Unknown Aunty Made Me Escort Boy From Bus

Hello hi, this is Imran 21 years old from kurnool. I am very big fan of iss and I read stories every time this is a time to share my own experience I want to say it true. My cock is medium 6 inch. I don’t want to tell lie in this thing. I have completed graduation and was enjoying holidays.Coming to story this relationship between me and one aunty who met me in the bus.Do comment or reply me in my mail [email protected]

Onces I went to hyderabad and very next day I completed my work and have to return kurnool so I went to bus stand I got an volvo I went inside there all r filled up so I can see last butone I can see one seat was vacant.So I went and saw it was a beautiful lady around 38 years but actually she was 45 years old this I came to know later.. So I asked her : aunty is any one there ? She : no

Me: can I sit here ?

She : yeah you can sit over here with a cute smile !!

Then our journey started and we smiled each other and started our work like I was chatting and she was listening songs. After some time we both r bored. She asked me my name I told mine and she told her name as reena.Later we talked about ourselves what we do.She is from bangalore working in some it company later our conversation goes on.She asked me about gf I said I don’t have any she was like itne ache khase smart ho gf nahi !!!??? Abhi mili nahi apki jise khubsurat ladki she blushed and later I asked about her hubby he is engg. She replied

So we ended and started to sleep until then I don’t feel bad about her but after some 30 min I woke up because I have to adjust seat then I saw her pallu was aside and I can see her cleavage her half melon can be seen wow!!! Kitne mast the then hungry man in me woke up I saw all people are sleeping are not all are sleeping that time I felt good.Slowly I kept my hand on her bedsheet and started rubbing her leg thighs…. Slowly she didn’t respond I moved my hand to up.And kept on her boobs and was rubbing them on her blouse I saw her reaction she was not responding I removed her blouse button and started rubbing on bra then suddenly she opened her eyes . I was shocked to see her but my luck she smiled at me and kept my hand in her bra.

I was slowly pressing them then reena said zor se dabavo na bhaut acha lagra hai her boobs were 34d size they are awesome my two hand are full boobs .

I bent down and sucking her boobs on bra and then removed it and started sucking she was moaning ahaa aahahhaaa hmmm superbbb maza arrraaa haiiiii aur aur karo baby ache se chuso bhaut acha hai slowly she was moaning ….I kept my hand near her pussy and was rubbing her panty was all wet I was rubbing it she was in 7th heaven and sucking her boobs hard hard… I kissed her lips it was the best kiss ever I have got she so expert in lipkiss.. We kissed around 10 min and cupping her boobs as well.

Now I went down licked her navel means she was moaning louder aaaa ahaaaa ahhah ahah hmm hiss ufff maza arrrraaa haiii maza arrraaa haii out of pleasure but I closed her mouth by my hand.I removed her panty and smelled it was so sweet and adorable wah wah !!! And her pussy was so clean so sweet smell was coming it was pink and black as she was fair women.

I went down and kept my lips on her pussy lips she got shiver first she was avoiding me not to suck but once I started she was pressing my head deep I licked it deep in to her pussy hole for 20 min she was in another world and was enjoying so much that she had no sense that she is half nude in bus… I too was enjoying her pussy wow after some time she took me up and liplocked me ..And said ab meri bari hai..

Slowly she removed my pant and my cock was so hard and shagged it some time and kept in her mouth as if a child is sucking lollipop she had done to me she was expert in sucking cock wow wah I was moaning ahaaa ahaaaa kitna maza arra hai reena ji …….. And I was fingering her pussy too we both are in heaven that time and was in another world she sucked me for 20 min and I too sucked her boobs pressed it hard. She was biting her lips to control her moans … I could not fuck her as it was bus any one may see……

After so much time we both had come and I drank her cum and drank mine it was awesome feeling. Then we dressed up and exchanged our numbers she told it was too good oral and be ready to have me in bed. She gave me 5k which I told her no then also she told me to buy something. Later we talked and chatted on whatsapp and then she told she want me to go bangalore and she will pay for everything with 10k in my hand . In next story I will say you how we met in her home and our sex love romance and then how she promised me to make me meet her friends who are hifi will pay more

Please do reply me [email protected] waiting for your replies and comments. Girls aunties and any one near kurnool hyderabad can hire me .Am 100% secure and safe and keep your details secret awaiting for your reply and calls.

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