Unintentional Sex With My Hot Girlfriend – Part I

Hi Friends, this is Rakesh kuamr from Hyderabad… I am interested in girls and aunties around Hyderabad. If any aunty or girl interested…you can mail me at [email protected] OK doesn’t waste the time. Let’s go on into the story? I Rakesh kumar aged 25 from Hyderabad. I am an average one.but have a cock you all will love. Really love to masturbate hard at nights and I am very healthy. This is a story of my girl friend named Kavya. She is really amazing in structure, having 36-27-26.

Her boobs are of real shape. She is really a hot one would die for. Coming to the incident, this happened 1 year back at some friend’s room. It’s not a planned one. But simply go as per Gods’ plan I think. It’s a cool day as usual busy Hyderabad climate. As I completed a course related to medicine, I have some good knowledge over sex and other things. As usual me n kavya used to chat for longs hours on mobiles thru messages Once generally we went on to the topic of sex…not intentionally. She asked me what sex is: she is a real virgin (I know it later). She doesn’t have any knowledge over sex.

As I told about sex for the first time she got excited. She told that her nipples getting harder. Then as usual we planned to meet in my friend’s room. It’s our daily meting place. As my friend goes to college, we both will chat for hours in that room, bunking our colleges. On that hot n luckiest day, me n kavya met in that room. We were chatting till afternoon. After lunch we slept together…remember we don’t have any intentions. In the meanwhile I kept my hand over her breast not intentionally. I found that it is moving up and down as she is breathing. Later found that I kept my hand on her breast.

I want to remove my hand from there. But at teh same time the evil in me waked up. I tried to push it hard on her breast. It’s really soft just like a spongy. My 7 inch cock started saluting her softness. It became rock hard. I tried to grab her breast. She is sleeping and looking like an angel. I can’t hold anymore. In a flash, went to bathroom and shagged my cockpit cum in 10 minutes. Till then it is the most happiest cum I have ever had. Then normally I came back and sleepy beside hereafter sometime, as she is sleeping facing away from me I hugged her from back and slept found my chick is again at its best.

Its hard in 30 secs, now my cock is in her back crack’s held it for sometime there and starting to make small moves which she might not noticed. Again in 2 mins I cummed in my pants. Went to wash room and came back and slept. That day went as usual and nothing really happened. We met there next day. As usual we were sleeping. But she is not able to sleep. Then I told her that I will make you sleep and you will have a new experience in sleep. But you have to obey me for whatever I do. She told ok for that. In the mean while I went to bathroom and removed my underwear, wore my pants and came back as I know this is the most awaited day.

I told her to sleep by my side and observe me. She did as I said…I slowly went near her and kissed on her cheeks. She felt shy and hide her face. As I am muscular, I took her face out and kissed aon her forehead.then slowly went down to her lips, which are soooooo soft. She started resisting and tried to move away. But I grabbed her with both my hands and took her face in my arms and kissed on her soft lips. First she resisted. But later starting enjoying and cooperate me by small moans.

As soon as she started responding my tongue immediately penetrated to her mouth exploring her tongue’s kissed in that way for 5 mins and exchanged our saliva of large quantity. Now we both started to enjoy each others company. She took my tongue and keep on sucking this. I know now that is in complete control of me. Now I wanted to play the real game… after kissing I asked her whether her nipples got erected or not? She felt shy and didn’t reply me.

Then I told that tell me or I will see them…after lot of hesitation she told that they are erected.then in one grab i held both her breasts over chudidar and started pressing them. She stared to enjoy that and held my head near her breast…she held it tightly and started kissing me. Now I kept my hands inside her chuddar and found her bra strips’ lifted her chuddar to her breast.slowly i lifted her bra aswell. Now she is helping me in removing her bra in just a moment those two big melons or mangoes are out challenging me whether I can win over them.

I went to right breast and started moving my tongue round on her nipple.she went mad and started making sounds ah ahh ahha ahhh. In the mean while started pressing the left one. Now I sucking the right boob continuously and she are in real pleasure. She hugged me tightly as I am sucking her boob. Now I went to the other side and sucked it completely.now i went to her navel and licked it like a dog. Her moans got heavy and shouting: Rakesh I LOVE YOU.DO IT MORE AH AHHA HH.”

This increased my mood a greater went down and in a stretch removed her lower. She was just in her petticoat’s removed my dress with her help and now I am just naked in front of her…she was shocked seeing my cock as she saw a cock for the first time. I took her hand and kept it on my cock..She felt it and at the same time a current flows in my body. I can’t wait and removed her petticoat and saw the beautiful hole on earth with a jungle around as she didn’t removed her hair.

I kissed i.e. asked her to lie down and spread her legs. She did as I said. Now I started licking it. It’s really wet with all her love juices. I staring drinking all juices oozing from my love hole. She closed her eyes and held my head tight on her vagina. I licked it like a chocolate and kept my finger inside the holes am not able to enter as it very tight. I applied some oil on my finger and slowly entered the vagina. Its too tight.

As I entered I started fingering it. She started making huge sounds. After some time she reached her orgasm and asked me stop making huge satisfactory sounds. It’s a huge orgasm from her, as a lot of juice started flowing out. I drank the whole juice. We slept for sometime. She again got aroused by seeing my cock. I asked her to open her mouth. She without any second thought obeyed my other as a small kid and took the whole cock in her mouth. I asked her to suck. She sucked it and I now I was in a world of heaven.

After 10 mins I came in her mouth. She drank my whole cum. Now we kissed for some time and we slept there. As it was 4 in the evening and my friend will come. So be took bath together and dressed. Now both our faces are in full satisfaction. We left that place with a lot of satisfaction. In the next story I will write how I entered her vagina and fucked her which happens the very next day. Thank you for now. Hope u enjoyed the story. Keep encouraging me by mailing. Any aunties or girls in Hyderabad want me? You can mail me at [email protected] i will satisfy you for sure.

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