Village Gays – Part 2

I hope you guys enjoyed the first part of the story ( village gays).

Coming to the story, as I was only covered with lungi head to hip, I could not see the face reaction of maarie anna. So I purposefully moved my arms which on my chest so the lungi would remove from my face naturally, as I did so on the light of the oil lamp I could see him, he had his lungi covering his leg only everything was nude as he also not wearing any underwear like me and murgan.

He had one hand supporting his head and other on my dick and his 9 inch (dick) black snake on my hip trying to fuck me. As my lungi removed from my face I opened my eyes, even he knew I was awake he never bothered to take his hand from my tool.

He was still making balls out of the creamy layer which forms on the tool(dick) head and smelling it.To stop him and I couldn’t control my erection it was getting harder, I turned towards murgan side to since I was in the middle, that turn started everything to my surprise my friend was having tent on his lungi,not aware of what is happening to me even he was sleeping next to me.

He had little to much alcohol I think so was in a deep sleep,after I turned maarie anna started to penetrate my ass with his tool, which I did not allow him to do so he came near put his hands on my check pulled me closer.

I got scared he was going to rape me he insert his dick between my thighs and stared to bang me he told in my ears ( super valla katta nee, un kundi vedaa mattan). It means you are white hot chick I will not leave your ass.

I grabbed so hard murgan, on his hand as my I could not control my sexual feeling because maarie 9 inch tool was going up and down my legs (thighs). He woke up from the mat and so me getting fucked my maarie, for which I thought his reaction would be bad, he was laughing seeing me I to smiled back maarie anna was not bothered about him was busy with his work.

As I could see murgan lungi was tent like impression he just removed it and I saw his tool it was something around 8 inch I think full temper. He went a little down from the mat till my hip and started sucking my tool wow wow I couldn’t believe what was happening around me I could stop my best friend doing it because I was enjoyed the pleasure he was giving it after 10 to 15 min I was about to cum I pushed murgan he took my dick from his mouth, so I cum on his lungi or mine I think so. Maarie anna cum (vendthee) sperm was flowing in between my thighs and mat.

Now murgan was the one who was still to explode he jumped to other side so maarie was in the middle I was in one side murgan on the other side, murgan sucked maarie”S nine for 1 min but maarie good hand job for murgan. I slept because I was tired, didn’t even know what happen ed after that.

Next day morning when I opened my eyes murgan was nude but he had his inner cut banyan on his body covering him till hip next me and even I was also like that. I couldn’t find maarie anna in the room and there was no lungi’s of both us cut banyans mat and pillow only in the room. I was got up did not wake murgan pulled my banyans to cover my dick since it was long one I could do so.

I was like silk smitha(item dancerin tamil movie) in banyans my dick was semi erected and wanted to pee very urgently I walked to back side of the house where full of banana plants are planted there couldn’t see maarie anna anywhere walked little out from the house to pee in the banana garden. Me only in banyans nothing else in the bottom lifted my banyans and stated to pee I was looking around to make sure no one around me almost when I about to finish my peeing I felt some one standing towards my side at glace I saw the red cotton towel but never turned around thinking it was maarie anna.

After my peeing when I turned around it was not maarie anna I was shocked to see the guy he was older than maarie anna 60 s guy. Full white hair, dark like maarie, skin little shrink-ed, narrow face same cotton towel like maarie anna but he wore dirty shirt which about tare into pieces.

The biggest surprise was he did not ask me who I was, smiled came near me and asked me : onukee poitiyaa kannee, seri vaaa (have u finished peeing ok come ) saying this he caught my dicks head with his three fingers which was dripping urine gave it small shake and kissed his own fingers.

All this happened in just 10 seconds time, then I saw maarie anna coming out of the house in same costume only the red cotton towel nothing else . I went fast stood near him, he said it was his uncle who helped in the farm. His name was muthu I think he came early morning and got updated about the things happened yesterday .

After few seconds murgan my friend came out he didn’t even have shame on his face, the banyan wasn’t covering his dick came out stood like that in front of me,maarie & muthu. I myself was feeling shy to face them but later when I saw murgan super cool even I started adapting his character. Muthu amma (uncle) was starting at his murgan’s dick he came stood near him, he got hold of his dick and made him pee like small kids.

After that mariee anna gave us tea had some breakfast told us to bath in the back side river, hearing this murgan removed his banyan and walked naked threw banana plants when we reached there very cam river flowing it was like private place no else can assess there. All four us came to bath there muthu had oil in coke bottle he applied for me, maarie took care of murgan in applying oil they both was completely nude the didn’t want the oil to be on their clothes.

So muthu mama removed his clothes old snake sleeping inside him another monster cock wasn’t active but he applied oil everywhere, he sucked my dick twice formally they both muthu mama and maarie was favorite me since I was the fairest among them had a little girl like hip and ass also, tamil men and women are made mad about fair skin people.

Murgan and maarie anna got into water and started to swim he was still applying oil playing with my dick I got hold of his dick my one hand wasn’t enough for it. He laughed at me I to smiled back to him we came back to house. We wore our dress went back to our place we told good bye to maariee he told come back again when you come again to Coimbatore drop in.

After we reached our house no one asked where did we go in murgan house they thought I was in his house in mine other way around. We didn’t see each other for 20 days for no reason…..

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