When an ISS reader has crush on you

“I pity myself for missing all the great opportunities of being with you,” I say as I lie beside Amrutha. A 28-year-old Hyderabadi woman who is also my classmate and an ISS reader, naked on the bed.

Hello everyone, welcome once again to my writings. Thank you all for taking the time to read, comment, and contact me. For those reading my story for the first time, I’m Krish, a 28-year-old guy from Hyderabad living in the USA.

This is my new episode of how I had a great time with an old friend I met in a new way. This incident happened in December last year during the Christmas holidays but started during thanksgiving. After my previous stint on this website, I received many emails and chat requests.

I was happy with the response. I replied to all the emails, accepted all the chat requests, and began chatting with the folks. One such message request was from Amrutha. It had a neutral name making it hard to know if it was a guy or a woman.

The message appreciated my writing skills and asked me where I was from in the USA. As usual, I replied thanks for the kind words and where I reside. I moved on with my life as most of these chats start asynchronously. I got a reply at night saying her name and that she also lived in the same state.

Still asynchronous, we finally synced on the weekend. The conservation started with exchanging pleasantries and whereabouts being discussed. Still, slowly and eventually, it got into personal stuff, and gradually we entered the sexual world.

The gist of the conversation, to not bore you all, is she is from Hyderabad. A 28-year-old unmarried woman was staying alone. She recently moved to the city I live and had a break-up due to the long distance. She has been trying dating apps, but nothing seems to materialize.

She is horny and stuck and was reading ISS and found my story and liked it. Since I was also from the USA, she wanted to try her luck, and it was riding high. We both knew why we connected, but none dared to discuss it openly or propose it.

Also, we have not discussed how we looked nor exchanged pictures of each other. We both didn’t know who we were talking with. It was just a name and messages I was replying to, with a slight chance of it being a woman. She is interested in meeting me in person for a great time.

In the first week of December, out of the blue, Amrutha pinged me, asking if we could meet. While excited and scared, I ignored it and kept stalling the meeting in real life. Finally, agreeing to meet on the 23rd of December evening at the local Starbucks near my place. It looks like she even lives close to where I do.

I went to Starbucks to meet her in the spirit of the holidays. I reached the place and pinged her, asking where she was. She mentioned that she was on her way. Even though I thought this might be a scam, I was still hopeful.

After about 15 minutes, I got myself a double chocolate chip mocha. I was sitting on the table sipping while constantly staring at the entrance. I was getting excited every time a woman entered through it. As I took my phone to ping her again to ask ETA, I saw an Indian woman.

About 5-ft tall in a blue puffer jacket, black jeans, and cream-coloured Nike shoes, she looked familiar yet strange. We made eye contact, and she smiled and started her route toward me while I sat there puzzled and nervous about what would unfold in the next few minutes.

As she approached, I looked at my coffee table and started tapping my feet nervously. She just walked right past me to the counter to order something. Seeing that, I breathed a sigh of relief that didn’t last long as I saw her placing her drink and sitting on my table by undressing the puffer jacket.

“Hey xyz, (the name I was called in my bachelor’s college). Do you remember I’m your classmate Amrutha, how are you? Been so long since we met.” She said as she took a sip of her coffee.

That jogged my memory. I remembered Amrutha, the chubby girl who had a crush on me and wanted to spend time with me. I always ignored her. Knowing who she was made me calm but anxious as I waited for someone else. Trying to act normal, I continued the conversation.

We had a good time, making me forget the purpose of my visit to that Starbucks. All that purpose came back to me when she said, “ So Krish, how long have you been writing on ISS? Who was that office colleague Chitra?” I turned pale on hearing it but denied it.

Calmly leaning forward, she asked to look around. As I was doing that, she continued, “We are the only Indian people here at this time. I guess that says something.” Understanding that arguing would be foolish, I gave in, smiled, and told all my previous encounters, all I wrote, etc.

This conversation was much smoother and more straightforward. Also, in our native tongue, which made sure no one bothered us.

All this talk of sex and fuck made us both horny, peaking our desire to devour each other more. Sensing that even in Amrutha’s eyes, I extend my arm onto hers and squeeze it, asking, “My place or yours.”

Smiling shyly, she replied, “My place as my roommate is out today. We shall have more comfort, I guess.” She tucked her hair behind her ear.

We left and rushed back to her place. Smiling, giving each other a lustful look, blushing, and looking the other way when we made eye contact. The entire act made us feel like teenagers again.

Once at her place, she asked me to get comfortable and then gave me a tour of her apartment and room. While in her room touring, we stopped at the closet. I saw a bunch of bras and panties hanging. It made me get excited and start some movement in my lower body.

Sensing something as I didn’t move from the position for a while, she swiftly closed the closet door and rushed away, blushing. This was the cue as I followed her and hugged her tightly from behind.

Moving my hands up her tummy over her clothes to her chest and back to the belly, making her moan. I rub my hard dick onto her body, swinging my hips sideways

Smiling at my antics, she turns around to face me. Looking into my eyes, she confesses, “I always had a crush on you, but you never reciprocated it. Finally, after all these years, fate intervened, and destiny got us together.”

I nod in agreement and move toward her face to bring my lips closer to her shivering pink lips. They have a cherry-infused coffee aroma. After years of waiting and a month of conversation, Amruthas and my lips finally united for the first time.

Those were not the only thing that joined that day but the beginning of a beautiful union. Sucking onto her juicy lips, I explore her voluptuous body. A short woman blessed with huge breasts, maybe 38C or even 38D.

My hands slowly separated her Navy blue top from her body. This causes our lips to take a break while revealing her purple bra and holding her boobs. A glimpse of her clean armpits. Mine already piqued interest and lust for her multi-fold in magnitude.

