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Hi, I am Pankaj and this story is about a Girl from Delhi who approached me after reading my story. But first, those who are interested in contacting me ping me at kik “pkgargxx” or mail at “[email protected]”

Let’s begin with action then. The best part of the incident is Ipsi. She read my story at Indian Sex Stories and KIK’ed me.

IP: Hi PK, ur stories are great ☺Me: Thanks and Hi, where are you fromIP: From Gurgaon why are u askingMe: Just trying to know youIP: Hmmm so where are you fromMe: Mostly in Delhi

IP: Is that story real how you fucked the Malviya Nagar MILF.Me: 100% True Incident, with that Punjabi women I had a blast.Ip: So you like only Punjaban

Me: No not like that I also like Bong beauties, they have those extra curves and they are frank and fuck like how sex was meant to be.Ip: Hmmmmm…

Me: By The Way how do you like sex….

Ip: Never had till now, but got quiet horny last night seeing my Jiju fuck her sister by hiding through the window.Me: So that’s why you messaged me.

Ip: Yup I also need to get laid but want to keep it secret as I am a sharif girl in my circle. Can’t tarnish my reputation now.Me: Of course I can assist, but if you want to be mentally prepared, don’t cry after I break your pussy virginity.

Ip: Yup I have made my mind and I can come over your place or I can book a Hotel room.

Me: Book a room for two, it’s better and keep the plan for Saturday afternoon to Sunday Morning.

IP: Ok done, anything else you want me to do!Me: Yup when you come to hotel wear tight tank tops which expose your cleavage and mini jeans and come through metro.She: Ok ????Me: One more thing doesn’t enter women coach, but come through the general box.She: Uffff ok, BTW give ur nu. I will call u on Sat.Me: 9××××××××7She: Ok bye!

Then I waited for the day to finally come and it was Saturday and she rang me and said Plan is on or not. I said I am ready where have you booked the room.

She said in Karol Bagh Metro Station meet me at CCD below it. I said OK and said you need to do what I said. She said ok relax.

I reached the CCD and after waiting for 15mins got a call and I saw her standing near the gate I waved a hand and she came to the table and sat.

She was looking stunningly cute and mesmerized by her beauty. I for once thought of asking her to marry me but then realized marriage isn’t for horny guys like me. I complimented her beauty and she smiled and blushed.

I asked her how was your trip. She said it was great as two men poked their dick in her ass while she was compressed by the heavy crowd. She didn’t even tried to get away and enjoyed the attention and smiled at the man making him restless. She said today I am a slut, fuck me like you fuck a dirty little slut. Forget I am a virgin and just make me bloom tonight.

I said control darling and we went to a medical and I asked her to buy a condom and she asked which flavors are available, I said just ask the guy at medical.

She hesitantly went in to buy a condom and slowly asked for condoms and looked back at me, the guy at the counter got shy and gave her some Durex dotted condoms. She asked which flavors are available and the guy slowly said Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, she said please Chocolate and gave her the money.

She smiled as if she had conquered some war and said come on. We headed straight to our hotel, grabbed the keys from the receptionist and headed straight to our room.

We closed the door and She was hot by now and came close to me and planted a kiss on my cheeks. I caught her face and smooched her juicy, smooth lips. She responded pretty well and soon our tongues exchanged. I bit her lips and groped her ass while smooching her.

She was now on cloud 9 and said Fuck me darling, but I wanted to make her feel so I asked her to keep calm. Then I took her top and pulled it out. I took her hairs and threw her on the bed.

I went on top and kissed the valley made by her boobs. I kissed her neck, her ears and whispered, you are a perfect slut, She smiled and said yes I am.

I then groped her boobs and she kept moaning heavily and sometimes cried with pain as I pinched her nipples and ate her boobs. They were so soft and juicy I couldn’t just overlook them.

Slowly I went to her naval and left a big breath, she also moaned and I kissed and proceeded further downtown. She had shaved her hairs and I kissed her lips, it tasted a bit salty due to her pre-cum.

I gave her a long smooch on her pussy lips and she kept moaning and lifting her ass to get more of my tongue. She burst out in a couple of minutes and held my face and I ate all her cum.

She just laid on the bed for a while as I cuddled her to get her horny again. I played mujra song and asked her to dance like a bargirl. She was shy in beginning but slowly she danced without any tension, shaking her boobs like Laila and moving her curved hips.

My dick was hard and she came close and unzipped me. She asked can you now fuck me, please. I asked her to blow me first but she was hesitant and as it was her first time I let her give a pass.

I said lets now tear ur pussy. She became excited and laid on the bed as I spread her legs and aimed my dick at her pussy. It was tight and difficult to penetrate. With little lubrication in for of saliva, I was able to break her hymen as she screamed and asked to stop and tears rolled her eyes.

I kissed her lips and gave a hard push and I was almost fifty percent inside her. She bled and was filled with pain. I gave her a minute to relax and gently tore her pussy for full penetration. I slowly started to get us in motion.

She screamed and moaned with pleasuring pain. I groped her tits and smooched her and slowly her. Now she has aroused again and started moving her waist and I asked her to ride me.

She took control and rode my dick. It was an awesome view as my dick went in and out her pussy lips while she moaned with pleasure and her huge softie boobs went up and down.

She suddenly increased the motion and came heavily on my dick but I was yet to come. I pulled the dick out and wrapped it with a fresh condom and asked her to blow me.

She took it in her mouth and blew my dick. Initially, she took only the tip but soon I started fucking her mouth like her pussy and she let me fuck her mouth.

Then she unwrapped the condom and asked for cum in her mouth as she wanted to taste it. Soon I came in her mouth and she ate it all and said She loved the taste.

We rested then for a couple of hours, ordered pizza and drinks and She drank for the first time. Soon she was tipsy and asked me to dance with her. We danced and she kept rubbing her ass on my dick.

It was time for action again and this time I asked her to lean on the bed as I entered her pussy from behind. I rammed my dick with speed and she moved her ass in cooperation and as I spanked her beautiful buttocks they became red. I pulled her hairs and soon I came right along with her and she just crashed on the bed.

After resting a few minutes she started cuddling with me again and gave several love bites and I also gave her some memorable love bites.

She then got in a spooning position and I lazily spooned her grabbing her boobs and kissing her neck. She came down and I too came inside her as this shot was without condom.

We slept in the same position and the next day we woke up and left the room. At night she again messaged me are you awake. I said yes, then she said she is coming to my address and asked to fuck her in her car.

I told her to come and she parked her car in our parking and as I came in she smooched me and said I just can’t live without getting fucked. I almost wanted to fuck my brother but I resisted and now fuck me again.

I took her to the backseat and we fucked in our society parking and as it was late nobody saw us. I also said her if you want sex again you need to wait for a month as regular sex can get us attached and emotional. I don’t want complications. I prefer friends with benefits type of relation.

She nodded and I got her a big dick shaped vibrator from Palika and when she rang next afternoon to satisfy her urge, I fucked her and then handed her the vibrator to keep her lust at bay.

If you liked the incident mail me ur feedback at [email protected] or kik at pkgargxx

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