myself, Vikas told the driver to stop the car as he wanted to take out a blanket from the bag. He took the blanket and took it over him and also gave me a part of it to cover myself, I could make out what is in his mind.

We started driving again and his hand now were more active under the blanket making moves now all over me, he held my hand and placed it over his cock covered under his pants, I was squeezing his cock and he was busy playing with my tits, pinching my nipples, slowly he took his hands down and pulled my sari up and started rubbing my chut. I was loving it but due to Rahul could not make any sounds, Vikas than whispered in my ears to remove my panty which I refused as Rahul would know, but he tried to pull it himself so I got a bit forwards and made it easy for him, now my panty was till my knees making Vikas enter a finger in my wet chut, I could not control and starting making low sounds….. hmmm holding Vikas more harder and opened his zip and took out his 6 inch lund and started stroking him we both were busy in ourself.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my right tit I guessed that Vikas has one hand in my chut and the other is seen outside the blanket who is this…..

K: Rahul behave your self.

R: How can I, even I have a cock, I have been seeing u both getting naughty and making my cock horny.

I removed his hands from me and told him to stop but within me I wanted a new cock so I looked towards boss he was busy with my gili chut I whispered that Rahul also wants to enjoy but I will only allow as I did not want to betray him (lolz) he said ok but told that she has to pay for this as he knows that once I am horny I cant stop to any sexual deeds. Rahul also took the blanket over him and pulled up my blouse and took out my tits and was pressing them hard it was sooo good as this was the first time 2 guys were enjoying my body and both my hands had 2 cocks in them, Rahul was just about 5 inches and I started stroking both of them.

Their pre-gum was all over my hands, Rahul was moaning and so was Vikas suddenly Rahul asked to suck him which I did and Vikas was watching me do and I could make out he was getting angry, within about 3 mins Rahul discharged all his water in my mouth which I had to take in due to not spitting in the car, suddenly Vikas removed my hand from his cock and in anger put it back in his pants. I knew he is going to have a fight and our trip is ruined, Rahul was looking very happy but Vikas was not.

I again tried to take hold of his cock but he did not. We reached Shimla and to our surprise Boss had booked rooms in a five star hotel, all the staff members jumped seeing the hotel and started taking out the stuff from the car, as doing so it started raining. Fully heated hotel and big lobby all wooden floors it was amazing hotel.

We checked in and got into our allotted rooms, Boss had an independent room and all other were sharing (2 to each room), as I was going towards my room Rahul asked me can we take our car sex further to the room, I replied SHUT UP as I knew I have to patch up with Boss. As I reached my room I was shocked to see that I am sharing the room with Meenu ( I hated that), she was taking out her clothes from the bag and was getting ready to go to the washroom to freshen up.

K: Hi, Meenu, so u are with me…..

M: Yes… I hope u dont mind.

K: Why should I… But please keep the room clean,

M: Sure.

I opened the window and saw It was still raining and my mood was getting wild to be with Vikas but how? I looked around the room and saw one more door which was locked, might be a door for interconnecting the rooms.

Meenu came out from the WR in just her Bra and panty I was surprised to see her she had wow assets … firm 32 boobs 26 waist and 34 hips and clean darkish body, I told her why she is that way so she replied what to hide from you, you are also a girl, I must tell you Meenu is a very modern girl, prefers to wear western outfits even to office and loves to party with friends going to night clubs and all. We both got ready and went for dinner and came back to the room at about 11 pm changed in our night suits, I in a lower and top and she was wearing a just her top, we entered our blankets and started chatting.

K: So Meenu enjoying yourself…. First time to the hills?

M: Yes… what a lovely Hotel…. Boss is so caring that he put us in such a big expensive hotel…. No I have been to Shimla once with my parents.

We kept gossiping and to her surprise asked her why do you Maro line on Vikas Boss?

M: Ohhhh so you have noticed that, but we all know he has an affair with you even he being married. And all your promotions have been due to him and your affair only otherwise I am very good at my job…. you know it.

I gave her a bad look but she kept speaking

M: I know he likes you and also I have seen you both kissing in office but I kept quiet about it as I myself want to be with him and I am not keen in advertisement and gossip about others. I Like older men and always fantasized of having sex with one and I find no better person than Vikas for it and laughed.

I was surprised about her frankness, so I got an Idea why not gift her to Vikas today and make up for what I did with Rahul.

K: So Meenu what if boss is ready to have sex with you or I make him agree for that….

M: (jumping out of her bed) Really you would do that but you love him and I think you are very possessive about him, even in the car he was just with you.

K: I said yes and told her all about what had happened in the car and asked her but how will it be done?

M: So you sucked Rahul shit man he has a gandu he has a small cock and cant even hold longer, I was once in affair with him but he is a useless mother fucker, just likes to finger and when it come to real sex he just cums… I kicked his ass off.

K: (laughing) I know it just took 7-8 sucks to make him come….. it was shit…… and it also made me and my darling Vikas fight.