Moving her around to align her back to the bed. I slowly move onto her making her eventually fall onto the bed with me, following while trying not to break out kiss. Exploring the interiors of her mouth with my tongue. I had my hands examine the top half of her body.

My legs wrapped around her body. Allowing my hard dick to poke her, giving her a reasonable estimate of what might be inside her. Slowly but steadily, I snapped her bra hooks making the bra lose and easy to remove. I instantly excuse myself to the side and pull the bra.

This reveals her cream boobs with a brown nipple protruding, surrounded by the right amount of areola. Once she was top naked, I separated from the kiss. I started undressing, removing the jacket and the t-shirt underneath it, exposing my upper body naked to her.

A shy smile took over her lips as her eyes travelled my length. Seeing her excited and turned on, I removed my jeans, exposing my turned-on dick in my underwear. Seeing me strip down encouraged even Amrutha to take matters into her own hands. Getting up from the bed even, she began to strip naked.

Stark naked with me exposing my hard 6 inches dick, pointing straight at her, while she was trying to cover up her shaved brownish pink lip vagina. Seeing her twist and turn, I suggested we slide under the comforter, hoping to make her ease up.

Once under the comforter, we resumed our kiss, but the passion was more intense this time. Also, our hands were on an exploration journey of their own. I was rubbing the back, squeezing the ass cheeks and outer thigh. Amrutha was caressing my shoulders, armpits, and love handles, barely reaching my butt.

Her struggle to grab my butt cheek was cute and sexy at the same time. It turned me on and made me get aggressive and pin her onto the bed. Locking her hands to the side of her head while I got on top of her. Staring straight into her eyes, expressing fear and excitement about what will happen next.

From the many things I could have done, I decided to kiss her aggressively, starting from her lips which I bit and sucked. I moved clockwise on the face kissing every nook and corner of it. While occasionally biting her cheek, I moved towards the chin and neck.

Moving down the neck, I kiss her shoulders and bite the region right at the joint, giving her a hickey. I do that on both sides, making her shout in pain and moan in pleasure. I move on to the exposed armpits. Those who have followed me or read my previous writings know I have an armpit fetish.

Thus I slowly move and sniff the armpit. Then start licking it and biting the juicy portion before digging in between kissing and biting. Moving down her body onto her boobs, I slowly let go of my grip on her hands. Amrutha moves her hands down, holding my dick and playing with it as I work on her boobs.

Squeezing and pressing them together, I caress those soft squishy pairs to my heart’s content before I let my face near it. Licking the entire area available. I try to fit the whole boob into my mouth and fail, yet I keep sucking, trying to avoid using my teeth and work with my lips and tongue. I make the entire boob wet.

Circling the nipple and biting it, I suck it vigorously. Pulling it hard, I focus my entire energy on the boob while rubbing and playing with the other. Alternating between the two boobs, I keep sucking, kissing, squeezing, biting, and eating the boobs, making them wet and red with bite marks all over.

Straight from the boobs, I jump down to the pussy. As I touch it and see its wet and oozing juices, I kiss it, making Amrutha jump, twist, and moan loudly. Holding her hips while pushing her thighs wide, I dig deeper into her clit. Sucking and kissing and licking it dry.

Amrutha’s moans told me she was enjoying it and having a blast. All this moaning and horniness made my dick rock hard, and I wanted some action. Not sure if she sensed it or was just a coincidence. She asked me to get into the 69 positions.

When her lips touched my cum oozing pole, I bit her vaginal lips, making her bite my dick. Sometimes the butterfly effect had severe outcomes. Slowly but steadily, we both enter a groove and keep moving synchronously. Rolling on the bed with her on top sometimes and me the other.

Thanks to my years of tending to women’s bodies and their needs, I was able to make her cum and have an orgasm. It eventually made her moan loud with a shiver and relief.

A cute smile on her lips, a hand through her hair, and a sigh of relief showed that she had climaxed, yet her eyes told her she was not done yet. Rolling her eyes down, she indicated what she wanted.

Without wasting more time, I sprung into action, pulling the condom out of my wallet. I put it on and positioned myself between my sexy classmate’s legs. Looking into her eyes, my dick met her pussy to a loud moan and warm embrace.

Moving slowly in the missionary position, I move my dick in and out of her wet pussy. Hugging her, I push my dick deep into her vaginal walls, making her clinch me tight and moan loudly. Giving her a moment to adjust to my grit, I continue my thrusts.

I steadily increase my pounding and hip movements, making her moan and gasp. Adjusting between her for better access, I increase my pace. Looking at her face and bringing mine closer to kiss her lips. I fuck her was a moment etched into my memory forever.

Going for 5 minutes, I whisper in her ear to switch positions, and she nods in agreement. We switched to a cowgirl. Positioning herself on top of me and sliding my dick inside her was a delight to watch. Then, once she felt she was okay, we started moving in sync.

Holding her hips, I start moving or shooting myself to the sky faster and higher, making her jump over me. Causing the boobs to swing left, right centre making me even hornier and banging her even more brutally.

Going at all guns blazing, I kept going faster and harder. After a while of sucking and squeezing the boobs, slapping the ass cheeks, and fondling my reader to my heart’s content, I told her I was coming, and she, with a wicked smile, said, “come inside me, baby.”

I increase the pace and cum inside her into a condom, shivering and jerking as I ooze out every ounce of my semen. Gasping for air, I hug Amrutha and pull her beside me, kissing her cheek and forehead. I look at her and say, “I pity myself for missing all the great opportunities of being with you.”

After this incident, we had many more encounters in different places and positions. To learn more about all those, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at [email protected].

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