What Is Impossible? Part – 3

I was expecting more emails…

I opened the buttons in the front of her cotton nighty. I slid my hand through the opening and bent down and took one full breast in my mouth and sucked it. Vidhya went wild. She held my shoulders and started banging herself on me. I knew I had found her button. I kept sucking and licking all over her chest and neck and she kept jumping on my dick like there’s no tomorrow.

Vidhya: oh rajaaaa… unghhh…

She grunted.

Vidhya: unghhh unghhh unghhh

She grunted more while we both kept banging on each other’s pelvises. Suddenly she hugged me tight and pressed herself against me and whimpered. Her pussy muscles shivered. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I held her by her waist and fucked her like a madman. I took her lips in my mouth and started chewing on them as I shot my load in her pussy. We both were breathing into each other for almost a minute. After the climax subsided I put my mouth on her neck and sucked. Vidhya tai got down from the half wall and stood in front of me. My penis came out of her pussy and her night gown became straight. I moved forward to hug her.

Vidhya: lets go down.

I too didnt stop her because there was nothing left to do anyway.

I was lying on my bed thinking about what just happened. I was always facinated with incest sex. What just happened between me and vidhya tai was feeling superb in my head.

Next day, in the morning, vidhya tai was gone before i woke up. She must be embarrassed, im sure. I went to the kitchen for breakfast. Mom was reading her daily horoscope at dining table and anjum, our maid, was washing utensils at the sink.

Let me tell you more about anjum. Anjum is a 22 year old divorcee girl who has a 2 year old son. She is 1 inch short to 5 feet. Dark complexion, skinny structure. Long black hair. Absolutely nothing sexy about anjum. Typical kaam wali bai looks.

Before today there was no attraction towards anjum. But last night something changed in me. I felt like all women were made to be fucked. And im going to get biggest possible share for myself. I had nothing but lust in my mind. I took a seat at dining table.

Me: where is vidhya tai?

Mom: she left very early. I insisted but she had some important work so could not stay back.

Me: anjum, ghar jaane se pehle office aa. Bacche ke liye books deta hu.

Anjum: ji bhai.

I finished breakfast and left for work. I was thinking to myself whether or not to try fucking Anjum. I reached office. I realized, this place could be more interesting. I decided to hire a secretary for myself, just for fun. I made a call to a place that provided staff and spoke with them. By lunch time i had finished my work. Nothing was scheduled for rest of the day. I started thinking about Vidhya tai and then about anjum. I sent my peon to buy some kids books and sweets.I was reading stories on ISS in the maid section when Anjum walked in.

Anjum: Raju bhai, andar aa jau?

Me: aa jaa… aa jaa… baith.

I called for lassi and samosas. I wanted some time with her.

Me: baki sab kaisa chal raha hai?

Anjum: sab accha hai raja bhai. Baccha bimar tha raat me. Subha bukhar kam hua.

Me: arey doctor ko dikha de.

Anjum: dikhaungi abhi.

Me: kuch zaroorat padi to bol de. Sharma mat.

Anjum: bol dungi.

She finished her samosa and lassi. I got up from my chair. Gave her the books and sweets. As she was about to leave my cabin I called her again and pressed two 500 rupees notes in her hand.

Anjum: thankyou Raju bhai.

I put my hand on her shoulder. She was wearing a burkha so no skin contact. I pressed her shoulder.

Me: anjum, kuch bhi, kuch bhi cahiye hoga to maang lena. Hichkichana nahi.

Anjum still did not catch the signal. She just thought i cared.Not that i didnt care, just this time i expected care for myself in return.

Anjum: ji raju bhai. Ab aap hi to ho. Aur kiske paas maangungi. Thank you aap ko.

She left. I was thinking to myself ” isko kuch samjha ya nahi?”

I reached home at 7:30 in evening. Mom was watching some show on tv. I went up, had a bath, wore a lungi and a vest, came down and sat on the couch next to mom. I hugged her sideways.

Me: I love you, mom.

This wasn’t unusual. I did this frequently. Mom was used to it.

Mom: I love you too beta. What do u want for dinner?

Me: anything that doesn’t take a lot of effort and time.

Mom: idli batter is ready. Idli sambar?

Me: okay.

I left her when she began to get up and followed her to the kitchen. She was wearing a saree. She took vegetables from the fridge and began cutting on the kitchen platform. I again hugged her from behind and pressed my dick on her butt. She probably knew what my actions meant because I am a foot taller than my mom. My dick can’t touches her butt until I don’t do it purposely. My mom is a wise old lady. She ignored and kept cutting vegetable and asked general stuff about work. I humped her lightly for a minute or so.

Mom: aren’t you going to the gym today?

Me: I’ll go tomorrow.

Mom bring me a coconut quickly.

I left her and came out. Boys from neighborhood gather outside my home in evenings. We play uno or carrom in my front yard. I sent one of them for coconut and took his seat in uno.I went back inside at 9 pm. My mom was watching a movie. I sat next to her.

Mom: hungry yet?

Me: hmmm…

Mom: I’ll serve in the break.

I crept up to mom and hugged her. She knew what I was doing but never showed any discomfort in her expressions. I was sitting such that my penis was touching the side of her thighs.

Me: u smell nice.

Mom: hmmm…

I stuck my nose under her ear and inhaled deeply.

Mom: I’m feeling ticklish.

Me: I’m feeling ticklish too.

I started slowly pressing my penis on her thigh and continued sniffing her neck. I was hugging just below her boobs. She had held my hand such that I could not touch her boobs. I pressed her fleshy sides and was dry humping her thigh with my penis ready to explode.

Mom: you should go to your wife soon.

Me: why?

Mom look at you. You are humping me like a dog. Pervert.

Me: this feels nice. Different. Doesn’t feels the same with my wife.

Mom: you know it’s not supposed to feel like this. You are my son. I love u more than anyone on earth. I can’t see u like this. I feel pity for you.

Me: why don’t u do something about it then?

I kissed on her neck and took her earlobe in my mouth. I was in a half-conscious state. I wasn’t sure if I should move forward or move away.

Mom: you know this is inappropriate. Have u locked the main door?

I was not listening. I kept licking her neck and ear and continued humping her. Openly and carelessly this time. My dick was about to explode any moment. I bent down to kiss her collar bone. Mom thought I was going for her boobs. She held my face on her collarbone with both her hands. Just then I slipped my hand from under her breast to her nipples. God! What a feeling…….. within 3 seconds after touching her nipples, my dick exploded. I pressed her boob hard as I came just by dry humping her. I was surprised by the effect mom’s body had on me. She kept pushing my hand away. I kneaded her breast for few seconds and then let her push my hand.

See you soon. 🙂

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