When Sukanya And Me Enjoyed Part – 2

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Sorry to keep you waiting for so long but I promise the wait would be worth it.

This is part 2 of previous experience with Sukanya (an Indian Sex Stories reader) whom I met and we were having an awesome time together where I was being the Dom and Sukanya was acting as a slave and I was enjoying teasing her and a=making her beg for all the erotic experience and pleasure. I had blindfolded her and was exciting her arousement by merely talking.

Our conversation was something as follows :Sukanya : What are you gonna do next?Me : Just gonna make you cum. Wait.

She : I can’t. Please don’t make me wait.Me : Now, imagine thrill of me feeling you. You don’t know where I would be touching and when?It can be your navel, your neck, your boobs, your pussy, lips ,ear or anything else?

She was now getting hot. I was feeling her navel and licking it. She was making lot of noises and was moaning. I was liking our wild experience and was feeling great that she was enjoying the same.My talk was making her more and more hot and she had already reached a point where my talks made her cum.

Once she came, I started kissing her lips and sucking them, Then I was biting them (I like doing that).

Then I was feeling her boobs and was mauling them and she was going crazy. She was begging me fuck (we had already already fucked quite a number of times that day already) but I was in mood to tease her. but, little did I know that tables are gonna turn on me.While we were in middle of our session and at a point where I had been playing with her navel area(my favorite in females), the doorbell rang.

We were shocked and scared. She shouted that she’s changing to which her friend replied that she’s waiting. We then dressed and she asked me hide my stuff and hide myself behind curtain in her bedroom.

Her two friends(Ankita and Adah) had come to meet her.I wasn’t able to see them as they were outside bedroom. Sukanya and me were horny and were waiting for them to leave but they were not budging. Then, Sukanya felt that it’s gonna be a long wait and she went downstairs to get some cold drinks for her friends.While she was out, they moved in bedroom and switched the AC on. I was feeling cold as I was hiding without clothes behind curtains but then after seeing them, I got hot again and forgot about clothes.Adah was milky white with perfect curves while Ankita was a typical college girl with small assets and was really cute.

They were sitting on bed and then what I saw made my day. Ankita went ahead and started kissing Adah and they were now enjoying each other. I was a little awestruck but was enjoying the movie happening in front of me. They were kissing and had taken out their tops. Adah had small dark mole on her left boob which had made my dick erect. Then, I guess they felt someone’s presence and wrapped up whatever they were doing.

Adah, went out of the room and Ankita was sitting idle.The doorbell rang and it was Sukanya. Then i heard some stuff falling but was high on the session which had just got over in front of me.Then, after about 5 minutes, Adah came back to the room and whispered something in Ankita’s ear.

They both rose from bed, started walking towards curtain and I was shocked and was having multiple thoughts.

they came near the curtain, pulled it away and I was standing there nude in front of them.

Then, Ankita took her mobile out and was recording.Adah on other hand came near me and gave me a forceful kiss to which I was never resisting at all.

Then, Adah broke the kiss, they both tried to overpower me and were pulling towards bed but weren’t unable to do so but I felt that let’s go with the flow and see what they are up to.

They pulled me towards bed, slapped and tied my hands to once corner of bed.

I was enjoying but was thinking about Sukanya and the bell rang but I hadn’t seen her.

then, Adah said, aaj to hum isse slave banayenge. I was shocked and acted as if I was under some kind of tension but was on cloud nine.Ankita slapped me and pinched my nipples which did pain.Then they started slapping my ass cheeks and were saying words like, Sukanya saali akele akale mazze le rahi thi.

Then they said they had already seen my shoes inside flat and there were some fresh cum marks in lobby and they had inferred that there was someone else in flat. they only directed Sukanya to get some drinks from downstairs.

Then, Ankita went out while Adah was sucking me and was playing with my balls. She was also kind of biting me here and there a bit which was making me go high. I was also shouting saali kutiya, haath khol de bas phir main tujhe swarg dikhaunge but she was busy sucking me. Then Ankita came back and was dragging Sukanya whose hands and feet were tied and then in front of me, she tore her top. She then started fingering her and Sukanya was getting hot and making noises(she was already wet and this had made her more horny).

Adah was still sucking my cock and I too was enjoying the show. Then Ankita slapped Sukanya , first of her face, then boobs and then she was slapping her pussy and saying , Kameeni, jab humare saath soti hai to hume kyu nahi bulaya aaj mazze lene. Akele akele khana chati thi fal, ab dekh tere saath kya hoga.

she then stripped herself, took her panty and stuffed that in Sukanya’s mouth. She then sucked her boobs, bit her nipples hard and came to me. She said, dekh kutte, ya to aaram se maan ja, warna hum jo karenge usme dard hoga. Maan jayega to aaj se hume kabhi bhi aakar chod liyo. Though the offer was enticing enough, I decided that let the girls take driving seat for sometime. I had already opened the knot of my hands but was acting as if I am still tied.Adah was now done sucking me and I had cummed in her mouth.Then, it was Ankita who was now hungry and was teasing me by biting me here & there, kissing me and sucking my balls to make me hard again. She wasn’t interested in sucking and was looking to get me inside her ASAP.

She was horny enough that she sat on me with her pussy on my mouth. I sucked her and made her cum. I even bit her pussy lips which made her scream and she in turn slapped my balls which made me scream. but, we now had a mutual understanding that we both wanted each other but she was desperate and was sucking me to make me hard.

As soon as she felt and an erection, She placed her pussy over my cock and was riding me. I was enjoying the same as it even my first time when a girl is riding me.

Sukanya, on other hand was lying on floor and making noises which were quite low because of Ankita’s panty in her mouth.She was horny but her hands were tied and she was helpless.On other hand,Ankita was riding me hard and Adah was now kissing me first and then sat on my face with her pussy on my mouth.I sucked her which Ankita was fucking me.

We three came almost together but was first to cum, Then Ankita and then me.

It was an awesome experience and they both laid on me like dead bodies there.

then, I decided to take control and got my hands free.Ankita and Adah were shocked and were in for a surprise.

What happened next is a next level experience.Will post it some other time.For ladies/aunties/females in Delhi/NCR, you can ping me on [email protected]

We can have fun together and I assure you that risk you might feel while talking would definitely be worth.I won’t let the effort go in vain.

Once again, I am reachable on [email protected]You can mail me for feedback/your views.

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