Virgin’s story of getting fucked by Uncle V’s dick

Hi everyone! My name is Abheri (loved ones call me Abhi). I belong to Kerala, but I live in Mumbai. The story happened back in 2008 when I was a bored and horny teenager.

I had come to Kerala for my eldest Uncle’s daughter’s wedding. After all the main events, there is a customary visit to the newlywed couple’s house. The events in this story happened in the week after the wedding.

Okay, so now comes the main character of the story, Uncle V. He is our neighbour in Kerala and almost like a family member. He is a carpenter and has a workshop near his home. He has a way with ladies.

My cousin Ria was my youngest mama’s daughter, my best friend there, and two years older than me. She told me that although he flirtatiously talked to every lady he met, he preferred young girls like us. She also told me a secret- that one of our cousins (the bride’s sister) was, in fact, his daughter.

My Uncle came home only once a week as he worked far away. His wife had cheated on him with Uncle V. Ria stayed with that aunty as her parents lived abroad. Ria once found out about their affair and started secretly watching them have sex.

One day, Uncle V caught her. He was initially angry, but then he had a plan. He knew that the young girl must have wanted to do sexual activities after watching them. He took her to a corner and put his hand inside her skirt, and found that her pussy was wet.

He asked her to come to his workshop in the afternoon. Ria was scared and knew why he had called her. But she still decided to go. When Ria reached his workshop, he took her inside and locked the door. He made her lie down on the mat in the backroom.

Ria was shivering from excitement and fear. She told him that she was afraid of getting pregnant. Uncle V assured her that nothing like that would happen. He lifted her top and gently bit her nipple. Ria felt a jolt of electricity throughout her body.

He began to suck her boobs and played with her nipples while rubbing his crotch on hers. He went down and removed her panty. He licked her aching young pink pussy from the bottom to the top. Ria let out a moan at this, and hearing it, Uncle V went ahead to kiss her pussy.

He sucked her clit gently and put his tongue into her love hole. Ria was mad with pleasure. Uncle inserted his middle finger inside her hole and fingerfucked her while licking her clit. Ria began to moan loudly, and she cum hard on his face.

Uncle V got up and took out his cock. Ria’s eyes nearly popped out when she saw it. It was so huge! He asked Ria to suck it. Ria instantly obeyed him and took his cock in her mouth. She had seen her aunt do it, so she knew how to please him.

Uncle closed his eyes in pleasure, enjoying his cock in a young mouth after ages. He then made Ria lie down and rubbed the shaft of his cock on her pussy. Ria wanted it inside and moaned, “Uncle, please put it inside, fuck me like aunty.”

“No, Ria, your pussy is still very tight. If I put it inside now, you’ll get hurt. Let me loosen it a bit with my fingers.” Saying so, Uncle began rubbing his cock on her pussy. He increased his speed, and soon, Ria had her second orgasm. He promised that he would fuck her soon.

Ria started visiting his workshop every afternoon when his assistant went out for lunch. He would lick her pussy and boobs while she sucked his cock as a return favour.

All these stories were told to an adoring ‘me’ by an experienced ‘her’ at night when we were alone in our room. That night Ria told me about their first fuck.

“Then one day,”  Ria started, “He told me to come a bit early. I knew that he had planned something. When I reached there, he told me that his assistant was on leave for 3 days. He gave me a pack that had a pic of a naked woman lying on the floor and a guy sucking her boobs and fingering her.

“It is a condom, ” he said, winking. “How long can we go just sucking your pussy? Don’t you want a man’s cock deep inside you?” He said, stroking my nipples, which were now hard under my clothes. “I like young pussy. I’ll show you heaven,” he said while reaching down my pussy beneath my skirt.

My pussy was flowing like never before, and my underwear was thoroughly soaked. He traced the outline of my pussy through my wet underwear. My pussy was on fire, Abhi. I badly wanted something inside.”

“What happened next? ” I asked eagerly. “Watch it yourself.” Ria pulled out a phone, winking. ” You recorded it?!” I asked her, shocked. “Yeah, the first fuck is always special, go ahead, watch it.” She passed me her phone. I played the video.

Ria and Uncle V were in the room behind the workshop, the place where Uncle V took a nap in the afternoon. The video was from a top angle. Uncle V was talking to Ria while pressing her boobs. It was raining heavily that day, so the audio wasn’t very clear.

I saw Uncle V giving the condom box to Ria. He made her lay on the mat on the floor and slowly kissed her from top to bottom. I could see that Ria was enjoying it with her eyes closed. Uncle then removed her top, skirt and bra. She was now only wearing her panties.

I could see Ria’s boobs now. They were much smaller than now. I wondered about the amount of sucking and pressing it must have taken to make her boobs the size they are now. Ria meanwhile lifted my top and began to suck my nipples. My pussy was getting wet now. I focussed on the video.

Uncle was sucking Ria’s tits now. He went on sucking her tits for some time and then slowly moved down tp remove her panty. The video wasn’t very clear (the old sliding phone), but I could see that Ria’s pussy was wet now.

Uncle spread her legs and bent to lick her pussy. Ria had rolled her eyes in ecstasy, enjoying it immensely. I felt instantly jealous of Ria that she had a grown-up, experienced man to do such things to her. She grabbed his head and opened her legs wide.

Uncle played with her nipples as he ate her pussy. After licking her pussy for some time, he got up and removed his underwear. They were talking about something. I asked Ria what they were talking about. Ria said that she asked him to suck his cock.

But he refused and told her that she deserved a hot hard uncovered cock in her pussy, since it was her first fuck. Also he said that he loved the feel of a warm young pussy. He then squatted down, put Ria’s legs on his shoulder and slowly put his cock into her aching, wet virgin hole.

Ria was now writhing with pleasure, her eyes were half closed. He slowly increased his speed and laid on her top. Suddenly, Ria jerked and wrapped her legs around his waist, screaming in joy. She had her first orgasm from a man’s cock.

But Uncle wasn’t done. He got up and put on a condom. He now made Ria stand up and bent her down. He then put his cock in her pussy from behind and fucked her. After some time, he held Ria against a wall and fucked her. I saw Ria ready to cum again.

He stopped suddenly and lay on the mat. Ria rode his cock while he pinched and sucked her nipples. And then he sat up with his cock still in her pussy. He slightly lifted her and rammed into her. Both of them came hard, and they lay there tired in each other’s arms.

Uncle got up and licked Ria’s pussy until she came a third time. The video ended soon after that. My nipples were now perked up from Ria’s sucking. We both removed our underwear and sat on the bed facing each other with our legs open for scissoring.

We moved our hips forward and rubbed our pussies together. “Ria,” I moaned, “I need Uncle’s cock. I need Uncle’s cock.” I cum hard, and Ria soon followed me.

As we lay on the bed, Ria told me that she would tell Uncle V about my wish to be fucked by him. I slept happily, knowing that I was soon going to get Uncle’s big cock in my pussy.

To be continued.

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