M: But how did Vikas allow you to do with him,

K: He knows that once I am hot I will go to any level

We both started laughing and gave high 5’s, Meenu stood up on the bed and asked me how do I look, as the room was heated there was now effect of cold, I said:

K: Meenu you look so sexy, your dark completion makes you look more hot. Show me your nipples?

M: Here baby see them….. also see my shaved pussy if you like.

I said yes love too, and she removed all her clothes and showed me her pink nipples which were long as they were getting erect, her cunt was clean and now she asked me to show her mine, which I obliged her, we just kissed each other and wore our clothes back, this time no bra panty and even I did not wear my lower. Than the intercom rang, I picked up and it was Vikas….

V: Hi… whats going on? who are you sharing your room with?

K: Hi…. Sorry….. Meenu

V: Why sorry? I know once you are hot its hard to stop you doing oral…. but I did not like it so I withdrew….. See how sexy the weather is!

K:I love you (he also said love u) so what do you have in mind?

V: I want you and enjoy this weather, you know that our room is interconnecting, but cant do any thing as Meenu is there. Where is she?

K: Ohhhh so you got the rooms this way from very beginning, (He said Yes) I lied she is in the washroom ( but she was in bed with me), do you have any idea that Meenu likes you …..lolz

V: Ohhhhh is that so, I thought I was blessed of only having you otherwise who will like this old man ok looks, fatty body….but I must confess that she looks hot…

K: Shut up…. u are the best u are not old…. Rahul is old in just 7-8 sucks the behan chod spitted …..(laugh) …. Okkkkk so u have been eyeing Meenu…….so Vikas darling tell me if I gift you Meenu will you forgive me about Rahul.

V: I am not angry with yo told you…. Meenu really is my forgiveness gift ……woow is this true what I am hearing….. but will you like it I with her….

K: Sure I will….as you allowed me……but I wont leave you guys alone….

V: Ohhh thanks…lolz…. what do u mean? looking for a threesome with this budha?

k: Yes thats what I have in mind….to tell you she has a great body and a clean chut like mine……

V: Wow mera lund sun ka hi stand hona laga hai…… wait I will open the door

K: Wait let me first ask and prepare Meenu (teasing him)

I bend forward kiss Meenu on her cheek and ask Ready hai tum boss ka saath sex karna ko mari jaan?She says yes Kavita aaj raat boss ki puri sewa kara ga dono.

Vikas unlocks the door and knocks, he comes in and sees both the beauties on bed for her…. he is wearing a kurta pyjama….

K: Welcome to heaven mari Jaan vikas…. Aaj 2 apsara tumhara liya sewa mai hai…

V: Wah ji Wah… so Meenu how r u? I did not know u also are wanting me sweet baby….. both of you come out your blankets and show me what you have to offer….

M: Yes Boss…. I always wanted to share you with Kavita…. dont you want me… I think you keep looking at my assets in office.

We both get out of the blanket, Vikas sits on the sofa and lights a smoke and in a bossy tone orders come on kuti’s remove all these little clothes from your body’s, I reach Meenu and remove her top pressing her boobs, she come behind me and takes off my top and starts to play with my nipples and calling for Vikas….

M: Boss ji come your Kavita wants your lips on her mamma’s stand up Mota and eat them….

V: Chup Kuti come here first and undress me

Meenu goes closer to Vikas and he pulls her and kisses her and sucks her lip…. shows me his finger and calls me close and gives me the cigarette to smoke which I do and take a puff and blow the smoke on Vikas, Meenu is kissing Vikas wildly and lifting his kurta, as it comes off she bends and starts to suck his nipples, lick his neck and takes his hand and place sit on her tits.

I hold Meenu by her hair and pull her back give her the cigarette on her lips and ask her to puff it and with the other hand pull the string of Vikas pyjama. Vikas getts up opens the Mini Bar and takes out a bottles of Chilled Champagne cocks it and take a sip and make us both have one spi each. He pushes me on the bed and pours some Champange on his cock and asks me to lick it, which I do, Meenu is busy standing behind Vikas and hugging him and with her hands pressing his balls. Vikas pulls Meenu in front and pushes her to the bed next to me and says:

V: Come on Kavita maa chod lift is behan ki lori ki legs and open them wide (I know vikas enjoys punjabi abuses while having sex)

I do as told and he pours chilled Champagne in her chut and asks me to dring it, I bend and start to have it mixed with Meenu’s juices, Vikas keeps pouring a little and I keep drinking,

V: Kavita mari raand aaj to chut da gi na hamesha muja appni chut marna sa rook lati hai?

K: Vikas mear lund aaj chood la jitna choodna hai this kuti is all yors today Maa ka lora.

M: Saala tum dono appni chudai mai muja na bhul jana meri chut ko bhi lund dena hai tuna chodu.

