Untold Story Of Kamya Bhabhi – Part IV

After the incredible blow job in the bus journey (Part 3), we reached home. We both knew what happened but still we didn’t discuss about that. It was always a untold relation with her now. After that nothing more happened for few weeks, but in the middle I can see a change of behavior in her towards me. She use to look at me and give me a naughty smile and also when no one was around she use to lower her saree on her waist and also sometimes bend in front of me to show her cleavage.

I always enjoyed seeing her like that and I also sometimes when coming down from stairs use to just brush her breast or ass and she used to also get slow when I do that. But everything was still very much untold. As everyone was around so we didn’t get chance to get close again. Then after few weeks I got a chance. My brother was flying to some onsite trip for one month and I made a plan so that my parents also left to some relative place for few days.

It was a holi time and my parents also agreed to go to my uncle’s place for some ceremony. They asked me how will I stay alone and then Kamya bhabi came and said “No worry mom, I will be here to take care of abhi. You guys go ahead.” I think she also wanted to get alone with me now. My parents agreed and I was now in 7th heaven now. Then the day came and my parents also left and my brother also left a week earlier.

Now it was me and Kamya bhabhi now, I was so happy and excited now. And I knew she was also feeling the same for me. It was a day before holi (festival of colors) and in the evening nothing much happened. In the morning I woke up and my friends came to play holi. I told kamya bhabhi that I will come in few hours and I went with my friends.

After few hours and around 2o clock I came home drenched in color. I knocked the door and Kamya came to open the door. She was all clean in a saree, after seeing me she smiled and said “What is this?” I said “Bhabhi you are so clean, now I will put some colors on you also.” She screamed and said “No abhi don’t” and she ran from there. I closed the door and ran behind her.

She ran to the terrace and I also followed her. She was wearing a saree and as I was only there she has put the saree down to her naval so that her sexy waist is visible to me. I went to the terrace and said “Now bhabhi, where you will run.” She said in a shy way “No abhi please don’t put color. I never played holi before.” I came close to her and took some color on my hand. She then turn backwards and put her hands on her face to cover that.

I came behind her and from the back I tried to put color on to her face. She bends herself to protect her face and I also bend on her to get her hands away from her face. While doing so my groin area came into contact with her ass, and when it happen my cock gained erection in a second only. Now my cock was rubbing on to her ass while I was trying to put color on her face.

More she was resisting more close I was getting and more my cock was rubbing against her ass. I was enjoying this moment and I made sure I get her whole ass now. I then forcefully took her hands away from her face and started to put color there, but I kept my cock there only. After a long we were again so close now. She then stops resisting and I made her full face in color and while doing so her saree fell from her breast also.

I then came down from her face and started to put color on her neck area also. She screamed “What you are doing?” I said in a naughty way “Bhabhi today I will cover your body in color.” All the time my cock was just rubbing her ass and she also didn’t removed her ass from my cock. She also sometimes pushed her ass into my cock. I can feel the gap between her ass cheek and my erected cock was rubbing in there only.

She also remained in the same position to give me enough access to her beautiful round ass, now while putting color to her neck area my arms were brushing into her breast. I can feel some heavy breathing from her part now. As her saree already fell from her boobs now I can get access to her cleavage area also. I knew she was getting also excited so I also started to come down to her chest area now.

She did resist a bit, but not that much when I was going down. I started to put my hand on the top of her chest and I was going down to her blouse area also now. She did nothing to stop me when I reached there and rubbed my colored hands there. I can feel the start of the curve of her boobs on my palms now. My cock was getting very hard and it was rubbing hard on her ass. She was saying in a naught way “Abhi what you are doing? You are making me all dirty.”

I laughed and said “Bhabhi today to I will not let you go” I suddenly shifted my hand from the top part of the chest to her side of her boobs. My half hands were on her boobs now and I kept them there only. She did jerk her body a bit but didn’t remove my hands from her love melons. I said to her in a joking manner “Bura na mano holi hain (That means don’t feel bad, this is holi only. This is a common proverb we use in holi.)”

I started to press her boobs slowly now, she was still in her bended position to fend me off and I got her boobs firmly on my hands now. More I was putting pressure more she was also pushing my hands into her boobs now. She didn’t said anything but was making some small moan like “ahhhhhh uffffffffff maaaaaaaaa”

From the top part of the hands I started to move it towards her cleavage now. I can feel the gap between her boobs now and I moved my fingers there and pushed my finger into her cleavage a little. To my surprise she allowed me to do so and I pushed my fingers more into her cleavage. I can feel the both the boobs onto my fingers now. She said in a very erotic way “Abhi naaaaaaaaaa” but I kept my finger there and started to rub color into her cleavage also.

