Untold Story On Kamya Bhabhi – Part III

Next morning I wake up late after that adventure and saw she was already gone from the room. I saw the bed was gently made clean. May be she awake before me and cleaned it.

I thought how she will react as I made her almost naked at night and kept her almost like that only. Thinking of that I got very scared. Then I remember that I took her panty also in my hand but I couldn’t find that now.

I started searching for that but was unable to find it, maybe she took it when she was cleaning the bed. Then she must have known what I had done. I was very scared to face her now. I still kept searching for her panty

I raised my pillow and found the panty there. It was folded and placed nicely under my pillow. Now I got a bit confused as I remember that I didn’t put that under my pillow.

May be she put it there when I was sleeping then she must have know that I kept her panty with me. Then she must know what happened and she was willing to have her panty with me. I was excited and also scared at same point.

I was not leaving the room in that situation. I took the panty and smelled that, still the scent of her pussy was there. Oh that scent again gave me full erection after waiting for some time and I went to washroom to have a pee,

I was so scared that I didn’t closed the washroom door also. I always have a habit to put my pants down while pee, so I pulled my boxer all the way down to my thighs and hold my cock to pee. As it was much erected the pee was not coming out properly.

I was moving my cock and all of a sudden Kamya bhabhi came inside the washroom. I was shocked to see her but it was me who didn’t unlock the washroom. I was standing there holding my cock and she came inside. She stooped there as she saw my whole naked cock there.

She paused for few seconds and was staring at my erected cock and my balls now. Then she said “sorry sorry” and went out of the washroom. I was so scared to face her and now this happened. I was very feeling very embarrassed now.

I slowly came out of the washroom and saw she was seating on the bed. She smiled and said sorry abhi, I should had knock the door.”I said “it’s ok bhabhi, it was my mistake. I should have locked the door.

She behaved normally but her eyes were still on my cock. I asked her very Bhabhi what time you wake up? She smiled and said I woke up very early abhi, and then I cleaned the bed also. You were sleeping so I didn’t wake you up.”

I then asked her again very scarily Bhabhi how was your sleep, did I disturbed you as I am very wild while sleeping. I throw my hands and legs very much and she smiled and said and you didn’t disturb me at all and that too.

I was sleeping so deep that even you had came on top of me I wouldn’t have woke up.” She said that with a naughty smile and she said what exactly I did last night to her. Then she said how you slept abhi?

I said bhabi I slept quite nicely yesterday. She looked at me and gave me smile and went out. I was now a bit relived to see her reaction and now I had knew that she also knows what happened last night but she wanted it to be under cover so I also kept like that.

Then I dressed up and came out of the room. Then in the afternoon there was some function was happening and Kamya bhabi asked change into something else.

She told me “I am going to the room for a bath and you also come after some time and take bath. Then you have to wear a dhoti. I was a bit confused as I never wore a dhoti(it’s a kind of cloth wrapped along on your waist.

I said to her Bhabhi, I never wore dhoti and also I don’t know how to wear it also.” She looked at me and said “No problem, I will tie that for you.” She then left to the room and I was thinking how embarrassed I will be in dhoti as I am not used to it.

After 15-20 mins I went to the room thinking that she might have took bath and dressed. I knocked the door but was no reply from other side. I again knocked the door and was about to leave that then

I heard Kamya’s voice is that you abhi?” I said yes, then after few seconds she opened the door. She was wrapped in a towel and was full wet. I can see her milky white thighs and her upper part of the boobs seeing her like that made my cock go hard instantly.

I said to her should I come back after some time” she said “no no come inside, I will take bath and it will take time. I went inside and she closed the door again. She again went in the bathroom with the towel wrapped on her, she was looking so hot and sexy in that towel.

I sat on the bed and saw her dress there. I picked her saree and there I saw her bra and panty was also there under that.

I took her bra and panty and smelled those; it was a awesome feeling and gave my cock full erection. Then I heard she was about to come out from washroom. I placed the bra and panty there and sat on the bed.

She came out of the bathroom again in the towel only and asked me abhi you go inside now to take bath, and I also have to change.” I said “ok bhabhi, should I go out.” She said “no no, you go inside and I will change here only.”

