What Women Really Want In Bed

Hello everyone.For my first story,I got so many responses from readers who needed help. I’ve helped them both physically and mentally.Also I have sorted and advised many readers on how to satisfy their partner to the utmost pleasure.

About myself,

I’m _____ .I don’t wanna reveal my identity because I like to be mysterious(if you wanna know about me and my service, mail me @ [email protected])

Yes! I’m a hustler who pleasures women for money.

Basically I’m from Hyderabad but I study in Bangalore, So most of the time I stay in Bangalore.(I have taken this job so that I can earn some income, and no one else knows about my secret job except my clients.)

Ladies,If you don’t feel loved or if there is an emotional void in your marriages , you can contact me for one day thrill.All women have body issues and no one is completely happy with who they are,

And Ladies, the best part about Hustlers is you can tell him what you want physically without being embarrassed.Saying what you want makes for less fumbling about and more satisfying time for yourself.

Today I’m going to narrate a story about what women want in bed.

As a hustler, I’ve satisfied many women and observed the actions which made women more horny and sexually aroused.I learned many tricks and tips to satisfy a women and have applied them on my clients.

To my surprise they told that they’ve never been aroused and satisfied that much.

So I wanna share those tips with you so that you may satisfy your partner.

I’m going to imagine a women named Archana and narrate my story.

So,Coming to the story..

One day I got a mail from Archana that she needs my service and left an address.

She told me to stay there at 4 pm, she will come and pick me up.

I told her about my charges and she said she was okay with it.

I took some condoms and went to the address which she gave me.After some time, a white color verna stopped before me and a sweet voice came from inside the car asking me to get it.

That was Archana!

She was looking hot in a green top and white leggings.( Measurements : 34DD – 30 -34 )

We greeted each other and she drove to her house.

They had an individual house which was very beautiful.

We sat on the sofa and I asked her what service does she require from me.

She looked at me and started crying a little bit.I consoled her and asked her what was her problem.

She told that she was feeling guilty for what she was doing and didn’t want to take a further step with me.

I understood her problem and asked her to at least let me help her emotionally and she can discuss her problems with me so that she could feel some better.She took her mobile and showed me her husbands picture.She told that he was a businessman and always cares about money but not her.He never spoke to her romantically either never satisfied her physically.The last time they had sex was 1 year back!She used to satisfy herself by masturbathing and started crying more.

I went and sat beside her and was consoling and tapping her back to make her feel better.She looked into my eyes……I asked her whether she was sure not to have pleasure for herself.She didn’t answer.So I slowly took her face in my hands and started kissing her.She closed her eyes and we kissed passionately.She was running her fingers in my hair and my hands were caressing her waist.I slowly lifted her up and pressed her against the wall.She was surprised and laughed a little bit and again started to kiss me.

(PRO TIP – Guys, women love it when they are picked up and kissed,touched,and groped against a wall before moving the party to the bed or floor.)

Then I carried her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed and was observing her…She said what are you waiting for?

I told her – “I love all your curves and the nooks and slopes, I love the tight bits and the soft and squishy bits”

She was smiling naughtily while I was telling this.

Saying that I went near her and started smooching her and I moved down gently,breathing heavily on the nape of her neck, licking it a little and nibbling on it.

She was moaning softly while I was making my moves.

Slowly I went near her ears and was playing with her ears.I was sucking on them and was blowing gently into them…..which made her arouse more….and moan…..

(PRO TIP – Guys, Never ever forget the neck and ear areas in foreplay because they are some of the erogenous zones in a woman’s body and women totally love it when anyone adores their body.)

While kissing her neck and ears, I put my hand on her right boob and squeezed it hardly……She suddenly moved back and moaned loudly ahhhhh ….. I was still kissing her neck and she was not able to control herself due to pleasure ….. I took both my hands and squeezed her both the boobs and ahhhh ….. her moans became louder …. I put my hands under her boobs and was making and squeezing them in circular movements….

I removed her top slowly,she was in a black bra…….. I asked her what was her favorite category in porn for which she replied BONDAGE.

(PRO TIP – Women’s favorite category in porn hints us their fantasy on how they wan to get loved….so better know it guys.)

So I told her that I will make love to her in bondage.She got excited.I tied her up with the same top which she wore.She was now only in her black bra and her white leggings.

Most women like to be teased before actually committing to the act of sex.You can understand it as a kind of comprehensive foreplay which includes everything from kissing her slightly, giving her those typical naughty looks,passing comments about the size of her breasts or her shapely outline.