In that moment I started to press her boobs also a bit hard and anyways my cock was also rubbing into her ass. Oh my god after so many days I was again getting chance to get close and she was also co operating with me. I took my one hand and cupped her boobs from one side and started to rub them as I was putting color on them also. She now got straight up and ran from me.

Her saree was down from her blouse anyways and I can see I already made her cleavage and good part of the boobs soaked in color. I also followed her and caught her again. This time I hold her waist and was rubbing my hand on her naked waist. She said “Will you color me everyplace abhi?” I said “yeah bhabhi I will not leave you today.” I hold her hand and took some more color on my hands.

Then I came forward to her and put my hand on her waist. She stood there silently this time and I started to move my hands all over her waist. I colored her whole waist and then moved my finger into her naval hole. She giggled a bit when I did that. Then I moved to her back and put color on her back also. She was now standing there and did allow me to put color. I put color all over her back also and then put my hand inside her blouse from the back also.

She did try to get away from me this time but I grabbed her on her waist and pulled her into me. My hand was on her waist pulling her into my cock. I put my hand into her blouse in that back side and went to her bra strap also. My hands in the front were also on her naval area. I started to put my hands a bit down into her pussy area now. She was anyways wearing saree very low.

I kept pushing my hand in front of her naval so that her saree goes more down; she put her hand on my hand to stop me. But I was keep getting low into her groin area now. She was resisting but her resistance was not serious. My hands went into her saree and petticoat and I can feel some of her pubic hairs also now.

In the back also my hands was on her waist line and I was trying to put my hand into her saree to her naked ass. I was partially successful as my fingers went inside her saree and petticoat and I can feel the curve of her ass getting bigger and bigger now. I kept rubbing my hands in her ass area and also was rubbing my cock into there. Now she was breathing quite heavy and she was letting my hands through to her pussy area also.

I pushed my hand to the extent it can go and I reached her pubic area. It was having a nice opulent curve there; she was now with her hands pushing my hands more into there now. Also back side my hands were just touching her start of her ass now. After some time like that she ran away from me and said “now it’s my turn, now I will also put color onto you.”

Her saree was almost out of her body now, and her boobs were looking so tempting in her blouse. I can see that I have put color in her boobs also. She took some color and came towards me, I stood there. She put color on my already colored face. She said “No point putting color here abhi.” She then put her hands in my t-shirt and started to put color on my chest. I stood there and was enjoying her touch now.

I can see her naked cleavage in front of me when she was putting her hand in side my t-shirt. I can see colors went inside into her boobs also. While applying color she started to feel me, she put her hand on my bare chest and started to move her hands slowly on my chest. While doing so she came very close to me. Her tip of her boobs were touching me. She then started to move her hand onto my nipples.

She with her nails started to rub my nipples slowly, oh what a feeling that was. She was rubbing her fingers around my nipples area and while doing so her breathing became heavy. I stood there and was enjoying her touch. Then after some time she again took some more color and from there only put her hands to my back and started to color my back.

She said in a naughty way “I will also put color everywhere dear.” I said to her “yes bhabhi, you can do anything you want.” While putting color on my back she wrapped her hands around me and she came closer. Her boobs were now touching my chest now and she was also not removing them from there. Her boobs were now pressing into my chest as she was putting her hands around my back.

Then she did something incredible, while moving her hands on my back she started to move her hands down. She was now rubbing her hands just on the elastic of my track, and then she started to mover her fingers in my track. Her hands were going in my ass now. I also came closer to her so that her boobs can be pressed more and while doing so now my cock was rubbing against her pubic area.

She must have felt my erected cock on her pubic area; she also pushed more in and put her hands more into my ass. Her hands were now very much into my pants and on my naked ass. She started to rub her hands on my naked ass; she said “now it’s even, you put color everywhere to me now it’s my turn.”

I stood there and said “yeah bhabhi, you can do that.” After rubbing my naked ass for some time she started to move her hands towards my stomach. Her hands were into my pants only, she brought her hands to my front and then pushed her hand into my groin area and gave me a naughty smile. When she did that her finger tips touched my erected cock now. She paused there for some time and again moved her hands.