I started to go towards the washroom and was looking at her only now. I saw she bend over the bed to pick her undergarments and I can see her ass now which was raised because the towel was very small.

I can see her start of her ass curve and her ass crack also. It was all naked asses in front of me. I stood there for some time and was starring at her naked ass now. She noticed me and said “what happened abhi?”

I got scared that time, I said in a hurry that “Bhabhi I don’t have a towel.” She smiled and said “Ohh you go inside, I will give mine to you.” Then I went inside and jerked thinking of her now. She was looking goddess of sex now.

I wanted to grab her naked body but was scared to do so. Then after I took the bath I opened the door slightly and asked her for the towel. I saw her now standing in front of the mirror in her blouse and petticoat only.

She was looking red hot in her red low neck blouse and waist showing petticoat. She came close and gave me the towel. Then after sometime I came out of the bathroom wrapping the towel.

That time she was trying to wear her saree. Her blouse was still uncovered with her saree and I can see her cleavage and size of her melons now. She looked at me and said “abhi I put your clothes on the bed, please wear those and she got busy in wearing her saree.

I saw their underwear and dhoti was there. I said “Bhabhi, I don’t want to wear this dhoti.” She looked at me and said “please one time abhi. I will tie that for you.” Then I agreed and wore my underwear. I said “Bhabhi now what?” She came after adjusting her saree and said ok now give that to me I will put that on you.

She took the dhoti and wrapped the dhoti around me and said “now let go the towel. I did so and the towel fell, but I was very embarrassed now as my cock was quite hard in my underwear. She opens the wrap of the dhoti a bit and now she can see all my private things.

I said in shame “Bhabi, what you are doing.” She smiled and said “shut up and stand up right, don’t get ashamed.” I stood there with the erection of my cock in my underwear; she must have noticed the tent in my underwear now.

She went down a bit to tie on my waist and that gave me the view of her cleavage quite clearly. Her blouse was real low neck and the saree was not covering her blouse. Good parts of her boobs were out from the blouse.

That made my cock more erect now. The suddenly while wrapping that dhoti her hand brushed my cock, oh my god she might have felt the hardness and I saw a tinge of smile also on her face.

While wrapping again she did touched my cock again and again, maybe she was also liking the touch of a huge cock of me as brother doesn’t have a big cock and she was very starve of cock which I saw earlier(Part 1).

Then she put her hand between my legs and went down from the front to my back, there she put the dhoti inside my underwear. When she put her hand back her hands slid down to my ass, her nails I can feel on my ass now.

Then she smiled and said “look it’s done, you are looking nice.” I said “bhabhi I am very uncomfortable in this, what if it’s gets open and how I will go to washroom also in this.

She laughed and said no abhi it will not come out, and if you want to go to washroom call me, I will again fix it then we went to the ceremony place. She was looking awesome in a red saree, all the time I used to stare her only. She also sometime caught me starring her and asked “what?

I just nodded my head and said “nothing bhabhi after an hour or so I thought some plans to get close with her again. I went to her and whispered in her ears “Bhabhi I think it’s coming out, can you fix it.” She smiled and said “ok you go to the room I will come there.

I went to the room and was very excited now. I intentionally made that loose from waist. After some time she came in the room and said “show me where it’s loose now. I stood up and it started to come down, I said “look bhabhi it is almost out.

She came close to me and holds the dhoti; she said “I will fix it again. You want to go to washroom also” I nodded the head and she said “Ok you go there first then I will fix it.” I started moving to the washroom and all off a sudden the lights went off.

It was a power failure and it was very dark now inside. She said in that darkness “Abhi you remove the dhoti and go, once come back will fix it. I also did the same and removed the dhoti and gave it to her, and I went in the washroom in my undies only.

After some time and I came out and still it was dark but some light was coming out from the window. I came out and said “bhabhi I am done, now put it back on.” She smiled and came close to me; I can see her eyes were absolutely stuck on my erected cock now.

My undies were having a huge bulge due to the erection. She came to me and wrapped the dhoti on my waist and while doing so her hands went directly on my cock this time, it was dark so she was feeling me now. I was also enjoying her touch on my cock and stood there.

She put her hands on my groin area and started to move her hand on my cock area in order to put the knot there. I knew she was deliberately touching my cock. I was getting very excited and my cock was gaining more erection by her feel now.

