What A Clever Ploy By Devika Miss!

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My son’s teacher looked like a woman in a hurry. Now she was deciding very quickly. I wanted to know if she was married, about her family.  Was it just the money or she intended something else? A man’s mind always is very positive on sexual matters.

I told her, “Madam, you can take your time to decide, no hurry, you can inform me later also.”  She said, “No problem, it’s my decision, I stay in a flat with 2 other girls. So, time is not a problem. I am ok for any time after school hours.” That was also quick, I was still perplexed, I thought maybe she wanted extra income.

Why was she giving me so much of information I wondered? I always search for passionate, sensitive and understanding sex. I wanted to try my luck with her. I asked her the fees, she demanded Rs 7500/- which was high. I knew my wife would not agree. I told her I will consult my wife and let her know.

She insisted me to check and tell her. If it was fine then she would come to see my house today itself. She decided to start coaching from the day my child returned from his vacations. She was not giving me any time to think. What was the hurry, I still wondered?

I was damn sure that she was looking for some extra money or enjoyment. Else why would someone be in so much of hurry. I went out of the classroom, spoke to my wife. I informed her that our son will be coached at our home in Abacus from his miss.

I purposeful told her a fee of Rs 4000/-. She seemed to be happy and said fine Ok. I came back, told Devika that she can come from Thursday. She would get tuition fees as 4000/- from my wife. I will pay her the 3500/- separately. She asked, “Why, she feels 7500/- is high?”

I looked at her and said, “Yes, she feels so. But I don’t want to miss this opportunity to have you at home.” In life, if we tend to wait for good things to happen by waiting, we miss out. What I wished would not fall in my lap. It was somewhere nearby.

I decided to stand up, put in the time to work it till it takes to get to it. I could not miss the opportunity. She was a damn sexy lady and the temptation to have hot raunchy sex with her was driving me crazy. I looked at her, scanning her body from my eyes.

I said, “She will not understand how priceless certain things are in life.” She lowered her eyes lids hiding her seductive smile. She was enjoying the attention and attraction she was getting. She seemed to be relived, happy. “Great, then, I will be there from Thursday.”

She asked me to sign the report cards, register, I signed them. She did not speak a word. She asked for my pen, she started to make a few corrections in her sheets. She kept the pen with her and started to wind up to leave. I said, “Madam, my pen, it’s with you.”

She said, “Oh sorry.” She picked the pen and said, “What is so special about this pen?” She started to look it at from all angles and then looking at me teasingly. I shamelessly told her, “You use it, madam, you will know how special it is.”

She looked down and said, “Ok will try to use your pen today itself,” and kept it in her bag. I could not stop myself. Like a stupid for the sake of continuing the conversation said, “You have to return it once you get a feel of it.” Surprisingly she spoke without any shame, “Sure, but I will ask and use it whenever I need it.”

I said, “Sure, it will be all yours only madam and I am damn sure you will certainly like it.” She said, “I am sure back home madam would also be very happy using it.” Wild thoughts took over me for a moment. I wanted to hold her there itself and press my lips on the mouth, push her saree and feel her boobs.

But I controlled my urges. Nothing left to the imagination now. It was all happening shamelessly and very fast. I replied, “She definitely uses and likes it. But now my pen is also happy to feel itself in a new hand.” She looked in my eyes and said, “Sure, why not, shall we go?”

Very little left to guess between us. We almost broke all the shackles of our distance between us with each minute passing. She looked in my eyes held her hand forward for a handshake. I did not expect it but yes, the first touch is always special. The handshake was a firm and long.

Both of us looking in each other’s eyes like we have struck a million-dollar deal and leaving each other’s hands. I wanted those soft hands and long fingers to shake milk from my dick. My dick was getting restless in my pants. I told her that I will be waiting and she can join me.

But she said, “Feel comfortable dear, no problem.” She started to keep all the report cards, dairy, registers in their respective places. As she stood there working, I kept looking at her amazing round lovely boobs, they looked wonderful.

As she turned back, I was awe struck. Let me tell you I had never seen an ass like that. It was full, firm, round and looked apt enough to fit my dick in her ass crack. She saw me staring at her from the cupboard glass. She turned around took the books on the table to keep them above the cupboard.

Oh boy, what I saw was pure heaven, as she raised her hands up. Her entire one portion of the body from her shoulder to her belly was displayed. The clear shape of boobs, stomach, navel waist in a single flow looked extremely inviting. She had lovely curves and looked absolutely smoking hot.

She was fucking very sexy and curvy to resist. I stood up to help her. I brushed my fingers on her suppled sensual on the pretext of helping her. She just kept quiet as I kept my hands there for a few seconds. I could smell her as I was extremely close to her, it was maddening.

Her body heat, smell and antics made me crazy for her. She pushed my hands, I moved back she again pulled out my pen, held it between her lips and said, “Done, shall we move, I will sign the register in the office and join you in 2 minutes.” She was one hell of a seductive lady.

Oh, she was coming home, I forgot. I called my wife, informed her. My wife told me that, “She is coming for the first time. It’s lunch time. Let us have lunch together, you inform her accordingly.” I waited for Devika Miss in my car. She came sat in the front seat.

She took my son in her lap. My son was very excited that she was coming home. I was also very excited on the developments. My eyes repeatedly staring and scanning at her lovely body. I told her very clearly that she will not go back without having lunch with us.

She tried to say no, but it was only half-hearted. As we drove, she asked my son, “You like papa or mummy?”Son replied, “Papa.”

She again him asked, “You don’t like mummy, why?”My son replied, “I like both, but papa more.”

The way she played with her eyes was just incredible. She lowered her lashes until they almost cuddled her cheeks and slowly raised them again, like a theatre curtain. It was mesmerised her eyes certainly inviting me, horny dirty thoughts clearly written all over her face.

We reached home. It was already late, we all had lunch together. We kept chatting as she was well known to my wife. Suddenly we realized that it was 4.15. The Shatabdi leaves at 5.30. So my wife rushed to leave. Devika said she will also leave.

Wife said that she will book a cab for herself. She asked Devika where she lived, it was a 3 km drive from home. My wife told me to drop her home. She booked her cab and we all started together. I kept talking to her as we headed to her home.

She asked me to call her Devika as she felt awkward. She kept saying that I was older and mature than her with more experience. And she always liked little mature men. We reached her flat. She started to check her purse, she started to search for something frantically.

She repeatedly checked the same bag a few times. Then she kept her hands on her head and said, “Vinay, I have left my mobile in your house, I am so sorry.” We looked at each other, I told her, “No problem, you relax. I will go back and get your phone.”

Was this a ploy to invite to her home or come back to my home?

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