Virginity Broken By New Aunty In The Neighbourhood

This is the story of how I lost my virginity. Since I am writing for the first time here, a quick info about me. I am Yash of age 21 from Mumbai. I am not very fair, nor too dark. Athletic body with a 6.5-inch tool.

It all started when I came back from the hostel (boys hostel) after completing my 12th. I was busy getting admission to the engineering colleges.

One casual day I was sitting in the balcony and I noticed some movement in the neighborhood. I saw from the balcony that a family was shifting into the bungalow. Two kids were playing, and a man was instructing some men to shift the furniture.

Suddenly a car came from the opposite direction and stopped near the bungalow. A beautiful lady came out from the back seat. I was shocked at seeing her and got a boner. I could not believe my eyes that such a lady could even exist, a perfect curvy figure with a stunning face and a gorgeous smile.

Later in the evening, the family came to our house and introduced themselves. I came to know that her name was Sonali aunty (heroine of the story). She had two children and her husband used to work in an MNC and who used to travel most of the time.

That day itself I decided to nail her. So, I made friends with her kids and became a good friend to them. They were a great fan of cricket, so we used to play cricket in the streets and watch matches together. Sonali aunty also used to watch matches with us and was a huge fan herself.

As the uncle was not in town, she used to ask me for help. Thus, we exchanged our mobile numbers. First, we used to exchange normal good mornings and all. One day she called and asked me to come urgently.

I went there and saw the younger son crying. So, I asked what was the matter. Aunty told me that he wanted tickets for the matches, but she could not get them.

I told her to calm down and rang my friend for the tickets for the match. He arranged the tickets for me. She was very happy and hugged me. I was very happy as well. I went home and masturbated remembering the touch of her soft boobs.

From that day onward, she and I grew close. She used to touch my arms casually, pat my back. We used to send jokes on the Whatsapp.

One day I accidentally sent her a non-veg joke and I was afraid that she would get angry. But she replied with a lol emoji. Now we used to exchange naughty jokes.

We got very close to each other. She told me that her figure was 38-30-40. One afternoon there was a cricket match in India. So, I went to watch it in their home.

It was an afternoon match, so her children slept during the match. Only aunty and I were watching the match. After some time, the light went out, so were casually talking and she asked me about my girlfriend.

As I did not have any, I told her so. Then she suddenly asked me about my virginity. I was a bit shocked and said I am still a virgin.

As the lights were out, I was heading back to my house. She stopped and said she wanted to give a bag to my mom. So, she bent for the bag and I could easily see her cleavage as she was wearing a nightie. I got an instant boner.

Then she gave me the bag with a wicked smile, as she could easily spot my boner over the boxer. I went home and released a lot of cum.

Next day she called me and asked to drop her children to the school as her car had broken down. So, I dropped the children and went to her home to inform her. She offered me breakfast.

Then she suddenly popped the question about the dent in my boxer yesterday. I was scared, and I said sorry and was apologizing to her. But she was cool and said these things happen to young guys.

Then she popped the question that what was my thought about her? I replied that she was a very gorgeous lady with a good amount of flesh at the right places and winked at her.

She suddenly started crying. I gave her my shoulder to cry on and asked what happened She replied that her husband does not give her time and they rarely had sex. She was not happy with her sex life. I immediately replied, “Tell me if I can help you?”

She gave me a naughty stare. Then she came close to me and put her hand around my head. Her lips touched mine and we kissed passionately. It was the best kiss of my life.

As our lips met, she started moving her hands around my body and I knew this was my cue. So, I slowly placed my hand on her left boob and pressed it. And a moan came out of her mouth.

So, I started pressing the other boob too. It was the softest thing I had pressed. I could feel her erect nipples. Then she placed her hand on my tool which was hungry to come out, and she whispered in my ears that she wants this hot dick in her pussy.

So I carried her in my arms and made my way towards the bedroom. I threw her on the bed. She told me to remove my clothes and so I removed my t-shirt and track pant. As I looked above, I saw a sexy lady standing in her red panties and bra calling me.

I jumped on her like a hungry tiger and started kissing her all over the body. Then she unhooked her bra and I could see two soft melons of 38C (her size was 38-30-40).

I started those melons roughly as she liked it a little rough. I was in the cloud nine as my wish had come true. I was biting her nipples. At that time, she freed my 6.5 inches from my underwear and said that she wanted to suck it.

She was shocked by looking at my tool as her husband’s tool was 5 inches only. She started rubbing her hands over my dick and lubricated it with her saliva.

Then she put the tool in her mouth. I could feel the warmth of her mouth around my dick. This was the first blowjob of my life and probably the best.

I said I was about to cum and she said to do that in her mouth. She swallowed the whole cum, not leaving a single drop.

After that, I started playing with her boobs and I said let me return the favor. She did not understand. I said I want to lick her pussy. She said that her husband had never eaten her pussy.

So, I started by fingering her pussy and then liked the inner portion of her thigh. Then I slowly placed my tongue on her pussy. A shiver ran over her body and she gave a heavy moan.

I continued licking her pussy deeper and deeper. She said she was going to cum and her pussy contracted. She ejected her bodily fluids. She told that it was her best orgasm.

Later she said that she wanted my tool in her pussy. Till that time my tool was raised to its full glory. She lay there on the bed in the missionary position. I placed my tool at the entry of her vagina and started rubbing it.

She screamed that stop playing around and insert it as she was very horny. I inserted my tool into her warm pussy and a sound of aaah came from her mouth. I started banging her slowly and then increased my pace.

She was just enjoying it and her moaning grew louder. I kissed her to stop that moaning while pressing her boobs.

Then I told her that I wanted to fuck her in doggy style. She replied that she is my slave today I can get whatever I want. So, I turned her and made her lie down on her knees and started nailing her in doggy style, harder and harder. We both came at the same time.

We lay in the bed, both naked cuddling each other. She told it was her best fuck ever. Later as it was time to go, we went to take a shower, where I fucked her deep again. While leaving she whispered that we will continue with this fun.

I hoped you like the story. Please give your feedback to me. Any queen or princess nearby Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, interested in having the best day, can ping me on [email protected].



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