She can now freely touch my cock now; I also pushed my cock more in to get her hands there. She also pushed her hands again in deep and put color on my pubic hairs and while doing so she did rub my naked cock also few times. Oh my god what a feeling that was. After so many days I felt her touch onto my cock again. She kept doing that for some time then she parted from me.

She said “Now enough of holi, look what you have done.” She stood in front of me with her saree lying down. She bend and took her saree vary slowly and put on her very casually. When she bends she gave me a proper view of her cleavage and her big boobs. I said then “Bhabhi but you enjoyed na?” She said in a smiling way “yeah I did enjoyed but you have became very naughty.”

I said to her “Bhabi don’t go to your bathroom like this, otherwise it will get dirty. Please clean yourself on the roof and then go.” We had a water connection on the roof also. She smiled and said “yeah abhi you are right. Otherwise I have to clean the bathroom also.” My plan was successful now as I wanted to see more of her and I knew while cleaning I can see her more naked body.

Our terrace was a covered one so no one can see what’s happening there. I removed my t-shirt and threw that on the ground. I can see that Kamya has covered all my body with colors specially my nipples. I called her and said “look bhabi what have you done?” She smiled and said “Acha should I show you what you have done abhi?” I said in a joking manner “yeah yeah.” She came close to me and pinched my stomach and said “you became very naughty.”

Then she also removed her saree from her body exposing her body in blouse and petticoat only. Oh my god she was looking awesome and I have covered her every part of her body in colors. She looked at me with some shyness and I smiled at her and looked her body from toe to head. She then asked me “Abhi go get the soap and shampoo from house and also make sure the doors are locked. And also bring some towel abhi”

I went down and into her bathroom. I got the soap and shampoo from her closet and picked up the smallest towel there. I wanted her to be as naked as possible. I came up and saw she was already taking a bath under the tap. She was all wet in her blouse and petticoat and I can see her nipples getting erected from her blouse. She looked at me and tried to hide that but anyways it was quite visible for me.

She said “You brought the smallest towel abhi…..” I said “Bhabhi I could find that only, if you want I can go again but the room is getting dirty” She said “ok no issues, I will manage with this only.” Water dripping though her cleavage and going into her boobs was quite a scene. She also didn’t tried to hide that much also. I sat on the floor where she was also seating. I can see colors going inside her blouse and into her boobs also. She took the soap and started to clean her face.

I can see her boobs without thinking she will caught me seeing that as her face was covered in water. I can see the bra line inside her wet blouse and her nipples protruding from her bra and blouse. She then asked me to put some water on her face and I did that. While doing so with a garden hose pipe I was sometimes putting the flow of water directly on her cleavage and that was making her blouse to loosen up a bit and exposing her boobs more.

I was also trying to clean myself but my concentration was on her body only. She then told “look abhi, it’s so hard to get the color out and if someone sees that you put color on me everywhere then what they will think.” This was a clear sign that what we were doing was scared and secret. I said “Don’t worry bhabhi, it will go out and anyways who will see you like this apart from brother and he is not here for a month.” She smiled and said “very smart abhi, that’s why you took that much liberty. You naughty.”

After cleaning the face somehow she started to rub her chest area, she was rubbing there very hard and I can see her boobs jumping also. Then she started to move her soap hand inside her blouse to clean her boobs, I was noticing her hands only. Her hands were going inside her boobs and rubbing the opulent boobs to get the colors out. More she was doing more part of her boobs were getting visible to me.

I started to play with the water hose and was putting water on her cleavage, she said “yeah abhi put some more here pointing to her cleavage area” I did the same with her hands inside her blouse. That made me peek inside her blouse and the scene was awesome. I can see her big naked boobs curve from top of her blouse and when she was moving her hands inside more of that boobs was visible to me.

My cock was getting so erected now and I adjusted my growing cock. She looked at me when I did that and gave me a simple sexy smile. I knew how much she was carved for my cock (part 3). She now bend herself just a little to get the shampoo from the ground and while doing so, she exposed best part of her boobs to me. My eyes were firmly struck on her big love melons which were just about to burst about from her wet blouse now.

While rubbing her boobs she said “Look abhi, the color is not going” I replied “Bhabhi it will go, if not I will clean there for you.” She started laughing and said “yeah yeah I know you want me to clean, but thanx I will do that.” After rubbing her chest and boobs she started to come down to her waist area and started applying soap there.

As I can see I have made her waist and also inside the petticoat very colorful. She then very casually loosed her petticoat knot and put her hand inside her petticoat now. Wow she must be rubbing her pubic area and must be close on her pussy. I was following her hands inside the petticoat. Her petticoat was so loose that I can see her border of her panty. I must have colored her panty also as I can see colors there.

