Usha Rani Ki Suhagraat Ki Kahani

Dear readers,

I often visit this website to sometimes get steamy and hot passionate love that I can implement in my sex life, and none to say, it requires lot of imagination and creativity to really enjoy even while reading.

Now let me give a brief introduction to myself. My name is usha and I am a 26 year old girl who recently got married.

Today I am going to share my first night with my husband, I know, every time I wrote a line about the story, it made me feel arouse, it made me feel excited.

I am a fair girl, and have the vital statistics as 34-28-34. My hubby describes me as beautiful and we really enjoy our sex life now a days. But before even I go there, I have to cover my suhaag raat. So my dear readers, I hope you all really enjoy this short story of mine.

It was 15th of January 2014, when I was supposed to spend my first legitimate and legal sexual night. I was very scared about the night, I had sleepless nights thinking as to what will happen on my wedding night.

Sometimes I used to get very excited just by thinking the fact that some guy will be playing with my vagina and making love it, treating it like heaven, this thought was making me very excited.

Sometimes I wanted someone to play in there heavily, and give me the pain, the sexual pain that I was never able to speak to anyone, but on my wedding night, my hubby would do it to me. Make me wet, suck me. And there were also parts where I had no idea what he will do, as it would all be a surprise for me.

In the morning I was occupied with marriage and stuff, and when the time came for me to go to bed and wait for my hubby for my first night adventure, my heart started throbbing very hard, and I even panted, was nervous and scary. It was a new house, I didn’t know how to react, but my friends had suggested me before what it feels like what all I can do.

But, I was falling short of ideas now, nothing was hovering in my mind other than going into the bed and with the dulhan sehra, waiting to be ripped…

I was blessed by my in laws just before entering the room and I brought the glass of milk as in Indian tradition we follow that. I was wearing a bridal saree, and also I got freshed up before it as I knew there would be sexual intimacy. When I saw the bed, it was beautifully decorated and rose flowers were put in.

It had a wonderful lovely bed sheet and 4 pillows around. It also had a cover hanging from the top, the bed made me forget about what’s going to happen next, but only for a minute. The moment I stepped on it and made myself sit in the middle, I was just wondering about what’s going to happen now.

What am I supposed to do, how should I please him, how should I play with him. I was a virgin till then, I never had sex earlier, I had masturbated, but not like I have had sex.I waited for like 7 minutes in there, but god…I felt like it was like an hour.

And then, I heard the door knob move, and a thud sound came in, I gazed my eyes upon and saw that my hubby was making a move to the room. And this was the first time that, the moment I looked upon him, into his eyes, he too was looking at me, deep into my eyes, without looking anywhere else, he just kept looking at me like he is going to eat me like anything.

My heart started throbbing again, and I was feeling nervous, like a spine chilling shrug was travelling all through my body and giving me electric signals, to jump and run etc.I didnt know how to react. So I sat there silently gazing down to look at my toes. I could feel his eyes were still on me, without a word he drank the milk by looking at me.

I could feel that he was eating me with his eyes and gaze. Aaaahhh …. That feeling was awesome; it was a time when I felt like I should let him eat me, because he is the only one who should eat me.

Slowly, I started feeling relax and thought in my mind to let him do anything he wants. Let him rub me and play with me and give me so much pain that I forget what this world and life is. I was hungry for sex now. I wanted sex badly, I just wanted him to come and jump me upon and eat me, eat my vagina, enter his tongue inside me, give me bites in my vagina, aaaahh that pain….. Hhmm. I just couldnt control then.

I kept staring at my feet and toes, while he made his movement and sat on the cot, he too started looking at my feet, I was making my toe movement and my eyes were on my toe and feet, and thats where he touched me for the first time, he touched my toes, and then my feet.

I was going mad by now, I was at very nervous, my heart beat was racing madly, and he kept his hands in my feet only.

In my mind I was thinking him to move up ahead in my feet, to my calves, to my thighs and to my love hole, but that had to wait. He then started caressing my feet and toes, touching each toe finger and pressing it gently, sometimes he was rubbing it and my feet. With all the anklets in place he found it a bit odd.

Then he said the first words, “How are you feeling usha ?” . I was nervous, I just looked at him and smiled. It was an awesome feeling, the feeling that you are being loved now, and this time is plenty and this night is just starting, it was 10 pm in the night.

Very slowly he started removing the ornaments from my ankle and toe fingers but kept one gold toe ring on and placed side of the bed.

Then his hands move on to my left feet, and this time also he did the same thing, caressing and pressing my feet and toe but till my ankle.