Then she did something very surprising, she said “this time I will make a knot tight so that it will not come out.” She took the dhoti and put her hand inside my underwear now, her finger touched directly on my cock now.

I was so shocked that I jerked my body when her fingers touched my upper part of the cock; she said “what happened?” I said “no bhabhi you carry on, I just have a tickle there.” She laughed a bit and came close.

She again put her hand there and this time half her hand went in my undies and my cock was now on her fingers, I can sense her fingers caressing my cock. But it was very quick, but due to the excitement some juice came out from my cock also.

Then after putting the dhoti there she again brushed my cock over the undies and she must have felt the wetness of my juice on my undies now. While making final finish she brushed the dhoti from the top and slapped my cock slowly several times oohh it was so exciting, my bhabhi must have carved of my cock now.

Then nothing serious happened as there is lot of people there, then the next day evening we had to leave from there. This time to avoid the rush we selected a different route. This route was long but the bus was very less crowded.

We boarded the bus at evening 8 o clocks and it was a 6-7 hours journey. We took the second last seat and the bus was relatively empty. I was wearing a track with a boxer. I didn’t wear any undies as the bus journey was long and I wanted to be relaxed.

Kamya was wearing a saree and as usual she was looking good. The bus started on time and we got settled down, it was very dark inside and we hit the highway. She was feeling sleepy she was bouncing her head here and there.

I then took her head on put it on my shoulder so that she can have a support. When I did that she opened her eyes and gave me smile and put back her head on my shoulders again. When she did that her one side of the boob came in direct contact with my left arms now.

She must have realized that but she didn’t removed that and put her boob on my arm and slept. I can feel the puffiness of her boob on my hands now. I waited to some time to make sure she is in sleep and then when I found that she has slept then I started to move my elbow on her boobs now.

My elbow was directly on top of her one boob and I pressed my elbow slowly into her boob now. She was having such a soft and nice boobs and my elbow was going in when I was pressing her boob with that.

She was in deep sleep and I was now enjoying her boobs now. No one was seating around us and we had a lot of privacy also back there.

I rubber her boob for quite some time with my elbow and now I wanted more, I slowly with my other hand started to pull her saree from her side and it came down quite easily. She had not hooked the saree on her blouse I think.

Now her saree came down on one side and I can see her blouse there, her roundness of her boobs was popping up from her blouse now. I just pulled the saree more down and made her saree drop from her chest area. Now she was only in her blouse on the top.

I moved my other hand on top of her boobs and caress that very lightly; I was feeling the roundness of her opulent boobs now. I started to make some circle on her boobs with my fingers.

I can sense some heavy breathing from her now but I kept doing that in between I was also reaching her nipple and was pushing her nipples back into her boobs whenever I was doing that I can sense her nipples was getting more and more erected.

I moved my finger from top of her boobs to now her naked part of the chest. I put my one finger in her cleavage now very slowly. She was also wearing a loose blouse and my fingers went into her cleavage relatively easily. I can sense both her boobs crushing into each other on my fingers.

Ohhhh what a feeling that was and my cock gained full erection by now. I looked her face and saw she was sleeping quietly. I pushed more and my fingers went more into her cleavage now. My palm was now at the start of her cleavage now.

I started to explore her naked boobs inside her cleavage with my finger. I inserted my finger in such a way that I was inside her bra also touching her naked boobs. I was pressing those huge melons of flesh and it was so soft and puffy with some courage I unhooked her top button of her blouse by now.

It opened her blouse a bit exposing her bra also. Half of her naked boobs were coming out from the slit of her open blouse now with my two fingers in her cleavage I started rubbing her top part of the boobs with my other fingers; she was so smooth and soft there.

I was literally on 7th heaven now playing with her love melons. I wanted to put my hand in her blouse and grab her boobs but due to the bra I was unable to do so. She was making some heavy breathing but I saw she was still in her sleep. I grabbed her boobs on top of her blouse only and pressed them slowly.

After playing with her boobs for quite some time and I placed one hand on her bare waist now, just over the naval. She was so soft and smooth there. I put one finger in her naval and when I did that she just moved a bit and repositioned her head on my shoulders.

When she did that she spread her legs a bit and that exposed her waist and her groin area more to me. May be she was also co operating with me.As her saree was already out from her breast and waist I can put my hand directly on her naked waist and navel.

