When My Friend’s Mom Was Impressed By My Dick Size!

I was in Bengaluru for some work and I was staying in my college friend’s house there. Rohan was my roommate in college and we had always been close ever since. He was originally from Delhi but he got a job in Bengaluru so he shifted to there with his mother. His father had died of cancer several years ago.

Now, I had always been close to his mother because she always treated me as her own son. So, when I reached their house she already had made my favorite cuisines and welcomed me with open arms. But when she hugged me and her breasts squeezed against my torso, I did feel a tingle.

But I pushed those thoughts away because I knew that was wrong, or so I thought. I was happy to see friend’s mom after a long time.

Rohan had to leave for his office but he promised me that we would definitely hang out in the evening.

After having breakfast, I told Geetika aunty that I should go and take rest. She smiled and nodded.

“Of course beta, you must be tired. Go and rest, I will start preparing lunch”, my friend’s mom’s replied and went towards the kitchen.

When I came back from the shower, I only had a towel around my waist. And from a habit that I picked up from living alone, I usually am naked when I choose what clothes to wear.

Now, I didn’t know when it happened but I heard a gasp from the door when I saw Geetika aunty gawking at my dick for a few seconds and then turning around and leaving!

I was a little embarrassed, sure but more than that, I was turned on. After my encounter with my cousin and her mom, I chose to seize every chance that I got at sex. So, I decided to see if my friend’s mom was interested.

After putting on shorts and a t-shirt, I went to the kitchen.

“I am sorry you had to see that, aunty. I live alone so I forgot to be conscious around you”, I tried to look dejected.

“Oh no no, I understand son. I just didn’t expect that so I was a little shocked”, she replied nervously.

I smiled slyly, before gathering some courage,

“So, did you like it?”, I looked at her directly.

“Liked what?”, she sounded confused.

“My size”

“Danish! What are you saying?”, she was shocked, I could tell.

“Arey aunty, just a casual question”, I was smiling.

My friend’s mom composed herself before replying.

“Yeah, it was good”, she was so shy.

“Okayyyy”, I kissed her cheek before returning to the living room.

We had lunch and she behaved a little shy after the kitchen conversation so I knew I had to make a move.

“Do you want to watch TV?”, I asked her.

“Sure”, she sat near me in the couch.

My friend’s mom was wearing a black green nightie and when she sat down, I could see her boobs pressing against the cloth material.

We were watching an old movie when I put my arms around her.

She was a little surprised but she didn’t resist.

I took that as a positive sign and moved closer so that her body was stuck to mine. She tried to move, but I held her.

My right hand was on her shoulder so I started making circles with my finger on the bare part. She was biting her lip, I knew this was happening.

I slipped my hand into her nightie and touched her breasts over the bra. She had closed her eyes.

“No, we shouldn’t be doing this”, she whimpered in a low, sexy voice.

“I know, that’s why I want to”, I replied and kissed her.

My friend’s mom let me kiss her and responded so softly, I was turned on.

I faced her towards me and unzipped her nightie.

She was in her underwears and I swear I swooned at how amazing she looked. My friend’s mom was heartbreakingly sexy.

I unclasped her bra and started sucking her breasts. She moaned softly pushed my head deeper into her cleavage. I bit her, sucked her nipples and licked the crap out of them.

“So do you like this?”, I asked.

“I haven’t been touched in so long.. This is awesome”, she took her panties off and pushed my mouth into them. I was on cloud 9.

Her pussy had overgrown hair but it was still sexy enough. I ate her pussy like a mad, hungry dog and she moaned like a beautiful bitch.

The doorbell rang and we sprang apart. I checked the time. It was Rohan maybe. I didn’t know but aunty rushed to the bedroom and asked me to check who it was. Luckily, it was just a salesman. I locked the door and went to her bedroom.

“Just a salesman, aunty. Your son is hungry, please feed him”, I made sexy noises.

She opened the door and pulled me inside.

Throwing me to the bed, she opened the zip of my pants and freed my throbbing dick. The next few minutes were undoubtedly the best blowjob I have had in years. My friend’s sexy mom sucked and licked and sucked again. I cummed in her mouth and I was fucking impressed when she drank it all.

I couldn’t resist anymore, I pushed my dick into Geetika aunty’s pussy and humped as fast as I could. She moaned and screamed and that was the best sound ever.

I fucked my friend’s horny mom from the front and from behind. I fucked her against the wall and against the headboard. I also fucked her against the kitchen counter and against the TV stand. We fucked for hours together until it was time for her son to come.

And it was quite possibly the best four days that I stayed there because we fucked every single minute that we were alone.

This was another experience I had and it was great. Do tell me how you liked it.

My e-mail is [email protected]. I would love to get feedback or comments.

Until next time.

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