Vikas gets on his knees and pulls me on top of meenu and pours more daru and starts to lick both of us together. He is licking us hard and the room if full of our moans…..Vikas gets up and shows his tool and asks who is the one who will suck it first…. Meenu reaches out and says ” this kuti always has it for so long now its my turn to have it first” saying this she just sucks all the 6 inches in her mouth and hold his balls and comes in motion on his lund. I get down open Meenu’s legs and start to lick her wet chut and circle my finger on her ass, seeing this Vikas says” Kavita mari raand daal da apni ungali Meenu ki gand mai” I do and Meenu screams and bits Vikas cock making him scream too…

V: Meenu Madar chodi kya kaata gi mera lund ko? Zooor sa kaar I want to shoot my water in your mouth……

Hearing this I strock her ass harder with my finger and suck her chut drinking all her juices, Vikas pulls me up and makes me sit in-between his legs and asks me to suck his ball as Meenu is busy sucking his lund….. I can feel Vikas is getting stiff and about to shoot and I increase the suck taking his balls in my mouth and he is moaning Kuti zoooor sa aur zoooor sa…. mera lund ko chuss mera tato ko chus…saying this he loads Meenu’s mouth and fills it up with his cum and pulls me and says chal meenu ka mu sa chus mera pani…

He pulls back and again starts to smoke as we both are busy kissing and cleaning each others face and moan…… Vikas bahut tasty hai tera maal saala….. I said:

K: Saala Meenu ko lund de kaar bahut maal nikala aaj, mera saath to bahut kaam nikalta hai…

V: (laughing) saali kamini tuja itna saal ho gaya hai mera maal peeta aaj new raand hai tabhi maal zaada hai…

Meenu gets up has a sip of the daru and also puts some on her face and cleans it and orders me

M: Kavita haram zadi bahut lund choos hai Boss ka aab chal phir choos usko aur ready kaar chut marna ko…. Saali Kuti how can u suck Rahul when u have such a nice dick always ready for you….I can never do that

I got angry and slapped Meenu and said” saali maa ki lori shut p dont make me remember that chal I will make Vikas ready for both of us”

I start to suck Vikas big again as they both are busy smoking and having daru from each others mouth. Vikas is getting big and I pull him and push him on the bed

K: La aaj tere icha puri karu aapni chut da kaar…. chood la jitna choodna hai aaj phir maat bolo ki chudi nahi…

I climb on him and Meenu holds his cock and places my chut on it….. I scream loud and take the lund out… Vikas slaps me and says raand chal sit on it dont show nakhra’s and I place my pussy again on his cock and he gives a push from below making it go fully in me. Meenu climbs the bed and sits on Vikas face rubbing her chut on his face…. Chaat saal isko chaat aaj saara rass peena hai tuja……

We change positions and that is the time we came to know that Meenu was a virgin, she was an expert in oral but never had a cock in her, she screamed loudly Saala maara ga kya dheera kaar Ahh Maaar gayii Kamina deheera……. I stand up and kiss Meenu and say “Raandi you only wanted it now enjoy it”

Vikas kept fucking Meenu and then again put me in missionary postion and climed on me and started fucking. Meenu was sitting there watching us and rubbing her chut and cleaning drops of blood. Vikas aaj aapna maal meri chut mai bhar da… I told Vikas and he put my legs on his shoulder and pumped me hard…..I was shouting ahh Vikasss teri Maa ki chut zoooor sa aur zoooor sa chood muja…..Vikas aur aur aur aur aur faster faster faster….I am comming….Vikas: Meee toooo and we came together. Meenu jumped on the bed and took his cock and started to clean him….. I pulled her and said” saali raand meri chut koon saaf kara ga” she came in my legs and cleaned all of the juices and cum there.

We 3 got up kiss and hugged each other and went to the washroom to clean ourself…. Vikas went in the tub and opened the hot water tap and started to fill the tub we both joined in there and were in each others arms for some time. Came out and slept together. Morning when I woke up I saw Meenu and Vikas were not in bed, I went to the room next door and saw they both were sleeping and seemed that they had one more round without me, I got angry and woke Vikas…

K: Kuta what is she doing with you here alone without me.

V: She wanted one more last night and you were fast asleep so we came here and I fulfilled her need. Kavita saali Meenu bahut mast chut hai…. abb to mera pass 2-2 hai kabhi tu kabhi Meenu.

K: Shut up u are only mine…..Yeh saali raand to baas aaj ka liya thi…. but I will give her to you when you want only if you make me happy……lolz, Chaal aab Kuta chood muja aur maaza da morning ka

We had a round and than the someone knocked at my door, I opened it was Rahul

R: Girls come for breakfast, Boss has also not come. Kavita can I come in and lets complete our car sex.

K: Shut up I told you before also forget it. Me and Meenu are not coming for breakfast as we will have from Room service.

I banged the door on his face and told Vikas that he wants me, Vikas sadi do you want him? I said NO.

That all day we 3 did not go out with others but just were in our room enjoying sex all day and all next night, all meals were in the room, Vikas told others that go and enjoys as he is busy in some mails etc.

Sunday we came back to Chandigarh and on Monday morning Meenu and me had gone together to Vikas cabin to wish him Good Morning and says thanks. Now when ever I am in Vikas cabin Meenu takes care of outside and when she is I take care of outside making sure no one disturbs Vikas when he is busy fixing our chuts.

We now keep going for day trips to different places and making our relationship more close and we 3 have become so close that we think we are family and Vikas has three wives, we both and 1 the first one.

I hope you will like my story, sorry if it was too long.


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