When Slutty Intentions Come True

Hi ISS readers, let me introduce myself first. I am Anil (Name Changed) a tall, fit and a very simple guy who has been brought up in a small town. Never had a girlfriend and never got even near to a kiss with anyone.

My Friend Vinni(Name Changed) and I were school friends and both of was were watching porn since school. None of us ever had a chance to satisfy our sexual desires ever which let us to this incident. Both of us are of 21 years of and we had been discussing about porn since we were 15.

Now Vinni and I were growing hornier day by day. We had watched so much regular porn that we were into shemale and gay stuff only because we wanted more. Occasionally we used to talk about our desires and our porn history list. We used to also joke with each other about making out with each other and satisfying ourselves till we find someone but up till now we could only manage to jerk together in one room nothing else.

So one fine day we were doing a a night stay at a friends house. We were three guys. We played playstation, cards, watched porn and went to sleep. While sleeping Vinni Touched my ass and slid my Pyjamma a little after a few seconds he again slid it more and now my pyjamma was below my ass and my ass was naked. He was touching my ass and roaming his hands all around. TO his surprise i did not stop him as i was liking it and i kept my ass on his dick. We fake fucked for 2 minutes, then i turned and he kept his ass on ym dick and again we fake fucked only about for a minute since there was a third guy as well.

Now this incident happened and after that we did not speak about it for about 4-5 months untill one day the sexual tension broke late night on whatsapp. We both confessed about jerking about thinking having sex with each other, now we both were hot and we spoke about it 3-4 times how we were wanting to fuck each other off. Vinni had gone to an other town to study, he came back in summers and one fine day we were coming home from a restaurant on a two wheeler, i was driving, he started massaging my back, and he his hand on my left book, touched my dick, kept his hand on my stomach and i was full hot, and wanting to get fucked then and there but unfortunately i had to leave due to some important work. Later i confessed about it to him and we decided to do it one day.

So now came a day that is written in gold in history of my life. Some issue happened at Vinni’s place and he had a fight with his parents, he did not want to stay that night at his place so he crashed at mine. Now none of us had any wrong intentions at that time but soon it developed. it was late at night, everyone was asleep and we were in my room on the top flooe where no one comes.

We both switched to porn after long discussion as it seemed the only way out. We watched two clips back to back but it did not excite us. We both knew now what we wanted, we switched over to gay Porn, with a wierd smile we both looked at each other as I hit the button play. Now it was a long clip about 34 minutes and we held each others hands and started to see.

The clip started normally two guys met, went to a room started kissing, that was the time we decided that we will imitate whatever they do in he clip. The pornstars started to kiss and so did we. Our first kiss. WOW. What an amzing experience!, We did lips first then tongue and then we liked it so much that we continued doing it for about 5 minutes. By the time we were ovr, the pornstars were doing a 69. Not knowing how to do it since we both were hessitant we started stripping each other off. We started to cuddle as we lied in front of each other naked, we touched our tips, kissed each others nipples now he was hard pressing mine and i started to bite his. Oh let me tell you what an amazing night it was, i was so happy that i couldnt get enough of all this. Wow we both were now red hot!

I got down, took his dick in my hand and started to give a handjob, suddenly an urger came from inside and i kissed his dick. There came a pause, he looked at me in shock and i looked at him in amazement, i went further and started giving him a blowjob, he was moaning like anything and soon within 4-5 minutes he jizzed off all over me. I went to the bathroom cleaned my self and as i came back, Vinni started cuddling me, kissing me, he was so happy that without my asking he himself bent down and started sucking my cock furiously. I was already hard and i moaning so loudly that i cam in 2 minutes time only.

To my surprise he swallowed all my cum and then we both got exhausted and lied next to each other tired. We both lied next to each other naked ithout uttering a word for the next 10 minutes, after that as son as we looked at each other we both knew what was coming, since i had just cum so i voluntarily turned around and gave him my ass to fuck. I was dying now and i wanted him hard, he brought the coconut oil from the bathroom, poured it all over my ass and on his fingers and started ti finger fuck me. He insertedone finger , i felt quiet wierd since it was all messy coz of the oil plus it was my first time, it took me 5 minutes to get okay with one finger, then he poured more oil, inserted two finders and soon three and i was moaning, crying but enjoying at the same time.

My eyes were red and voice was dim and in a low and shaky voice i said, now fuck me.

He took out the condom, wore it on his dick and inserted it in my ass and a loud moan from me. I was in tears but i wanted this so he kept his dick in the same position.

Due to fingering my ass although did open up but since it was my first time i did have a little trouble adjusting, ow he started to pound and for the next 5 minutes he fucked me in doggy style sometimes slow sometimes fast.

Tired exhausted we both fell down and exhaustingly i said i want more, he lied down and asked me to get on top, i was jumping on his dick and we both were moaning heavily. Scared that we do not wake someone up, he changed the position somewhat so that we could smooch while fucking and it lasted for 3-4 more minutes till he jerked off. Few! What an experience it was, ass hole drilled, all parts thrilled and yet the sizzle was there. We drank water, and went for a rest.

After 20 minutes we woke up and started kissing again, he knew now that it was his turn to experience the roller coaster ride. We kissed and cuddled for a while, he gave my dick a lick and then took the oil bottle and gave it in my hand and said drill me like they drill a road. I was hard on.

I pored lots of oil on his ass, massaged his hole, and started to finger fuck his ass. His asshole was a little better than mine since he used to do anal masturbation at home, he was accustomed easily to my fingers. After 5 minutes of continuous fingering he moaned and let out a grasp on my dick and said i want it now. Not resisting at all i got up , we cae in missionery position as it was his dream to be fucked in that style and inserted my dick in his ass. AAAHHH

We both let put a loud moan. WOW, what a feel it was, my seal was finally broken from both sides. I kept my dick in his ass without moving and started stroking his dick. He started moaning fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!

I strated slowly and gradually built up pace. Ohh Ahh Ohh Ahhh for the next few moments then we changed positions, i fucked him 3 positions before i finally jerked off.

After the missionary we stood up, he kept his one leg up and i started to fuck him again. Ohh Ahh Ahhh, he couldnt get enough of it in another three minutes we again changed to position now I lied on the bed and it was his turn to jump on my dick. Oh WHAT AN ULTIMATE FUCK IT WAS. I finally jerked and we both fell exhausted, short of breath but not of exoticness. We started kissing again but soon fell asleep not knowing when.

It was a Sunday next day and when we woke up, for 5 minutes we were not able to face each other. But then we gave it a laugh but soon we realized that we were in deep shit and will have to pay for this. We both were in pain and were having trouble in walking too. Stretched up muscles, unable to work but still worth it all. What an amazing night fuck.

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