I started to move down on her naval area now; she was wearing her saree quite low and I can touch her groin area where she didn’t covered. I was moving my hand very slowly on her lower waist and more I was caressing her more she was moving her body slowly.

I wanted to put my hand into her saree and petticoat but her petticoat was firmly tight on her waist. I tried pulling it down but was unable to do so. Then I started to mover her saree from her legs with my legs, and it started to come up.

After lifting to some extent I got hold of the saree from down and started to pull more up. The saree came up to her knees now and now it was stuck as she was seating on it.

I kept pulling it up and then she did something very incredible thing. She adjusted her head and while doing so she lifted her back also and that made her saree loose and it came up to her thighs now. She must be now co operating me

I started to pull more up and I can see her naked thighs now. I placed my hand on her naked thighs now and started to caress her milky white thighs. More I was caressing her thighs more I was moving my hands towards her pussy now.

Now my hand was actually just few inches from her panty now, I can sense her heavy breathing now. I moved my fingers towards her pussy and I can feel the puffiness of her pussy lips. Also I found her panty also wet now, I put my finger on the slit of her pussy on top of the pussy.

When I did that she moaned a little and spread her legs a bit more now. I was enjoying so much and I think she was also enjoying the moment.Then all off a sudden the bus started to move in some road side restaurant for a break.

I was feeling why now the bus stopped as I was having such a nice time. When the bus stopped she also got awake and she saw her saree and blouse in that position. I was bit scared because I didn’t get anytime to put the saree back on her.

But I pulled her saree down on her legs. She lifted her head from my shoulder and gave me a smile. She didn’t say anything about her saree position and put the saree on her blouse while looking on me. She did not put the hooks of the blouse back on also which I opened.

All the times she was looking at me and gave me a naughty smile. I asked her “Bhabhi did you sleep well” She smiled and said “yeah I really had a nice sleep on your shoulder was in deep sleep so didn’t felt anything. I think that was a green signal from her.

Then I asked her Bhabhi you can go down and take a washroom break also.” She nodded her head and went to washroom, I also went to men’s room and I took out my cock. It was so erected that I masturbated there thinking of her there only.

I came to the bus and saw she was already there on the seat. I went there and sat next to her. It was almost now 11 in the night and I was also feeling little sleepy now when I sat there, she came close to me and this time she only put her head on my shoulders without asking also.

She put her head on my shoulders and I also made a small move to reach her. Immediately my elbow came into contact with her boobs and this time it felt very loose and soft. I looked her eyes and she gave me a naughty smile and again put her head there.

I pressed by elbow a bit more into her boobs and it went in her boobs very easily. I was sure now that she has removed the bra she was wearing before. She must have done that when she went to the washroom. She must have noticed that I was not getting access to her boobs because of her bra and so she removed.

Thinking that make me very excited. I was just waiting for some time so that she goes to sleep and I again start my mission. But as I was so tired my eyes got closed and went into a nap. Then all of a sudden after sometimes something happened and I got woke up.

I saw that Kamya’s hand was just on top of my cock as I was not wearing any underwear and her hands was directly on top of my erected cock now. I kept my position like that and I from corner of my eyes I saw her.

She was still on my shoulders with her eyes closed but I can feel her hand moving ever so slowly on my erected cock. I keep pretending to be in sleep, I can sense she was slowly caressing my cock on top of my tracks.

She was feeling the erected cock and moving her fingers on that. As there was no underwear inside that track the cock erected like a tent on my track. I can feel her fingers going from down to the tip of my cock slowly.

She was measuring the length of my cock, oh my god I was getting so excited now. I kept my position like that and she was now moving her whole hand on my cock. She grabbed my cock on top of the track and started to jerk that. She must be so carved of my cock now.

She grabbed my cock and with her fingers she was pressing the top part of my cock, oh my god she was making me so erotic. She was doing it very slowly and she must been thinking that I am in sleep. I also kept that part as she likes and didn’t wake up.

She then with her other hand started to lift my t shirt and put her hand on my bare waist, she started to slip her hands inside my track now. Ohhh that’s what I was also wanted. She slipped her two fingers in there and her fingers went to my pubic hairs

She started to move her fingers on my pubic hair and with the other hand still was jerking my erected cock now. I moved a little bit to make her access bit more free to my cock.

