Wife And Neighbor Wali At Resort

Hi Friends,

This is Aditya from Delhi again with a new story. I got a bundle of mails for my previous story “Me & My Wife’s friend Anita”. Please do respond me at my mail id [email protected] This is an incident that happened with me about three years ago. Due to hectic life style and busy schedule of life I planned a weekend outside home to relax and have uninterrupted sex fun with my wife. So, I took leave from my office for Friday and booked a resort in Gurgaon for two nights for Friday and Saturday night for fun and masti. Of course my wife Anjali was also excited for this weekend. So, we packed our bags and headed for our fun place in Gurgaon.

I must tell all the new readers that Anjali is keenly maintaining her figure and she is damn hot cute housewife with a good flash on her body. As I like fleshy babes not those skinny ones. She is owner of a mast and tight boobs and my god her ass (gaand) can give a hard on to any guy. The best part about Anjali is that she is fully devoted housewife and do not ever think about other males. She loves to wear body hugging clothes but never dare to bare.

I mean no mini skirt or deep neck tops or blouse but when she wears saree with sleeveless blouse I really go out of control. As guys I think saree is the most sexiest dress if worn properly as it can expose else it can hide the female body properly. But when Anjali used to wear saree she wears sleeveless which is the most effective turn on for me and even I can see her bare tummy inviting me to play with and sucked. But mostly she wears western outfits and sarees are meant for wedding parties and all.

We left home around 10 in the morning and it was around two and a half hour drive for the resort. Anjali as usual wore her white tight Capri and a body hugging top and her boobs were cumming out to invite me to hug them suck them fuck them and do whatever I can do with them. And I wore demin and black t-shirt.

As we sat in the car I commented on her looks “Anjali have you kept all the required things properly in the bag”

She said “what u mean by all the required things”

I said “you looking so sexy that I don’t think I will be able to control myself as we will check in the room”

She said “so what is the problem who is asking you to control yourself, and dear for your knowledge I know that I don’t want to get pregnant so I have kept one full big packet of gobbaras (condoms)”

I said mockingly “why full big packet”

She laughingly said “I know your stamina, so I can’t take a chance” and she pointed towards my loins and said “dekho abhi se kya hal ho raha hai iska” as there was bulge in my jeans which any one could notice.

I said “this is your fault”

She “my fault but how, I have done nothing”

Me “tell me why are you not wearing panties”

She exclaimed “oh my god how u know that”

I said “ Anjali I tell you, you know how to make me excited, you don’t expose but you know what you wear, and when to wear which can give any men hard on and specially me when I can see that small tunnel inside your pants is waiting for my big piston to come in and whistle”

Anjali “ I don’t bother if any men get hard on watching me but as a good wife I want your banana to get hard for me …. hehe”

I seriously asked her “Anjali do you seriously mean if any guy notice at your beauty and your figure and your assets your ass your boobs and your tummy, does it not make any difference to you”

Anjali “to tell you the truth if the guy is decent and good looking and look in a decent manner I sometimes feel good but not all the time and idiot will you not be jealous if any guy stares at me”

I said “Yar I get proud of having such a sexy wife to whom all guy looks like a adorable beauty and want to have a wife like you. Tell me do you feel jealous when I stare sexy women…..”

She said “Aditya all men are same but it is also true that I also do feel proud of having such a smart handsome hunk with that big banana out there…hehe”

I had an idea in my mind so I said “So the final conclusion is that we both are very well matched and do not get jealous if any of us have a look with opposite sex. So let us do some experiment on this habbit of us”

She got excited and said what experiment.

I made a plan for unlimited fun and said to her that we are going to a new place for three days so let us be very frank with each other and will tell each other whatever will come to our mind seeing any opposite sex. Anjali can tell me any type of comment cheap vulgar good bad anything about any male and I can tell you anything about any female.No one will hesitate for saying anything about any one.