She was looking at me and I was looking at her groin area only. I was looking her loose petticoat coming down every second from her wet waist. I can clearly see the curve of her lower waist and also some part of her pubic area also. She was also very open to show her body to me. Then all of a sudden I thought of an idea, with the water hose I started to put water on her naval area and that made her petticoat got more down.

She was also not resisting that and now I can see her best part of her panty from front. I can see the opulent curve of her pubic area from her wet panty. Then she did something incredible, she took one hand of her and pushed her hands inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy area. Oh my god she was rubbing her pussy in front of me, my cock was about to burst out of my pants now. She looked at me and said “Uffff abhi you have not left any area of me without color.”

Then she started to rub her back but was not able to do it properly. I took a chance and said “Bhabhi give me the scrubber I will clean your back.” She smiled and gave the scrubber to me without any hesitation. I stood up and my cock also stood with me, it was like a tent in my pant. Her eyes were glued to the bulge on my pants. I went behind her and sat down, her whole back was colored.

I sat back with my legs spread and slid myself to her back. I can see her loose petticoat is loose from behind also and I from there I can see her border of her panty. My cock has grown more seeing her like that. I touched her naked back and it’s like a current passed from my body. Oh my god she was so soft there. I started moving my hands on her bare waist and back and all the time I was looking more and more into her petticoat now.

I slowly started to put my fingers into her petticoat and to her panty border. I can feel the start of the round ass on the tip of my fingers now. I was started to feel more comfortable to touch her private area now, while I was trying to touch her inside petticoat she said “abhi, did you put color there also?” pointing to her ass.

I said “yeah bhabhi your back is also colored” She then said “ufffffffff you are impossible, now how I will clean there abhi?” I found my opportunity and said “Bhabhi don’t worry I will clean you” and saying that I pushed my fingers into her panty a bit. She shivered her body a bit when I did that but didn’t said anything. Now my fingers were inside her panty and touching her bare naked ass now.

Wow what a curve she has on her ass, I intentionality started to rub her lower back more and in the process my fingers were touching her ass and also her ass crack. Because she was seating on the ground my hands were not going inside her ass properly. Then she raised her ass a bit and that allowed my hand to go more into her panty now. Wow she was co operating me to put my hands in her ass now. She joking said “Is it cleaned there??” I said “No bhabhi I am doing, but I can’t get there properly.” She then raised herself more and I slid my hands into her panty more. Now my hands were directly on her naked ass. I started to rub there and more I was rubbing her ass more she was raising her ass.

I can hear small moan from her mouth like “ahhhhhhh ummmmmaaaa uffffffff” I put my hand in her ass crack and started to rub there. Oh my god I was now getting close to her ass hole also. She almost put her weight on her hands to raise her ass from the floor and I put my hands completely on her panty. I started to press her naked ass very hard now and she was like jumping and moaning now.

While raising herself her petticoat has almost fallen from her ass and I can see her whole naked ass only covered with her panty only. I pushed my hands more into her ass and touched her ass hole now. She relived a huge sigh like “ahhhhhhhhhh abhiiiiiiiii what you are doing there.” Her breathing has become very heavy.

I said to her “Bhabhi I think the color has gone here so I am trying to clean you there. Is it ok?” She in her broken words said “yeah yeah abhi, it’s ok.” I pushed my fingers more into her panty and I cross her ass hole and came close to her cunt also. Oh my god she was so soft there. I can also sense the heat coming out from her pussy also.

Now her petticoat was almost came down from her waist and down to her thighs. I can see her thighs and ass now. She then lowered herself on the ground and my hand got struck on her ass only. She turned back and gave me a smile. She said “I can’t seat like that abhi for long.” I then said to her “ok bhabhi do one thing, you get down on your knees and I will clean you.”

She was now fully aroused and she did what I said. She bend herself down on her knees like a doggy pose and gave me her ass. I took the opportunity and pulled her petticoat down from her waist. It came down from her waist to the ground and I made her lower only covered in panty only. She didn’t resisted and now she spread her legs more. I without wasting any time put my both hands in her panty and started rubbing her naked ass. She was all the way aroused and was moaning quite loudly.

More I was pumping her ass more I was lowering her panty also. I almost made her ass naked and can see her ass hole now. I kept my fingers on her ass hole and started to caress her there. She said in broken words “ahhhhhh abhi yessssss ohhhhh please ohhhhhhh” I understood that now she can’t hold back and neither can I. Then I pulled her panty now and it came down without any issue. I made her naked from waist now and pulled her panty and petticoat both out of her legs now. She also co operated with me to make her naked.