She paused there for few minutes and then again started to move. Now she put her whole hand into my track and she can physically touch my naked cock in her fingers. Oh my god what a feeling that was.

She slowly let go my cock from top of my track and pushed her hands more inside my pants and grabbed the base ok my naked cock now. She was making some heavy breathing also now and her boobs were getting crushed on my arms now.

When she grabbed my cock from inside I can feel the happiness of her as she let go a silent moan. Her hands were all over my cock now. Then she moved a bit more and grabbed my balls also. This time I jerked my body and few drops of juice also came out of my cock.

She felt the wetness of my cock and took her fingers on top of my cock and took the juice into her fingers, and then she slowly took her hands away from my pants and licked her fingers. Oh my god she tasted my cum now. She was real wild when it comes to sex which I already saw before part 1.

After sucking her fingers she again put her hands inside and grabbed my cock. She was moving her fingers all the way down to my shaft to the top part of my cock. She was very good in handling cock.

I was getting very excited now and I also started to press her boobs which was rubbing against my arms now. She was playing with my balls as well as she was taking the whole cock in her palms and giving it some small jerk. Then after some time she did something incredible.

She acted that she was in sleep and took her head from my shoulders and put her head on my lap. She put her head just on the side of my cock. I also didn’t reacted and I also repositioned myself according to her and this time

I put my hand on her waist while she was bending down everything happened fast and both were pretending to be in sleep now. I knew what was coming now. She now with her hands started to pull my track down and

I also co operated a bit and she pulled that enough to make my cock out of my track now. My cock was like a tower out of my track now. She repositioned her head and put her head just alongside with the erected cock now.

Then she took her tongues out and touched my cock with her wet tongue. Oh this was first time when someone licked my cock, I was so excited that I grabbed her naked waist. She again did that. Ufffffffff that was amazing, I also now started to move my hands inside her saree now slowly.

I found that this time her saree was also knotted very loosely on her waist. She must have done that intentionally and I slipped my hand into her thighs areas also. She lifted her head just a bit and swiped my whole cock. She put her tongue on the base of my shaft and licked my cock all the way to the tip of my cock.

I was also slipped my hands inside her saree and petticoat and found that she this time was also not wearing any panty. She must have removed her bra and panty in the break to get me proper access everything was open but still we kept pretending to be in sleep now.

I moved my hands to her bare thighs and from there I slipped my hands towards her pussy now. As she was sleeping on the side her pussy was in between her legs now in the mean time she kept licking my cock all the way down to up

She was swiping her tongue on to my cock as it was an ice cream now. I also pushed my hands in between her legs to the pubic area. She was clean shave there but still some hairs where there, I kept on going and she also loosed her legs to allow my hands to go to her pussy now.

We both were enjoying each other when I reached her started of the pussy slit she now grabbed my cock and put her mouth on top of my cock. She was going to take my cock into her mouth. I also opened her pussy slit a bit and started to rub her clit slowly.

She jerked her body when I did that and in one grasp she took the cock in her mouth now. Oh my god my cock was now parked inside her mouth now and she was giving me a blowjob. She took the whole of my cock into her mouth and her hands were grabbing my balls now.

I also spread her pussy slit a bit and started dubbing my one finger in her slit. She was moving her head back and forth to make my cock go in and out. I was not getting much space in her pussy but still kept of rubbing through her pussy slit and she was making her pussy so wet now.

I was so excited that I started to cum, she noticed that and she took my cock deep in her throat and started to suck that. All the juice that was coming out she was taking that all in. Oh my god she was so thirsty for my cum now. She was getting very wet on her pussy slit also.

I cum a lot and she took every drop of my juice. She licked clean my cock and I think she also reached her orgasm as my hands were total wet by now. She then took my soft cock now and put a kiss on that and put it back under my track.

My hands were still in her saree and she just covered my hands by her saree and put her head on my lap and slept. I kept playing with her pussy for some time then I also went to sleep.

This was the end of the 3rd part. Please do join me for the next part as more spicy things are coming with full fucking scene also will be there. Do provide me the feedback @ [email protected] to make the stories spicier. Thanks for reading my stories.

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