Anjali laughed and readily agreed and said “Tumhen to ladkiyon ko dekhne aur masti karne ka bahana chahiye”

I said “It is equally same for you. Tum bhi to handsome hunks to dekhogi aur unka size ke bare main sochogi”

She said “Mukje koi shauk nahin hai in cheezon ka…. tum hi ladkiyon ke boobs dekhna aur unka size napna but agar kuchh aisa waisa kiya toh……par koi baat nahin hai tum do din ke liye azad ho”

I said “Aditya ko pata hai kis gufa main train chalani hai…… mera piston bahut mazboot hai …. har kisi ko nahin milta”

She got kinky and put hands on my crotch and said “yeh piston abhi se garm kaise ho raha hai”

I put hands between her thighs and said “yeh gufa ise bula rahi hai ….. panty nahin pehni ….. kahin wetness bahar nahin a jaye nahin to hotel main jate hi sabki nazar tumhari thighs ke beech main hi padegi”

She said “chinta nahin karo ….it is covered..no one will be able to see that..it is only for u…hehe”

And finally we reached the hotel and really I could see a wet spot on the joint of her thighs on her tight pants. She wore so tight pants that if one see them seriously you could judge the outlining of her pussy lips. I went to the reception and a very sexy female asked me in a very sweet voice “Sir How can i help You” Anjali was standing beside me. I said “We have booked one double bed room in your hotel for two nights and please give us room at such a location where there is no disturbance and we want to spend some time in private”

She smiled and noticed bulge in my crotch and politely said “Sir, not a problem. We have allotted one block of our hotel for only those couples who do not have children and for honey mooners, and I hope you will have fun staying in our hotel,will that be okay for you”

I readily agreed and she handed over the room key to us and instructed one boy of hotel to show us our room and keep the baggage. So in front was the hotel boy and then my wife and then me. I was getting more and more exciting and my bulge was getting bigger and bigger. We reached the room and the hotel boy also noticed my bulge and kept our baggage smiled and greeted me “have fun Sir, good day”. It was a very nice room with big bath tub.

Now, I was totally out of control, I immediately locked the room and put down my pants and my dick rose like a spring. My wife exclaimed “Kya hua Aditya why are you putting down your pants and hold my hard dick and said “Ise kya hua”

I said “Tumhari pants ke ander jhank raha hai…..woh pink pink wet wet tunnel dekhne ke liye….”

She said “Meri pants ke ander pink pink wet wet kya hai…???”

I got more and more excited started talking dirty “tumhari fuddi…..”

She teasingly said “Ise meri hi fuddi kyun chahiye…..hotel main to aur bhi sunder ladkiyan hain…”

I said “Ise special tight wet aur garm fuddi chahiye….”

She said “Kyun aur ladkiyon ki fuddi garm nahin hai kya…..”

I took my hands between her legs on her pussy and started caressing her oozing wet pussy lips and said “kitni garm ho rahi hai yeh…..darling…jitni garmi tumhari ander hai kahin aur nahin milegi….abhi to is fuddi ko shant karna hai…..jo juice par juice nikal rahi hai….”

She also get very excited and her breath got heavier she simply start massaging my tool with her hands and started French kissing my lips.I took her to the bed and started playing with her boobs. Her nipples got erected and trying to poke out of her top and her pussy was wet with all her excitement juices.I took off my t-shirt and she started kissing my nipples.We were exploring each and every part of the body. I do not know but I was very much excited today and Anjali was responding more excitedly than me.

I took off her pants as she was not wearing panties, OMG I saw her pussy was clean shaved shining with her juices just inviting me to suck every drop of her juices and when I touched her treasure it was soooo …… soft that I could not control myself and placed my mouth on her pink shining lips.Now, she was on seventh sky and started moaning

“OOOOhhh …. Aditya what are you doing ….”

I knew she loved my tongue in her pussy. I simply parted her lips with my tongue and started fucking her with my tongue and her juices were cumming out in sexcitement. She again moaned “Aditya plz…do it …. suck my fuddi…..it is for you ….please drink all its juices….” Then she hold my cock with her hands and I knew now she wanted to suck my dick and soon we got in 69 position. She is a perfect sucker. I started mouth fucking her and I have also shaved and she loved to fondle and suck my shaved lund.

