Wife With Ex-Boyfriend – Part II

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This is Sowmya once again. Please read http://indiansexstories2.net/stories/Couple/wife_with_ex_boyfriend_126959.html for my college sex with my boy friend Ryan. One forenote please do not send any email asking for sex.

After meeting Ryan in the shopping mall, I was very restive. He was still masculine -no belly, no sagging fat – the perfect male figure, the cynosure for every women. After the meeting, I couldn’t sleep properly and was not interested in sex with my husband Rohit. He was there everywhere – in the closet, in the bathroom, in the bedroom. I was literally starving for his huge manhood. My pussy was eagerly waiting for the dong to rip it apart.

And then one day when I was cooking, I got a call from someone – it was none other than Ryan. I was suprised – excited as well – how did he get my number. He enquired about my well being and then asked – are you happier with your husband than with me? I was stunned; I didn’t answer for a minute. He, then said “silence is acceptance”. I don’t want to let him know the truth that in bed I am way more happy with Ryan than with Rohit. I answered “yes”. He, then said “If that’s the case, you shud have no issue missing me tomorrow”. I was speechless.

He replied “Since you are happier with your husband, you shud have no issue meeting me. If you donot want to meet me it means you are more happy with me and that you are afraid of crossing the limits while meeting me”. I said “certainly not. Where shall we meet”. I answered with confidence so as not to expose myself. He said “Ok fine. We’ll meet at XYZ restaurant. See you tomorrow sharp at 5pm”, and hung the call. Rohit was on an official trip to Gurgaon, so I was home alone. I was double minded on whether to go or not. My feminine trait was wanting to go, but my cultural trait was not allowing me. I was in a quandary, and the whole night I was thinking. Finally my feminine part triumphed and I decided to go. I urged to atleast smooch him – he is a very good kisser.

The next day came. It was around 4pm. I dressed in a nice semi-transparent saree and a sleeveless blouse. I went to the restaurant by an auto. I entered the restaurant and started looking for Ryan. He was sitting in a dim, secluded corner with a formal attire. He was wearing a cream colored shirt, with a black blazer and a grey colored formal trousers, and was looking like a hollywood celebrity. He saw me a smiled. I went to the table, and sat. He said “You look as if you are not fed properly” with a naughty smile. I understood the double entendre – he was referring to the feed for my pussy. I naughtily replied “Not fed as much as I was during my college days”.

He laughed and said “I thought you would have become a mother by now. If that duty is given to me, I would have made sure that – by now – you are a mother of 10”. I grinned, and in the process accidently dropped my hankie. I bend down to take it from underneath the table. The sight I had there was scaring. His bulge was huge – like two cricket balls were stuffed inside his underwear. The very sight of it made my pussy wet. I was literally shaking, and to cover myself I excused to the rest room.

There were three rest rooms in that restaurant. There was one near our table. Since, it was on a secluded corner no one was there. I entered the restroom and was standing in front of the mirror looking myself. I bended to wash my face, and suddenly I felt being roughed up by an iron fist. I gasped and turned. It was Ryan tighly grabbing and groping my breast. I was numb. His huge bulge was pressing against my ass. I yelled “what are you doing”. He covered my mouth and said “Sowmya, I couldn’t sleep a bit ever since I saw you at the mall. Since then, there was not even a single day I didn’t waste my sperm masturbating. I need you, I desparately need you”. Saying that, He dropped my pallu and teared open my blouse. I was topless with only my bra. I could do nothing. He removed my bra and forced his mouth into my breast, and starting biting and sucking it. I was in cloud nine.

He, then removed his blazer and his shirt to reveal his masculine body. It was better than that during our college days. He unbuttoned his trouser and dropped it to his knees, revealing the manhood of my dreams. His underwear was not able to keep hold of his throbbing penis. It was a huge bulge.

Then he raised my saree to my waist level, and started rubbing my pussy through my panty. It was already wet. He dropped my panty and his undie. His rod was massive – atleast 8 inch long and was very thick as well. It looked bigger than what it was during the college days. We both were standing in a public toilet exposing our genitals. He wasted no time and plugged the entire dong into my cunt in one push. I was literally screaming and tears were flowing out of my eyes.

He pulled out a bit and pushed it in again with force. He was not wearing any safety gear, just like our first time. He pulled out and pushed in with a rhytmic movement, but only that the rhytm was too fast and furious. Out of pain, I tightly shut my eyes and mouth to prevent myself from shouting due to pain. After a few movements, I felt a waterfall inside my vagina. He has again seeded me with his seeds. One thing I couldn’t understand is where is he getting that much jizz from. It was about half a litre. I know that he has very big balls, but the amount was simply too much. After emptying himself into me, he slowly plugged out of me. His juice was dripping out of my pussy.

We, then, quickly arranged our dresses and left the restroom. After that, he said “I intentionally skipped the condom as I wanted to impregnate you with my strong genes. You are hot, sexy and beautiful, and I am handsome, hunky and strong, and so our child will have the ideal package.”. I was surprised to hear that. We both left to our homes but not before he said “We will meet again for your next child”. I returned home and was nervous on whether I will become pregnant because of Ryan. But at the same time I was also feeling a sense of relief because becoming pregnant after marriage will make no one suspicious of me. But only I know that if I become pregnant now, I will be carrying Ryan’s child. It’s very highly unlikely that I will not become pregnant considering the amount of Ryan’s seeds that he farmed inside me.

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