Wife interrupts plan to fuck his daughter

Note: All my stories have intense, hardcore, erotic, and rough moments. My stories are usually Incest only. Because it is the biggest and best of all. I hope you read the first part of this story. Let us dive straight into the story.

It was Saturday morning. I woke up with last night’s sexy scenes. I fucked my daughter so hard that she would remember it till her last days. First, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards my black cock and deep-throated her till my fucking heart desired. Then I put my sperm in my grown-up sperm.

It was the best night for me. Fucking a tight and wet pussy of a non-virgin woman is so good that the memory of it last longs till my fucking last days. But, in all these best mood thoughts, I suddenly remembered what would happen if my wife found out about this.

Anyway, my daughter won’t tell her. I would not tell her. But what if my daughter tells her? How can she tell? How does she know that I fucked her last night? And the main thing is, how should I talk to my daughter now?

In all these kinky thoughts, I went to find my daughter sitting on a sofa and crying. Suddenly I remembered her moaning of last night. It was an instant hard-on for me. I went and sat beside her. She was eyes full of tears, just like while I deep-throated her last night. I started the conversation first

I was scared she might find out somehow I fucked her last night.

Me: What happened, my dear?

Preeti (saw me with teary eyes): (with slow voice) I am sorry, dad.

Me: Sorry for what, dear?

Preeti: That yesterday…(cried for a while) that yesterday my friend came to our house and…

I understood her completely. She was sad about last night’s incident and is telling me everything.

Me: it is completely all right, my dear angel. This age is like that.

Preeti: He (her boyfriend) told me everything. I am sorry.

Me: Do not be sorry, dear. It is completely all right. He is not good for you.

Preeti: I found that very late, dad. I am sorry.

Me: It is, okay. Come here.

Then I hugged my daughter. For her, it is a normal parent hug. For me, it is a lustful child fuck hug. I felt my dick rise to full when her soft boobs touched my chest over our dresses. I hugged her for five more minutes and went into a trance state.

I forgot that she was my daughter, kept my hands in her hair, and caressed her for a bit. After ten minutes of tight hugs, she was trying to free herself. I am not leaving her out of my grip because I forgot she was my daughter and thinking of her as my sex toy.

Preeti (while I hug her tightly): Dad, what happened?

I did not listen to her. I was not wearing my underwear and had a big bulge in my shorts. And that big bulge touched the lower part of her body. And she realised it and started shouting loud.

Preeti: Dad, what is wrong with you?

And with that, I heard both her sounds and the doorbell sound. After listening to the doorbell sound, I let her loose. The doorbell kept on ringing, and I spoke first

Me: Sorry, dear. I thought you would be feeling bad for yesterday’s incident. So I tried to console you.

Preeti: oh. Come on, dad. (she came and kissed me on my cheek). I will forget him for you.

Me: That is a cool attitude.

The doorbell rang again.

Preeti: Can I ask you one more thing, dad?

Me: yeah, of course.

Preeti: after he went out, did anyone come home?

Then I realised she wanted this clarification on whether I knew anything. She was very much intrigued to know who he was.

Me: After he went out. I locked all the doors and slept. Why so?

Preeti: (now she was laughing after finding I know nothing about that incident) Nothing, dad. Just want to know.

She was relieved that I knew nothing about last night’s incident. But she does not know that I am the main culprit. The doorbell rang again.

Me: I will see who it is.

I went and opened the door while thinking of her beautiful body. I opened the door and was shocked to see it was none other than my beautiful fucking wife, Devi.

Devi: Hello, my dear.

By saying so, she hugged me in front of my daughter. I immediately closed the door as if anyone could see us. I hugged her casually, and I took her in front of me. She realised the bulge in my underwear-less shorts and put her right hand on it.

Devi: Missed me, right?

Me: (with no other option) Yes.

Devi: I know you bloody piece of shit. No one can satisfy you better than me. What are you waiting for? Tear my clothes off right now.

I will surely tear her clothes, but she was wrong about one thing. She was thinking. She is the only one who can satisfy me. But she did not see her daughter last night. Both the bitches are the same in bed.

All these talks were not audible to my daughter as she was far from us. I told her slowly

Me: (slow voice) Preeti is looking at us.

Devi (her face immediately changed): (angrily) You need to tell me that before.

And suddenly, she turned to the other side and saw our daughter. She went and hugged her and spoke

Devi (to Preeti): How have you been, my darling? How are your exams going on?

I saw too many hugs today. Enough of it.

Preeti: Very well, mom. It is good to see you.

Devi: Okay, my dear. Go and freshen and come. By that time, I will bathe and prepare breakfast for you.

With that, Devi hurriedly went inside. Then I looked at the slave I fucked last night.

Preeti: Dad, please do not tell mom about last night’s incident.

Me: I won’t, my dear. Do not worry.

With that, she said, “Thank you, dad.” She hugged me, kissed me on the cheek, and went to her room.

I half cum in my shorts for all the hugs I have. I completely forgot about my wife. I was filled with lust and started moving towards my daughter’s room. I opened the door and saw her. She was about to open her night clothes off her, but suddenly my beautiful wife called me.

The last visual I saw was my daughter standing in her blue bra with black lingerie. Then I went to our room and sat there thinking of my bloody future slave daughter. My wife removed her pallu and saree and started walking into our room. She was angry at me. I was horny about my daughter.

Devi: (while I think of my bloody daughter) How are you so irresponsible, father?

Me: (I was angry at her for disturbing my lustful thoughts about my daughter) Now what happened, you bloody slut?

Devi: What the fuck did you say?

