Wedding Night The Beginning Of Sex Life

Hi, readers, I am from hosur.This story is not mine.It’s about the girl who contacted me after reading my previous stories in indian sex stories. Let’s call her Sheela(name changed), who contacted me on my mail.She is a newly married girl, her marriage was arranged one with whom she never met before marriage. Initially we chatted on mail and we exchanged our phone number. We started to chat through WhatsApp. She asked me to post her honeymoon experience in indian sex stories through my indian sex stories account. I agreed on her and told her to send her story.

Here comes her story.I am Chennai girl got married on the last September to a person whom I never met before.We met three times at restaurant after our engagement was over. He cares about me well and we never touched each other before marriage. The wedding began it was short and sweet, after the rituals over.We were married now, then we went to change and get ready for our wedding night.Both were a virgin, so was holly, and today was to be our honeymoon night. I was both excited, and a bit terrified. I mean, I had no “Experience” at all but I had seen lots of porn before marriage.

After getting ready for wedding night my relatives took me to the door where my hubby was waiting to start our marriage life.I went inside the room and the door was closed by my relatives.It was hard to be very normal, but I did my best. I was prepared well for what happened next. We glanced at each other longingly and I knew my hubby was nervous too. I felt my husband’s hand against my arm, now we became couples, he said with a grin. He didn’t give me a chance to speak, his face was against mine, his lips eating into mine. He stopped only to whisper in my ear.”I love my wife” he said in my ear as his hand began to press my hand. I love the word my wife, and he knew that just saying it was enough to get me aroused.

As we kissed, he raced her hands to my saree and I started to remove it.I liked to undress quickly, and even though we should savor the moment on our honeymoon, I didn’t want to waste a second teasing each other.While still, he struggling with his clothes, we tumbled onto the bed. As he positioned himself on top of me, I hugged him and I rubbed my hand on his back and stared deep into his eyes. I could feel how much he wanted me.We began to kiss, gently at first, but then it became hot and passionate. We were deeply french kissing and I was rubbing my hands over his areas I had never tried or had the opportunity to touch before. I felt like I was going to explode inside! It was heavenly!

He finally got bold enough to unhook my blouse and bra.I offered no resistance.And let him slide it off and I made no attempt to cover myself.He began to caress my breasts, and gently kiss and suck my both nipples. He was touching breasts for the first time in his life! It was fantastic and sucking my nipples was so delightful and I could tell he was enjoying it as well. My breasts were not large, but very shapely and very firm.He was amazed at their softness and overwhelmed by my beauty. He slid his hands down further and on inside my petticoat and panties. It was a first for him too, but I opened my legs for him. Since I wanted to experience him fully as he had never actually seen a woman “Down there”, he slowly slipped my petticoat and panties off…And then he hurried out of his own clothing. He pulled me back and began to kiss and caress my breasts.

He began to caress his penis, amazed at how it “Grew” to his touch and at the softness of its head. He had a nice dick.He ran his hand up my inner thigh and I opened legs for him so that he could fully caress me in my most private area. We were kissing passionately and giving each other bites and just totally lost in each other. We explored every inch of each other’s bodies and the rest of the world just didn’t exist. As he was sucking my breast and rubbing between my thighs he noticed that I was really wet and even felt sort of slippery “Down there”.We were pretty innocent before the wedding. But tonight we would learn about a lot of things.

He began to slip one finger and then another inside of my vagina, and finally getting brave enough, decided to attempt “Going all the way” with me.He slowly rolled on top of me. I understood his intent and he spread my legs almost as if by instinct. He began to feel around and finally guided his dick into my well-lubricated opening. He began to push into my but once he was halfway in, it seemed as if that was as far as he could go. He was sort of disappointed as he had thought that the man’s penis would go all the way in, deep inside of the woman. He began to thrust gently, not sure how hard he could or should actually do it. He knew a virgin girl was one who had never “Done it” before and he knew for some reason it hurt me the first time, and sometimes they bled. But we had no idea why…I didn’t know that he was just coming up against my hymen and he needed to push on through.

He came much too quickly…And the first time was over. He saw me crying to have felt any pain, he knows and had heard that virgins always did and that they always bled. We talked and discussed our bodies, learning more about each other.I began to “Explore” him, tracing every curve on his penis with my fingers and gently exploring his balls. Then it was his turn, I allowed him to look at her…I spread legs wide, and he pulled open the lips of my vagina looking deep inside of mine. It was the most amazing and beautiful thing he has ever done, we began to kiss and caress each other again and soon he was hard again and ready to make love to me.

He rolled on top of me as before and after a few fumbling attempts, inserted his dick into me. He put his hands on my back holding onto my shoulders from behind and pushed in harder. Something was different this time, he felt something give way and I let out a little gasp and flinched a bit. He felt myself go all the way inside me and he began to thrust again, gently at first and then harder and harder. I was moaning and clutching and meeting his thrusts with my body. This was more like it, this felt so good, he wanted to do it again and again and so did I. After he came, I wanted to go to the restroom for a moment; he noticed there was a spot of blood on the bed. But I soon came back ready for more.We went on like this for several hours, we didn’t want to stop or break the mood, but we were both getting tired.

We made love again and again, with lots of foreplay and sometimes just talking about our new life in between sessions of making love. We tried several positions, I got on all fours and he entered me from behind, thrusting for all he was worth in my nice tight but no longer virgin pussy.He decided to try it with me on top, and I wanted to put it in myself.I took a gentle but firm hold of him and guided it up inside of myself and began to rock up and down and back and forth. It was delicious, and he was able to caress both of my breasts at the same time. After he came, he pulled me down close so that he could suck my nipples, he ended up making my nipples quite sore by the time the night was through.I love you he said, looking into my eyes.I smiled and hugged him, we both slept nude by cuddling each other in bed.

This was her story. I have mixed up some words with her permission to make readers horny. She told me not to post her detail in the story, if you like the story then please write to me on [email protected] girls or women interested in casual sex in Bangalore can also contact me.

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