She then sat on her ass exposing her pussy to me and gave me a smile. She said in a erotic way “Abhi are you going to clean my pussy also?” I said “I would love to do that bhabhi, oh what a pussy you have…” She then spread her legs more and I pushed my head in between her legs now. Her pussy was a quite puffy one and her pussy lips were quite curvy. The pussy lips were closed.

I came closer and swiped my tongued on her closed pussy lips. She got mad now and took my head and pushed onto her pussy now. The scent of her pussy I can’t forget now also. I did the same again and again and she spread her legs more to give me access to her pussy. She was so excited that she opened her blouse hooks and took my hands on her bare fruits now. She was now in full mood.

I took her boobs in one hand and started pumping them. She moaned and said “Oh abhi I was waiting for this day for so long, you have completed me today. Give your bhabhi everything today.” I said “yeah bhabhi I know how hungry you are, I will fulfill all your desire today.” I took my one hand into her pussy and opened her pussy with that. I can see her pink fleshy pussy from inside.

I put my tongue in her pussy and started to lick her there, oh my god she was so hot there. She spread her legs as far as it can go and I also pushed my tongue and started to play with her pussy labia. I took her pussy labia in my lips and started to suck them. She jumped in excitement and said “Ohhhh abhi yeahhhhh lick me there suck me there… I am goneeeeee you are so expert in licking my dear…. Keep it on…”

I did the same and licked her every inch on her pussy. She in the mean time lowered my pant and made me naked also. Now we both were complete naked and she took my cock in her hands. I said “Bhabhi you like my cock na?” She said “yeah abhi, that blowjob in bus was awesome”[Part 3]. She took my cock and stated to jerk that hard and I was pumping her big boobs and licking her hot pussy.

After some time she said “abhi now I can’t wait please put this into my hole…. I can’t take it more.” She then lied on the ground with her legs spread. She with her hands spread her pink pussy to show where to push. I came on top of her and she took my cock and guided in her wet pussy. I pushed just a bit and half of my cock was in her pussy. She grabbed my as hard as she can and whispered in my ears “Oh abhi I was waiting for your cock in my pussy for such a long time…. Push more dear….”

She was scratching my back and arching herself to take more cock into her pussy. I pushed more and now my whole cock was inside her pussy now. Then I started to and fro movements of my torso in order to make my cock go and come into and from her pussy. Her pussy was very hot. My cock gradually became more and more thick and hard. Initially I was fucking kamya bhabi gently.

She was moaning sexily “..aaaahhhhh.. ..ooohhhhhhh..” She was gyrating her hips. I gradually increased the speed. Kamya arched her thighs upwards. She was throwing her hips up in order to receive my cock inside her every time I made stroke. She was doing so in order to accommodate me more and more inside her pussy. I pushed my cock into her hot puaay with force. She started making sounds a bit louder in her excitement “…ooooooohhhhh. ..aaaaaaahhhh.uuuuuhhhhhhh… uuuuffffffffffff… ..iiiiiihhhhh. ..oooooffffffffffooooooooohhhhhhhhh..” I went on fucking Kamya bhabhi like that for some time. My cock had become thicker by that time. It was making a swift to and fro motion. She then asked me to increase my speed .”..aaaahhhhh.dddeeaarrrr. ffaaassstt..

After fucking her like that for some time I put all my juice into her deep pussy. She grabbed me tightly and said “Ohhhhhhh abhi you are awesome…. You fucked me so well…. I was carving for your cock to fuck me.” I said to her “yeah bhabhi I know how much you are carved of cock. I have seen you begging more fuck but brother didn’t fuck you properly” [part 1]. She was surprised her hear that and said “you naughty that means you wanted to fuck me from long” I said yeah bhabhi….

Then I said “Bhabhi now we have quite long time, I wanted to fuck you in every position today.” I can see the spark in her eyes and she said “yeah abhi, even I also wanted you to fuck me differently and also make sure you fuck my ass also.” I said holding her ass yeah bhabhi I know where to put my cock. We then cleaned yourself and went in to her bedroom…

That’s the end of Part 4. Please provide me valuable feedback on [email protected] your feedback will make the next part more spicy. Do join me for more as more sex postions are yet to be fulfilled to my sexy carving Kamya bhabhi. Till then ENJOY…..

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