When Dreams Come True – Part II

The atmosphere outside was stunning and there was clean white light all around the house as the bright moon pours milk to the earth and the breeze carries it to the room, a perfect moment for penetration.

I went near the bottom of her legs and nicely touched her leg fingers. I took the bottom of her maxi in my hand and slowly lifted it. I carefully stretched my nose into her bare legs and smelled them. I felt the smell of her sweet pussy coming from above.

My dick started to get hard on and I couldn’t wait. I kept on lifting her maxi tip as high as possible. When my hands with her maxi tip reached right above her thighs, the cloth got stuck under her legs. I stopped for a while and took my hands back. I couldn’t see anything.

I was so eager to see what I’ve done so far. So, I took my mobile phone from near my pillow and made its lights on and carefully pointed it to her leg at the bottom. I slowly moved the lights up and up. In that dim light, I saw her beautiful white thick legs leading to much more fleshy and soft thighs above.

I moved the lights a bit more up but her maxi stood between me and her cunt. She was lying on her back so I had to turn her into right side in order to place my cock at least in between her ass. I came back to bed and lay just next to her on her left side.

I gently placed my hands on her hip to where the maxi was extended up to. I pushed her to her right side with extreme care. Just by feeling my push she suddenly turned to her right side just like my plan. I startled a bit and moved back.

After a minute I asked ” aunty are you awake?” there was no answer. After a while I understood that she must have moved thinking of the crowd in the bed not because she knew what I was doing and wanted to show her approval.

I became disappointed a bit but decided to go ahead. I was happy that now it’s easy for my cock’s insertion. I moved very close to her back and gently touched her back to make sure her ass is naked and so it was. I caressed her ass cheeks softly with my fingers.

I longed for a strong bite on them but I controlled myself. I gently pushed my middle finger into her ass pit making way for my dick to come next. I made sure she’s still asleep and moved a bit more towards her.

Now my cock was in perfect contact with her ass cheeks and decided to give a moderated push. My erected and strong cock’s head was getting ready to explore her thigh gap. I gave a nice push but my cock’s head struggled to move in between her ass.

I tried three more times but same was the result. I quickly dripped out a hand full of saliva from my mouth and applied on my penis and spread it all over it. It’s my new turn. I moved a bit more tightly to her and placed my cock’s head right in between her ass gap.

I clicked on a button in my phone and in the light came from it I saw her stunning posture and made sure my cock’s in the perfect position. I gave a slow push with my hip and my cock simply slipped in to her ass gap giving me a heavenly pleasure.

I felt my dick’s head moving inch by inch deep into her gap. I pulled out my cock and with a bit more strength; I pushed again closing my eyes deep shut. I really experienced the sensation of slipping my penis slowly in to her fleshy ass.

I kept my cock tightly inside her ass and rested my hand on her shoulder for a while. Even though I was not stroking my dick back and forth, the very feeling of her spongy ass cheeks on my thick and long dick aroused my feeling go crazy.

I was enjoying the tiny little movements inside her ass that makes my cock hornier. The sensation of my pubic hair caressing on the lips of her ass coupled with the super reality that my dick is resting in peace deep inside her ass killed my sense.

And I cum pretty unexpectedly with a massive load of cum right into her ass. I didn’t pull out my cock from her tight ass until the last drop is dripped out of my cock’s head. Then I carefully pulled out my penis feeling her drenched ass root all the way back. She was sound asleep. Oh god thanks a lot!

I wiped out my dick with the towel and expelled a long sigh of relief. I looked at her ass with my mobile light. It was all drenched my cum laying just naked right in front of my eyes. Some of my cum drops were oozing out from her ass cheek. I gently washed them out with my hand and cleaned it with the towel.

I very carefully turned her flat on the bed. I got up and sat on the bed to clean my cum from the front part of her thighs. I held the mobile light straight to help me see her thighs oh my!” The maxi had moved a lot up and her sweet pussy was exposed!

I opened my mouth to see such a large fleshy cunt right before me. I flashed the light slightly into her face; she was still in deep sleep. How can anybody just be awoken at 3’o clock in the night? I was happy she hadn’t known anything so far happened.

I flashed the light into her pussy and there were no hairs, probably, she must’ve shaved them off. Her pussy lips were so thick and the clitoris was so clear and projected up. My dick became erected again. I had no plan except wash the left cum off her and go to sleep; but now I can’t help at least placing a kiss on her cute clit.

I carefully parted her legs a little bit and moved forward with my hungry lips starving for her clitoris as I parted her legs her pussy expanded wider and the clit became more projected. There was some oily stuff slightly hanging between her pussy lips. I flashed the camera and took that gorgeous pictures, may be can be used for future jerk offs.

I moved my lips forward and placed a nice and easy kiss on her clit and one more and one more and two more. I pulled out the tip of my tongue and softly licked on her super sensitive clitoris. My head exploded with a huge amount of a sexual shock. I sucked her clit and slowly pulled it inside my mouth little by little. It tasted like crazy, I really liked it.

I felt some movements down my head, suddenly I realized that I’m on top of her pussy caring nothing but tasting her clit. Suddenly I backed my tongue off her and her clit escaped from my lips giving a sexy’ plup’ sound. I thought she was awake but she just gave big sigh and went back to sleep.

