Weekend With Anju At Lonavala

Holla amigos!.. This is sam, back with yet another story.. Thanks for all the feedbacks and suggestions.. I hope you like this story too.. This is another such experience with anju when her son was out to their native place for a week and we planned a drive to lonavala on a weekend..

Anju had started working out.. Her physique was improving day after day.. She had lost a lot of fat.. Watching her in yoga pants was really arousing.. In the month of june, when the college re-opened, it had started raining.. The cool breezes and anju, both were damn sexy.. One fine evening suddenly anju told me that she wanted to go out to lonavala.. I told her it would be boring to go there without a car.. She told me that she would arrange a car from one of her friends.. I agreed.. That week on saturday we decided to go out and be back by early morning on sunday.. The mess was given holiday for two days..In the morning we brought a few beer cans, pack of smokes and snacks for the journey.. We left the apartment by 3 in the noon.. On the way we stopped for some snacks.. I was driving.. It was really a fun drive.. Lots of fog.. We reached lonavala by 5.. Had a cup of coffee and decided to first book a room and then go out to lion’s point.. She liked that spot very much.. We booked a nearby hotel room and went out.. We returned to the hotel by around 8:30 after having dinner.. We entered our room and decided to have a warm shower together..

She was wearing a jeans and tee with a jacket.. Since it was quite cold.. She turned the geyser on and came near the bed where I was undoing my belt.. She hugged me tightly from the back and started biting me on my neck.. She started undoing my shirt and rubbing all over my chest and belly.. I was already aroused by her bytes and touching.. I pulled her in front of me and threw her on the bed.. She looked at me with a very naughty expression biting her lips and rubbing her waist.. She seemed like a real porn star at that moment.. I took off my shirt and leaned on her.. Started sucking her juicy lips and removing her jacket.. She adjusted her body to easily take off the jacket and tee.. I then unbuttoned her jeans and tried to pull it out.. But it was really tight.. We had to stop everything to just pull it off.. We had a good laugh.. I then took off my jeans and laid beside her.. We hugged, squeezed and kissed each other for a while and decided to take a shower..

We adjusted the water temperature and came below the shower.. We were looking at each other.. Water dripping off our faces.. I was looking at her eyes.. Damn they were so very beautiful.. I suddenly hugged her tightly and told her that I loved her.. She too replied positively.. This turned into a long passionate kiss.. I pushed her to the wall and again started kissing her passionately.. This time it was different.. The feelings, the arousal, everything.. She started feeling my hard-on on her thighs.. She started touching it.. In a few moments she took it out of my undies.. I went back and took it off.. I unhooked her bra and started squeezing and sucking her boobs one by one.. She was enjoying it a lot and was pressing my head against her boobs..

I started playing with her nipples.. Circling them with my tongue, biting them, sucking them for a long time.. The boobs had turned red.. Now she wanted to have my dick.. And I wanted to have her pussy.. So we decided to lie down on the floor and go in 69.. We turned off the shower and lied on her floor.. She was on top of me.. First I kissed and fingered her pussy from above her panties and spanked her butt cheeks.. Then took the panties off and started sucking her pussy with my fingers rubbing her clit and other hand spanking that sexy ass.. After about 7 min I was about to cum.. I started vigorously rubbing her clit with my fingers and made her cum too.. It was pretty exhaustive.. We drank each other’s cum.. Had a shower.. Cleaned ourselves and came back to the bed naked..

It was still cold.. So we covered ourselves with a blanket turned the lights off.. It was raining heavily outside.. We again started kissing each other.. Within no time my dick was ready for another round.. She came on top of me and started riding me.. Her boobs were bouncing and her moans had filled the room.. I started squeezing her boobs with both my hands.. I placed my hand in her mouth..

She started sucking my fingers and giving very kinky expressions.. We were enjoying it a lot.. Later she increased her pace and suddenly tightened her body.. She had another orgasm.. She was too tired to move but I wasn’t done yet.. So without taking my dick out of her pussy I turned her and came on top of her.. I started pounding her.. I still wasn’t done.. I asked her to turn and started banging her in doggy style.. Within a couple of minutes I was about to cum.. She wanted to drink it again so she quickly turned and started jerking me off.. She was deep-throating me.. I was in heaven.. I grabbed her hair when I was about to cum..

She understood it and started jerking even harder.. I shot my hot cum in her mouth but she was still sucking it.. For me it was like someone was squeezing out my soul.. I pulled her head off my dick.. I was moaning loudly.. I had almost lost my senses.. When I looked at her she gave me a naughty smile and told me that she would always do it thereafter.. I was pretty much exhausted.. I laid there for a while.. She placed her arms and legs around me.. I didn’t even know when I slept..

At about 2 in the morning I woke up.. Anju was still awake.. She was standing near the balcony.. Naked.. I walked and grabbed her from the back squeezed her boobs and kissed her neck and shoulders.. Asked her what the matter was.. She told me that was missing her time with her hubby during their honeymoon.. I told her that nothing she could do to change the past.. But she can definitely change the future..

She hugged told me that she was very much happy to have a trustworthy and understanding friend like me.. We still had 2 cans of beer left.. We decided to have beer and smoke.. She wasn’t much of a smoker but I was.. After all I was an engineer.. Hehehe.. We finished the beers with a little chit chat and came to the bed.. I held her hand and told her that I would try to be there for her and never make her feel about the absence of her hubby.. She hugged me with a smile and whispered whether I was ready to satisfy my wife!? I nodded with a yes..

She started playing with my dick.. We were deeply smooching each other with our tongues involved.. My hands were squeezing her butt and rubbing her clit.. While spanking I suddenly felt the desire to fuck her in the ass.. I asked whether I could do that.. Her expressions changed.. She gave it a thought.. But after a while she told me that she was my wife and I could do anything that I desired.. I was very happy.. I wanted to have that ass from a long time.. And finally I was just moments away from having it.. She turned around and spread her butt cheeks with her hands..

I spit on her asshole and tried to push my dick in.. But the hole was a bit tight.. We did not have any cream or moisturizer with us.. I still went to the bathroom to see if I could get lucky.. And to my utter surprise there was an unopened packet of oil near the window.. I first licked her ass for a while.. Fingered it.. Applied a lot of oil on her ass.. I also applied some oil on my dick and tried again.. It was slipping.. I again tried and I was able to get my dick head inside her ass crack.. It was a bit painful for both of us.. I told her that I was going to give her a hard thrust this time.. And I gave a real hard thrust.. Half of my dick was inside and she was crying out loudly.. So she grabbed the nearby pillow and pushed her face on it so that her cry would not go out of the room..

I waited for a while.. Put some more oil on the wall of the crack and started moving slowly.. In a couple of minutes I was all inside her .. Now her pain had turned into pleasure.. Cries into moans.. She was enjoying my dick in her ass.. She even was asking me to go harder.. I started pounding her harder..

I reached my hands to her boobs and started squeezing them too.. She was moaning heavily.. I was getting more and more aroused due to that.. Within a few minutes I was about to cum.. Her ass was really tight.. I increased my pace.. Even she was pounding against me with the same momentum.. She asked me to cum inside her.. With a few more thrusts I was done.. I spilled my cum inside her ass.. We were exhausted yet again.. But this time too tired for another round.. We cleaned ourselves with tissues and cuddled inside the blanket..

We again had a small oral pleasuring session during the morning shower.. We were back to our apartments by 11 on Sunday.. We had another ass banging session in her apartment that night after dinner..

Thanks for your time.. I hope you all liked my story.. Mail me for suggestions, feedbacks and friendship on [email protected].. Ciao.. Enjoy being sexy! Take care..

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