When Husband Neglected Me I Took Out My Frustration With Someone

Hi guys,Kartika Sharma from Mumbai is here bringing one of my recent experiences.

I am a married woman of age 30. My husband runs an enterprise so has hardly time fo me. It is the main reason why we still did not have kids. Keeping this in mind, I had informed him about one of my close friend’s anniversary party and nearly begged a week before to have time managed. As usual, he had to attend some kind of business shit and instead wanted me to go with him.

I got so frustrated that I literally got off my head at him and nearly slapped before living. I went to a wedding alone. There I met some of my friends who were standing with their respective husbands and started asking where mine was. I replied that he was busy. Getting jealous, I saw my friend and congratulate her and apologized for not bringing my hubby.

Literally pissed with the situation I was in, I decided to have drinks and went to the bar area. I at once began to take shots of beer. There was one middle-aged at the bar. We chatted awhile. After few shots the beer got me and I was hot. My cheeks and ears became red and I started blushing for no reason. As the talk grew, he started to comment on how good I was to maintain my figure and called me sexy. That was it, I began to water down my anger through the pussy hole. So the real flirt began.

He told me that he would be delighted to have a wife like me. I asked him what he would really do. He said he would kiss, make love to me and make me happy. Well, he really used taboochoot and chodunga which made tingle in my pussy. Making matter worse I crossed my legs which he vividly noticed. Playing as a usual victim I took his leave even though he was insisting for me to stay. I went to take leave of my friend and there she did not permit me to leave alone. In the nick of time the bar guy who was followed me arrived and said he could take me home. He was my friend’s husband temporary partner and was known as a gentleman among friend circle. And thus, it was settled.

Now, in his car, due to lack of driver, he drove it and I sat beside. While driving car his hands were frequently touching my thigh and arm which was irony as the road was straight. The body contact was making my pussy too itchy that I was on the verge of fingering then and there. Now he started the bar wala dirty talk.He said,”Kas tum meri biwi hote toh main yaha kya kya kar raha hota.”

I laughed hysterically and managed to say tumhe thodi na karne deti.To which he said,”Arrey mujhe karwana aata he. Main use itna garam karta ki wo na nahi bolti.”

In motion I said,”Aisa kya karte janab.Waise v hindustani mard ko ladki khus karna nahi aata.”

Now he replied,”Toh tum real mard se mili hi nahi.”I asked,”Achha toh real mard kaisa hoga?”

He arbuptly stopped the car and unfastened his seat belt.He said,”Tumhe sach main dekhna he real mard? Baad me mat kehna kuch v.”

Blushing, I said show me. I had not expected this but he opened his zipper and took out his cock. It was erect and about normal size and had bit more girth. Precum was stuck in its head and a manly scent was coming from it. After a grindy day it was a sight for me and an unexpected moan came out from my mouth.

Now, he took his mouth and began to kiss my lips. As he proceeded I pushed him saying what are u doing. He said showing my manhood, don’t deny you want it. Even though I wanted it, I had few secret affairs and knew the best option was to be a victim.

I said,”Ramesh ji kya kar rahe ho. Main shaadi shuda aurat hu. Mera already pati he main ye nahi kar sakti.”He looked into my eyes and said,”Agar main hota toh itni khubsurat wife ko akele nahi bhejta.”

I was taken aback and in this moment he slowly moved his hand up my saari and peticoatt to panty which was already wet. Finding a man’s hand near my pussy my throat became dry and voice became whisper.I said,”Rames…S jjji kya….Kya.”

From outside he starte caressing my pussy and as he touched his clit I moaned.“Aaawww…..Shaadii….Awwww….Shuda.”

Now, he began to kiss me and this time I kissed back. He entered his tongue in my mouth and started playing. In same instant, he pulled my panty down and entered his middle finger in my honeypot and caressed clit with thumb. I moaned softly in his mouth.Next actions occurred quite rapidly. He pulled down his pants till hips and opened his jacket. He folded his seat and laid me down and pulled up my sari and petticoat and reached out my panty.Now again I mentioned what he had been doing and said I was married.

“Stop ramesh ji, meri shaadi….”I couldn’t complete the sentence as he inserted his cock inside my pussy. Being married for three years, my pussy was not virgin hole. So, I had no pain except for the first shot which opened my pussy walls. Now, he started to fuck me and like he said he fucked like a real mard with full in and out thrusts. I enjoyed his thrusts and moaned all over his ear. He was a silent fucker and just groaned.

“Rammmesh jiiii……Awww…..Awww.”

As his cock rubbed my-my g spot my pleasure intensified and at one point his one thrust made me cum. I closed my eyes and dug my nails in his ass which ripped open his flesh. This might have excited him as he said he was cumming after several thrusts. As I couldn’t cum twice within twenty seconds I waited. And being married I didn’t want his cum inside my honeypot. Hence, I began to push him back. Hardly had I applied force my phone started to ring and as I turned I saw hubby’s image on the screen.

It created an unusual feeling like being watched by my husband. Responding the sensation my pussy lips contracted and I felt a strange knot in the stomach. I crossed my legs around Ramesh ji’s ass and in that instant, he came inside my pussy with a loud groan. The hot cum made me shiver and my pussy wall jumped out of excitement giving me a second orgasm.

As we finished, we had laid there for few breaths when my husband called again. Ramesh Ji got off me and I picked up the phone. He had called to mention that he won’t return during night and might send the car to pick me off. I said I had managed. As I hung up phone Ramesh Ji wanted to know the conversation. I simply said that he wanted to send a car. I didn’t want him to know my husband won’t return as he may wish to spend the night with me as I didn’t wish to have a lengthy affair. So he dropped me off at my house and drove back. After that, I never heard of him.

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