I squeezed her boobs and slowly put my fingers in her bra and started to squeeze her nipple …… ummm … She moaned and was begging me to suck her nipples. I very slowly moved down the bra which was covering her left boob. I could see her nipple puffing up due to arousal. I kissed all over her boob except her nipple area and I blew slowly over her nipple ….. her areola’s were wet so she could feel the air coming from my mouth and was literally begging me to suck it …..

( PRO TIP – Guys, Undress her slowly and praise all her curves which comes off with the act of undressing.This will make her feel like a sexual goddess and she would submitt herself to you.)

Then I slowly moved her bra from her right boob …..I removed it very slowly while looking into her eyes….She was breathing heavily until her nipple came out….once it was out she closed her eyes and was biting her lips and was trying to move.I did the same with her right boob,

Kissed it all over and teased her and while looking into her eyes, I took her nipple in my mouth.I did this act very slowly to observe her reaction.


She moaned and arched her back towards the roof …..

She was running her fingers through my hair and was pulling my mouth towards her boobs ……..

I made circular movements with my tongue on her nipple and on the other hand I was squeezing and pinching her other nipple. I could see that she was half satisfied with my act and her legging became more wet.

( PRO TIP – Women like surprises, so keep her wanting for surprises that she cannot think or expect. By doing this you can make her more horny and satisfied;)

I kissed her belly for some time while my hands were busy with her beautiful boobs.I came a little down to her legs and saw her.She was very eager to know my next move….I held her both legs together and pushed them towards her such that her pussy and her ass both were visible to me.

What a sight!

Her pussy was crushed between her both legs and was dripping wet.I placed a gentle kiss on her pussy and she shivered.

With a sudden move I parted both her legs bit her inner thighs……

She shouted aaaaaa…

She wasn’t expecting a sudden movement..

I slowly removed her legging until her thighs….They were milky white and were dripping with her love juices……I licked all over her thighs and slapped her thigh lightly which jiggled

She was laughing and moaning at the same time…..

( PRO TIP – Women’s inner thighs are soo sensitive guys….. if you master the technique of licking,biting and spanking….then you can give her the utmost pleasure in that area. )

I kissed her thighs and slowly came to her pussy area…..Again she started breathing heavily…Her boobs were moving up and down due to her breathing movements…. I placed a kiss on her panty which covered her pussy……she left a breath……. ufffff.. and was trying to catch my hair…

But she couldn’t….because I completely didn’t remove her legging (which I did on a purpose) and she was not able to part her legs. So she couldn’t reach me.

I held her panty and pulled it backwards and there!…..Her cleanly shaven pussy was half visible.Her panty was struck between her pussy lips and I pressed them over her panty……She was trying to control herself and was pulling the bed sheet.

I moved her panty aside, parted her pussy lips and started to lick it….

Ahhh …… ufffff .. hmmm ….she moaned.

I knew the most sensitive part of a women’s pussy and started to lick that part.

( PRO TIP – oral sex is an important part in love making and women die to get it from us which many of the men skip. Never ever skip this part! )

Before licking that part I kept my one hand on her belly because she would raise up due to excitement and my other hands was parting her pussy lips.

When I licked that part she was like…

Ooooo ……. ahhhh

She tried to raise up but I grounded her to the bed with my hand.

She caught the pillow below her head and was literally triyng to tear it with excitement……. I licked her pussy more vigorously and her moaning’s became more louder….

AHHH ….. MMMM ….

She was reaching her climax so I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her while licking her pussy……

Ahhh ……. ahhhh ….. ahhhhh …. ahhhhhh …. haaaaa …… hmmm..

All of a sudden her pussy lips contracted and ahhhh..

She had an intense orgasm.She squirted all her pussy juices for nearly 25 seconds and was trying to catch her breath.Her love juices were flowing all over her ass cheeks to the floor.

I saw her face….there was a pleasured glow on her face….She suddenly rose up and kissed me passionately and said she never had that much intensifying orgasm in her whole life….. and hugged me tightly.

[ PRO TIP -You see guys,Women require pleasure as much as we do.Do all these techniques which I mentioned to her and she will never ever leave you.Else,She will find a hustler like me to pleasure her. It is up to you to decide….

If you want another part of tips about ” What women really want in bed “,

Please do send me your comments and suggestions to ******** [email protected] ********

I will publish the next part depending upon the comments and suggestions.


As I already mentioned, I’m a hustler(call boy).

So, if anybody needs my service, you can reach me through my mail.

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