This all foreplay went on for fifteen minutes. Now she and me both were totally out of control and I wanted to fuck her. So I laid her on bed and put my thick tool in her tunnel and her pussy gulped my dick in one stroke. She exclaimed with excitement “Aditya plz …. fuck me hard….plz ruin my fuddi”

I started pistoning her and she again started moaning very loudly “OOoohhh … aaahhh …. plzzz …. do it Aditya … I love your dick ….. plz fuck me hard ….. eeee …… aaahhhh …”

I bet if anybody was passing our room at that time could easily make out that some hard fucking session is going on inside the room. Now she was about to cum “Aditya plzz …… do it faasttt …… .am cumming …. am cumming ….. plz faaaaast … faaast…”

Now I was also out of control after few strokes she oozed her juices all over the bed sheet and started sucking my dick and I ejaculated my load on her mouth. We both were very much exhausted and I could not believe that the half bed sheet was wet with her juices. I did not have energy to call the room boy to change that bed sheet so I put some towels on the wet part and we both slept holding each other.

After a very deep sleep I got up at 4.30 in the evening and went to bathroom and when I came back I saw Anjali have also opened her eyes. I was nude even Anjali was totally nude lying on bed. Then I noticed that in our excitement we forgot to look at the curtains as there was a parting between the curtains and anyone could easily peep into our room from that slit. Anjali got up and went to bathroom but I could not believe my eyes that half bed sheet was fully wet and it need to be changed urgently. So, I called the room service and asked them to change the bed sheet.

The bell rang and I asked Anjali to be in the bathroom and opened the door and same guy who carried our luggage came to the room with one bed sheet. As he saw the wet bed sheet I could see a naughty smile on her face and I knew he understood what we have done. In the mean time Anjali also came out from bathroom wrapped the hotel towel coat. I was surprised to see her in such an outfit in from of that room boy.

Room boy changed the bed sheet and said smilingly “Bed sheet is changed How can I help you with anything else Sir”

On enquiry about the activities in the hotel he told us that they have swimming pool and other games, bar, table tennis,night club,etc. He also told us that being Friday today hotel rooms are vacant and there are very few guest in the hotel but on saturday our rooms are fully sold out. While talking to me he was looking at my wife who was looking very sexy in that bath gown. He said to me “Sir, everything is fine here and I hope are you comfortable here”

I asked “Why u asking that”

He said with smile “Sir, when I was passing through the window of your room I could hear some noise in your room, so simply asking”

I understood that he had seen our love making and he again saw towards my wife and said “Madam I will be on night duty today, you can call me anytime and I will be happy to make you guys comfortable” and he left.

I was stunned by his offer. I mockingly said to my wife “Iska offer kaisa laga”

She said “All men are same, but Ladka to smart hai…” She teased me.

I smilingly said “then take his services…”

She innocently said “what services he will provide….”

I said “try and then tell me…”

She understood what i mean and said “So you offering me to take his services …..”

I started laughing and said “Do you want to …… ???”

She said “Dear you service me well ….. so I don’t need any external services”

I said “so what are the plans now …… one more session or a massage or fuddi service”

She politely refused and she wore swimming costume and put towel coat on it and I wore shorts and T-shirt and locked the room. But I was excited to see that one couple has taken our neighbour room. I immediately noticed that they were young couple may be 25/27 and the guy was well built with smart personality and wife was sexy in jeans and short top. I was happy to see good couple coming in my neighbour room.

We went to the swimming pool and we both went in the changing room, me in gents and Anjali in ladies. I came out within minutes and started waiting for Anjali to come. It was around 5 in the evening and the weather was a soothing one with light sunlight. Suddenly I saw Anjali coming out of ladies changing room. I was stunned to look at her beauty, she was wearing two piece tight black bikini. Upper part was not able to hold her assets and her lower part was so tight that you can even outline her pussy lips. Her thighs were damn smooth and she was looking sex goddess. Mera to wahin par khada ho gaya. We got into the pool, water was cool and giving soothing feeling to the body. Only one life guard of hotel was there.

