Wife Got Fucked Before Her Husband

We were residing in our newly constructed house though small in size it looks very beautiful. We were about to close the main door but four dacoit entered the house and grab me and they came along with me and sat on the sofa.

They told if we shout they will kill us and they asked me to give them food but I told I have to cook and they asked to cook simple food as they are hungry after cooking we all ate at a time after taking rest for sometimes they saw it was half passed eleven.

They told they do not like to do it but as they cannot believe an unknown they tied my husband on the pillar in the extreme corner of the bedroom asked him the keys. There were one steel Almirah and three wall Almirah in the house.

My husband told he do not possess the keys but without believing him they slapped him. I told them the keys are with me and handed over them the keys but they could not find anything except one or two thousand rupees again they came.

I told my husband that he has constructed such a beautiful building but has nothing in the house. I told we have constructed the house selling all our valuables. They believe me and told their day has been spoiled but one of them looking at me told no it is all right.

There is a golden blossomed flower and we can use her throughout thenight. It will be more than the temporary wealth. I got shocked but feel that this is my golden opportunity to be fucked by the four at a time that to throughout the night.

They told my husband you have no wealth but we will fuck your blossomed flower throughout the night and we will get more than your material wealth. They asked me if I am ready for the full night show. I remain silent but they repeated the question.

I shook my head as consent and they told it is ok but they told my husband if you attempt to protest we will detach your penis forever. I told them they may do whatever they like to do with me but leave my husband. My husband try to protest but one of them hold his penis and asked for a knife to his kinsman.

I told my husband to remain silent and told them to come to me to fulfil their desire. One of them told it is a very understandable lady and coming to me caught hold my saree tips. He did not disturb me but moving around me removes the saree from my body.

I remain with my petticoat and a half blouse wherefrom more than fifty percent of my boobs were looking open. Another man told if the boobs look so beautiful in half wrap blouse why it will not look the best in bare open.

The third man came and unbuttoned my blouse and bares my boobs. They all told at a time you see the milky white heaps of kneaded Maida. Two of them came, hold and lick and squeeze my boobs violently.

They were holding my boobs so tightly that my nipples were in the forward position and were looking like cashew nut. They sucked the nipples and told to each other it is like ripe cashew nut and taste so sweet.

All of them suck one after another for more than fifteen minutes. By that time they had removed my petticoat also. I was only with a narrow thong of very costly elastic nylon. One dragged it and my cunt exposed.

They saw I had cleanly shaved they screamed O see what pain God has taken to construct it. It looks so beautiful one of them told I cannot wait but lick and suck it. He licked kneeling before me. I was only enjoying silently as he feel some odd to suck it standing they lifted and lie me on the bed.

Two of them hold my both legs wide while he suck my cunt inserting his tongue into my clitoris. He sucked so forcefully that I ejaculate within ten minutes as I was very horny thinking the size of their penis and fuck for

the whole night.

He swallowed my juice and expressed such happiness that another man made him aside and suck the rest juice from my cunt. The fourth man was sucking my boobs but looking their happiness told her tongue juice would also taste good and asked me to insert my tongue in his mouth.

I was very horny but I was unable to express openly. I inserted my tongue in his mouth and he sucked like a hungry child got a tasty chocolate. The man who was sucking my cunt inserted his huge long and thick penis in my pussy but as it was my first occasion to insert such a huge penis first.

I feel some pain but later it pleased me very much. He fucked half an hour and my cunt vomit juice three to four times making a stream another man looking at the stream push the fucker and started licking my cunt juice. They all were expressing happiness and telling it taste sweeter than bee honey.

They did so one after another and fuck and suck my pussy for more than three hours it was 2 am in the night and they were telling my husband they got more than the material wealth and asking him to see how they arefucking his wife.

My husband was closing his eyes as he was unable to anything else but one of them gave a very heavy slap and told him to view it in open eye otherwise they will make him complete blind.

I told my husband to obey them and the light was glowing and the every inch of my body was quite visible. They were holding my cunt stretchedwith their fingers and making my clitoris move round and round showing my husband the play of my clitoris.

I was cooperating them least they should not feel otherwise. They fucked me lying on the bed lifting my legs in their shoulders one after another in my cum filled pussy and spraying their sperms in my cunt. It was flowing and dropping on the floor and a very big bubble was formed.

Then they try to entered their penis in my asshole but as it was too tight they lubricated my asshole sufficiently and fucked lifting me. Anotherman was inserting his penis in my cunt and they were fucking giving me very heavy jerks and I was unable to know where.

I was then if in heaven or on earth and they fucked me in my two holes for another one hour and they swallowed all the mixed juice on the floor andwere inserting their juice coated finger in my mouth one by one and sometimes two at a time.

I also licked the juice and feel myself very happy. I was amusing in their activities while my husband was biting his teeth out of anger then they made me doggy and fucked for another one hour in seriatim in this way they fucked me for five hours continuously draining all my juice.

I was feeling very light and active after four am and they told people in the locality may awake and they have to leave and they thanked my husband as he has got such a nice beautiful flower which pleases them throughout the night and they told he should not venture to go to the police otherwise.

He may get the dead body of his wife and his legs pruned they will also cut his glands and eat by drying it in the fire. He will also expect them to come within a very small gap as they have tasted his juicy wife and departed. I released my husband from the pillar and we embraced each other silently for half an hour.

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