Vijay, Prince Of Pleasures – Part 1

Hi busty babes and fellow jerkers. This is the woman pleaser Nikhil with a new fantasy storyline. This occurs in a 15th century Indian castle. There inside the most powerful kingdom, Raja Samrat was in a serious talk with his cousin and chief minister Dushtabudhi and his defence chief chief Gajaraj about the problem he was in.

G: Maharaj! Word from the last kingdom has come. They too have rejected your offer. The king is scared about the life of his daughter.

The king was turning 35 without a queen or heir or any child. He had a tall fair muscle body with a 8 inches long 2.5 inch thick cock to give any woman a wild night. He was the strongest in his clan. He concurred most of his surrounding lands abs cane into a treaty with the rest.

But not even the common people wanted to marry off their daughter to him because of the curse. The king was married to 11 princesses, 3 daughters of ministers, 7 of foreign traders and 11 of common people. But they all died in child birth killing both the child and the mother.

D: Maharaj! Do not be discouraged. There might be a right girl for you somewhere. Why don’t you relieve your stress in the hunt tomorrow. Sorry I can not come. But my wife it’s due tomorrow. I have to be with her.

S: Let’s hope it is a boy. You are growing old. You are 55 and your wife is 18. You might not have any more chances. He might be the next ruler. Since Gaju here has taken vow to not have any kids since his twins died after falling into that well. I think unluck rules this castle.

What the king did not know was the unluck was sitting of front of him. Dushtabudi was the one who pushed Gajaraj sons into the well. He was also the one who fed the queens poison which killed them at the time of child birth. He had also planned a hunting accident for the king where he was to fall in a pit with 3 hungry wolves. He was sending the king to hunt in one of the most remote woods in the kingdom.

Next day, hunt proceeded as expected. The king left the party and rode after a large deer trained by dushta to take him to the pit. The only problem was the lost woman who was looking into the pit when the deer hit her. She screamed as the wolves tore the boar to pieces and waited for the dangling meat to fall.

Hearing the screams Samrat reached the pit and saw the woman being pulled down by her skirt by the wolves. It was clear that if he had fallen in to the pit he would be dead. But now he shot 3 arrows killing 2 of the wolves. The third struck The woman accidentally on the thigh after which she fell.

The 3rd moved to her with hungry eyes. It was too close to risk an arrow. So Samrat pulled out his sword, jumped in and after a rough fight Samrat stood over a dead wolf.The woman was pretty shaken. It took some time for the king to carry the shaken woman out of the pit and the 3 wolf carcasses. The woman guided her to where she had made camp. She put some paste on her thigh but did not change her tattered deer skin dress. She did not talk much as Samrat skinned the wolves. She just said her name was Devi and offered him to cook the wolves.

Samrat stared as She brought some herbs and spices from her straw hut and started cooking the beasts. She looked fairer than a normal tribal woman but was little dark. She was beautiful with a hot figure of 38D 26 40. She was in some pain due to both her wound and emotional. Samrat did not ask her too many questions. It was only after eating a wolf did she open up.

D: thanks. That is the best meal I had in 10 days.

S: why? Don’t you have a tribe?

D: I am the chief daughter. But they have all been captured by another tribe because I chose not to marry their chief. How could I? He was father to a girl 450 full moons old when I am only 300 full moons old. My mother helped me escape but it cost both my parents lives. I feel so helpless that I can’t protect my own tribe.

In anger she kicked a log which widened her thigh wound. Blood flowed as she fell to the ground howling in pain. Samrat took the paste he saw her apply earlier. He did not wait for permission and started allying it in the wound which he realised was close to her pussy. He was horny. He was soon rubbing her pussy as Devi moaned. Suddenly she sat up.

D: sorry I can’t unless I am married to you.

S: then let’s get married.

D: you don’t get it. You will be a target as well. They will kill you. You must be some wealthy trader to dress like that but they are vicious.

S: I an the king of this land. I can protect you and your people.

D: O king! Take me to the lake. Let’s cleanse each other. Then take me to the hut give me some clothes and jewellery to wear and and then you can break my seal.

Soon a naked Samrat was sitting in front of devi with a cleaned wolf skin covering her boobs and another around her waist and wearing the king’s necklace and ring. She seemed to glow since all the dirt was washed away.

Samrat pulled her to him and gave her a passionate kiss while his hands explored her boobs. Devi started rubbing his cock. She had more passion than any of his last wives. When Samrat paused for air she knelt and started sucking his cock. She knew what she was doing. She wrapped her tongue on to the cock and sucked it. Soon Samrat had cummed into her mouth whisk she drank and lick cleaned his cock.

Soon it was in full length again. So Devi removed what She was wearing and lied on the bed legs wide for Samrat to enter. But he wanted to give he pleasure. He bent and started licking her pussy. Soon she was moaning loudly and pushing his head further in. This was not what her mother said would happen but she loved it. Soon he was drinking her Cum.

Now he was ready. While Devi was still dizzy he pushed in his cock into her pussy. She screamed as blood dripped as his cock went in completely. Samrat continued to pump her vigorously without mercy not minding her nails digging into his flesh. Soon her screams turned to moans and her vaginal muscles started to tense. Samrat pulled out before she could Cum. She was not happy but soon she was bouncing on his cock while he lied on his back. He spanked her ass and she loved it.

Soon both came at the same time.

She wanted more so she started rubbing his cock with her pussy. He pushed her to her knees and without warning entered her ass. She screamed and he did not mind. Only half of it went in. He pumped her while his hands squeezed her boobs. Soon most of his cock was in her and he came into her ass.

Samrat took out his cock which was covered in cum and little blood. So he pushed it into her mouth and in return the favour by licking clean her pussy. Both were tired and they slept like that. They were woken by the deep voice of Gajaraj.

G: maharaj! Are you in there?

Soon the newlyweds were clothed and on horses moving to Devi’s enemy tribe with the king’s reserve army from the next state. Devi had already instructed how to identify the enemies from her tribe and not to hurt any women or kids abs anyone who surrenders. King ordered to bring the enemy chief Asur to them in chains.

They first attacked the enemy tribe land with ease since most of them had left for Devi tribe land. Then they marched to Devi tribe and reached by night. There both her parents bare bodies were hung on a tree dried cum stuck on her mother. This enraged Devi. Soon they took back the tribe and Asur, 70 year old chief was on his knees.

A: please Devi! Have mercy. I have children and grandchildren.

D: most of them died for you and the rest don’t want you. Cut off his manhood and feed it to the dogs. Then parade him through the village naked to the mercy of my people.Soon there was nothing of Asur left but broken bones on spear while Devi gave ask lost souls proper rites.

1 year later…..

King waited for his wife near the palace gates. He was waiting to see his child. She had insisted in staying in her tribe during pregnancy. He did not even know if it was a boy or girl. He waited not minding dushtabuddi’s daughter Visha cries. Soon a guarded carriage pulled up and outcame Devi announcing “king! Here is Prince Vijay”

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