I said “Anjali, you looking so hot, bechare is guard ka kya ho raha hoga…”

Anjali “Shut up Aditya…… he see a lot of bikini females like this every day”

I laughingly said “Go and check his knickers….. is there any reaction in her pants…. hehe”

Anjali “let it be…… but mujhe to tumhara pants mein kuchh gadbad lag raha hai….let me check”

My cock was half erect and she started laughing and said “Again Aditya……you poor boy there is no other female here so you will need my services only….”

And soon we saw that couple who have came in our neighbourhood room came there on pool and occupied the place. The girl was in shorts and top and the guy was in swimming costume and upper body was very hairy . The lady was hot and sexy. There was smile on my face after seeing that couple.

I teasingly said “Dekho Anjali you are not the only female here…some other babes are also there ..”

She said laughingly “to uski lelo ….” and jealously said “see that guy is also very cool …… uski costume main kya maal hai..”

I said “hey you getting jealous….if you like him you can try his ….. and you have one more option of that hotel boy …”

I could see spark in her eyes but she said “I don’t need anyone…. you are enough for me”

Soon I saw that guy entering the pool. I wanted to be friends with that guy as I had his girl in my mind. He was also looking at my wife with the corner of his eyes and I tell you guys my wife could give erection to any guy. As luck was favouring me he did not know swimming and he took one tube and tried to swim in the shallow water and his wife was still was outside and doesn’t seem interested to cum inside the pool.

That guy shouted from pool “Deepti why don’t u cum and join me”

She said reluctantly “Dear you know I can’t swim and even there are no extra tubes there”

I immediately reacted as there were only two tubes one with that guy and the other was with my wife. I asked my wife as she knew swimming very well “Anjali why don’t you give your tube to that lady”

Anjali smiled and naughtily said “why are you so much generous for her…..u think if you will give her this tube….she will give you her fuddi….”

I said “nahin yar… I just wanna help the needy….. and yes here we are free and can do anything as agreed….you can also opt for his big banana …… which you are peeping secretly for last few minutes..”

I don’t know but she agreed and shouted to that lady “hey if u want this tube you can take this…. I don’t need this”

She willingly came near us to take that tube and said thanks to my wife and oh my god when I saw her body, it was tanned and shining and perfectly shaped.

Soon we both couples introduced ourselves and we came to know that he was Jatin and she was Deepti and they also lived in area nearby us. Jatin was working in some MNC and Deepti was running her own boutique. Now, we all started conversing with each other and became quite friendly.

Jatin said “Aditya I do not know swimming can u help me to take into that deep water” and soon Deepti said “Jatin I will also come with you”

Jatin “Deepti you will drown there”

Deepti “I will take help of Anjali”

Anjali “No dear you cant trust me as I am not that good swimmer……”

But, the situation was going really embarrassing to me as my bulge was growing bigger and bigger as my wife was looking hot and Deepti was even looking more hotter as guys you know others wife always looks hot and sexy than your own wife.

Then I said “okay guys…..I can take you both to deep water one by one….if you really rely on me…”

I saw spark and naughty smile on my wife as she understood that how I was pataoing Deepti.

Soon Deepti excitingly said “I will go first….but yar I am really worried….”

Jatin “Ok…..Deepti you go but be careful….” as Jatin wanted to stare my wife’s assets which he could not do in front of his wife.

I smartly guided Deepti “Deepti hold the tube tightly and do not leave the tube in any case”

She said “I will do that and am perfect in holding properly”

I was shocked to hear that as I could not judge that was it double meaning “theek hai main samajh gaya ….. tum ekdum theek se hold kar sakti ho…”

She smiled and said “yes…I will prove that”

I said “really…..” and took her in the deep water. She was afraid also but at the same time excited also but my condition was bad to worse and I did not want to spoil my image as if she will see my crotch what will she think about me. But, the feel her talks her body was filling me with full sexcitement and my tool was getting harder and harder but I could hide being inside water.

