Vijay, Prince Of Pleasures – Part 2

Hi busty babes and fellow jerkers. Please read the previous story to catch up. In the 15th century there inside the most powerful kingdom Kamaran , Raja Samrat and Rani Devi rejoiced seeing their only son and heir Vijay who was just 18 years old take down his tall bulky opponent and teacher the chief of his army Gajaraj in sword fighting. Next to the royal couple their chief minister dushtabudhi gave some half hearted claps. Vijay extended his arms.

V: need a hand, master?

G: you are getting better but I still say you should bulk up a bit to fight better.

V: says the giant I just knocked down. Meanwhile my figure is perfect for swift attacks and dodges. And the girls love it.

the noble women in the balcony cheered As he pointed to them. He was no giant but was just a bit tall for his age with perfect body and blue eyes. He always bare chested giving him more freedom and the girls a good view of his abs.

G: apparently I can’t beat you in debate As well.

Vijay made his way to his parents. At the balcony every girl watched as he rubbed of the sweat. Among them bossing the others was Visha dushta’s daughter. She had the same personality of her killer father. The ugliness showed on her face which she made worse by covering it in make up. Her figure was 28 24 30.

Visha: Scream all you want but soon the Prince Will be screaming for me.

Rema: Yes! To wash his clothes. What are you going to seduce him with? Your flat chest or Your ass which looks like 2 dents. You are a stick with barely any curves.

Rema was technically her best and only friend. Rema’s father Dhani was the richest merchant in Kamaran. Dushta owed a huge sum to Dhani which he promised to pay back when he becomes the king. But since that option was no longer possible, Dhani started blackmailing Dushta about how he killed the kings family. So with Dushta inside Dhani had sent his Rema to stay in the palace and slit on the prince and seduce him to become the queen.

Visha was cross at the situation of her not being able to defy back. But she knew she was ugly and Rema was her complete opposite. She was a sexy dame. Her figure was perfect 36 24 36. She was fair as snow and same age As Vijay. She used to wear short tight dresses to show off her body. Part of her boobs were always seen.

After receiving a precious ring from his father, Vijay walked back through the arena to the palace as he was joined by his best friends, Vir(19) the son of Devi’s elder brother Shur who was the new chief and Chatur (17), son of the palace accountant Gyani.

Vir was sent to the palace to learn the fighting techniques of the kingdom since that was what saved them when they were captured by asur. He was a dark thin yet handsome boy who knew both the palace and tribal fight tricks. He was an older brother to Vijay. Chatur was the clever guy in the gang. He was a bit chubby and was not so good in fighting. But he was good with an axe.He was short and sensitive but highly reliable just like Devi wanted. She knew there was someone in the castle who had been killing kings family and it was most likely Dushta.

Chatur : you can leave by the direct passage to the palace.

Vijay: I wanna feel the Sun as I walk by.

Vir: we all know you just want to give the girls a show.

Chatur: I think I can see more of Rema’s boobs and thighs today. What i wouldn’t give to fuck her. But does not even notice me.

Vijay : some day you might.

All 3 left for their classes with the raja guru. Rema played with the palace girls for a while and in the evening she was back to her mission to seduce Vijay into loving her and becoming the queen. All her old tries by wearing barely anything had failed.

Now she wanted to kick it up a notch. Since the next day was an off day she knew Vijay would be visiting his favourite part of the palace. An out house away from the palace he had modified as a bar. He was not allowed to visit brothels yet.

After waiting for sometime She helped herself to some drinks. She went into the bed chamber, got naked and lied on bed with her pussy lips open. She waited but soon she was asleep. She was awakened by someone sucking her boobs.She pretended to be asleep. She realised her hands and legs was tied. She enjoyed as he bit her nipples. Them she felt a cock rubbing at the tip of her pussy. then to her horror she heard the owner of the cock who was definitely not Vijay.

Chatur: so wet pussy! And just to think I just wished for it this morning.

She opened her eyes just as chatur’s 7 inch long fat cock was about to pierce her. She screamed out.

Rema: Noooo …  please stop … Not you!

Vijay: you were right to tie her up, chatur. Seems like the bitch wad waiting for me.

Rema: But Prince, I love you with my heart. I am yours only.

Vijay : if you were mine alone you wouldn’t have exhibited yourself as a whore. You act as a whore you get treated the same.

Rema saw Vijay and Vir were already enjoying their drinks wearing nothing but under cloths. They planned on fucking her next. she knew she won’t be taken as anyone’s wife if her seal is broken.

Rema : don’t break my seal and I will tell you the truth about all deaths in this palace.

Vijay: okay! We give you our word odd not breaking your seal. Now spit it out.

and so Rema told the 3 all about how the previous queens And their children And gajaraj’s sons all got murdered by Dushta.

Vijay: What I don’t understand is how did you cane to knew this.

Rema (hesitating ) : because my father was the one who funded him. When he saw Dushta will never be king he sent me here to seduce you to making me your queen. Dushta owes us a lot. Now as you promised please release me.

Vir : the promise was before you told us about your family’s role in this.

Chatur: Yes lets fuck her to death.

Vijay : sorry but we gave our word to not Open her seal.

Rema was relieved. As chatur bent to release her legs Vijay started smiling.

vijay: But we promised just not to fuck her cunt and her cunt is not the only place she could be fucked.

chatur had released her legs. He understood and lifted her legs to her chest and In went his cock up her ass. She screamed and vir made her swallow his 9in thin cock. Tears covered her face as Chatur’s fat cock was getting covered in some blood.

Vijay wanted her to suffer as she was his way of punishing her father. Chatur moaned loudly as he came into her ass. His cock went limp as he lied on top of her.

Vir rolled chatur off and rolled her over. He then entered her ass. His cock was thin but long. Barely half went in. He gave a strong push and in went his full cock. Rema shrieked out as Vir kept ramming her.This went on till Vir came into her. Now Vijay dragged her bu hair to her knees in front of him.

Vijay : this is for all the innocent lives your father has helped in killing.

He slapped her without mercy till her cheeks were red. Then he pushed in his cock into her mouth. He pissed and forced her to drink it all. Next he pinched her nipples and twisted them. Then he took his horse whip and he hit her boobs leaving red cut marks wherever it hit. Soon she was bleeding.

Then he took her on his lap and spanked her ass with his whip. Soon Vir joined with his whip and chatur bit and sucked her boobs. Soon her ass was red hot.

Vijay : get fucked like the bitch you are.

He put her in doggy pose and in went his 8.5 inch thick cock up her ass. Her ass has gone soft and swollen with all the fucking and whipping increasing the pain. Vijay grabbed her hair and pulled it as reins as he rode her.

Vijay came in her and she lied flat as Cum oozed out. Chatur came behind her and inserted his 3 fingers in her ass and started jerking.

Chatur : Wonder how much more will go in

And in went his whole fat fist jerking her. The other two made her wear their underwear as a crown and when chatur was done they started filing her ass with bottles. Soon She fainted.

The next time she woke she was lying on her palace bed naked smelling like shit, Piss and Cum. She couldn’t walk for days. Soon she packed up and left. She didn’t want to return to this kingdom ever again.

She can’t imagine what the boys would do to Visha and Dushta. Mail me at [email protected]

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