Vijay’s Angels – 3 Sexy Girls And 1 Guy

Hi ISS readers, I am reading the stories for a few days here and I would love to submit mine too. This is about 3 girls and me in my college life. Read everything from the beginning till the end to get the real feeling and the max sexual arousal from this story.

This happened in the Engineering college days, about 2 years ago. My entire class was in the final year of Engineering. The boys had thoughts that we all were not going to meet so much after this year. The girls had thoughts that they will get married soon after their college ends.

I was the richest and good looking guy in the class. There were only 8 girls in class while 40 boys were in the class. Most boys were not so good looking, or not even well built. Some were just bookworms who did not know the life out of the books.

Out of the 8 girls, some were super hot while some were average and some were just bookworms who lived their lives to study only, they did not even care to look good or make some hairstyle.

The following 3 paragraphs are describing the 3 girls from my final year of Engineering’s class.

About Ashwini: In the class, there was a girl named Ashwini. She did not have the hots for me until a day when I saw her on the stairs. She had not worn any bra that day. So her boobs were looking so big that I could not take my eyes off her boobs.

She was climbing the stairs and I was standing in disbelief on the floor. She had a superb figure. I mean her boobs were of size 34 D or can be DD cups, while her body was super slim. Her boobs were the heaviest part of her body. Her face was not so good, nor was her hairstyle or clothing style.

She was not fair, maybe all these reasons were enough to not have any boyfriend. Ashwini noticed me staring at her boobs, so did her close friends. From this day, she came to know that I have hots for her, she also started giving me a line.

She was always sitting on the 4th bench from the front, while I was a backbencher. She used to look back at me. She used to straighten up her hairs with her fingers and then look in front towards the blackboard. This looking back to me was done every hour by her.

My friends noticed this and they started a bit teasing me. But still, there was not much teasing. I was also not much into her as I was focusing on my side income. I was running a small startup in my 3rd and 4th year (final year) of engineering. I was not having much time for all this.

About second girl Ranjana: She must be having 36 D or DD cup too. This girl was good looking, fair, big boobs, very long hairs. In the earlier years of college, she had no bad intentions towards any boys at all. But now in the final year of Engineering, she was in search of a life partner for marriage.

She was ready to be impregnated actually. She had a fully developed figure. Most boys would love to be her other half. But she was a bookworm until the beginning of the 4th year. Some marriage proposals from her relatives were coming to her daily.

She was about to make a final decision for marriage in those days. She thought of giving me a try. She always used to sit in the next row to my bench and just a bench ahead of us backbenchers. The reason for sitting so back in the class was nothing to do with us backbenchers.

This was because she joined the college late (after diploma direct entry to the second year of engineering). So was not having many friends (girls). She was fine to talk to all the boys. We were also normally talking with her as she was a local girl of Pune itself.

One day she asked my mobile for time pass reading of jokes. After a few minutes, she gave the mobile back to me. She said she had forwarded a good joke from my mobile to her mobile. She was checking my messages and everything to see if I had a girlfriend.  She saw there is no girlfriend.

So she was happily returning the mobile with a very cute and happy smile on her face. She indirectly gave me her number as she forwarded the message to herself. She told me about this so that I get a clue that she has given her number to me in this way. As usual, I was busy in my startup and so I had no time for her.

Third girl Deepti: In my second year of Engineering a girl named Deepti had sent a boy messenger (common friend of both of us) to me saying she is in love with me. She talked to this boy because he was from her village. I did not like this girl because of not big boobs. But I was happy that she liked me.

She used to dress super conservative and was not talking to boys from my class at all. I did not ignore her, but I was more than friendly with her. She joined all the private classes that I used to join. She used to sit exactly behind me, just so that she can keep watching me, instead of the blackboard.

Her figure can be ignored but she is a very good human being. I love her silent girl nature. But I had so many other options for making a girlfriend.

Now comes a very interesting day when we have to make project partners. A group of 4 students (boys and girls) will work on 1 project for the entire 1 year. The group will find the best project and a sponsor company to give funds or their names in the project.  The groups were made and the names were noted down by the teacher.

I was absent as I was busy with my startup. I was successful and earning 17 thousand daily, so I was absent that day. The next day to my surprise, these 3 above mentioned girls were sitting next to each other.  Waiting to make a group of 4 with me!

I came to know from friends that all this happened. These 3 girls did not join their friends but waited for me to be their project partner. All 3 girls had better studying and sincere groups. All 3 girls had left their good performing friends and were waiting for me.

I was surprised and happy to know this. My buddy Appa (my best friend) told all of this to me. I then approached the girls with a ‘Hi!’ and sat next to them. Those girls were so happy on my arrival as if they were waiting for me for ages. They laughed when I joked that our group is like Charlie’s Angels’, 3 girls, and 1 boy.