Now, me and Deepti reached in deep water and Jatin and Anjali were standing in shallow water chatting with each other.

Now, I know I have the chance to feel her body as she was under my guidance in deep water. I asked Deepti “Deepti come out of tube….and have fun and excitement of deep water”

She said “No Aditya I am afraid….I will drown ”

I encouraged her “Do not worry I will not let you drown…..believe in me”

Deepti “Lekin main kya pakdoongi….”

I said “hold my hands and move your legs”

She came out of the tube and hold my hand very tightly. I imagined that when she will hold my dick it will be great fun.

She said “Adi I am scared with this deep water”

I said “Dont’t worry…..I am here….hold properly”

I also naughtily said smilingly “you can hold me tightly and properly”

She was not less naughty smilingly said “If I drown then will hold you very tightly…..”

I now understand that she is also pahunchi hui cheese. Now my tool was in full swing and I could not control myself as such a beautiful babe was lying in front of me on water in my hands and her control was in my hands. She said “Aditya I think you know swimming very well… ?”

I said smilingly “Don’t worry dear am good at everything…..”

She smilingly said “Wow that so nice……please specify you are good at what things….”

Now, I got little nervous what to say “Like how to handle my wife…….”

She said “I think you know how to handle other women better than your wife”

I smiled “So shall I take it as a compliment ……is it really your view”

Then she saw at my erection and said “yes I can better see the effect ….”

Now I understood that this wife is hot open and sexy and her fuddi can taste my dick.

I said “Deepti now let us focus on work for what we are here……”

She said smilingly “ which work……”

I said “for the work for which I have brought you here…..”

She said “oh really…but it is a real difficult task for you to make me work……”

We were talking in double meaning and by this conversation I understood she is a real bitch.

I said “don’t worry baby……When Aditya wishes …work get completed automatically”

She said “Such a over confidence …. not good for health….If i really drowned then….hehe”

I said “Don’t worry……atleast in swimming I will not let you drown..”

She said naughtily looking at my erect dick “Adi I don’t understand which work you are talking about…..I think we are here for swimming…but you seem talking something I really don’t understand”

I said laughingly said “yes we have cum here for swimming and I was also talking of swimming only….I think your mind is thinking something else…”

Again looking at my erected dick she said “it dosen’t seem to me that swimming is in your mind”

Now I asked her to go to the side of pool and hold the wall and try to swim but she was least interested in swimming and she said

“Adi….now I am tired please take me to shallow water”

Now after this double meaning conversation I took some liberty and tried to touch her boobs casually and touch my erected portion on her body, but she did not opposed and I understood that she will not mind if I further take liberties but I was afraid that my wife and his husband was still there chit chatting.

Now, we reached where Jatin and my wife was standing in shallow water. I said to Jatin “My dear friend see I have brought your wife back safe”

He laughingly said “Yes dear I can trust you…. you are a good swimmer, I hope she did not bother you much….”

I said “hey buddy …. everything is fine…..but she is very darpok…..”

Neha said laughingly “Aditya I am not darpok at all, you are saying this as you have not seen my boldness…..”

I said “Ok let the time cum…. we will see that also…haha”

Now, we all four were tired after this swimming business and we all decided to go back to our rooms to take bath and go for round to see the entertainment in the resort together as we all were quite good friends now.

Now, Deepti was in my body and mind and I was desperate to do ram her pussy and feel her body as I was really impressed the way she talked her body her attitude. As she went out of the pool I could not take my eyes off her body as the drops of water on her smooth skin was shining like pearls. Suddenly my wife interrupted “Ab Deepti ko dekhna band ho jaye to chalen…”

I said “Darling you are so cute…..”

She said “Yes baby I know I am cute and the effect can be seen between your legs…..”

