Virgin CBI Officer On Secret Mission

This story is about neha,a simple girl from Punjab who has been a brave girl all through her life..she belongs to a middle class family and right from her school days she had been good at sports..Which helped her have a well toned figure.Like any other Punjab girl,she has mass at the right places making her a beautiful young lady..She was always approached by guys but she was not in favour of having sex before marriage..After her exploits in sports,she was offered a job by the Punjab police and now its been 3 years since Neha has served the police force will great determination and bravery…She has won numerous medals and is considered as the best officer for any tough mission…Neha is 25 now.,and being so busy with her police duty.,she never got a chance to get married and start a family…She is still a virgin..Naturally,she has desires which are quite normal for a 25 year old but for her duty comes first..she is someone who is quite willing to die while serving as a police officer… She as completed all the missions which have been given to her which prompted the commissioner to call her for a very important mission…

Neha-Good morning sir..!! I was informed you called me..

Commissioner-Good morning neha..!! yes yes..,Please have a seat..I wanted to discuss a very important mission with you..As you already know that there have been several cases of illegal drug trafficking and selling in our city..And we been informed that the head of the Mafia is a college student from ”St.John’s College”..But we are not sure about the information…Still since a lot of cases of drug abuse have been reported from this college there is a high possibility that this information could be true..

Neha:-Sir,but how can we act without full-proof knowledge,I mean the government won’t let us do that.

Commissioner:-Don’t worry about that Neha..!! After the Mayor’s son died in drug abuse ,he has himself ordered to take down such gang but the mission has to be undercover..And so I have called you as you are the best Officer that we have..

Neha:-Thank you sir,I ready for any kind of mission..

Commissioner:-Very well..!! Now listen,I want you to go the the college as a student and try to find out more on this case..But be aware you are not going as a police officer and nobody should have a doubt over it..

Neha:-But sir..How can I go as a student.I am too old for that..

Commissioner:- Don’t worry..!! You will be just fine you are young and beautiful..just remember that nobody should doubt you so act like a college student..And your mission will start from tomorrow itself so you don’t have much time to prepare..Department has made all the will be shifting to a new house so that nobody doubts..Here is the address and you will get all that you need there in the house..Good Luck with the mission..!!

That Night Neha shifted to the new house…The house had just one bed room and the wardrobe was full of tight jeans and mini-skirts just like teenagers wear..Neha wasn’t sure about the clothes so she tried them once and when she looked in the mirror she was shocked,she looked almost perfect in the mini-skirt with her milky well toned legs showing and her round ass was also noticeable…

All the eyes were staring at a young beautiful lady who entered in a mini skirt and a really hot top which left noting to guess about her figure..Neha was looking damn hot and sexy as her ass danced to the steps of her footwear..She had a plan in her mind.,she knew she’ll have to maintain a high profile to get the attention of the drug dealers if there were any and to start off..She ignored the guys staring at her boobs and ass and kept checking for those drug dealers…She finished the first two lectures and was inside the washroom when suddenly she found herself crowded…

A Guy:- So finally got a see a good fresher..What’s your name sexy..??

Normally such kind of questions would have resulted into breaking of a couple of bones but here neha had to keep her cool..”It’s a ladies toilet..!! Guys are not allowed here..!!”

The guy took placed his hand on neha’s bum and said:- So what..??

Neha moved a couple of steps back.. Neha was furious she felt like kicking the guy’s balls and showing him what she likes to do with such guys but she had her mission in her mind….”Please leave me alone” she said…!!

There guy placed one hand on her shoulder and said,”We are your seniors.,you must listen to what we say and then you can leave..”Neha was about to unleash her kombat ways just when she say one of the guys taking out weed from his pocket and smocking it….That was drugs..!!! Neha had to change plans..!!Neha said crying,”I’ll do anything just let me go”..!!!Neha knew what that guy had in mind but she had to be sure that she doesn’t reveal her real identity… The guy unzipped his pants and took out his long dick…That woul have been around 10″…he said,”I have this gift for you.,,suck it..!!”

Neha was shocked but she couldn’t let the mission fail…she bent to her knees and looked at the penis…Evn the feeling of sucking that was disgusting to neha..!! Before she could do anything.,The guy forced his cock inside neha’s mouth and asked her to move her lips to and fro…Neha dint know how to give a blowjob..Loking at this the guy began pumping his cock into neha’s mouth…Neha was left gasping for breath…Tears were rolling down her cheeks..but she couldn’t risk doing something in front of so many guys…All other guys were laughing at her desperation..The guy made her suck his cock for 10 mins when he got a call on his cellphone.. The guy talked very seriously and they discussed some delivery thing..Neha guessed it was about drugs..!! he finally shot his load in her mouth…Neha felt disgusted and began crying as he took his dick out…

He asked neha to tell him his address and phone number and told her to be ready for a full session next time… He threw a packet of grass like stuff towards neha and said “this is your fee bitch..,,enjoy..!!” Then the guy left…Neha was really embarrassed at herself and she now was more than eager to take the gang down.. .she got a packet so she had a lead but she had other plans.,,she followed the guy..!! He went into the open field and there he gave a student a packet similar to the one he showed neha..the gut seemed to be the boss of the racket,Neha was all this time hiding behind the bushes…!!She left after they finished talking..Neha that they talked with the commissioner and they both reached the conclusion that the Guy was the way to take down the whole racket..Neha later found out that the guy was the son of the college trustee and his name was RANA..!!…Two days later the Rana came to Neha’s home at night…Neha knew this was her golden chance…