I decided to give another and last shot. I knew she is going to be awoken if I suck her clit again. So got to try something else when I fucked her ass cheeks from behind she was sound asleep; so may be if I put my dick In her pussy as well she won’t awake, I thought. Let’s do this as quickly as possible and have one more ejaculation, get back to sleep and that’s it. That was my plan.

I held my dick in my hand and gave some strokes alright, it’s good” let’s do this and I silently moved forward and touched her lower part of the clit. Like I did back when I did the ass fucking, I searched for her pussy hole with my middle finger and I got it. I slowly pushed my finger into her sweet cunt hole. It was so wet there.

Her pussy muscles slightly squeezed my finger tip as I continued to move on. My whole finger just moved inside her pussy. Next was my cock’s turn.I parted her legs a little more widely and placed my cock’s head right on the pussy entrance. ‘God don’t make her awake; let me finish this’ I prayed.

I softy pushed my candy into her pussy hole and it just slipped into it giving me the same sound I heard when I released her clit from my mouth. I pulled it out and pushed slightly and softly again. I went deeper this time. But my dick was not satisfied, I pulled it out again and this time.

I forgot the deal with myself that I won’t wake her up. I pushed much harder and my sweet cock completely slipped in to her pussy giving tremendous amount of joy and craze. I couldn’t hold on long; I began to fuck her hard going back and forth with a huge amount of pressure on my hip.

Now this is where any man fails to get his dick back from a woman’s cunt whatever happens around. Guess what? She woke up with shouting voice! What’s going on? What is it? Who are you? Shine? What are you doing? Get out of my body, I say stop you bastard, stop it I say” I don’t know what else she said.

But all of those words fell on my deaf ear. I was in another world and she was in other. Let me tell you this, I didn’t’ even know she has awoken and she is talking to me. The sexual ecstasy had taken my consciousness away for a while.

I’m on top of her body throwing myself on her chest and my dick deep inside her pussy touching and fondling her sweet cunt walls. I kept on rocking. I only focused on one matter that my dick should go deeper and deeper as long as I move on with the frequent pushes.

I said she was shouting and saying a lot of things but, I didn’t know what they were. The hot breath touching my cheeks from her nose with each stroke got increased as I fucked her harder. She couldn’t talk more because my powerful pushes controlled her breathing in a particular way.

Her breaths came out forcefully to me nose as I again increased my pace. I didn’t know where I was getting so much energy to do this. I was searching for the pearl in my aunt’s pussy ocean. I placed my elbows on the bed next to her head and raised myself a little bit and gained all the energy I had left in my body.

This time I pierced her pussy hole super hard and the whole room was filled with the sweet ”plup” sound. She was saying something angrily, but god only knows what that was. I was getting hornier each time her breath touched my lips.

I followed her rhythmic breath and place my lip on hers passionately. I sucked them one by one hard and they were so sweet. I circled my tongue round her lips but she was turning away. She even tried to talk while my tongue was in contact with hers squeezing her mouth juice into mine.

I lost my soul in her pussy. I was getting near the pearl I was looking for in her pussy ocean. A random shock started from my cock’s head and it passed through my head. ”God, I’m going to spit out my love juice!

I gave a massive push for the last time and pulled out my boy from her pussy, my sweet love milk splashed out over her stomach and I exploded with bliss. I felt my prostate empty with no drops left behind everything had gone out of control by the time I came back to my normal sense.

I figured out what happened and sat still. I felt my voice had gone with fear. She was also speechless. I saw in dark that she washed out my cum from her stomach with the towel. She also was cleaning her chin with the towel, I figured out that my first semen burst has reached up to her chin and some drops have got in her face.

After a while she spoke shine, what the hell were you doing? Is this what you were supposed to give me for letting you stay in my house this night?” I always thought you were a nice boy, I haven’t even spotted you so far looking at me in a wrong way’ how come you shine?

I was straggling deadly to get you out of my body, but you were fucking determined” Gosh, I shouldn’t have trusted you when I told you to share my bed. you know why I didn’t make you a separate bed in any other room?” because I trusted you and I was tired too’ shine, you asshole ooh god.

I can’t believe you did this to me!”She continued the talk for about half an hour. Like I said I couldn’t even tell her a sorry, because my tongue was frozen in fear. I didn’t know what to do or say. I was sweating all around. She stopped for a while, and I hear her crying.

She stood up from the bed and went to the wash basin, washed her face and got back to the room shine, things have happened and you can’t change what happened’ so don’t tell this to anyone and it’s over, alright?” The sofa out there is free, you can sleep the rest of this night in that’

Our relationships is over , no more talks form now, no more ‘aunty stuff’ it’s fucking over, now get out of my sight! I stood up from the bed, couldn’t look at her face passed near her and sit on the sofa. It was about 4 in the morning. She had gone to her bedroom shutting the door behind her.

I expelled a long sigh of relief and lay my head on the sofa. I took out my mobile from my pocket and there was her sweet pussy’s stunning picture. I looked at it and smiled. God knows what I’m going to do with that. Guys if you I’ve been successful to satisfy you, I’m glad. Anyway send your feedbacks to [email protected]

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