I said “Nahin baby aisy koi baat nahin hai….haha”

Then we also left for our room and I had to wrap towel around my waist to hide my erection.

As we went to our room I hurriedly entered the bathroom and immediately shagged just imagining fucking Deepti but despite of releasing my load my dick was hard but any how I managed to put it in my undies and came out after taking bath and saw my wife standing stark naked waiting for me to cum out and use the bathroom and took her in my arms

I said “ek round mar len…..”

She smilingly said “kis cheese ka round…???”

I said jokingly “ek threesome try karte hain….”

As an Indian wife she said “Kyun main tumko kam padti hoon……. or you want to add one male with us…..hehe”

I said “to koi baat nahin …… foursome kar lete hain…..tum do bananas ka maza ek saath le lena…”

She said “No thanks for your offer……i am okay with your banana only …….. but I think you want one new fuddi…How about Deepti….I think she is very sexy…….”

I said “nahin yar…..tumse zyada nahin hai….apne boobs dekhe hain…kya mast mal hai…..Jatin bhi tumhen dekhkar pagal ho raha tha…”

She said pointing at my dick “jatin ko chhodo….tum batao…..tumhara yeh pappu kya keh raha hai”

I was badly horny “yar…..tum puchhh lo ise kya chahiye …”

She understood and she was also horny. She took my dick in her mouth and started licking like lollypop and said to me “keh raha hai ise ek garm choot chahiye…”

I said “ek chahiye ya do…”

She said “Doosri nahin milne wali ise…..pahle meri pyaaas bujhao…..”

She started licking hard. I was so excited that now I could not wait even for a second and I made her in doggy style and started stroking her from back to and fro. She shouted

“Uummm …. yeh kya kar rahe ho … plz zor se dhakka lagao ….”

I was also in full energy. I increased my speed and the room was full in lust and the sound were getting louder and louder. She was moaning in full volume ooohh …. aaahaa. And the room was in full sound of ffffachrrr ….. and now after stroking for fifteen minutes I could not hold any more and I spurted my full load on her boobs and she oozed out one bucket of her cum. We both were fully exhausted now after this round of sex.

After this hot steamy session, I got ready to go out and patao the other fuddi girl for some hardcore fun for the next two days. I wore a pair of tight jeans so that any one could notice if a get a hard on and waited for Anjali to come out from the bathroom as she was getting ready to hang out.

My eyes were wide open as I saw Anajli came out from bathroom. She was looking a bomb, she wore sleeveless pink body hugging top and a tight black leggings as anyone could trace out her sexy curves. I said “ aaj kisko marne ka irada hai tumhara….kya sexy lag rahi ho..”

She said “oh really thanks…..hum yahan masti karne aye hain”

I said “ u r right”

As we came out of the room I saw Deepti and Jatin waiting outside for us.

Deepti excitingly said “hey guys you really took so long to get ready”

Anjali “yeah thoda sa time lag gaya…..aap log kitni der se hamara wait kar rahe ho…..you should have knocked our door”

Neha smiled “I think you guys were really busy which I could make out when I came there to knock the door…hehe…..”

Anjali smilingly “what do you really mean”

I said “I was helping Anjali in putting on her make-up”

Jatin said “Ab samajh aya Aditya Anjali ke lips par lipstick laga raha tha…..”

Deepti “Anjali kaun si lipstick….hamen bhi bata do”

I said “Tum khud lagwakar dekh lo …… Lipstick is red and it gives glow on any females face…haha”

Neha “Really ….. kaun si company ki hai…”

Isaid “Aditya brand…”

Deepti “nahin baba …. itni khatarnak lipstick nahin laga sakti ….. it can be dangerous …”

I said “Kyun darti ho ……”

Neha “Darna to maine sikha hi nahin…..I can use the strongest lipsticks…..”

WE all knew which lipstick we were talking about in double meaning.

Anjali smiled and said “Lipstick ki baaten chhod kar …. let’s move”

We all four moved to enjoy other things in the resort.

Please hold your breath…I will tell you what happened further in the resort in the next part…

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