I found this act very sexy as it was arousing me like anything. It was an act that was making me to have more do more, but he limited himself till my ankle, but that thought that he will do this way till my vagina was really making me mad, as by then I would have definitely gone mad.

Was loving this move, by this time I started feeling a little relaxed and so I also felt my thigh muscles loose and relax.

After removing my anklet and toe rings from my left feet, he came up close to my face and sat beside me. And stared at me , but I still kept looking at my feet, I had my saree ka pallu over my head, he brought it down and gave me kiss at my cheeks. Aaaahhh, I was being loved now the way I always wanted, slow deep and intense.

And very slowly he started removing my ornaments, my ear ring my necklace and bangles.

Coz it was too much ornaments, so I really couldn’t get the feel of taking the ornaments out as I was feeling in my feet. But this was over quickly as I also helped him removing my bangles.

Now came the time, when he got relaxed and sat closely to me. And taking my pallu out and wide. Doing so made me sit only in the blouse and the saree falling apart, he kept on doing so, till the last drape of saree moved out and I was left sitting in the same position just in a petticoat and blouse.

This posture of dress was making me a bit odd, but since I was sitting in there for quite a long time, I was used to it and was also relaxed. I could sense my hubby’s eyes were on my breasts, as in just a blouse, my nipples and breast was quite protruding.

He kept on staring at it for some time and then made the move. Aaaahhh, this time he swept over his hands over my waist, my bare waist, he was pressing my stomach, playing around my belly button and my back and kind of hugged me from behind like a big press hug, but this was all around my waist.

He then changed his position and sat just behind me from back with both legs wide, and pulled me in closer to his body. At this moment I could see his legs beside mine, my left closer to his left, my right leg closer to his right. I now started to feel the heat !!!

He then gave me a thrust and pulled me a little back and there… I could feel his strong erect dick touching my back. Like just it was saluting the beauty in front of it. He then said to me in my ears, like a whisper, “Flag post is standing with due respect”.

I again smiled, but this smile didnt last longer, as his hands which were pressing my belly couple of minutes earlier was now doing the same job on my breasts. Aaaahh, it was a thorough squeeze on my breasts, I found it very erotic, I could feel my nipples stand up, and he kept on massaging my boobs ….

Aaahh I started to moan kind of very silently and it was the moan with lust, I just wanted him to do so and he slipped his hands inside my blouse and kept on squeezing me for like 5 minutes I was in cloud 9 then the squeeze was very intense, he was also pulling my nipple out and ribbing it squashing it and was mashing it.

It was pain indeed, but all I can say it was a very pleasurable pain. I enjoyed the mash of my boobies, all these years never had a man pressed my boobs, but this night with all the hormones and lust, my hubby was squeezing me like a ball.

Couple of minutes later he then felt the blouse was obstructing his way to the love mountains. He then unhooked my blouse and opened it from my chest, and could see me wearing a red bra, and he then opened my blouse from the front like a shirt, and pulled it over my shoulders and kept it half mast, it was like my blouse was open from the front and from the shoulders.

But he let it hang in there, and this time he was enjoying the view, my boobies in the bra, my shoulders and my bare arms. I kind of sensed that he loved the view, as he smelled me all around my shoulders and was giving me a pleasurable humm sound, and then he said, u smell wonderful.

I was relieved, as I was nervous, and was sweating, I did not want a turn off at this point, but it seemed he enjoyed all the actions around my shoulders and arms, but he kept my blouse hanging as it gave an easier access, and also I couldn’t protest on anything, so it went on for quite a while, he enjoyed my torso I would say, all around kissing hugging, biting me here and there and then when I made a little uncomfortable sound, he removed my blouse completely, and I could then rest properly on my hands and then we took comfortable position, he lay back to me like a spoon, but we were sitting half way, I was leaning on him. And he was leaning on the cot’s support.

There I was, in a bra and petticoat, he loved me passionately, I couldn’t know but he really loved my torso so much that I let him enjoy it, I don’t know may be he had some fetish about shoulders and arms, so he kept on sucking my arms and shoulders more, and smell me more.

Since this was the first night I didn’t say anything but enjoyed the fact that he loved my smell a lot. I said won’t u undress me completely ? He said, wait usha, we have the whole night, and I am not going to let you sleep. So will do it slowly. I went mad for now, whole night of boob pressing, oh my god, I would die tonight. But was happy about it. The hormones were doing the work. It was lovely. He bit my shoulders, kind of sucked my underarms as well, which I found annoying, but it seemed he loved it, he kissed and made love me there, I believe it was some of his fetish and fantasy to kiss a woman that way. I was mature, and understood his act of fetish, and went ahead with him giving way to all the things he wanted. Fortunately I was well shaved underarm before the first night, else it would have been embarrassing.

