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Hi, I’m Venus Jain. Yes, that’s my real name. I’m here to tell you about an incident that changes my point of view towards life. I’m 19, bottom and submissive by nature. Let’s start our sex story.

One fine day, in the afternoon I was bored so started Omegle and started a chat with strangers. And after few fakes, I found out a person named Nagesh. He seems to dominate right from the start. We chatted for a while and then exchanged number. In the night, I got a text saying bitch! I quickly respond to it in a very gentle manner and replied him. Then we started discussing our meet. I was super excited about it and was agreeing to everything he said while chatting and he was talking about a secret surprise if I behave well. We decided to meet and stay the whole weekend at his place.

On Friday night, I went to his place and knocked twice as he said. He opened the door. He was a huge guy who was well in his late 20ish. He pulled me in! He went and sat on his chair and I went to ground and we were talking about what is going to happen to me and a safe word I case I needed it. He gave me a weird safe word I forgot just minutes after he said. The session started with a slap, and I removed my clothes and handed to him and he went and kept it in a bag and locked it away. He came back and sat on the same chair and called me for a blowjob. I went there crawling and opened his pant with my mouth and start licking his underwear. He was growing inside I pulled his underwear with my mouth and the dick landed on my head, he started to laugh, I went up and start licking his dick gently. He was enjoying it so was I.

I went in a bit and start sucking his cock. He pushed and pulled rapidly and after a good, after hour he pushed me down on the ground. He pulled my hair and took me to the kitchen and took a bowl and cum in it. It was a huge load in that bowl and he kept on the ground. He started lapping the cum from the bowl. He pats on my head and brought a belt and tied on my neck like a collar. He pulled me over and ordered to clean all the mess of the house, he’ll be waiting in the bedroom. He started cleaning his house and kept things organized and crawl back to the bedroom. He went towards him and sat next to his legs and start licking it. He spanked my ass and pulled me up on the bed. He asked me to finger myself like a slut. I finger for 5 minutes with three fingers in it meanwhile he was oiling his dick and swinging a stick.

After some time, he came and grab my ass and tried inserting his dick inside. It was tight but with some time it went in. For a brief moment of time, I was sitting on his cock doing nothing just adjusting to my new life as a bottom bitch. He hit me with the stick and told me to bounce. He started bouncing on his cock, slowly increasing my speed. After a few minutes, he started leashing to increase the speed. I increased the speed and he came inside my ass. We relaxed for a while and then I went down and clean his dick. He stood up and tied my hands behind and tied my collar belt to bed and he went to sleep. He tied me up in a very awkward position I was not able to stand and sit or lay down. It was very uncomfortable.

I was kneeling whole night. I woke up with a slap and took me to the kitchen. He served the breakfast and pulled out his dick and stuff it in my mouth and I started sucking him for a half hour, he came in my breakfast and order me to eat. I ate everything quietly. After breakfast, he took me in his bedroom and tied my hands and legs to all four corners and started sissy porn on tv and left for office. I so wanted to cum after watching that sissy porn but all I can do was just move my dick in the air. I was so frustrated and horny as the porn was repeated after it finishes. It repeated like 100 times, by evening I was feeling like a slut that can take anything for an orgasm. In the evening the door open to my surprise I heard two people speaking with each other. I was embarrassed and try to hide but I was not able to move.

A woman ( Shivani ) entered the room blindfold with the master. Master opened her blindfold and she saw me naked tied and started laughing at my tiny dick. When master said I’m just a sissy slave for her, a smile popped out and came near me and slapped me. I address her as Miss. She was turned on by my helpless condition. Master came from the back of Miss Shivani and started kissing her on her neck and started getting close and kissing wildly and removing clothes and started having sex in front of me. Meanwhile, I was just watching them in pain humiliation of being tied up.

Miss Shivani was wild and was moaning faster and loud which make my situation more worst. Master was about to cum but he removed his dick and took miss Shivani ‘s panty and came in it. Master brought that panty towards me and stuffed in my mouth and duct tapes it. The panty was hot with master’s cum and miss Shivani’s sweat. Master freed me and I went to ground on my fours in a flash. Master tied my hands behind and I went to sleep. Miss Shivani came to me after master slept and ordered me to suck her vagina till she says stop. I start sucking vagina, licking it and doing that. She was not stopping she just kept pushing my mouth further in every time she came. After multiple orgasms of her. She stopped and tried my collar belt to bed and went to sleep next to master.

This is a real incident and none of this is fiction. Feel free to comment about my sex story and contact. Male or female anyone.

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