When The Girl Of My Dreams Turned Out To Be Different – Part 2

Arushi was 5 ft. She was curvy. 33-26-34. Her hair was long to her waist. She was milky white and her face had sharp features. She was very eloquent, very clever and over all the most exotic girl in the campus. All the guys, with or without girlfriends, were intrigued by her. She was the kind of girl who stopped conversations if she walked by. We had very recently became a couple.

What no one knew was she was a shemale. Her mentality and mannerisms were totally like a girl but she had a dick and liked to use it. Her dick was big, like porn star big.

I, Neeraj am 5 ft 9. I have fucked many girls and would like to believe that girls dig me. With Arushi though I had developed a new taste. First I was afraid of being gay and confused but then she made me understand that my attraction was only to her and not to any guy. I agreed. I loved her and she loved me. And she was a badass in bed and had me addicted to her. She considered herself superior sexual being than me and often pointed to her dicks superiority on mine. She knew that this turned me on and it really did.

We were in a hotel room in ooty a weekend. The overnight drive had us tired so we had slept as soon as we reached hotel. Around 3-4 am, Arushi shook me and said.

Baby horny feel ho raha hai. Kuchh karo na.

I said – so jao baby, i am tired

Arushi: common dude, aise mat karo.

She slipped her hand inside my shorts and grabbed my dick. It was flacid.

Arushi: oh no pappu so raha hai

She grabbed my wrist and took my hand to her dick. It was hard and errect. At erect position her dick was pointing upwards. Not perpendicular to the bed but at 45 degrees towards the up.

I opened my eyes to look at it.

It was big. Good 7 and a half inch. Circumcised and pink. the tip was glistening with pre cum and the mushroom was prominent. It reached her navel.

I said – haath ya muh?

She smiled and said – gaand.

My whole body shivered in the cold. She cuddled me from behind. I instantly could feel her warm dick against my ass cheek. It was wet with precum. She was rubbing against my dick from under side.

Baby condom to pehen lo.- I said

Please abhi mat karwao na. tum kaun sa pregnant hone waale ho.

She had a point. I could feel her pre cum all around my asshole. I tried turning to her side. She held me by my shoulders and did not let me. She closed in and whispered – pair uthao. I lifted one leg and she held it by the thigh. I knew what was coming. Despite my undiluted love for Arushi, taking her in was a painful experience usually. It did improve once her dick was in. But 3/4 times it was her fucking me. Even those time I fucked her, she would fuck me after my orgasm.

I felt a sustained thrust and involuntarily moved my hips away. Arushi held my hips and pushed hard. I relaxed and took her in. She began humping. First just grinding, then using the full length. I started moaning. The pleasure was painful. To get into the mood, I started stroking my cock too. She grabbed my chest. Dug her nails in and started thrusting at a high speed. I said – baby, thora dheere. dard kar raha hai. She took her panty and thrust in my mouth and kept at it. She said- thora der aur bas. She kept at it. She was very selfish in this way. For her pleasure my pain was not even a factor.

It maybe because she did not use any lubrication this time, she was hurting me quite a bit. I struggled my way out of her hold. Her cock was dripping and erect. She wanted to wrestle and fuck me. I avoided her moves and said – baby i am tired and u are hurting me. Can we please do this tomorrow. She looked at me and silence followed. I saw her eyes well up and said OK. And went to the other side of bed and rolled herself into a small ball.

I knew i had done something wrong. I slowly approached her and slowly held her dick. She smacked on my hands. I removed her hand and held her tower again. She said – hato. please mujhe nahi karna. I laid her flat on her back, moved between her legs and kissed her dick. She resisted vehemently. I persisted. I could feel her defenses breaking down. I started sucking her cock. I could hardly take half of it in. I noticed that Arushi was thrusting her hips now. She took my hands off her dick and started thrusting in holding my head. I started getting gagged. She pulled her dick out and smacked it right across my face. It was like someone knocked my lights out.

She then got up and we got face to face. She pushed me and i was flat on my back. Then she did something she had never done before. She hit my dick with hers. It hurt. I said wtf. She did it again. Her dick was like a hammer blow. She said – jab tak tum mere saath ho main ye decide karungi ki kya kab chodna hai.Nahi manzoor to kahin aur gand marao. I was taken aback and was in shock. She again hit mine with her strong cock. She held both cocks together and said – Difference dikh raha hai? Tera 3 inch ka fuddu hai aur mera 7 inch ka lund. Kitne ladkon ka mere itna bada dekha hai tumne. Mari kya galti hai ki ye teri gand dekh ke khara hota hai. Jo josh mere lund me aati hai uska kya karun main? Mere saath hona hai to meri zarooraton ko apni problems ke upar rakhna hogai. I am sorry but i have to be blunt. Will you do that?

I nodded. Without breaking eye contact she lifted my legs in air held at ankle and pushed her dick in my ass as i lay on my back.She did not smile and kept fucking me harder and harder. I gasped and shivered. I held her boobs and reached out to kiss them. She slapped me and kept fucking. She fucked me for a good 30 mins nonstop before she pulled out her dick and came on my belly and chest. She came loads. Cum spurted out about 10 times and she collapsed.

I was sore and totally drained but had learned a lesson that I am forever now Arushi ‘s bitch.

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