We laughed a lot about this. Then they took my number, saved it. Ranjana already had my number. We talked about the possibilities of the project. I asked them the reason to select me as a partner. The girls said that you are having a good reach with companies for sponsorship.

The actual reasons may be that I am having a good laptop and iPhone. I am having a well-built body. Appa had the best body in class, while I came second. I have a better height than Appa. Maybe, this makes me the most attractive boy in class. Let me tell you about me, I am fair, decent looking, 5″10 in height and generally a big-body-gym-going boy.

Then a few days went by, I used to get a lot of calls from all 3 girls. They kept inquiring a lot about the project. While all calls were unnecessary calls. They were hitting on me, giving me a line. The girls from other classes in college were also crazy for me. But this story is about the girls from my class.

Then one day we met outside of the college in an evening. We gathered at Ranjana’s house. We saw her first time in a sleeveless tight top and half pants. All the girls and I were also laughing. I teased her that today we have to work on the project but someone is in a party mood.

We should have brought some drinks here. This matter was noted as a good point by the girls. they said that a Bacardi Breezer or light drink can be had actually. Then the girls did not say anything and continued our work. We then decided that Ranjana will go with me to a few companies.

The next day Ranjana sat on my bike. Then I came to know how these girls are using me. Now I understood why the girls were fighting a lot on who will go to the company visit with me. Ranjana sat behind me on my Pulsar bike. She rubbed her entire left boob on me in the process of sitting on the bike.

I mean she touched the middle part of her chest to my shoulder. Then the left boob started touching my shoulder. Then the nipple touched my shoulder. Then the boob got squeezed inside. Then the boob press ended with a smile on her face saying sorry. This entire thing looked as if she did it deliberately.

There was nothing left to be felt of the entire left boob. Only thing was that we were not nude. Otherwise, I would have felt the entire boob press from the center to the end of the boob with full force. Then I rode the bike via a lot of crowd and signals. Ranjana did not give a damn fuck about what people would say.

Ranjana had both hands around me. She was not hugging me yet, she just had her both hands around my T-shirt. Slowly she had her hand come more and more forward. She was not hugging me a bit from behind. Then she rested completely on my back as if I am a chair.

Her boobs were crushing on my back. She did not wear a bra. She had some different thin material slack type of bra. As if a small tank-top-slack was inside her T-shirt. She had made my dick hard on a running and bouncing bike. Ranjana then let her hand rest on my crotch area, near my jeans buttons and zip.

Then with every pothole on the road, her boobs would rub up and down on my T-shirt. She deliberately used to loosen herself from my body. But she made sure that I felt the entire bouncing boobs. Then she would again hug me from back as usual in the pretext of sitting securely.

I did not object until now, but I knew that people are watching us. Her hand was resting next to my dick. It was hitting hard on my balls (gote). I had my dick always tucked upside (dick facing up the sky) on the jeans. There was an issue in this position.

If the dick gets bigger in this sky facing position, then it would come out of the jeans from the top. This is why I adjusted the dick from above the jeans, just like changing the gear of a truck. I caught my dick over the top of the jeans, then slid it clockwise down. So that the dick faces downwards now.

This unintentionally slid my dick into the resting hands of Ranjana. Ranjana thought this is a positive signal and I have placed my dick in her hand. She squeezed the dick. She whispered in my ear, “I was trying to find this for a long time.”

I said, “It was unintentional dear. My dick would come out of the jeans and people could see it from the top side (where the jeans button is). This is the reason I took it down, but it landed in your hands.” She did not listen much to this, or maybe she was not able to hear me in the loud sounds on the street.

She kept a scarf-dupatta on my crotch area, then no one was able to see her hands on my dick. Then she opened the zip of the jeans and inserted her cold soft hands in my jeans. She found my dick. I was wearing loose jockey underwear that had a pocket hole to get the dick out for the toilet.

Ranjana used this pocket opening to take out my dick from the jeans. She was so happy to take it out. She was stroking the dick, caressing it, feeling it as if she is holding a dick first time in life. She kept on stroking my dick on the running bike.

We reached the campus of a company, the watchman asked us about the purpose and stuff to visit the company. He wanted me to get down and write our names on the register that was kept in the watchman’s tower. But he saw her hand is holding my dick and the scarf-dupatta is covering her hand and my dick.

He smiled and brought the register towards me so that I can fill it without standing away from my bike. While we were entering the parking, he said there are cameras in parking. He indirectly meant that do not do sex or anything stupid in parking.

So, did we listen to the watchman? Find out in the next part. Meanwhile, you can send me feedback on s [email protected].

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