She came near me angrily and, ‘Chap,’ a hard slap on my left cheek. Her right hand hit me very hard, and her bangles got broken. I was dead angry and horny at the same time.

Devi: Our daughter was looking at us. You bloody know it and saying nothing. She is a child, you piece of shit. She does not know this at all.

She knows nothing about her beloved daughter. I was angry about my wife and horny about my daughter. I looked at my beautiful wife. She saw me. She realised I was angry and came close, saying

Devi: I am sorry, my dear.

She was about to reach my face with her hands. I grabbed those hands and took both of her hands back of her. I locked her with my left hand. I pushed my beautiful bitch wife towards the wall. She hit the wall firmly.

Devi: What the fuck are you doing?

Everyone says children look like their parents. But at that time, my wife looked like my daughter. What will happen now? She must bear the pain of my penis in Her bloody white pussy for giving birth to beautiful flesh like hers.

I was holding her, looking into her eyes lustfully. I put my right hand in her hair, pulled her beautiful head towards my ugly, unbrushed mouth, and started kissing my wife so badly. She broke the kiss and told

Devi: What happened to you today? You didn’t even brush today. I can not have sex like this.

Me: (With a deep voice) You will. You fucking will.

Then I threw my bitch wife on the bed, holding her in my hands and jumped on top of her. I sat on her bloody thighs and put my hands on her boobs over her black blouse.

Devi: What happened to you today? Why are you so different today?

Me: Close your eyes and open your big fucking mouth.

Devi: But why?

I slapped my beautiful wife on her right cheek and told

Me: Just obey my orders.

Does she have any choice other than doing anything her husband tells her? No. She fucking doesn’t. She closed her eyes as I told her. Now with a Big Gulp. I collected my dirty saliva and wet booger in my nose and spat in my wife’s big pinkish mouth. Immediately, I closed her mouth so she could not spit that out.

Yes. She suffered. Bloody suffered to take into her stomach. But what choice does she have?

Devi (after talking my hands on her): What the fuck are you doing? I am sorry. I will never slap you again. Please leave me.

But I heard like, ‘Please fuck, me.’ I was horny thinking of my beautiful daughter. I see my daughter in her face. Then I stood on the ground, taking control of her head in my hands while she slept on the bed, looking up at the ceiling.

I saw her face once more before destroying it. I saw her throat too. She saw me too. Intrigued to know what I am going to do?

Devi: What are you waiting for? Bang it! You want this, right?

I slapped her once again hard on her right cheek this time. She was true. I will bang her throat for sure. She was used to it. But not my daughter. I want to bang my daughter’s all holes. But I can not if my wife is home. So, I should satisfy with my beautiful wife only. Same old holes.

I held her head tightly. Very tightly. With one jet force. I rammed her bloody fucking throat so badly that she felt an increase in my size of dick. I fucked, fucked very hard, the same mouth. Again. And again.

She yelled without words beating the bed with her hands in pain. She should bear the pain to satisfy me. I did not give her any chance too. I heard some noise at the door. I looked in the mirror because it directly pointed to my door.

SHIT. BLOODY SHIT. I forgot to lock the door. And my beautiful daughter is watching us from the minute gap in the door. It seemed like she found out who fucked her last night. Because she was looking at my dick only. And I was so sure because I saw the same look on my daughter’s face last night.

I let my wife loose, and my wife stood on her knees. My daughter went out, closing the door properly. I looked at my wife. She was angry. Very angry. ‘CHAP,’ one more slap on my left cheek.

Devi: Why are you doing this? What happened to you in two days only? You are different. You are a monster.

Yes, she was right. I was behaving like a monster with her. I never behaved like this with my wife. I told her.

Me: Sorry. I am sorry.

Devi: It has become fashionable to say sorry after doing ugly things to their loved ones.

I was horny about my daughter, and I saw my daughter in my wife. So I could not control myself. Lust hides everything. It is true. Then I started crying and hugged my beautiful wife. I kissed her the same lips that were sucking a moment ago.

Devi: You are crying? Don’t, please. I enjoyed it. You know I like it rough. This body is yours, my dear. Do whatever you want.

Me: I am sorry. Sorry for what I am going to do to you now.

Then I sucked my beautiful wife’s pussy holding her thighs tightly with my hands in bed. Later I fucked the same pussy. She moaned. Moaned very loud. She forgot that our daughter was home like her sound reached our home. She only has pain in her pussy.

And that same pain she was enjoying for the last 21 years. She came long ago. And now I felt my balls getting tighter. I came In her pussy. She was about to go into the bathroom before she told

Devi: (standing near bathroom door) What happened to you today?

Me: Nothing. Why so?

Devi: You are different today. I like the monster in you today. Today I came to know how you would feel if I was not home. I promise you. I will never go anywhere. NEVER leave you. I want you to fuck me like this every day.

‘FUCK’, I thought to myself. I want her to go. That was my plan so that I could improvise something with my daughter. Now I spoiled it also. I need to find other ways.

She went and took a bath. It was Saturday, and my daughter went to write her exam. It was a week off for my wife and me. We had three more rounds. She was done. She can take it anymore. But not me.

I can not stop thinking of my daughter anymore. It was midnight again. I can not sleep because my daughter’s bare body comes into my mind after closing my eyes. So I made a choice.

I took the same mask again. And covered my whole body wearing jeans and Long sleeve T-shirt. And I put the same mask again on my face and closed our room door from outside.

This is when I dare too much to enter my daughter’s room because she knows I came in last night. I have a plan. I do not know whether it will work or not. But I am going to try it.

To be continued. Please share your views with [email protected]

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