She was dressed to kill that night she was wearing a sihgle piece which was just short enough to expose her white milky thighs and well toned legs…Half her boobs were exposed and she was not wearing any bra that night…The guy named Vinod,,lost all his control just when he saw her…They began smooching each other and Rana took her in his arms and to the bedroom…He threw Neha on the bed and jumped on to her….He began smooching neha so hard that he almost bit her lips and with his hand was pressing neha’s boobs really hard…Neha was moaning and was happy that her plan was working….Neha knew that to take down such an influential guy as Rana she will need evidence so she had placed camera and voice recorders in the room… Now she just had to make sure that Rana confesses his crime…Rana was too busy with Neha’s sex Goddess like body all this time..He moved down to her boobs and took the stripes of her dress down to expose the best shaped boobs ever..she were perfectly big round boobs with erect nipples begging to get sucked and Rana obliged.

He took her left nipple in his mouth and began sucking like anything…Neha too was enjoying now…She had never ever been in a sexual act with a guy before…Rana was pressing her one boob and sucking the other…He took neha’s hand and placed it on his dick…Neha was surprised after touching such a long dick…Rana took his shirt off and went to Neha legs..He kissed Neha’s toes then her knees and went on to her milky white thighs…He gently kissed Neha’s inner thighs Neha sighed aAHHHHHHH.. in pleasure..RANA knew how to please a girl sexually..He dragged neha’s dress above her waist to expose her sexy red panty…the panty had a wet spot just over the pussy…

Rana smiled and kissed that wet spot and began licking it…Neha was going mad too…He teared off her panty and licked her pussy which was clean shaved and very sexy….He inserted his tongue in and began lcking the pussy inner walls…Neha was now literally shouting with pleasure..After sucking her pussy for 10 mins..Rna got up nad exposed his long black dick..It was about 10″…Neha had seen that before…and she knew what to do…she took the dick in her mouth nad began giving the blowjob…She was better this time…Now rana took his dick out and placed it at the entrance of Neha’s hot pussy…

He gave a slight jerk…only a little dick went in and came out some blood…Neha yelled in pain…Rana saw the blood and asked “So I’m the one breaking your seal..”..Neha replied,”I saved it for you my dear..”..And she knew that this was the perfect time as Rana ws surely gonna fuck her and by that time she can make him to confess anything..Rana was slowly jerking his dick inside Neha’s hot pussy while neha asked him,,”Baby.,,how do you get that hot stuff from.,,I really loved it when I took it from you..that was heaven..”RANA said.,”What stuff,he was panting and jerking his dick inside and outside Neha’s pussy..”

Neha:-AHHHHH yeahhhh.,,that stuff you gave me inside the packet that day..!!Rana:-Ohhh THAT,…!! (panting)..that was drugs…cocaine…!!Neha:-Where do you get it from…yeahhh ahhh deeper baby.,,I’m loving that cock of yours..!!Rana:-ahhhh ahhh.,,that is supplied especially from cuba..!!Neha:-And what do you do with it..!!!

Rana was nearing his climax…..he said i’m coming baby and he shot his thick load inside Neha’s pussy…Both of them were really exhausted…and lied down next to neha’s hot body and replied :-“I supply it to the college students and others in the city…This is a very high demand and you get really good profit…”

That was what neha wanted..She made Rana confess his crime.. and now was the time to detain the bastard…she went on top of rana and kissed his nipples and then went on to smooch him…Rana too was smooching her madly…Neha meanwhile slipped her hand under the bed and took out the gun from there…She leaped up and pointed the gun at Rana..!!! Rana was dead shocked to see this…He never expected to be caught naked while fucking a girl…He cursed Neha.,”YOU WHORE.,,all this time you were playing with me…and out of desperation he tried to run.He threw neha to the other side of the bed and tried to run towards the door naked…

The gun slipped off neha’s hand but she quickly gathered herself and kicked Rana from back…Rana crashed into the side walls…he stood up and tried to punch neha but neha was too good for that.,,she had trained all her life for this…she dogged his punched and looked his arm..RANA cried in pain and went to his knees…Neha punched rana in his face and that was followed by a taekwondo kick right on his face…Rana almost lost his control…he said.”you can catch me but how will you prove me guilty..,,I will easily come out..!!”

Neha:-(laughing)You see that camera up there,.,,it has caught you confessing all your crime…Now you will rot in hell all your life for ruining innocent lifes…and she punched Rana right on his face and rana got unconscious by that blow…When he woke up.,,he was in custody in a room in police station handcuffed..!! and then entered a lady in her uniform smiling…she came next to rana and said,”You might be good but no one is better than me..” and smiled…RANA couldn’t do anything..he was left ruing the fact that he felt for a hot girl with great body…and Neha did whatever she could to maintain her 100% record of completing missions….

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