After enjoying my top body, he unhooked my bra and let fall my boobs down, the squeezing went on again, this time with more clear area, he was more dwindling my boobs around, like holding a ball and moving all around my chest, it was painful, but I kept quiet, he literally squeezed my nipples also, I felt I may milk tonight, though it did not happen. But I felt I might milk. This went went on, I got tired with the boob play but he was not, this again continued long, I changed my position a bit to re adjust myself, doing so he left my boob and came to shoulders, arms and underarms, this again went on for like 15 to 20 minutes, I also gave him all the free ways around by raising my arms and hold him wherever necessary. This was really erotic.

He then moved myself to the cot’s support and put couple of pillows, and made me lean there, he sat close to my body and this time the real game came into play, he unhooked my petticoat buttons, and there in one go he pulled it away, and I was there laying just in a panty, he saw my panty was actually wet. And said baby you are already wet dear. I just smiled and he then drew down my panty slowly, I had never shaved my vagina in my life. He said he loved it, and always wanted a naturally haired vagina, I was happy about it, at the same time a bit embarrassed, at least I should have trimmed it.

But he seemed okay with it, and put his face down on my hairy bush and started smelling my pussy, he really jammed his face down there and swung aside his face and then spread my legs for the heaven, and there he lay like some real time. This time I too was excited, everything was real, now he is really into me, he will eat me in couple of minutes, but the eating will probably go for an hour or so, till he is completely satisfied with me. I spread my legs as a sign to invite him in. He laid there in, kissing and sucking all around my pussy area, licking and pulling my hairs with is teeth, and then and then and then…The real game came in when he started sucking me.

Aaaaah this was something I really enjoyed to my last breath, it was an amazing experience, the way he was wiggling his tongue around my clitoris, was simply amazing. And I was literally mad at that time, I was sure I had cummed at least twice, but the way he was sucking me was really amazing, I was sure he had seen some porn movies about how to suck a girls vagina, he was a master there, and I gave him good room, he made me feel like I am the queen there, and he was just a meager servant, fulfilling all my wishes. It was really amazing, I was having all the neurons firing all the places for pleasure, closing and opening my eyes lustfully and that kept him going. I did cum twice or may be thrice. I was not sure, there was a moment where I was sucking me deeply, but since I had cummed, I was not feeling excited, but I did not say anything as it may affect his mood, I went with what he wanted to do.

In the name of god, and by god’s promise, he would have sucked me in there for atleast 40-50 minutes, and gosh… It was really tiring. I was tired by then. Just had a look at the watch, it was 11:45 pm.

I was thinking in my mind to give my husband the pleasure and so I said, ” is there anything u want me to do ? ” and the rest I said through my eyes, my hubby understood, he went to the bathroom probably to get freshed up, as he sucked me so widely or to clean his private part. Then when he came into the room, I let him take the position that I had taken earlier, he had taken off his shirt and pyjama, he was in a white turkish towel. I unwinded the towel joint and his towel fell aside giving me a clear look of my hubby’s member.

It was sleeping at that time, I very slightly touched his dick, his dick was not circumcised as seen in porn movies, he had the skin on. I touched the tip of his dick with my index finger and started wiggling my fingers around his dick and touching sensuously, but not so hard. I was giving pressure by my fingers, not holding completely, the dick started to grow in size, after some more touching and pinching he had his dick hard and was now saluting at me. I would say his dick was 5 inches long. But was very thick. I knew this is the time to play and give him pleasure. Once his dick was hard I now held his dick in my right hand, and started a very slow and mild jerk, moving his dick tip skin up and down. His skin was coming down, and I could see the real tip wet and juicy. I was very slow. He seemed to be enjoying this.

I then pulled this skin down, and with the penis tip showing up, I took it in my mouth, aaahhh to this my hubby moaned. I played down in my mouth, I sucked its tip played it with the inside of my mouth cheek, also gave him mild bites, I made him feel like I was brushing my teeth, to which he was enjoying like anything and wanted me to do more. I did keep the pressure on in my mouth, I sucked and kept it hard, and then I started moving my mouth in and out lil bites lil sucks lil eating lil teasing, his dick was hard like rock. He forgot what world he was in, and suddenly I stopped, the moment he wanted me to continue.

I started again, but was stopping when I was seeing he was reaching peak. He told me I was very naughty. I said, yes I am notty. And this game continued for some time, and this really made him restless. This was the best moment of the night where I played with my hubby’s dick like anything giving him the pain and pleasure both at the same time, but at my own will. Earlier, I was pretty sure, he would have cummed. But I kept it under control. And played as I felt. Then I brought in my left hand too, with both hands putting pressure to pull down the skin and my mouth sucking up, he seemed to be in 7th heaven, but, he cummed in my mouth, this was beyond his control and I let him cum inside my mouth, I sucked and gulped his semen, was bit salty and sticky, but I was full with lust at that time, and with sexual feeling, I literally sucked every last drop of his semen.

It was amazing to him too, I went to the washroom, washed my mouth, peed, cleaned my pussy and underarms (as I was sweaty, and my hubby licks in there a lot, dunno may be a fetish). I came with myself draped in towel, and then my hubby went in, probably to clean his dick and pee.

After he came out, I was lying there naked and relaxed, he too came down and slept beside me, and this time he was playing with my hairs (head) and caressing my face giving me lip kisses, I too replied him with lip kisses and coordinated very well to his desires. But this time, I was very relaxed. We then talked for a long time, bout different things, bout food and how the marriage went, the people, etc. The talk went for like 20 mins, in the middle we were also naughty playing and touching each other.

This moment was also very nice and intimate, as we talked a lot. When I had a look at the watch it was 1:30 am. And by this time everyone would be sleeping. I said to him, we started at 10 pm, in reply he said babe, its only 3 and half hours. We still have time till 5 am in the morning, I laughed at this, but we both were very comfortable by now being naked with eachother. He said, if I can go for penetration today, I said I am a virgin, I would like to, so first he tried with fingers. He inserted one of his finger started playing in my vagina, and after his resting time, I saw his dick erect again, he kept playing with his fingers, and tried with the second finger too, it was a little painful, but I was enjoying the to and fro motion. He then said, usha are u ready for me to go in, I said yes avii go in.

And there, he tried for some more time, and this continued, and there was a time that came in my life, where I literally was not in this world, yes, it was this strong hard, thud push that my hubby had given me, after which we both were 1 single entity, yesss, he was now inside me, I had a little scream, and the pain was terrible, but it started to fade away with the pleasure coming in, yes, I lost my virginity, my hubby was inside me, and he was moving very slowly and steadily, looking at me, looking at my eyes, my breasts, and was making his dick enter me completely inside, pressing in there and then coming out, aaahhh…. Guys I can’t express how I was feeling at that time, that time of to and fro motion was just amazing, he literally did this for very long time, I probably cummed within few minutes of his motion, but it took a very long time for him to come to climax, as I had already jerked off, so this was painful for me, and yes after like 15 long minutes of slow and fast motion he finally had his second shot, and moaned and there we lay both hot and sweaty and he inside me.

Both tired and relaxed. We lay there for like another 10 mins talking breathing and smelling each other’s breath he started sucking my neck and breasts then. It was amazing, I knew that the charm of sex has probably come to an end. This was the first sex that I was so excited about, has come to it’s climax.

We both went to the washroom together this time, I did bleed, I cleaned up and so did he also, we both cleaned up again, and after getting fresh again went to bed, but this time both went naked, no towels. This time in bed we both went for deep french kissing, it was amazing, eating out each others tongue lips teeth and oh my my, he literally ate me, I too tried, but his mouth was bigger than mine, he ate me more.

We kissed for a long time, took break, talk then again kissed. His dick wasnt hard this time while kissing, probably it was taking it’s own sweet time to get hard again. I said if he can do it for the third time, then he said, heha s gotto wait. He wanted to suck me again, but since I had bled, so I said him no. I played with his dick, and with my hand and mouth again he got hard, it was amazing that it got hard. But I then thought, the amount of semen that was already out, I don’t think there would any more manufactured today. So, I kind of left it and went again for french kissing. He too cooperated with me that way and he went for his regular sucking and licking fetish, which I was enjoying as my first night I am being treated as a queen.

We spent some more time kissing and talking, at around 3 am my hubby went for a thrid shot, it was bit difficult for him, but I helped him and this was amazing, the third shot was simply great because we both were tired and exhausted, and took hell lot of time and energy and hormones to build up the action and ending with the release.

Finally we had a last clean up, and wore night dresses, I wore a black bridal nighty and he with shorts and a shirt. We both went back in bed had little kisses and hugs and went for some more talk.

Probably at 4 or 4:30 am I guess we fell asleep.

I was very happy with my wedding night as it went the way I wanted. There was love, there was talk and to top it there was a definite sex. And this was amazing, I had pain but it was worth the pain.

I know there will be more sex in my marriage life, but nothing is worth the first night sex, where there is so much scope to explore and surprise.

We are now happily married and have spent almost 8 months together, we have had sex a lot of times. I will share some more stories with you all, but wanted to share my suhaag raat first.

Do let me know if you guys liked it.

Love all,Usha.

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